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  • Transferable Skills Part 2
    1,792 words
    ... by Dawn Rosenberg McKay, are very similar to Hansen's. She also emphasizes that it is very important for the job-seeking individual to present itself in favorable light, during the interview. This is why he needs to assure potential employer in his ability to address professional challenges, as they arise, in most efficient manner. Author suggests that applicant for job needs to know how to dissect the duties, he will be required to perform, in order to realize how his transferable skills mi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hines, mckay, careers, 2007, author suggests
  • English Language English Literature
    702 words
    Being an English Major The popular opinion downgrades the importance of humanitarian disciplines, because they do not incorporate scientific formulas as something that defines their essence. This is especially the case when one mentions being an English major. However, this point of view originates in industrial era, when empirical sciences were on the rise. Nowadays, it becomes clear to many people that the role of persons communicational ability cannot be underestimated, because it allows indi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: topics, english literature, humanitarian, variety, english language
  • Falling Action Civil War
    668 words
    Analyzing Novels Ernest Hemingway's novel For Whom the Bells Toll is considered as one of his best works, because author was able to give readers an insight on the essence of war from very unusual perspective. If author lived today, he would have been in jail, since being a mercenary is now considered as the criminal offence. In For Whom the Bells Toll, Hemingway actually promotes the idea that being a warrior is mans natural calling, although it involves certain unpleasantness, such as killing ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civil war, rising action, falling action, main character, jordan
  • Cyber Terrorism Information Security
    675 words
    Information Security The emergence of information security concept coincided with the beginning of industrial era, when development of new technologies was only possible through possession of classified scientific data. It became apparent that protection of intellectual properties, on the part of commercial organization or governmental body, has a foremost importance. The invention of computers and the spread of Internet, gave the concept of information security a new meaning, because it becomes...
    Free research essays on topics related to: informational, cyber terrorism, 30 sep, information security, cyber
  • Stack Shack Logos Stack Shack Logo Meant
    1,067 words
    Comparative Analysis (1) When we compare illustrations of Katja Kamm and Marie Laure Cruschis, the first obvious similarity about them appears to be the fact that they both affected by primitivism, as artistic method. At the same time, we can say that illustrations primitivism has intentional properties. In other words, artists painting style, in both illustrations, is meant to emphasize the main idea, contained in analyzed pieces. Even though that is quite impossible to be absolutely sure as to...
    Free research essays on topics related to: main reason, colors, artistic, logo, logos
  • Physical Appearance Secret Room
    1,095 words
    Blue Beard Charles Perrault's story Blue Beard contains many symbols and motives that can only be understood within the context of Freudian theory. We can define it as the tale of sexual frustration, affected by psychological deviation, on the part of Blue Beard. The reason why he killed his previous wives was that he thrived to achieve a complete control over their lives and it proved to be impossible. You went into the closet, did you not? Very well, madam; you shall go back, and take your pla...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beard, wives, secret room, physical appearance, closet
  • Sex Education Programs High School Students
    1,684 words
    Research Proposal (1) The progress of sociology, as scientific discipline, allows us to analyze the possible effects of social policies, during the process of designing them. It is crucial to be able to come up with the proper proposal of how sociological research project needs to be conducted, in order for the outcome of the research to have academic credibility. People have different opinions as to whether comprehensive sex education programs in schools have advantage over abstinence programs,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sex education programs, point of view, high school students, socio political, factors that affect
  • Corporate Culture Japanese Society
    744 words
    Sociology P 2 DB 2 (1) It would be wrong to suggest that the biggest difference between Japanese and American understanding of concept of corporate culture can only be discussed within a context of salary. We cannot argue with the fact that in Japan, the difference between workers and executives salaries is not quite as drastic as in U. S. However, it is not the main reason why Japanese companies comercial efficiency is much higher. We need to understand that Japanese society is based on the pri...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic activity, corporate culture, japanese companies, japanese society, november 8
  • Caroline Manchester Paintings Northern Quarter Manchester Artistic
    845 words
    Manchester artist Caroline Johnson is considered as one of Manchester's most prominent artists. She was born in 1947 and, by the time, she was 10 years old, Caroline was already known to be talented, in artistic sense of this word, because, even at that early age, she was able to produce interesting drawings. These early drawings, produced with a pencil, leave no doubt, as to what artistic style Caroline was going to become associated with in the future. While being able to portray the details o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: artistic, manchester, paintings, november 9, caroline
  • Criminal Investigation Independent Variables
    1,027 words
    Building Face Composites The hypothesis of a research study Building Face Composites Can Harm Lineup Identification Performance, by Gary L. Wells and Steve D. Charman, is contained in the name of the project. Authors task was to gather evidence that would support their claim that building face composites, on the part of witnesses to the crime, affect the objective properties of their memory. This is the reason why criminal investigations that rely on eyewitnesses identification of potential susp...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 23 nov, nov 2007, independent variables, criminal investigation, cognitive ability
  • Good Faith English Law
    1,604 words
    The aim of the work is to try to identify the key law case and discuss how it should be resolved in according to English and French laws. It is necessary to describe the case and to define the major reasons for considering it to be one of the major cases. The case to be described is the case of Walford v. Miles and its meaning is in revisiting the principles of good faith in the English law. English and French laws It is stated that connection of the legal rights and good faith principles have a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: law cases, english law, third party, good faith, legal system
  • Crime And Punishment Put An End
    2,581 words
    Christianity In Dostvskys CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Essay, Christianity In Dostvskys CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Christianity in Dostoyevsky? s Crime and Punishment: An Overview Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote, ? If someone succeed in proving to me that Christ was outside the truth, and if, indeed, the truth was outside Christ, then I would sooner remain with Christ than with the truth? (Frank 68). It was by no means easy for Dostoyevsky to reach this conclusion. In Dostoyevsky? s life, one sees that of an intelle...
    Free research essays on topics related to: put an end, fyodor dostoyevsky, grace of god, crime and punishment, divine grace
  • Poem Twentieth Century
    1,241 words
    The Hero of Our Cause Extended Essa How will we be remembered once we die? This has been an age-old question, often times lingering in the minds of both the simple and the ambitious of heart. As the twentieth century came to a close this past year, we as a society were left to ponder what legacies the past one hundred years have left to us. One of those legacies was a century of war. Many young men and women are remembered not as cheerful fathers and mothers, or promising scientists or politicia...
    Free research essays on topics related to: young men, conscientious, poem, twentieth century, fellow man
  • Willy Believes Commit Suicide
    1,622 words
    Ben as a Minor Character Who Develops the Play In Arthur Millers, Death of a Salesman, the character of Ben is used as a catalyst to fuel the development of the main character, Willy. Ben appears in three major flashbacks throughout the story. In the first flashback, Ben makes his appearance to give Willy happiness because to Willy, money means happiness. The second time Ben appears, he is used as a scapegoat to show that Willy has a hard time dealing with the truth. The third and final time tha...
    Free research essays on topics related to: reader learns, willy believes, realistic goals, reader sees, commit suicide
  • Evil Genius God Exists
    798 words
    Descartes and Berkeley on Skepticism About the Senses The philosophers George Berkeley and Renee Descartes both had strong opinions on skepticism about the senses. In this paper, I will explain their philosophies and why they are different and then evaluate them. In his Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes suggests that the senses are like a friend who has lied to you once and whom you therefore cannot trust, at least not until you? ve proven that he or she is not an evil genius. The possi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: t exist, evil genius, descartes, god exists, doesn t
  • Clear And Distinct Level Of Reality
    1,379 words
    In Descartes? Meditations on First Philosophy, he offers two main arguments from which he concludes the existence of God. In the Third Meditation, Descartes proposes his metaphysical argument, which states that God must exist, because his real existence is the only cause, which could have produced Descartes? own idea of God. In the Fifth Meditation, Descartes contends that existence is contained in God? s essence, so a non-existent God is by definition, a contradiction. This paper will analyze t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: level of reality, distinct perception, clear and distinct, meditation descartes, ontological argument
  • Attribute To The Wax Descartes Asks Senses
    303 words
    In Meditation two, Descartes embarks on his journey of truth. It discusses how a body can perceive things, such as objects. Attempting to affirm the idea that God must exist as a fabricator for his ideas, he stumbles on his first validity: the notion that he exists. He ascertains that if he can both persuade himself of something, and likewise be deceived of something, then surely he must exist. This self-validating statement is known as the Cogito Argument. Simply put, it implies that whatever t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: descartes, descartes asks, wax, exists, senses
  • Morally Justified Natural Rights
    1,531 words
    Do people have some rights just by being human? This question is concerned with whether or not it is possible for natural rights to exist. Natural rights are rights which we have naturally as humans, in other words rights which we inherently have, just by being human. A large problem with answering this question is that of defining the term rights, a question to which the answer has been very elusive throughout the history of political analysis. The following investigation into the possibility o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: statements, morally, civil laws, natural rights, morally justified
  • American Dream Beautiful Shirts
    467 words
    The Great Gatsby Essay The Great Gatsby captures all the romance and glitter of the Jazz Age in its portrayal of a young man and his tragic search for love and success. F. Scott Fitzgerald had depicted his idea of the American Dream in one of his most famous novels The Great Gatsby. The American Dream was associated in its purest sense with Gatsby at his idealistic best and it [The American Dream] was also depicted in the essence of how it has deteriorated in many ways by the summer of 1922. Fin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: great gatsby, beautiful shirts, fitzgerald, american dream, gatsby
  • Football Player People Magazine
    974 words
    He is a three-time world wrestling federation champion and a two time intercontinental champion. He was born on May 2, 1972 is 65 and weighs 275 pounds. He goes by the name Dwayne Johnson, calls himself the Peoples Champion and otherwise known as The Rock. Other than having the pretty face that Hollywood was looking for, The Rock had to go through many steps as an actor before he became well known. However, the rock graduated from the University of Miami as an all -American Football player. Righ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: football player, gabler, celebrity, people magazine, entertainment

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