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Essay writing tips, meeting deadlines

The deadline you have to submit your essay or research paper is rushing towards you at the speed of a jet airplane. It is great if you have already completed your first draft, or at least picked up sources for your paper; however, if you are reading this article, you most probably have not started working on your assignment yet. We will give you some essay writing tips on how to write your essay and meet just about any deadline.

Are you able to dedicate your time appropriately to the project at hand? To complete a good college essay, you need to do more than just find sufficient information for your assignment. You have to construct a clear argument, plan your time for research and for writing, proofread and edit your paper.

Maybe you are still figuring out how to start, or maybe you put the project aside till the last moment, but most probably you are procrastinating.

Remember, it is your paper and you can take it in any direction you decide as long you stick to your topic and your paper instructions. It is crucial to understand that you choose what your paper discusses and you determine what approach to undertake.

The main reason students find it difficult to write papers is that they just do not enjoy writing. Most college students are stuck working on their final papers requiring thorough research, which involves a lot of time and effort and decide to buy essay from a specialized service.

Still, you have the assignment and you need to have it done.

There is nothing like a close deadline that motivates you to complete your paper. Have you heard that some of the most impressive people are procrastinators? Does it mean that procrastination is good?

Students struggle to find the time to turn in their papers before the deadline. Some start working on the project a night before the submission. Procrastinating till the very last minute helps them to concentrate on the project. However, let us be realistic – a night before the submission is not sufficient to produce a quality 10-page research paper.

Some students argue that even one month before the deadline might not be enough to complete 10 pages. They start to panic, they feel nervous about getting the paper done properly. They know it takes a lot of time to research the information online or in the library, where they can find the right books, academic journals, etc. These students have fear of failure. They do not feel confident that this particular essay is going to turn out well.

Have you ever tried to find an excuse for a missed deadline or asked to extend the deadline?

You know that is not easy to find a good reason why you have not completed the paper on time, unless some tragic event has occurred. But who would care about the essay if something very bad happened? Therefore, it is not a good idea to tell your instructor that your “aunt was hit by the car and you were in the hospital for the last 3 days”, thus were unable to have the paper done.

Some 20-30 year ago students came up with stories that their dog/cat ate the paper. It did not work well back then. Your instructor is going to laugh if you come up with something like this today. 10-15 years ago students used to tell stories about a virus wiping all the information from the hard drive, a Windows 2000 system failure, stuff like that.

Let's face it – there is no good excuse today.

You might turn in the wrong paper and get extra 1-2 days to provide the correct one. This advice is not meant to stimulate indolence. Eventually, you have to start working on the right paper, since your deadline is tomorrow. You can fail and if you fail, you will know you have to work harder next time. So please disregard this advice if you are serious about your project.

You better start working on your paper now and complete it by the deadline. You may find many useful advices on how to organize yourself and how to start.

Remember, it is important just to start writing your paper.

Making one small change in your writing process might change the whole situation. Get yourself organized, set a realistic goal. You start to feel more confident about your writing. Once you feel confident, better results will come, because you begin to be less intimidated regardless of the assignment and the deadline. You start your papers with ease, quickly do all necessary research, complete your paper faster. Eventually, essay writing is not a big deal for you anymore.

Start right away!

Students are strained to complete a quality paper by telling themselves how difficult this particular paper is. Change your attitude! Do not think that your particular paper is hard. If you have this assignment to do, it means that you are supposed to handle it. Otherwise, you would not have been given such a complicated assignment.

Do not think you have to spend the whole week to complete a 5-page essay. Here is the tip: start writing now and the results will come. Convince yourself you know how to do it, or you can quickly learn how to do it while you are doing it. You might feel very positive about yourself if you start early, thus you will train yourself how to write quickly and efficiently. Simply starting to write might be enough to feel more optimistic about the writing in general. Some papers can only be done in long, uninterrupted stretches. It is up to you how much time to spend on your paper each day. Sometimes inspiration hits and you write page after page. Sometimes schedule can be pressing. Doing essay in advance, will always render the best results.

Put other things aside.

If you find it difficult to write your essay, just concentrate on your essay, not on your Facebook or Twitter, not on mowing the lawn or going to a grocery store, not on other “very important” things that have to be done before you start writing – this way you will never start writing in advance. Define what are the most important questions for your assignment. Are you researching them? Approach the task directly, but not to the extent that it paralyzes your mind.

Frankly speaking, it is nearly impossible to collect and organize all the information you could possibly use for writing your research paper. Better to write one paragraph with one clear argument with the resources and information at hand at this very moment than to keep doing research and putting aside the writing part for later. This way you risk putting your paper together at the very last moment with the unpredictable outcome. Again, start writing now! You can always add more information, quotations, etc. at a later stage, if needed. You will proofread your paper, decide which arguments are weak, Google around these arguments and come up with the solution to improve your paper.

Procrastination and perfectionism often go hand in hand when it comes to writing. Do you know why?

Perfectionists tend to procrastinate because they believe they can handle the task well at the very last moment. They have fear to produce an essay if they put too much effort in writing and start working in advance. They think it is better to put little effort, write an average essay, while continuing to believe that they could have written a great paper if they wanted to. Perfectionists expect so much of themselves and they have to meet their high standards.

Last-minute writing, will I manage to write a good paper?

All students procrastinate. Do you believe it is possible to cure procrastination? We don't. There are thousands of things students could be doing instead of writing their papers in advance.

Some students claim that “essays must be written at the very last minute to be efficient.” Well, this simply is not true. Sometimes a student might come up with a good paper written at the very last moment, but only in cases when this student has a good grasp on the topic and the instructor does not require numerous citations incorporated into the essay, but such cases are rare. In general, procrastinating guarantees failure. It does not necessary mean that you will get an F for the paper quickly written at the last minute. It means that you could have come up with a better paper if started in advance.

The question is not how to avoid procrastination, but how to write a good paper within a limited time frame. If you were given a choice of essay questions, choose the question, topic or argument you are confident in. It is vital to understand what you are writing about. This allows you to save time performing research. By choosing key research topic arguments wisely, you will quickly get anything that looks useful from books and journals. Sometimes a quick paraphrase of the arguments might save your difficult case.

Do not panic if your deadline is in one hour and you still have 500 words to complete. Concentrate and do your best, just continue writing. You are screwed if you stop. Hand in whatever you have. Do not fall into despair. You can still manage to pass. Certainly, there is no way this paper is going to be good, but you will try harder next time for sure. College isn’t free.

Here is a recent email received from one of our customers: “Hi, I have a research paper 1,500 words in 3 days. Can you do it? Is there enough time to complete a good paper? I have just started working on another paper 1,000 words due tomorrow. I am stressed. I am not sure if I can do both. Can you help?” And we have replied this customer: “We can take your 1,000 word paper and we will complete it by tomorrow for sure, and you will do your 1,500 word paper, which is due in 3 days. This way you have ample time to complete it.”

The customer was surprised to receive such a reply, because he could not believe that someone can handle a 1,000 word paper in 12 hours (we received the email before the midnight). The customer decided to do the harder part of his job and, being stressed, did not want to tackle another project due in 3 days. The story ended with us completing a 1,000 words paper within 12 hours and the happy customer who had plenty of time working on another paper. Who can be more successful in writing: a freelance custom writer who does it everyday for living or a student who panics while the deadline is approaching?

It is much easier for us to handle any deadline than for an average student. First of all we have experience. We collect all the books, online resources, do research. The research process is quick and efficient, again, due to the years of experience. We hold numerous paid accounts at online libraries with unlimited access to books and journals. This saves us big time.

Most of our writers complete 2-5 papers per week. People who do not like writing obviously do not work for an essay writing service. There are other jobs available.

However, students like you have to write papers regardless if they like writing or not.

You might be wondering: how do we manage to complete an essay within 3 hours, is it possible? First of all, we cannot complete a 10-page paper within 3 hours. There is no way that somebody on this planet is going to write a 3,000 word paper so fast. But we have reached perfection in completing papers up to 3 pages within 3 hours.

We believe you can complete 1 page per hour if you practice a lot.

Everything beyond 1 page per 1 hour will not result into a good paper – the paper will be either plagiarized or paraphrased. Writing a paper with the pressing deadline is about pure focus on the task. Remember that almost anything is possible. Push yourself!

We used to have one writer who was procrastinating. He met deadlines, but he completed all his assignments at the very last minute. For example: he could upload a simple 3-page essay due in 10 days just 20-30 minutes before the deadline. His essays were fine, we rarely got any revision requests from the customers, but his essays were not great. But later this writer started to work on extra urgent orders – papers due in 3 hours. And to tell you the truth – he was fantastic! The customers were so happy that someone could complete their assignment with so little time left! This writer was best in completing urgent orders, but he was below average while the deadline was not pressing. Sometimes a close deadline can be huge motivator.

Working on a 10 plus page essay?

Fear of wasting time is one of the reasons why students are afraid to work on big projects. They are doubtful if they can come up with a good essay after spending days writing and researching. What happens if they fail? Will the time spent be wasted? Certainly, no. However, if you work on the project that you cannot finish in one, maximum two days – break it into several parts. Proceed step-by-step by completing each part within 1 day. This way you can expect to have a feeling of accomplishment after each part is complete.

Some tips from our writers

Choose a place where you will not be disturbed. Prepare your desk so that you feel cozy, intimate and concentrated. It is easy to get distracted when working on a computer, so put away your social media and focus on the paper.

Start from the outline. Figure out several key points for your project, break your project into several parts so you can later work on each part of the paper for one-two hours. Find supporting arguments to link you key points to.

Continue with introduction. The introduction can be the most difficult part, but your previously completed outline will assist you. After the introduction is ready, proceed with further research on your key arguments.

Having your sources ready available, right at hand, will make you equipped to produce more text for the shorter period of time. This is very important, especially if you have a difficult, extended assignment, when it seems there is not enough material to produce tens pages, for example. You will proceed swiftly by following your outline and completing each argument like it is a separate essay. You can later stitch together your parts with appropriate transitions.

Most importantly, just start writing and don’t worry about perfection yet!

You will get inspired by the amount of content produced and will start to handle next following argument with ease. Remember, you are not working on the final paper yet. You are working on the first draft. It does not have to be perfect. Just continue your writing flow – do not worry about your sentence structure and grammar.

It is more important to incorporate all your ideas and support your argument. It is always better to write more than required. You can later make all necessary adjustments, remove weak points, organize the structure.

By completing the first draft, you are 70% through. Hurray! You can relax a little in case you have plenty of time left for proofreading and revision.

Get all your attention to proofread and edit your first draft. Eliminate all weak points, vague paragraphs, edit ambiguous sentences. Get your paper checked for grammar. Make sure your works cited or bibliography page, footnotes, references, etc. are in good order.

Read and edit until you are completely satisfied.

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