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  • Church And State Zen Buddhism
    1,854 words
    In recent years Christians have shown increasing interest in Buddhism, an interest, I think, which doesnt arise so much from academic or neighborly curiosity, nor from any dissatisfaction with Christianity, but instead stems from a desire to return to older forms of Christian worship forms that included the various methods of meditation that are still followed in Buddhism. Buddhisms history is such that, having been founded in a preliterate time and place, it was spread by word of mouth and neve...
    Free research essays on topics related to: buddhism, church and state, meditation, zen, zen buddhism
  • Dead Mans Creek Heard A Rustle Julia
    650 words
    Aaron Brown 9 th grade DEAD MANS CREEK As the bell rang all students rushed out of their classrooms and into the cafeteria. I hate Mr. Grogsworth. He always gives us way to much homework. Julio remarked. Did you hear the way Julia was arguing for more homework? It was sick. David said My grades already stink, the last thing I need is more homework. More homework always mean more tests. Julio remarked. Shes always such a suck up. I wish somebody would just get rid of her. Said David. Hey Diane Ju...
    Free research essays on topics related to: julia, diane, saturday night, adam, homework
  • Piece Of Wax Descartes Argument
    822 words
    In Descartes Descartes Wax Argument In this essay I will refer to the wax argument presented by Rene Descartes and explain that it is a valid argument, but not so sound. In Descartes argument, he observes a piece of wax, from a hive, and using his judgment and senses, analyzes the structure and properties of the wax. By doing this he gives the insight that the wax cannot be interpreted by sight, touch, or smell, but by an act of the mind that ensures that the object is real and is seen as a phys...
    Free research essays on topics related to: piece of wax, descartes argument, senses, descartes, wax
  • Ready Made Object Readymade Objects Art
    727 words
    In order to understand minimal artists? tendency to produce objects and not images, we need to define minimalism. Michael Delahunt at Alex (1) refers to minimalism as? A twentieth century style of art stressing the idea of reducing a work of art to the minimum number of colors, values, shapes, lines and textures? . But I think this definition does not completely reflect what minimal artists did. They did not get interested in? complex? things as colors, values, lines etc. They preferred objects ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: minimal, preparing, ready made, artwork, minimum
  • Stages Of Development Years Of Life
    1,077 words
    Freud really did make some major contributions to the field of psychology. He was the first one to suggest that psychological problems might have their roots in how children were treated. Freud believed that most of our personality is formed by early childhood, much of it so early that we don? t even have conscious memories. For example, people who were toilet-trained strictly and at an early age grow up to be intolerant of mess, disorder and anything that doesn? t go by the rules of how things ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: psychosexual stages, stages of development, freud , person , years of life
  • Vietnam War Modern Fiction
    991 words
    It is generally recognized that Tim O? Brien? s Going After Cacciato (1978) is most likely the best novel of the Vietnam war, albeit an unusual one in that it innovative combines the experiential realism of war with surrealism, primarily through the overactive imagination of the protagonist, Spec Four Paul Berlin. The first chapter of this novel is of more than usual importance. Designed to be a self-sufficient story (Mccaffery 137) and often anthologized as one, this chapter is crucial to the n...
    Free research essays on topics related to: vietnam war, tim o, modern fiction, american soldiers, first chapter
  • First Person Narrative Nick Carraway
    1,804 words
    Great Gatsby: Book vs. Film Before the invention of television and film the art of story telling was restricted to theater and literature. Theater was and still is performed live by actors who tell some kind of story through their performance. But theater is still limited greatly in its ability to convey setting to the viewer. In order to fully grasp the power of any story one must believe, in a sense, that the events are happening before them. Literature is better able to accomplish this by uti...
    Free research essays on topics related to: story telling, nick carraway, human emotion, first person narrative, great gatsby
  • Inability To Act Tragic Flaw
    591 words
    According to the Aristotelian view of tragedy, a tragic hero must fall through his or her own error. This is typically called the tragic flaw, and can be applied to any characteristic that causes the downfall the hero. Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark can be seen as an Aristotelian tragedy and Hamlet as its tragic hero. Hamlets flaw, which in accordance with Aristotle's principles of tragedy causes his demise, is his inability to act. This defect of Hamlets character is displayed througho...
    Free research essays on topics related to: kill hamlet, tragic hero, inability to act, tragic flaw, aristotelian tragedy
  • Enactment Of This Law Entire Society Government
    534 words
    Having A Gun Very often in life I would find myself strongly disagreeing and upholding the totally opposite point of view about the actions and behavior of those, whose deeds seemed to me rather disadvantageous and harmful to the entire community or society. These kind of actions were mostly coming from government authorities, and quite obviously, there was not much that could have been done in order to refute or override them. Therefore, not only once, the idea of having adequate power and auth...
    Free research essays on topics related to: entire society, legislation, secure, handguns, rape
  • Facial Expressions Organizational Communication
    881 words
    How To Improve Personal And Organizational Communication How To Improve Personal And Organizational Communication PSYCH 153 HUMAN RELATIONS C. R. D. MILLER (379039) M &# 038; W 6 pm- 9: 20 pm QUESTION / ESSAY: (1) Explain and discuss how to improve personal and organizational communication. 7 / 9 / 01 Be it organizational or personal, here are the major two different kinds of communication; Impersonal: one-way communication mainly used for facts, policies, instructions, notes, etc. Interpersonal...
    Free research essays on topics related to: role expectations, facial expressions, gender bias, interpersonal communication, organizational communication
  • Slave Stater Brown Slaves
    1,218 words
    Born in Torrington, Connecticut on May 9, 1800, John Brown was the son of a wandering New Englander. Brown spent much of his youth in Ohio, where he was taught in local schools to resent compulsory education and by his parents to revere the Bible and hate slavery. As a boy he herded cattle for General William Hull s army during the war of 1812; later he served as foreman of his family s tannery. In 1820 he married Dianthe Lusk, who bore him seven children; five years later they moved to Pennsylv...
    Free research essays on topics related to: behalf, ohio, insurrection, interfered, 1859
  • Rhythm And Blues Rock And Roll
    2,300 words
    Paul Whiteman (1890 - 1967) = a classically trained violinist and violist who adored jazz but lacked the gift to emulate the uninhibited improvisations of the jazz musicians he admired, formed a dance band in the early twenties that played jazzy arrangements of popular and even classical melodies. Blues = a black vocal folk music, began as vocal (largely instrumental). Classical blues = based on 3 lines of text. Wild wame don? t do the blues. Urban Blues = blues pieces written for publication an...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rock and roll, african american, aaron copland, rhythm and blues, orleans jazz
  • Papal Legate Kuno Dits Dab Lard Abelard
    5,637 words
    Jacques Maritain Center: Readings Abelard Abelard, Peter, dialectician, philosopher, and theologian, b. 1079; d. 1142. Peter Abelard (also spelled Abelard, Abelard, etc. , while the best MSS. have Abelards) was born in the little village of Pallet, about ten miles east of Nantes in Brittany. His father, Berengar, was lord of the village, his mothers name was Lucia; both afterwards entered the monastic state. Peter, the oldest of their children, was intended for a military career, but, as he hims...
    Free research essays on topics related to: abelard, pupils, bernard, council, theology
  • Obsessive Compulsive Freud
    5,825 words
    Sam Vaknins Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites It is impossible to rigorously prove or substantiate the existence of a Soul, a psyche. Numerous explanations have been hitherto offered: That what we, humans, call a soul is the way that we experience the workings of our brain (introspection experienced). This often leads to infinite regressions. That the soul is an epiphenomenon, the software result of a hardware complexity (much the same way as temperature, volume and...
    Free research essays on topics related to: subatomic particles, cognitive processes, mental phenomena, freud , obsessive compulsive
  • Oil Crisis Stock Market
    327 words
    Recently, the stock market has been very unstable. After a period of extremely good business and market highs, it seems we are experiencing just the opposite. The market has become increasingly unsure and risky, even with well known companies. I believe the shift in the stock market is based partly with the oil crisis caused by OPEC and partly with constant bad reports presented by companies. Maybe if assessment firms gave good reports more often than bad ones, the market would go up. The market...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sept 2000, oil crisis, sony, opec, stock market
  • Gods And Goddesses Guilty Conscience
    1,255 words
    Myth- Alike, The Gods and Goddesses of Olympics, Harper Collins Publishers, 1994. After reading The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, my first reaction was that it was a wonderful and fascinating example of how Greek mythology explains the theories about life, death, and the wonders of nature. Although I enjoyed the book, I also wondered if it was a little too confusing to a young child, since many long Greek names were used and many characters interacting together became too complicated and involv...
    Free research essays on topics related to: long ago, guilty conscience, young children, gods and goddesses, nineteenth century

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