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  • Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
    818 words
    Truth is Stranger than Fiction (1) In this paper, we will discuss the economic miracle, which took place in Germany, after Nazi party came to power, because there are valid reasons for us to believe that the economic rebirth of Germany, associated with Hitlers rule, can be referred to as truth that is stranger than fiction. Todays Medias portray Weimar republic as democratic and even progressive country. The truth is slightly different. The annual inflation ratio in Germany, between 1920 and 193...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social revolution, german economy, miracle, nazi party, power in germany
  • Suicides Alarm Japan Internet Suicides Alarm Japan Suicide
    745 words
    Internet Suicide Before the advent of Internet, as cultural phenomenon, at the end of twentieth century, it would be quite impossible for the average person to think of words car, duct tape and suicide as such that are strongly related with each other, if put together. It is not the case nowadays, because locking themselves in the car, while letting the exhaust fumes from the engine to slowly fill cars interior, is the favorite suicide method of those who enter a so-called suicide pact online. P...
    Free research essays on topics related to: irrational, suicidal tendencies, suicides, wired, charcoal
  • Objective Reality African Americans
    749 words
    Article Review In his article Study Finds Roots of Prejudice in Association With Apes, which can be found on The Daily Californian web site, Tim Dunn provides us with the insight on the essence of White racism. Author refers to a recent six-part psychology study, conducted at Stanford University, which point out to the fact that White people subconsciously associate Blacks with apes: In the first experiment, researchers primed an ethnically mixed population of undergraduates with either a White ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: white people, political correctness, african americans, stanford university, objective reality
  • Working Practices In Different Countries
    1,036 words
    Working Practices in Different Countries Despite the fact that, in recent years, there has been more uniformity, associated with adoption of employment policies by the companies in different countries, the various cultural factors still play very important role, when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of these policies. Apparently, people in different parts of the world associate the process of hiring with different expectations, on their part. The realities of post-industrial era resulted...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social responsibility, western countries, cultural factors, potential employee, competitive advantage
  • 19 Th Century Passage To India
    1,031 words
    Passage to India The end of the 19 th century was the time when scientific and cultural progress was being strongly associated with European geopolitical expansionism. The pace of this progress, at that time, was truly amazing. Therefore, it was only natural for the poets and writers of the era to view contemporary realities as the basis of their creativeness. Walt Whitman's poem Passage to India, written in 1871, proves the validity of this statement to the full extent, because it is essentiall...
    Free research essays on topics related to: passage to india, 19 th century, scientific progress, suez canal, whitman poem
  • Walt Whitman Young Men
    906 words
    Homoeroticism in Whitman The most of so-called homosexual texts written by Walt Whitman were created well before the very term homosexual or homoeroticism was coined. Whitman's texts were written well before the moment when the birth of homosexual species was announced by Foucault (1870). Before homosexuals and before homosexuality Walt Whitman had persistently, insistently, and inquisitively asked questions about love, wondering about young beings, strangers, who seem to touch the fountains of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: whitman, texts, whitman's, walt whitman, young men
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    905 words
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" was released in 2000. It is a film made in the wuxi style (the derivative of martial and chivalric arts). "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" was directed by Ang Lee, with the participation of international cast of ethnic Chinese actors, such as Chang Chen, Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun-Fat, and Zhang Ziyi. This is an interesting experimentation made by veteran filmmakers, Ang Lee and James Schemes. The movie is based on the 4 th novel in the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient china, ancient chinese, martial arts, academy award, martial artists
  • Pluralism In The United States
    1,126 words
    Pluralism in the United States Our modern concept of pluralism derives from ancient Greek understanding of democracy as the most effective political system. Ancient Greeks did not simply believe in the effectiveness of democracy - they actively practiced it. Citizens were able to affect the political dynamics in cities-states, not because they simply lived there, but because their opinions really did have a value, whatever contradictory they might have been. The reason for this was simple the vo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: common good, p 98, plurality, pluralism, ancient greeks
  • Jim Crow African Americans
    1,577 words
    Nyisha Coven Prof: Taylor Larsen English 101 The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch Richard Wrights autobiographical sketch The Ethics of Living Jim Crow has been discussed from many different perspectives by literary critics. Most of them agree with the fact that in it, author strived to dispel the myth that social policies, based on the principle of racial segregation, were beneficial to American nation, as whole. Nowadays, many people refer to Wright as prophet of multicult...
    Free research essays on topics related to: science daily, jim crow, african americans, white people, social policies
  • Streetcar Named Desire Conventional Morality
    733 words
    Victim of the Heart Tennessee Williams masterpiece A Streetcar Named Desire is being rightly referred to as one of the most realistic plays in American dramaturgy of twentieth century. Despite the fact that plays plot is related to the social issues that used to be actual in Americas South, after the end of WWII, it would be wrong to suggest that author saw this play as a tool of making a political statement, on his part. We can say that the key to understanding characters behavior needs to be s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stanley, streetcar named desire, mitch, conventional morality, blanche
  • Earth In The Balance Versus Walking
    676 words
    Earth in the Balance versus Walking The objective of Al Gores book Earth in the Balance is basically to warn and inform the nation about the threats and consequences of global warming. According to Al Gore, a prime solution to the prevention of global warming is to adopt a new and long-range outlook and take responsibility for facing the problem up-front. He emphasizes the need to start acting now on the basis of what we know. Furthermore, he stressed out that procrastination will only result to...
    Free research essays on topics related to: al gores, thoreau, wildness, gore, global warming
  • Equality As Portrayed In Harrison Bergeron
    741 words
    Equality as Portrayed in "Harrison Bergeron" The story was written in 1961 by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. , an American fiction writer, but was set in the year 2081. This futuristic (and maybe prophetic) narrative talks about egalitarianism in the context of using artificial not to mention harmful methods to monitor, control and maintain the perceived social equality, the classlessness in the society. The society seventy-three years from now was able to design, develop and implement a system that which cr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: vonnegut, 1961, harrison bergeron, kurt vonnegut, mental handicap
  • Neo Classicism Future Society
    649 words
    Future Society (1) Our future society will be based on the principles of Intellectual-Socialism; as such, that incorporates the best aspects of National-Socialism and Libertarian Democracy. The political system of our society can be best referred to as Aristocratic Democracy. Citizens ability to gain social prominence will not correspond to their affiliation with a particular social class, but only to the degree of their racial purity and to the rate of their IQ. The judicial, legislative and ex...
    Free research essays on topics related to: future society, biological, scientific progress, neo classicism, artistic
  • L Ron Hubbard Sense Of Morality
    1,287 words
    Scientology in Today's World (1) Scientology is a religious movement, closely related to the rise of New Age philosophy, in the second part of 20 th century. In the period from 1952 to 1986, religions founder L. Ron Hubbard had formulated the main principles of Scientology, which define this religion as the way to achieve self-transcendence, rather then self-actualization. Unlike Christianity or Islam, Scientology does not exploit the concept of revelation as the ultimate tool of getting to know...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 2008, east and west, l ron hubbard, sense of morality, scientology
  • Toni Morrison African Americans
    1,634 words
    BELOVED BY TONI MORRISON Toni Morrison, in a skillful use of both verse and stream of consciousness writing masterfully wields her pen to come up with a novel of such intense drama and force that captures the sentiments of a slave people, their lives, tragedies and their struggles to piece together their past to reconcile themselves to their present. The experimental style of writing utilized by Morrison serves to highlight the themes of the novel on true freedom, family and moral ambiguity. Thi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african americans, paul d, toni morrison, white men, years ago
  • A Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid
    1,024 words
    A Small Place" by Jamaica Kincaid In A Small Place, Kincaid leaves the realm of imaginative fiction for a more indeterminate, genre-liminal space amidst fiction, travelogue and essay from which to voice her polemic. She takes on the British colonial and capitalist neo-colonial history of Antigua, written by white men, in a contentious struggle to make Antigua mean something else. The pervasive culture of corruption put in place by the unnamed Antiguan Prime Minister, his two sons, and the rest o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tourist, small place, antigua, corruption, kincaid
  • Department Of Homeland Security National Security
    552 words
    Homeland Security Before the terrorist atrocities of September 11, 2001 there was no conception as well as system of homeland security. However, in contemporary context the development of national security and terrorist prevention strategy is considered to be the governments ultimate mission, coupled with numerous expectations of general public. Today, the scientific community is serving on the front lines of this war on terrorism by developing new technologies that will make America safer. The ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: national security, american people, department of homeland security, homeland, life saving
  • Males And Females Sexually Explicit
    774 words
    Article Critique The main idea of Neil M. Malamuth, the author of the article Sexually Explicit Media, Gender Differences, and Evolutionary Theory is that the research data on gender differences in response to sexually explicit media is explained by theoretical approach from evolutionary psychology. According to him, how people respond to current environments is shaped by mental mechanisms that evolved in response to problems faced by our ancestors (Malamuth 8). Neil M. Malamuth dwells on the in...
    Free research essays on topics related to: evolutionary theory, males and females, media gender, gender differences, sexually explicit
  • Year Old Boy Organizational Behavior
    1,205 words
    12 Angry Men 12 Angry Men is a tale of a jury struggling to determine if a young man is guilty of murdering his father. His life depends on their unanimous decision-either guilty or not guilty. In the beginning of the movie, we see the a bored-sounding, non-committal judge wearily instructing the twelve-man jury to begin their deliberations after listening to six days of a long and complex case of murder in the first degree. He explains them that it is a case involving the serious charge of pre-...
    Free research essays on topics related to: angry, angry men, year old boy, organizational behavior, decision making
  • The Importance Of Accountability And Informing Chain Command
    660 words
    The Importance of Accountability and Informing the Chain of Command 1. There are numerous criteria upon which theorists and practitioners of managerial science discuss the essence of the chain of command in organization. The majority indicates that by its nature the chain of command is a formal channel that defines the lines of authority from the top to the bottom of the organization. Peter Lorenzi affirms that the chain of command is a series of superior-subordinate relationships from the highe...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chain of command, chain, organizational structure, command, accountability

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