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  • Body Hair Human Evolution
    1,701 words
    Human Evolution: the water theory. Elaine Morgan The crucial question about human evolution is why humans differ so strikingly from the African apes despite their close genetic relationship. Most Darwinists would agree that such differences are usually attributable to differing environmental pressures; and hence that our ancestors at some stage probably occupied a significantly different habitat from the ancestor of the gorilla and the chimpanzee. For the last half-century it has been generally ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: savanna, bipedalism, habitat, human evolution, body hair
  • Ebola Zaire Ebola Virus
    1,314 words
    To: , AtCrossADH, EMOSSELL Imagine, if you will, you have just gotten back from a great vacation! You got to see all the African hot spots, and Zaire was your favorite! The people were so nice! They let you taste their food, hunt their land, even get a body ready for burial. Considered a very high honor for an outsider! You are home now and have a slight headache but after a great vacation like that who care? You take a few aspirins, get your film developed, pick up a few thing from the super ma...
    Free research essays on topics related to: deadly virus, ebola virus, final stages, ninety percent, ebola zaire
  • Logical Thinking Sea Lion
    1,484 words
    Certainly, there are many non-human animals that inhabit the almighty mother earth. The human race has always been interested in the behavior of other animals found in this diverse world. This report will definitely be a very insightful and interesting guide to those in search of understanding the capabilities of the animal mind. This informative document will discuss the question of animal self-awareness, the ability of animals to think and reason in various situations and most importantly give...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sea lion, logical thinking, solve problems, cognitive, conscious
  • Social Behavior Social System
    829 words
    What makes all primates the same? The primate order consists of a fairly vast number of species some of which I was able to see up close and personal at this classes recent field trip to the San Diego zoo. Indeed the species belonging to this mammalian order can exhibit almost shocking differences from one species to the next. So in an order of animals that contains differences that can be so vast what ties them all together. What exactly is it that makes a primate a primate? Perhaps providing a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: primate, social behavior, social system, lemurs, primates
  • Ebola A Deadly Virus
    1,037 words
    Life is a biological internet in which viruses travel like messages, moving at high speed from node to node and from city to city. They are diverse and wild spread in every plane on the surface of the earth. Ironically, such invisible creatures have a substantially enormous effects on human life and health. In most cases, Viruses are harmful and sometimes deadly. One of these deadly viruses is the Ebola virus, a highly contagious, deadly and mysterious microbe, known to be the most lethal virus ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: host cell, needles and syringes, genetic material, infected person, ebola virus
  • Cognitive Abilities Language Skills
    1,359 words
    ... sy patients indicated a remarkable improvement in their social demeanor, work and sentence skills, and ability to take initiative. Another study of symbolic communication therapy in severely mentally retarded children reaped remarkable results: "Individuals for whom all traditional methods of speech and other language training had failed, had learned to communicate for the first time in their lives, using (a) computer-based keyboard lexi gram system" (Savage-Rumbaugh and Lewin 193). The use ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social life, language skills, cognitive abilities, computer based, savage
  • Prefer To Be Called Back To The Tree Females
    1,169 words
    ter> A Day in the Life of a Bonobo Chimp Before I show you the first page in my daily journal I must first give you some insight about my kind, the pygmy chimps, or bonobos, as I prefer to be called. I prefer to be called a bonobo rather than a pygmy chimp, because my kind are not chimpanzees, we are practically humans, 99. 6 % genetically the same to be exact. So please do not refer to me as a pygmy chimp. Were as far from chimps, as chimps are from gorillas. Here is the lowdown on my...
    Free research essays on topics related to: squirrels, females, chimp, dinner, first page
  • Animal Experimentation Naturally Occurring
    1,725 words
    Imagine having a headache and not having aspirin to take, or being diabetic and not being able to take certain types of insulin (Williams 3). It seems impossible that these drugs could be unavailable to humans, but they would not be attainable had scientists not tested these drugs on non-animal subjects. Contrary to what many people believe, testing drugs on animals often give defective results. More than 205, 000 new drugs are marketed worldwide every year, most undergo the most archaic and unr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal experimentation, outward appearance, side effects, aids virus, naturally occurring
  • Human Beings Rhetorical Question
    1,747 words
    We human beings may not be the most admirable species on the planet, or the most likely to survive for another millennium, but we are without any doubt at all the most intelligent. We are also the only species with language. What is the relation between these two obvious facts? Before going on to consider that question, I must pause briefly to defend my second premise. Don't whales and dolphins, vervet monkeys and honey bees (the list goes on) have languages of sorts? Haven't chimpanzees in labo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human beings, chimpanzees, minds, brains, rhetorical question
  • Selfish Gene Cambridge Ma
    1,710 words
    ... duces for the powers of language-less thought is thus potentially misleading. These varieties of language-less thought, like barefoot waterskiing, may be possible only for brief periods, and only after a preparatory period that includes the very feature whose absence is later so striking. There are indirect ways of testing the hypotheses implied by these doubts. Consider episodic memory, for instance. When a dog retrieves a bone it has buried, it manifests an effect on its memory, but must t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: selfish gene, cambridge ma, artificial intelligence, technological advance, episodic memory
  • Human Language Spoken Language
    1,926 words
    Can Non-Human Animals Learn and Use a Human Language Abstract. Language is a phenomenon typical for human beings only. Numerous attempts of scientists to prove that animals can learn and communicate in human language failed. Animals may communicate on the level of instincts using signs which express simple natural needs. Some animals may imitate the human sounds, some may utilize the system of signs, but this can not be defined as language. Humans are the only creatures in the Nature who can com...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human language, spoken language, sign language, human beings, language skills
  • The Evolution Of Primate Locomotion
    2,242 words
    The evolution of primate locomotion There are many points of view connected to the appearance of men on this planet. However, the majority of scientists state that men have developed though the evolution of primate. According to John Stewarts work The evolution of primates, pp 16 - 24, primates possess well advanced five-fingered, the finiteness adapted to a climbing on branches in the trees. Full division of beam and elbow bones provides mobility and a variety of movements of forward finiteness...
    Free research essays on topics related to: south africa, five fingers, primates, tropical forests, west africa
  • Cognitive Abilities Symbolic Representation
    1,920 words
    Language "Language is human reason, which has its internal logic of which man knows nothing. " Claude Levi-Strauss, 1908 So much of our everyday lives, our interactions with other people, our learning, involves language, that it is almost impossible to discuss any aspect of thinking without taking its role into account. But non-linguistic "thinking" is possible, for example, spatial "thinking", musical "thinking", emotion, and imagination. Yet although these certainly enrich our persona, unlike ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: year olds, thought processes, symbolic representation, cognitive abilities, cognitive development
  • Christian Science Monitor Animal Behavior
    6,518 words
    Communication with Parrots Parrots, and other talking birds, have fascinated mankind since Aristotle. Once thought to be mere mimics, these affable, entertaining and often quite lovable creatures are now known to possess remarkable intellectual abilities. Since 1977, Dr. Irene Pepperberg's studies in Ethology (Animal Behavior) and Animal-Human communications have provided insight into the capabilities of these animals to talk and to understand. Dr. Pepperberg currently works with 3 Congo African...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alex, parrot, scientific evidence, christian science monitor, animal behavior
  • Pros And Cons Negative Consequences
    1,325 words
    Discussion on Animal Rights Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; The Declaration of Independence holds these rights to be self evident and unalienable. In the eighteenth century when these words were written they were called natural rights, today we call them human rights (Mc Shea 34). The issue of whether or not to grant animal rights such as those that humans retain, is a greatly disputed issue. Philosophers, clergyman, and politicians have argued the point of animal rights for years, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal liberation, pros and cons, animal rights, negative consequences, york norton
  • Hiv Virus Los Alamos
    641 words
    CURRENT EVENTS: HIV? S ROOTS TRACED TO 1930 Summary Scientists have concluded, based on mathematical research, that the virus that lead to the epidemic of AIDS can be traced all the way back to 1930, somewhere around Central Africa. Bette Korber, of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, presented this conclusion at the Conference of Retroviruses. The notion that HIV was introduced in contaminated oral polio vaccines in Africa between the years of 1957 and 1961 has been often debated ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: virus, hiv, aids, hiv virus, los alamos
  • Homo Habits Missing Link
    1,206 words
    Australopithecus afarensis, or Lucy as also know, was discovered in November 1974. She was the most complete hominid skeleton that had been found in the world at that time. Being the only complete skeleton that had been found that was older than Neanderthal, she was a great discovery, particularly as she had many distinctive features putting her in a class of her own. This led many scientists to believe that Lucy was and is the missing link in the evolution of mankind. There were however, a numb...
    Free research essays on topics related to: modern day, homo habits, lucy, missing link, afarensis
  • Patience And Persistence Admirable Qualities Chimpanzees
    423 words
    Jane Goodall May 19, 2001 Jane Goodall is one of the worlds most admired women, acclaimed scientist, and conservationist (web). The work that she does is called ethology, which is the study of animal behavior. Such a successful woman has numerous admirable qualities. She has contributed greatly to society as well as to the animal kingdom. Her research paved the way for countless primate studies, and has changed the way many people view chimpanzees. Trying to narrow down only three admirable qual...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jane, persistence, chimpanzees, jane goodall, admirable
  • Jane Goodall 10 Years
    363 words
    Jane Jane Goodall Jane Goodall Jane Goodall was born in London, England in 1934. This British ethnologist who is still alive today has laid claim to many great accomplishments, traveled far distances and experienced many things no woman ever has. As a young girl Jane spent her days in England studying local birds and other creatures, reading books on zoology and dreaming of one day travelling to Africa. Janes childish fancies were turned into reality when a close friend invited her to Kenya in 1...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jane goodall, jane, 10 years, goodall, janes
  • Alpha Male Important Aspect
    1,222 words
    Why do we study primate behavior? The answer is simple: To learn more about ourselves, and how we, as humans, might have been in our evolutionary past. By studying other primates, we can learn many things about ourselves, and our more anomalistic behaviors. We can learn and develop a series of derived traits or our ancestral traits. Through archaeology we can interpret our ancestor s social patterns and trace the development of our own human culture. Primates are like a mirror into our past, und...
    Free research essays on topics related to: primates, alpha male, high ranking, important aspect, three aspects

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