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  • Australopithecus Afarenis Apelike Brain Monkeys
    517 words
    I. Types of Primates A. New World monkey 1. Examples: Spider Monkeys, Golden Lion Tamarins, and Squirrel Monkeys. 2. Diet usually consists of fruit, insects, and other small animals 3. Very Diverse in size and ecology 4. Uses tail as a fifth limb to help climb 5. First modern anthropoids to evolve 6. Successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean 1. Either by rafting on floating Islands or by crossing bridges when sea level was low B. Old World Monkeys 1. Examples: Mandrills, Proboscis Monkeys, Grey La...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bipedal, legs, primates, apes, monkeys
  • Sky With Diamonds Lucy In The Sky
    644 words
    When someone mentions the Beatles, most people who know of the band would think of Lennon, McCartney, Ringo and Harrison playing great music on stage. The Beatles still are the best pop rock group ever and it has been said that no other pop rock band will come close to their level of success. Their music was fresh, new and of course it sounded fantastic. But there have been rumors and stories about what the Beatles were singing about, and also about the band members such as whether Paul McCartne...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beatles, paul mccartney, lucy in the sky, sky with diamonds, second part
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton Women Rights Movement
    1,253 words
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. " That was Margaret Mead's conclusion after a lifetime of observing very diverse cultures around the world. Her insight has been borne out time and again throughout the development of this country of ours. Being allowed to live life in an atmosphere of religious freedom, having a voice in the government you support with your taxes, living free of lifelong enslavement ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: women rights movement, women were not allowed, declaration of sentiments, 19 th century, elizabeth cady stanton
  • C S Lewis Four Children
    1,520 words
    Narnia... a land of fantasy and adventure where magic and a Great Lion prevail. A land where so many people wish to be, a land from start to finish in The Chronicles of Narnia. Seven books written by Clive Staples Lewis have proven to be the most enchanting and mesmerizing books of all time. Pure beauty and amazing imagery allows the reader to become an explorer of Narnia and take part in the fascinating adventures bound to happen. Readers become one with the pages, not wanting to put the book d...
    Free research essays on topics related to: four children, lion, aslan, narnia, c s lewis
  • Sky With Diamonds Lucy In The Sky
    1,171 words
    The Beatles were one of the top bands in the sixties with over two hundred songs recorded (Artist Facts: The Beatles). Many Beatles songs were said to have a hidden meaning, often thought to be referring to drugs like LSD, such as in the songs Help and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. A few other songs like I Am a Walrus, I Call Your Name, If I Fell, I Am a Loser, Im So Tired, and many more, are said to have a second meaning as well (Cross). One particular song that is debatable as to whether ther...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paul mccartney, straight forward, sky with diamonds, lucy in the sky, hidden meaning
  • Bram Stoker Gothic Horror
    988 words
    In 1897, Bram Stoker's "Dracula" was published in Great Britain. It was one of many Gothic horror novels of the day and, although popular, wasn't considered to be meaningful or timeless in any way. Yet, over a century later, the book has never gone out of print. Its title character, Count Dracula, is the quintessential vampire of Western literature and has inspired more movies than any novel. "Dracula" is sufficiently multi-faceted that writers and directors of film have been able to adapt it fo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gothic horror, bram, bram stoker, edition, dracula
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton Woman Suffrage Association
    704 words
    My name is Stephanie Lotzman and I am a very interested in gaining suffrage for woman. Suffrage is officially taken away from us in 1868, when the Fourteenth amendment defines citizens and voters as male. This amendment gives all citizens protection by the constitution against unjust State laws. It also causes the Womens Rights Movement to be split into two factions. One is a more radical New York-based National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA). Lucy Stone, Henry Blackwell, and Julia Ward Howe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: woman suffrage association, suffrage, american woman suffrage, elizabeth cady stanton, white women
  • Tale Of Two Cities Cry The Beloved Country
    1,799 words
    One of the most valuable aspects of a book, or any literature, is the insight offered about the views of the author and the surrounding society and times. The way in which certain ideas are presented in different stories can be very telling about the attitude of the author, or maybe in describing a message he is trying to convey. This is perhaps the most important thing to walk away with after having experienced a piece of literature. It is sometimes difficult to find the underlying theme of a s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cry the beloved country, underlying theme, tale of two cities, pieces of literature, things fall
  • Science And Religion Beginning Of Time
    1,820 words
    ... her own innocent nature. Edmund, however, is seen to fall prey to temptation because of his greed for the chocolate that the Witch gives him; chocolate is a timeless metaphor for the temptations of the flesh that lead us away from our good judgment. Singleton also points out that the role of the children as followers of Aslan is indicative of the manner in which Christ expects his people to aid him in the good fight against evil and oppression: Another significant parallel is this: Aslan's l...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beginning of time, stone table, white witch, big bang, science and religion
  • Origin Of The Universe Stephen Hawking
    1,636 words
    A Profile of Stephen Hawking Many people imagine science as a compilation of facts and ideas regarding the world around them. However, science is much more than how human beings have brought their individual strengths and weaknesses to the continuing effort to learn more about the world. Stephen Hawking is one of the most renowned and most accepted scientists in the world nowadays. His life and works have been presented in various newspapers and magazine articles, TV documentaries, and even film...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stephen hawking, black holes, quantum mechanics, einsteins theory, origin of the universe
  • Anti Semitism Ww Ii
    771 words
    If WW II had not taken place, would there have been a Holocaust? The history of mankind is overwhelmingly comprised of examples of mans inhumanity to man. Yet, the rationale for its study is to enlighten humanity to prevent future tragedies like the Holocaust. This abominable period in history is aptly named because it was a notoriously planned genocide that resulted in the murders of six million Jews. Traditionally historians viewed WW II, racism and scapegoat theory as primary causes of Holoca...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anti semitism, holocaust, ww ii, nazis, final solution
  • Wrote About Artists Lucy Lippard Art
    691 words
    Postmodernism and Feminism Definitions of what postmodernism is and how it is related to feminism seem to vary with every citation. This taken into consideration we may say that postmodernism is simply what anyone wants it to be, changed to suit their view on the matter. Perhaps that is what the person who coined the phrase wanted it to be, an entirely personal piece of art that is not supposed to be interpreted by anyone else. Therefore, a postmodern art critic would have to be someone who inte...
    Free research essays on topics related to: multiple, artwork, postmodernism, viewpoints, postmodern
  • Sky With Diamonds Lucy In The Sky
    755 words
    The Beatles v. s. Oasis Oasis is a band of the nineties that is often compared The Beatles. They try to be like The Beatles only to do it unsuccessfully. The lead singer of Oasis, Liam Galagher tries to be like the lead singer of The Beatles, John Lennon. The way Liam Galagher sounds, and the way he writes his music are very similar. The New York Times Magazine said, Oasis second album (Whats the Story) Morning Glory, is also indebted to The Beatles. The singer Liam Gallagher sounds like a more ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lucy in the sky, ed sullivan, sky with diamonds, lead singer, john lennon
  • Short Story First Story
    934 words
    Short Story/Film Analysis Aric McDonald Short Story/Short Film Comm. 411 - 35 11: 30 - 12: 45 Spring 1997 The three short stories are similar because they all involve jealousy. This type of jealousy surrounds the main characters who are envious of the achievements or the attention that another man receives. The first story is about an old man who is taking his wife on a second honeymoon when she encounters an old suitor, creating jealousy for the husband. In the second story, the jealousy surrou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: short story, andy, jealousy, first story, charley
  • Kill A Vampire Needed To Be Decapitated Dracula
    604 words
    In Draculas Death Dracula's Death In Bram Strokers infamous novel, Dracula, he tries to explain the life of the undead, then continues to explain how to kill these creatures of the night. We find out that you must stab a vampire in the heart with a wooden stake, and then slash off their head. This is the only way that we are led to believe that you may be able to kill these undead. We learn this through Stokers vampire expert Van Helsing, he seems to be the most educated on the subject of the un...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dracula's, vampire, van helsing, vampires, dracula
  • Beginning Of The Story End Of The Story
    840 words
    Essay on Flight It is always hard to get separated from someone you love and with whom you have shared every moment of his life until he decides to walk on a different path than yours. You dont know how to react and confusion dominates your mind. Should you be angry at him for leaving you, or should you support and respect his decision? In her essay Flight, Doris Lessing illustrates the story of an old man who is learning to let go his granddaughter as she grows into an adult and is about to get...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beginning of the story, short story, end of the story, lisa, granddaughter
  • Susan B Anthony Lucy Stone
    883 words
    Women Feminists 2 Final Composition-Feminism Women have a disease, a disease that will prevent them from ever achieving political, social or economic greatness. This disease is the need for independence and self-respect or the lack there of. This is what we have come to know as feminism. Understand that the need for independent and self-respect isnt a real disease, I just used disease as a metaphor for how women go about trying to achieve them. For nearly one hundred and fifty years women have f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lucy stone, feminism, susan b anthony, work place, womens rights
  • Sense And Sensibility Jane Austen
    814 words
    English author Jane Austen wrote satirical romances set within the confines of upper-middle-class English society. Her books are known for their sharp attention to the details of everyday life, and her skillful treatments of character and situation has marked Austen as an astute observer of human nature. This is highly evident in her treatment of the complex relationship between sense and sensibility in her novel of the same name. Jane Austen s Sense and sensibility contrasts two sisters: Marian...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marianne, sensibility, elinor, jane austen, sense and sensibility
  • Sense And Sensibility Marianne
    435 words
    Sense and Sensibility In Jane Austen s Sense and Sensibility the title is a metaphor for the two main characters. Marianne who represents Sensibility, and Elinor who represents Sense. We find out early on that Elinor does not share her feelings. When Edward comes into the story there is an immediate attraction. Elinor tells no one of her feelings. It is just assumed that they are meant for each other. When Edward has to leave Elinor does not say anything. Edward does promise he will come down to...
    Free research essays on topics related to: edward, colonel, elinor, marianne, sense and sensibility
  • Real Life Situations Socially Acceptable
    760 words
    Most parents want to do their best in talking with their kids about sex and sexuality, but often are not sure how to begin. Discussing sexual behavior early with your children will reduce the confusion and anxiety kids may feel about this subject, it may also teach them how to protect themselves and to care for their body. Teaching your children about sex demands a gentle, continuous flow of information that should begin as early as possible. These open discussions about sex are sometimes very h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sexual behavior, acceptable, socially acceptable, real life situations, television shows

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