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  • Parris Island Vietnam War
    779 words
    My essay is a comparison of a song and a poem about the Vietnam war. The song is "Goodnight Saigon" written by Billy Joel and the poem is "No Word Spoken" by Edward J. Domaleski. These two are very different but revolve around one main point; the American soldiers experience in the Vietnam war. Joel writes about the whole war experience while Domaleski writes just about one solitary battle. Domaleski is also more detailed than Joel in his writing. Domaleski's lines of poetry discreetly describe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american soldiers, vietnamese, parris island, joel, vietnam war
  • African American Soldiers Washington D C
    1,407 words
    In a variety of ways, ranging from the popular movie Glory, to a planned memorial in Washington, D. C. , African-American soldiers who fought for the Union during the Civil War have begun to receive the praise and recognition they have long deserved. But there were other African-Americans who fought in the Civil War who have been largely forgotten -- those who fought on the side of the Confederacy. Throughout the entire war, the slaves worked as noncombatant soldiers. Working as cooks, launders,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african americans, confederate soldiers, washington d c, african american soldiers, confederate army
  • U S Army American Soldiers
    1,508 words
    Stephen Ambrose introduces us to his book by setting the scene on the morning after the Allies begin their assault on the European continent. We are introduced to Lt. Waverly Wray, the XO for Company D of the 505 th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Through the next few pages of the prologue Ambrose illustrates heroism within Lieutenant Wray demonstrating a certain strength that would carry the U. S. and her allies through the War. In terrain unfamiliar to American soldiers Lt. Wray moves through thi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: infantry, american soldiers, 101 st, ambrose, u s army
  • African American Soldiers African Americans
    1,039 words
    For those people who did not study the Civil War or doesn&# 1027; ft know anything about the Civil War, there were many African Americans fighting too. Before the Civil War, the African Americans that were not freed by their landowners were treated poorly. Some left their family in the south and escaped to the north in hope to get more freedom and also to help bring an end to slavery. After the battle at Antietam, many African Americans were allowed to enroll in the war. Many of them wanted to f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african american soldiers, civil war, regiment, white soldiers, african americans
  • African American Soldiers Believed That Blacks
    2,020 words
    ... lack inferiority. Many of them feared the emancipation would cause a mass movement of Southern blacks into the North, Northerners also worried about losing the border states loyal to the Union because those states were strongly committed to slavery. Skillful leadership was needed as the country moved toward black freedom. Lincoln supplied that leadership by combining a clear sense of purpose with a sensitivity to the concerns of various groups. On September 22, 1862, Lincoln issued a prelimi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: believed that blacks, african american soldiers, abolish slavery, runaway slaves, emancipation proclamation
  • Percent Of Americans Viet Cong
    1,641 words
    ... nd ammunition depots. These tunnels proved to be an excellent strategy for fighting in the Vietnamese jungles, as they were perfect for transporting men and supplies unnoticed through the jungle. Another strategy that the Vietnamese used to combat Americas military superiority was the laying of booby traps. Booby traps are defined as Concealed devices used to inflict casualties. Booby traps were an integral component of the war waged by the Vietnamese forces. Between January 1965, and June 1...
    Free research essays on topics related to: percent of americans, south vietnamese, americans began, viet cong, peace talks
  • The United States And Normandy Invasion
    1,352 words
    The year was 1944, and the United States had now been an active participant in the war against Nazi Germany for almost three and a half years. During this time, numerous battles had occurred which were fought with determination and intensity on both sides. Amongst the many invasions of World War II, there is one day which stands out more in the minds of many American soldiers than the others. That day was June 6, 1944, more commonly known as D Day, part of the invasion of Normandy, known as "Ope...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allied invasion, american soldiers, omaha beach, june 6 1944, machine gun
  • Charlie Company Vietnam War
    1,350 words
    My Lai On March 16, 1968, in the Quang Ngai region of Vietnam, specifically My Lai, the United States military was involved in an appalling slaughter of approximately 500 Vietnamese civilians. There are numerous arguments as to why this incident even had the capacity to occur. Although some of the arguments seem valid, can one really make excuses for the slaughter of innocent people? The company that was responsible for the My Lai incident was the Charlie Company and throughout the company there...
    Free research essays on topics related to: vietnam war, american soldiers, one man, charlie company, first day
  • African Americans In The Civil
    1,211 words
    In the history of the United States, African Americans have always been discriminated against. When Africans first came to America, they were taken against their will and forced to work as laborers. They became slaves to the rich, greedy, lazy Americans. They were given no pay and often badly whipped and beaten. African Americans fought for their freedom, and up until the Civil War it was never given to them. When the Civil War began, they wanted to take part in fighting to free all slaves. Thei...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african americans, african american soldiers, union army, american civil war, civil war began
  • War Against Iraq American Foreign Policy
    2,735 words
    War in Iraq (1) Ever since current U. S. administration decided to use force, in order for the Iraq to give up on its weapons of mass distraction in 2003, international community became strongly opposed against it. People throughout the world were raising their concerns about whether it was appropriate to resort to invading an independent country, as the ultimate mean of promoting democratic values, especially on the part of country that officially proclaims its allegiance to the ideals of peace...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american soldiers, american foreign policy, war against iraq, saddam hussein, george bush
  • Saddam Hussein Ordinary Citizens
    1,768 words
    The Occupation (1) In his book The Occupation: War and Resistance in Iraq, Patrick Cockburn strives to provide readers with the insight on why the escalation of violence in Iraq, under American occupation, only seems to be gaining momentum, despite the continuous assurances of our politicians the that objectives of Iraq War have been fully accomplished. Cockburn has spent many years in Iraq, as journalist, prior to the outbreak of war with U. S. , which enabled him to have a good understanding o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american troops, ordinary citizens, vietnam war, iraq war, saddam hussein
  • Vietnam War Iraq War
    1,960 words
    Analytical War Essay (1) When it comes to assessing the true meaning of historical events, we need to understand that these events only reflect socio-political realities; therefore, their essence is objective. Ancient Romans, who were known for their supreme ability of logical thinking, used to insist that, in order to point out at the root of every social or political problem, we need to come up with a question quo bono? , which means who will gain out of situation? Let us apply this principle,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: iraq war, mark twain, ordinary americans, vietnam war, american troops
  • Vietnam In American Movies
    1,531 words
    Vietnam in American Movies (1) All four movies: Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Rambo: First Blood and The Deer Hunter exploit the theme of Vietnam War as historical background for the action that take place on the screen. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that movies contain ideological controversies, just as Vietnam War itself. During the course of Vietnam War, many Americans had a hard time understanding why our troops were sent to Vietnam in the first place. It is not just Vietnamese Communists th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ronald reagan, political agenda, political reality, vietnam war, american soldiers
  • Full Metal Jacket Stanley Kubrick
    1,680 words
    The Vietnam War, was not even a war, it was a Police Action. The young men who fought for their country had other views of what it was. This war showed how power hungry the U. S. was to influence the world. I thought the Vietnam War was a serious misallocation of troops, money, resources and time. The Vietnam War was a perfect platform for the U. S. to show the world how belligerent we were to stop the spread of communism. Some observers in the United States questioned the administrations policy...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stanley kubrick, parris island, full metal jacket, american soldiers, vietnam war
  • Henry Kissinger Northern Vietnam
    813 words
    Nixon Administration Richard Nixon was the thirty seventh president of the United States of America who with the help of various shifts and his persistence in 1968 has won presidential elections though he did it with very small advantage. The first year of presidency has lit up with shine of lunar landing which was made on July, 21, 1969 by astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin on a spacecraft "Apollo" and which has strengthened the undermined confidence of the nation. But an essential problem of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: s e, henry kissinger, american soldiers, northern vietnam, foreign policy
  • World War Ii U S Soldiers
    2,507 words
    The Vietnam War is one of the most disgraceful periods in American history. Not only did the greatest superpower in the world get bested by an almost third-world nation, but we lost badly. Perhaps this war could have been won, or even prevented in the first place. The United States could have and should have won this war, with a combination of better weapons usage, better tactics, and better support from their home country. Before the War Even years before the war, Vietnam was a hotly disputed t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u s soldiers, gulf of tonkin, marshall cavendish, world war ii, viet cong
  • Smoking Marijuana Vietnam War
    2,529 words
    Most people in our society think of the Vietnam War as a tragedy, or a negative time in our history that was later viewed as a misstep. These comments are true and most-certainly conventional. However, does the average person realize how large of an impact it had on the men who fought? When questioned on the Vietnam War, it can be rightly assumed that many Americans would know that it lasted over a decade. Maybe even a few would know that over 14, 000 U. S. troops were killed in 1968, alone, (Ap...
    Free research essays on topics related to: smoking marijuana, vietnam war, air strikes, body count, american soldiers
  • African American Soldiers Dred Scott Decision
    4,065 words
    This is just a small example of the doubt and hatred that was bestowed on the African American soldiers. However, during the war, they proved themselves to be brave and courageous men on and off the battlefield on many occasions. Despite deep prejudices and harsh criticisms from the white society, these men were true champions of patriotism. The cause of the Civil War was tension between the North and the South. The sectional division between the areas began in colonial times, largely resulting ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african american soldiers, dred scott decision, civil war began, kansas nebraska act, compromise of 1850
  • Stories And Poems Piece Of Writing
    1,216 words
    Images of Injustice Is it possible for us to understand the central theme of a story or a poem or any other piece of writing without having images and symbols? We can find them in every piece of writing in English literature. Every author uses symbolism and imagery in their writings in order to make us understand the message that he is trying to convey through words. In other words, symbolism gives us a deeper level of meaning and stronger emotions. Freedom, love, relationship, hate, violence ar...
    Free research essays on topics related to: body parts, stories and poems, american indians, piece of writing, o brien
  • Saving Private Ryan World War Ii
    710 words
    Saving Private Ryan The movie Saving Private Ryan is about a group of American soldiers walking around in Europe during World War II. The objective of this mission is to find one man whose three brothers were killed and return that man back to his mom in America. Private Ryan and the rest of the airborne unit he was in were dropped all over the countryside of France. It is the job of Captain Miller and his company to find Private Ryan. They company searching for Private Ryan encounters many atta...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war ii, one man, saving private ryan, save the life, american soldiers

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