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Free research essays on topics related to: economic factors

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  • Sex Tourism In Thailand
    1,417 words
    As we enter a new millenium the post-colonial nations in the world are still searching for ways to compete in an increasingly globalized, consumption driven economic environment. Many developing countries have speculated that Tourism is an effective catalyst for development as well as increased international understanding. Thailand, who has embraced tourism as the key to its modernization strategy, has been hailed by many as a paradigm for success. Over the past twenty years Thailand has enjoyed...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tourist industry, social and economic, rapid growth, sex tourism, tourism industry
  • Economic Self Sufficiency Juvenile Delinquency
    729 words
    Sociological Factors Shape Family Strategies Traditional studies of Chinese-American family life tend to focus purely on cultural determinants, focusing on Chinese traditions and values. A highly favorable attitude towards these families is brought forth by these studies, and these families are thought to be culturally stronger than other minority groups facing difficulties. These determinants are not the only ways in which these families can be characterized, however. The socio-economic determi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: socio economic, perspective focuses, juvenile delinquency, sociological theory, economic self sufficiency
  • Crude Oil Merrill Lynch
    2,472 words
    ... unable if it's at a relatively shallow depth and near other fields. However, to warrant the cost of producing in more challenging regions (the Arctic North Slope, for example) the reservoir may have to be several hundred feet thick. Third, entrapment. The earth is constantly creating irregular geologic structures through both sudden and gradual movements such as: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and erosion caused by wind and water. Uplifted rock, for example, can result in dome like structur...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stock market, grolier multimedia, merrill lynch, crude oil, economic factors
  • Britain And France Suez Canal
    1,312 words
    Scramble for Africa: Author and copyright Matthew Saul How significant were economic factors as causes of the Scramble for Africa? The Scramble for Africa was the most striking manifestation of the 'new imperialism' which developed towards the end of the 1800 's. Notable due to an impression that the days of the Empire were decaying and for the speed and vastness of its occurrence. There have been many interpretations for its cause; some such as J. A Hobson believe it to be a natural result of c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: square miles, factors influencing, economic factors, suez canal, britain and france
  • Power And Influence Economic Factors
    1,317 words
    ... he matter was settled amicably, the nations decided that they might as well get as much as they could to simply stop others. Thus both national rivalry and economic factors played major roles in the partition of Western Africa, turning it into a Scramble. The initial situation in East Africa was similar to that in the West, with business men rather than the British government, ostensibly leading the expansion. A major influence being the British East Africa Company, set up by a Sir William M...
    Free research essays on topics related to: power and influence, trade routes, prime minister, boer war, economic factors
  • Us Intervention In Vietnam War
    1,226 words
    It is said that the intervention of the United States can be explained using hegemonic war theory. They were to intervene so that their military would not be seen as incapable of fighting in this war, and to maintain their prestige as a super power. The involvement of the United States in this war was not only seen as a way to stop a war that was escalating but also to gain power and respect. The main goal was to put an end to the rise of communism portrayed by a dictator who skillfully manipula...
    Free research essays on topics related to: vietnam war, united states entered, economic gains, balance of power, economic factors
  • Unequal Income Distribution In Usa
    2,022 words
    Unequal Income Distribution in the U. S. A. In recent years, increasing inequality in the distribution of income has been a subject of considerable public concern, political attention, and academic research. Income inequality is a measure of how equally the income pie is divided among all members of society. The relative income, or gauge, can be defined how well the poor are doing economically compared to the rich. In other words inequality is a measure of how equally the income pie is divided a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: income inequality, minimum wages, lower class, income distribution, gap between rich
  • Growing Problem Of Street Gangs In Canada
    1,288 words
    It is a scenario of nightmarish quality. An unsuspecting innocent individual has taken a short cut to get home late at night and is confronted by a group of individuals on a back street. However, this is no ordinary group of young men and women. This group is what is commonly called a street gang. Usually associated with poorer urban areas of the United States, street gangs have made a huge impact in Canadian Cities. Known for criminal acts such as robbery, assault and even murder, street gangs ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: socio economic, gang activity, los angeles, street gangs, youth violence
  • Economic Implications Of Arctic Oil Drilling
    1,893 words
    For more than a decade, debate over drilling for oil on the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge [ANWR] has continued unabated. " This is the opening line of the introduction to the commonly encountered ethical paradox of economic interests versus moral interests. This paradox is steadfastly centered through the debate of oil drilling on the Coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The debate is considered and argued by diverse and infinitely intertwined societal org...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wildlife refuge, environmentally friendly, coastal plain, economic factors, counter argument
  • U S Economy Temporary Workers
    2,424 words
    ... erage's during any further weakness that might develop, and they could act as a springboard for a recovery in the months ahead. Right now, the level of uncertainty has risen, but past patterns show that periods of uncertainty have been followed by recoveries (Global Weekly, September 2001). The outlook for the consumer sector of the U. S. economy in the wake of the attack is a key uncertainty, one that has been compounded by the already fragile state of consumer confidence. A recession might...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic factors, temporary workers, tax cut, consumer confidence, u s economy
  • Sociology Different Approaches To Social Inequality
    2,098 words
    Sociology: Different Approaches to Social Inequality Social Inequality refers to the unequal distribution of valued goods and services among the members of a given group or population at a particular point of time. Meanwhile, Social Stratification refers to such a distribution of goods and services that has become permanent over time, they are structured and justified by prevailing norms, beliefs and values, and it transmitted from generation to another in the society. Theories about these subje...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social stratification, sociological theory, division of labor, positive or negative, social inequality
  • Educational Attainment Labor Force
    3,416 words
    Changes in Women and Marriage- Abstract This paper presents an in-depth discussion about the changing relationship between women and marriage. Economic factors, a rise in feminism, parents influence, attitudes about sex, educational pursuits, and divorce statistics are discussed and their influence on women s attitudes toward marriage are explored. Cultural changes that have impacted women s lives are also examined. The purpose of the paper is to explore the changes affecting women, their attitu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: strong influence, economic factors, labor force, educational attainment, young women
  • Karl Marx Economic Factors
    1,293 words
    Where some possess much, and the others nothing, there may arise an extreme- either out of the most rampant democracy, or out of an oligarchy. This was once said by Aristotle who was probably the first to recognize the importance of a middle class. A powerful debate whether the middle class is essentially defined by cultural or economic factors still remains an issue. A rich tradition is devoted to disentangling economic from cultural components of a class. According to Karl Marx, the middle cla...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marx believed, collar workers, economic factors, middle class, karl marx
  • Labor Force Participation Parental Consent
    2,740 words
    Abortion has been an ongoing issue in the United States in recent history. There is a constant debate between pro-choice and pro-life issues. People for pro-choice argue that it should be up to the individual to decide whether or not an abortion is right for them. On the other hand, pro-life supporters argue that a fetus is a human being, and that abortion is murder. The debate has focused primarily on these two arguments, but little emphasis has been placed on the economic analysis of the story...
    Free research essays on topics related to: parental consent, unwanted children, legal abortion, labor force participation, pro choice
  • Lack Of Education Mentally Ill
    999 words
    Throughout the United States it has been stated that between? 355, 000 and 445, 000? (Resaner) people are homeless everyday and night. Homelessness is something that affects people of all ages, races, backgrounds and religions. The problem of homelessness is not something that only happens in the large cities, it happens everywhere. There are people with many different problems that force then to become homeless. They do however all have one thing in common they have nowhere to live. Some factor...
    Free research essays on topics related to: key factor, mentally ill, lack of education, mental illness, economic factors
  • Syria And Iraq Islamic Conquests Arab
    589 words
    TRADITIONAL MUSLIM VIEW? conquest result religious zeal from new faith and truly miraculous demonstration of divine favour that Islam supposed to enjoy. TRADITIONAL WESTERN VIEW? Sir William Muir? result of mass migration of Arab tribesman = ? love of rapine? kept going and going in swarms. ? Leone Caetani disagrees: forces of all three groups far too small. ? Agrees migration but mainly due to economic distress in Arabia. ? Henri Lammens talks of tumultuous incursions due to superior military o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: arab, migration, conquest, economic factors, islam
  • Socio Economic Economic Factors
    672 words
    APolitical Attitudes Political attitudes A variety of factors, including but not limited to; family, peers, the media and education shape political attitudes. Many things influence the way people feel about politics, and depending on the immediate environments, views can change dramatically. Family can influence the political party that people belong to. Family can also influence the way in which a person does or does not vote. If a family has traditionally voted democratic, chances are that the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: voter, typically, higher income, economic factors, socio economic
  • Low Self Esteem Racial Discrimination
    568 words
    Poverty is a major problem in the United States today. This mind map includes the categories of individual behavior, social factors, economic factors, political factors, and cultural factors are all contributing forces that causes poverty. For economic factors, low wages would be the variable that would lead to poverty. Families that receive low wages would barely support their living expenses. Thus they would not have enough money for programs that would aid their children s education. Some fam...
    Free research essays on topics related to: low self esteem, cultural factors, racial discrimination, substance abuse, individual behavior
  • Abolish Slavery Paul Revere
    3,074 words
    Josh Smith American Revolution Dr. Cheng Radicalism of the American Revolution By Gordon S. Wood Gordon Wood s Radicalism of the American Revolution is a book that extensively covers the origin and ideas preceding the American Revolution. Wood s account of the Revolution goes beyond the history and timeline of the war and offers a new encompassing look inside the social ideology and economic forces of the war. Wood explains in his book that America went through a two-stage progression to break a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: narrow minded, abolish slavery, paul revere, american revolution, economic forces
  • Hundreds Of Years Indentured Servants
    1,001 words
    Transition Between Indentured Servitude and Slavery The development of the New World colonies was established through the use of both indentured servants and slavery. In the beginning of colonization, indentured servants were the primary source of labor for the early settlements. The growth of the New World led to an increase in demand for cheap and efficient labor. As the number of indentured servants diminished, the slave trade began to flourish. The trading of slaves endured for hundreds of y...
    Free research essays on topics related to: indentured servants, hundreds of years, african slaves, indentured servitude, labor force

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