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Free research essays on topics related to: gang activity

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  • Gang Violence Crimes Committed
    1,127 words
    I dont think I was even conscious that gangs existed and were a problem until 1991. That was the year that my friend Steph and I went to see the movie Boyz in the Hood, directed by John Singleton. When we chose to see that movie, we really had no idea what it was about. We chose is for two reasons, one because nothing that was playing at the time except for Boyz looked remotely interesting, and two, Cuba Gooding Jr. had a role in it, and we both thought he was kind of cute. It ended up being one...
    Free research essays on topics related to: los angeles, gang activity, crimes committed, gang violence, gang members
  • U S Department S Department Of Justice
    963 words
    Structural Characteristics Members are typically young teenage males of similar ethnic or racial backgrounds (usually from disorganized families in the inner-city). Loyalty and adherence to a strict gang code (i. e. , the gang is more important than anything) is mandatory. Cohesiveness among members increases as recognition from society increases. Loyalty and camaraderie are solidified by participation in group activities that are often antisocial, illegal, violent, and criminal. Goals, identifi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hard core, gang members, u s department, s department of justice, gang activity
  • Growing Problem Of Street Gangs In Canada
    1,288 words
    It is a scenario of nightmarish quality. An unsuspecting innocent individual has taken a short cut to get home late at night and is confronted by a group of individuals on a back street. However, this is no ordinary group of young men and women. This group is what is commonly called a street gang. Usually associated with poorer urban areas of the United States, street gangs have made a huge impact in Canadian Cities. Known for criminal acts such as robbery, assault and even murder, street gangs ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: socio economic, gang activity, los angeles, street gangs, youth violence
  • Growing Problem Of Street Gangs In Canada
    1,177 words
    ... o Star interview, in order to prevent gang entrance by borderline youths, the most preyed upon by gangs, schools need to be teaching the anti-gang message as early as grade three. Furthermore there need to be more youth centers in Canadian cities where students can spend time after school. Lastly he states that children, especially those in the inner city and poorer areas, must be aware that they have choices, and that their lives have not already been prescribed for them. Although Toronto, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: street gangs, street crime, youth violence, youth gangs, movies and television
  • African American Street Gangs In Los Angeles
    1,533 words
    ... egotist strategies to combat white intimidation and violence, the effectiveness of whites to fight against integration and residential segregation began to fail. Eventually 'white flight' occurred, as white residents began to move into the growing suburban areas that flourished in the 1950 s, leaving the city areas of South Los Angeles behind. This left the central city of Los Angeles as a primarily black enclave, with blacks accounting for 71 percent of the inner-city population (Brunn et a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gang activity, los angeles police, black panther party, west side, police brutality
  • African American Street Gangs In Los Angeles
    1,653 words
    ... le 1 reveals that in each year where gang territory data was available, the growth in the number of gang territories was significant. In the six years between 1972 and 1978, 44 new black gangs formed, and only two gangs became inactive. In the 14 years between 1982 and 1996, 150 new gangs formed. However, the most dramatic growth was in the four years between 1978 and 1982 when 101 new gangs formed. In addition to the number of gang territories increasing, the spatial distribution of gang te...
    Free research essays on topics related to: los angeles county, gang activity, black gangs, gang related, suburban areas
  • Gang Involvement Gang Activity
    418 words
    Running head: LONG-RANGE STRATEGY FOR PREVENTING GANG ACTIVITY IN THE FUTURE Long-Range Strategy for Preventing Gang Activity In The Future December 15, 2008 Long-Range Strategy for Preventing Gang Activity In The Future Mission statement: To prevent violence and gang activity in the city through a range of carefully designed programs, opportunities provision, community mobilization, education and social intervention, organizational change and development initiatives and gang suppression. Gang P...
    Free research essays on topics related to: long range, los angeles, assistance programs, gang activity, gang involvement
  • Gang Activity Police Department
    282 words
    Beacon Police Department in Beacon NY Keeping Track of Gang Activity I have contacted Beacon Police Department in Beacon NY 12508 to find out how they keep track of gang activity. In order to combat gangs, Beacon Police Department takes a multifaceted approach. The gang unit places emphasis on prevention and works in cooperation with school resource officers to identify youth at-risk. This prevention strategy is combined with home visits to at-risk youth and other strategies. In case gang preven...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beacon, gang, gang members, police department, gang activity
  • Level Of Violence Los Angeles
    2,390 words
    Keeping Our Teenagers off the Streets In Leesville, LA, many parents and governmental agencies are concerned with the question of how to keep teenagers of the streets, just like in many other small communities in LA. The thing is, in LA the presence of youth gangs is one of the most heated social problems. To keep teenagers off the streets actually means to keep teenagers out of the youth gangs. (Harmon 73) Within the scope of this research, we will first provide background information on gangs ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: los angeles, gang activity, gang membership, youth gangs, level of violence
  • Points Of View Dress Codes
    1,734 words
    I. Introduction 1. The history of school uniforms: a. the purpose of a school-uniform policy; b. main aims of the policy; c. price benefits. II. Implementation of the policy. 1. Clothing is an expression of ones individuality: a. public opinion about clothing; b. individuality, according to John Dewey. 2. Dress codes or uniform policies: a. difference; b. legislative and gender side of the problem; 3. Different movements for and against school uniforms in the USA: a. 50 s 60 s; b. Clintons endor...
    Free research essays on topics related to: points of view, dress codes, school uniforms, uniform policies, gang activity
  • Level Of Violence Youth Gangs
    1,678 words
    Youth Gangs and the Affects on Our Community Gangs vary tremendously in numbers and in age range. Relatively few young people join gangs, despite their high profile in the media. Even in highly impacted areas, the degree of participation rarely exceeds 10 percent. In addition, it has been reported that less than 2 percent of all juvenile crime is gang related (Snyder 89). Low statistics like the above, may camouflage the impact that the presence of gangs has on a school. Gangs play a significant...
    Free research essays on topics related to: level of violence, gang membership, youth gangs, gang activity, crack cocaine
  • Join A Gang Joining A Gang
    3,527 words
    Mark Sirignano 027 - 66 - 7577 Tues. Thur. 9: 25 - 10: 40 12 - 14 - 99 Deviance in Gang Involvement: Why Join a Gang? The problem of gang activity is not a new one facing our country. Ever since the beginnings of human existence gangs have served as a means of protection for humans. The issue of gang activity has recently, however, come to the forefront of dilemmas facing our nation. While cities like Chicago and Los Angeles are chronic gang sites, other cities such as? Miami, Portland, Columbus...
    Free research essays on topics related to: closely resembles, joining a gang, join a gang, gang involvement, gang activity
  • Juvenile Justice System Juvenile Offenders
    2,032 words
    Today, there is a great concern about gang activity and youth violence. Every day, we can open a newspaper or turn on the evening news and see that another child or victim was killed in gang or youth related violence. Teenage crime and violence has existed for many years. Many people have become more aware of the violence committed by todays youth because of the media coverage of the viciousness of these crimes. The public is also aware of the new breed of criminal and many people want to change...
    Free research essays on topics related to: juvenile offenders, commit crimes, gang activity, juvenile justice system, todays youth
  • Gang Violence Gang Activity
    457 words
    Today Gang violence not only kills millions of people a year, but serves as a threat to organized society as we know it. Gangs have an infection that plague the streets of nearly every urban area in America, and is now spreading to rural areas as well. We cannot allow our cities and suburbs to fall victim to gangs and violence. There must have tougher legislation against gang activity, as well as harsher punishments for gang related crimes. America has one of the highest violent crime rates in t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: young people, gang related, gang, gang activity, gang violence
  • Gang Activity Gang Members
    440 words
    Gang are stereotyped to be a bunch of thugs who walk around selling drugs, shooting, and participating in other criminal activity. To an extent, this is true, but what people dont really take the time to consider is the fact that some gangs are more than just thugs on the block. Some gangs, in fact most are actually organized. The article covers a few bare essentials to hindering this type of organization in the school settings and gives steps to reducing it. Three main points the article deals ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: team members, gang members, gang, school officials, gang activity
  • Gang Activity Gang Members
    752 words
    Throughout Gangs Impact of Gangs Throughout There Are No Children Here, a continuous, powerful tension always lurks in the background. The tension is caused primarily by the gangs which are rampant in the housing projects of Chicago. In the Henry Horner Homes, according to Kotlowitz, one person is beaten, shot at, or stabbed due to gangs every three days. In one week during the authors study of the projects, police confiscated 22 guns and 330 grams of cocaine in Horner alone (Kotlowitz 32). For ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: horner, gangs, gang activity, gang, gang members
  • World War Ii 20 Th Century
    1,657 words
    Originally GANGS OVERVIEW OF GANGS Originally the word gang had no negative connotation. In Old English, gang simply referred to a number of people who went around together-a group. Today a gang can be defined in four basic ways: ? an organized group with a leader? a unified group that usually remains together during peaceful times as well as times of conflict? a group whose members show unity through clothing, language? a group whose activities are criminal or threatening to the larger society....
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war ii, puerto rican, gang members, 20 th century, los angeles
  • Gang Activity Labeling Theory
    1,126 words
    To the Editor of the Billings Gazette: The Old West has changed. Instead of youths traveling into the back country with their fathers to hunt game to support their families, youths are purchasing guns for show rather than theoretical use. Family structures have also changed significantly. Instead of mothers ringing the triangle bells for their children to return home for dinner, they are dialing the telephone in order to reach their son or daughter, via their beeper. Although, there is a signifi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: changing times, gang members, article entitled, gang activity, labeling theory
  • Organized Crime Rival Gang
    1,340 words
    Mafia and Organized Crime have wreaked havoc for many years upon society in an entirety and it has definitely corrupted government in a way too. Gang leaders and such have left families broken or in dismay with family members dead, crippled, wounded, or with shattered dreams and memories that can tear a person apart mentally. Organized crime is not extended to such crime and Mafia leaders such as Capone, but it can be even farther reached as to mention L. A. Gangs like Crips and Bloods that have...
    Free research essays on topics related to: las vegas, gang involvement, rival gang, organized crime, lucky luciano
  • Prison Gangs Puerto Rican
    3,022 words
    The Prison Gangs Prison Gangs The fight for survival within the United State? s prison system has created a subculture the breeds racism, hate, and violence. About two and a half years ago, a young man named William King was sentenced to death by lethal injection for his participation in the murder of James Byrd Jr. James, a middle aged black man from Jasper County, Texas, was bound at the ankles and dragged behind a truck for three miles. His body was ripped to shreds as a gruesome display of t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king , violent acts, drug trafficking, puerto rican, prison gangs

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