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  • Ice Age Extinctions Of The Megafauna
    1,668 words
    ... vironments than do smaller animals. Larger animals are safer from predators than small animals are, but it is also harder for them to sustain in trying conditions. Many of the larger animals such as mammoths and bison travel in herds, and that, along with their large size, protects them from predators. However, when the predator is Mother Nature, there is virtually no defense. For modern day elephants, drought is the biggest concern. It can take twenty percent of a herd every year, but the e...
    Free research essays on topics related to: north america, ice age, smithsonian institution, cambridge cambridge university, 000 years ago
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Taming Of The Shrew
    2,014 words
    A recurrent theme In Shakespeare's plays is the idea that things are not always what they seem. The Taming of the Shrew shows a good example of this theme. In this play we find many discrepancies between what seems to be and what is. The main theme of this play is knowing what a person is really like is more important than how they appear to be. This is shown by Petruchio's relationship with Katherine; the changing roles of Tranio, Lucentio, and Hortensio; and the true characters of Bianca and K...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bianca, cambridge cambridge university, katherine, mistaken identity, taming of the shrew
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Homo Erectus
    1,507 words
    ... (Richard Potts). Others, seeking out modern day analogues of ancient hunter-gathers, went to Botswana to observe the! Kung San (R. B. Lee, I. Door, J. E. Yellow). One apostate (Tim White) defected to the home base of Donald Johanson. In general, no surprises emerged from the new work. (Sept 1992) However, in his 1982 dissertation, Potts developed an independent critique of the home base idea. Many of the animal bones at Type C sites, he noticed, showed signs of carnivore-inflicted damage. Ev...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ed pp, homo erectus, cambridge cambridge university, big game, human origins
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Wide Range
    1,233 words
    ... are universal grammar rules. The question that arises from this is that do these point to the existence of underlying universal categories or do social conventions bring about the similarities that are observed. 5. Meaning as Culture: This view is diametrically opposed to the preceding view, in that this view sees linguistic meaning as being entirely determined by the cultural context. The reasoning behind this is that the acquisition of language occurs at the same time as the acquisition of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wide range, semantics, ' p, cambridge cambridge university, pragmatics
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Holy Land
    1,673 words
    King Edward I of England made a number of military campaigns during his reign, in two of which he captured modern-day Wales. In order to hold his gains he built a series of castles, which are said to still be some of the world's greatest strongholds. But, over 3500 kilometres away a period of fascinating castle building took place prior to Edward's as a result of the crusades. These constructions were designed by absorbing the constructive wisdom of the crusaders and those they came into contact...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cambridge cambridge university, al arab, curtain wall, close proximity, holy land
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Curtain Wall
    1,702 words
    ... aladin and Baybars yet still many castles either didn't fall or took an entire season of campaigning to capture. The general idea to effectively siege a castle was to starve or blockade it until surrender was the only option, but these castles were designed to hold enough food. Kerry when besieged by Saladin held enough food but not enough arms, a strange turn of events in the medieval ages. Margat on the other hand had supplies enough for a five-year siege. In 1269 after the garrison of Gas...
    Free research essays on topics related to: western europe, cambridge cambridge university, curtain wall, castle, castles
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Personality And Social Psychology
    1,614 words
    ... ype's being negative. Our categorisation and biases can also have an effect on others. Essed (1988) found that white stereotyping of black people had a damaging effect in job interviews, through discomfort and unrest due to the questions asked during the interview. This study was conducted out of the laboratory. A further example of the effects of racial stereotyping on others is a replication of a British government commissioned study in which a black and a white person apply to rent a flat...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cognitive psychologists, cambridge cambridge university, cognitive approach, cognitive process, personality and social psychology
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Moral Education
    1,191 words
    ... intense begins with the very first inklings of pleasure. Only by consolidating desire with the good can conflict be averted. What can educators today learn from Aristotle's analysis of arabia? Can the teaching of ethics really help students act on the virtues they espouse and thereby cleanse the business world of its shady dealings? How might such an education proceed? What might be its limits? Clearly, Aristotle would say, ethics classes for conflicted business-people offer too little too l...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cambridge cambridge university, aristotle, moral education, ibid, aristotle's
  • Politeness A Comparison Between Chinese And English
    1,776 words
    ... hange's of political situations in the country of China. A very important year to mention is 1949 when the communist regime gained political power. Before this year, Lee-Wong (2000: 156 - 158) notes that the Chinese word xiao jie / "little miss" was a form representing elitism, wealth and high status. After the year of the Revolution, when class distinctions were abolished, this form was dropped. Still, xiao jie was being brought back into existence by means of modernization movements. Today...
    Free research essays on topics related to: second language, cross cultural, people who live, cambridge cambridge university, chinese culture
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Natural Language
    1,778 words
    This saw meaning attributed to things as being abstract in form and thus knowledge was divided between opinion and true knowledge. In contemporary terms Katz (1981) asserts that 'Meaning is a transparent relation between signifier and signified. The signified's of language (entities, dynamic relations, names) are recoverable from the signifier's (nouns, verbs, sentences). ' (p. 17) The indirect approach, also dated back to ancient concepts of the world, was that held by Aristotle, who disagreed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: everyday life, ' p, cambridge cambridge university, natural language, wide range
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Women In India
    2,675 words
    ... it influences people to treat others, as they themselves would like to be treated. Reincarnation is the belief that a persons soul will return to an earthly body again and again until it is liberated from the cycle of life and death. The way to become liberated is by becoming increasingly detached from worldly things, a process that is understood to take innumerable lifetimes. Belief in reincarnation has an effect on behavior by giving Indians a more casual attitude toward the demands of tim...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cambridge cambridge university, gender relationships, women in india, caste system, religious beliefs
  • Princeton Princeton University Cambridge Cambridge University
    4,245 words
    Coleridge and the Explosion of Voice Coleridge is so often described in terms which are akin to the word, explosive, and by all accounts he was at times an unusually dynamic, charismatic and unpredictable person. His writings themselves could also be termed explosive merely from their physical form; a fragmented mass, some pieces finished but most not, much of his writing subject to procrastination or eventual change of mind. Today I want to address a moment in his life which produced, as Richar...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lyrical ballads, trevor roper, princeton princeton university, oxford oxford university, cambridge cambridge university
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Great Britain
    2,177 words
    Can Skepticism Be Defended, Perhaps In A Limited Form Introduction This essay centres around what it means to know something is true and also why it is important to distinguish between what you know and do not or can not know. The sceptic in challenging the possibility of knowing anything challenges the basis on which all epistemology is based. It is from this attack on epistemology that the defence of scepticism is seen Strong Scepticism Strong scepticism states that it is not possible to know ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: great britain, cambridge cambridge university, 1985 p, 1992 pp, first person
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Personality And Social Psychology
    3,275 words
    Critically Evaluate The Cognitive Theory Of Stereotyping. Critically Evaluate The Cognitive Theory Of Stereotyping. Critically evaluate the cognitive theory of stereotyping. B 231: Social Interaction, Exam Paper 1998, Question 4. Graeme Gordon Stereotyping is a form of pre judgement that is as prevalent in todays society as it was 2000 years ago. It is a social attitude that has stood the test of time and received much attention by social psychologists and philosophers alike. Many approaches to,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personality and social psychology, cambridge cambridge university, racial stereotypes, cognitive approach, cognitive psychologists
  • Henry David Thoreau Cambridge Cambridge University
    1,473 words
    From the lone hiker on the Appalachian Trail to the environmental lobby groups in Washington D. C. , nature evokes strong feelings in each and every one of us. We often struggle with and are ultimately shaped by our relationship with nature. The relationship we forge with nature reflects our fundamental beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. The works of timeless authors, including Henry David Thoreau and Annie Dillard, are centered around their relationship to nature. The love for nat...
    Free research essays on topics related to: walden pond, cambridge cambridge university, henry david thoreau, love for nature, love of nature
  • Oxford Oxford University Human Genome Project
    4,326 words
    Genetics: Issues of IVF, screening, pre-selection, genetic testing, cloning and the social implications. James Watson once said, ? We used to think that our fate was in our stars. Now we know that, in large measure, our fate is in our Genes? (Jaroff 1998). On June 26 th 2000, The Human Genome Project will unveil its rough draft mapping of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences within the human chromosomes (genetic code), to the public. The project has been ongoing since the late eighties, and...
    Free research essays on topics related to: british medical association, oxford oxford university, cambridge cambridge university, prenatal diagnosis, human genome project
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Fear Of The Unknown
    1,365 words
    As the last of William Shakespeare? s four great tragedies, Macbeth is a play based more on character than deed. Set in feudal Scotland, the play deftly develops each of the main characters, molding their traits and qualities into an intricate masterpiece surrounding Macbeth, the central character. The play is a journey along the life of Macbeth, capturing him at the apex of his career and following him until his just demise. What causes his sudden deterioration? How does this? worthy gentleman?...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fear of the unknown, tragic, macbeth , cambridge cambridge university, tragic flaw
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Grammatical Rules
    2,425 words
    SP 567: Cognitive Neuroscience The Study of Language is really the study of Meaning, Discuss. It is generally accepted that language is one of the key attributes that distinguishes humans from other species. Although other animals possess at times very sophisticated methods of communication, none match the cognitive capabilities of human language. The terms communication, speech, language and vocalization should not be used interchangeably, though in practice, it is not easy to separate and main...
    Free research essays on topics related to: natural language, grammatical rules, word meaning, wide range, cambridge cambridge university
  • Cambridge Cambridge University Ancient Greek
    1,522 words
    Women in Celebration There is a saying that is well known, What is good for the gander is good for the goose. Ancient Greek religious festivities seem to only concern what is good for the gander, or in their case the men. The Greek civilization was extremely male dominated and Greek religion and its activities are looked upon as being andro centric. Very little is known about women s festivities in the ancient Greek religion, even though women were prominent in religious activities and had celeb...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient greek, greek religion, women played, cambridge cambridge university, ancient times

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