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Free research essays on topics related to: acid rain

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  • Clean Air Act Acid Rain
    1,648 words
    With scientists and so-called experts on the environment disagreeing on so many issues, it is easy for the public to be lost in the fray of what is truth and what is media hype. Though the term acid rain has been present in our society since the early 1970 s, many people are not exactly clear on what it is what causes it, and the detrimental effects acid rain has on our environment. More confusing than all of the facts and scientific theories surrounding acid rain is the development of a suitabl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: air pollution, clean air act, reduce pollution, nitrogen oxide, acid rain
  • Clean Air Act Acid Rain
    1,807 words
    Acidic deposition, or acid rain as it is commonly known, occurs when emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO 2) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen, and oxidants to form various acidic compounds. These compounds then fall to the earth in either dry form (such as gas and particles) or wet form (such as rain, snow, and fog). Prevailing winds transport the compounds, sometimes hundreds of miles, across state and national borders. Electric utility plants account for about...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clean air act, surface waters, acid rain, sulfur dioxide, coastal plain
  • Effects Of Acid Rain Sulfur Dioxide And Nitrogen
    3,730 words
    What is acid rain? Acid rain is the term for pollution caused when sulfur and nitrogen dioxides combine with atmospheric moisture. The term 'acid rain' is slightly misleading, and would be more accurate if deemed 'enhanced acid rain', as rain occurs acidic naturally. Acidity is measured on what is know as the pH scale. Fourteen is the most basic, seven is the most neutral, and zero is the most acidic. Pure rain has a pH level of 7, which is exactly neutral. The acidity of rain is determined by t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ph of 5, h 2 o, effects of acid rain, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen, 2 o 2
  • Effects Of Acid Rain Sulphur Dioxide
    868 words
    The damaging effects of acid rain on society is becoming overwhelmed with great amounts of pollution from cars, factories and an large amounts of garbage. The immense amounts of sulphur dioxide put into the air causes high levels of acid in the atmosphere. When this sulphuric acid is absorbed into moisture in the air, then rain can be harmful to the environment. Acid rain is destroying lots of things in our environment. It is hurting lakes, air and thew rest of our ecosystem. Acid rain is killin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sulphur dioxide, ozone layer, ph levels, carbon dioxide, effects of acid rain
  • Effects Of Acid Rain Sulfur Dioxide
    1,028 words
    "Acid Rain, " or more precisely acidic precipitation, is the term used to describe rainfall that has a pH level of less than 5. 6 -- a pH of 7 being neutral. This form of air pollution is currently a subject of great controversy because of the damage it does tot he environment and property worldwide. For the last ten years, this occurrence has brought destruction to thousands of lakes and streams in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. It also leads to the deterioration of buildings a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sulfur dioxide, fossil fuels, effects of acid rain, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide
  • Acid Rain Acid Deposition
    561 words
    When thought of acid rain, some people may think of green, burning acid falling from the sky, destroying everything in sight. This may be a bit ridiculous and hard to believe, but as absurd as it sound, it is not far from the truth. Acid deposition has long been a subject of debate because of the widespread environ-mental damage it is responsible for. As one of the major results of air pollution, acid rain can corrode metal and limestone structures, leach important minerals, decreased fertility ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: million tons, acid rain, acid, power plants, acid deposition
  • The Acid Rain Issue
    1,108 words
    ... ece sources are required to install systems that monitor emissions in order to track progress. The average annual cost for this phase is about one hundred and eighty five to two hundred and twenty dollars per ton. 7 To cut down on nitrogen oxide pollution, EPA will require power plants to reduce their nitrogen oxide releases, and will require reductions in nitrogen oxide releases from new cars. Reducing nitrogen oxide releases will reduce both acid rain and smog formation. Companies that rel...
    Free research essays on topics related to: environmental protection, clean air act, acid rain, united states and canada, nitrogen oxide
  • Clean Air Act Effects Of Acid Rain
    1,122 words
    When looking at air pollution, we can see that there are many types, one type is acid rain. Scientists have discovered that air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels mainly in power stations and industry in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and other economically developed countries is the major cause of acid rain. Acidic deposition or acid rain as it is commonly known occurs when emissions of sulphur dioxide (so 2) and oxides of nitrogen (no) react in the atmosphere with water, oxy...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dioxide emissions, global warming, sulphur dioxide, effects of acid rain, clean air act
  • Sulfur Dioxide And Nitrogen Burning Of Fossil Fuels
    1,264 words
    What is Acid Rain? Acid rain is a form of precipitation that falls to the earth as rain. For rain to be acidic it has a pH level of less than 5. 6. The corrosive nature of acid rain causes widespread damage to the environment. The problem begins with the production of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, oil and other kinds of manufacturing. When these pollutants are in the air, they react with water and other chemicals, to form sulfuric...
    Free research essays on topics related to: burning of fossil fuels, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen, effects of acid rain, nitrogen oxides, sulfuric acid
  • U S Government Sulfur Dioxide And Nitrogen
    1,198 words
    ... few examples of how wide spread the acid rain problem is on just man made structures. Effects on Humans When acid rain falls on humans it has really no adverse effect on the outside, humans can even swim in acidic lakes and its doesnt harm them. The serious effects start to take place on the inside of the body and that is respiratory problems. When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions gives risk to respiratory problems such as dry coughs, asthma, headaches, eye, nose, and throat irrit...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u s government, acid rain, nitrogen oxides, dioxide emissions, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen
  • The Growing Problem Of Acid Rain
    1,663 words
    Acid rain is a great problem in our world. It causes fish and plants to die in our waters. It also it causes harm to the human race, because we eat the fish, drink the water and eat the plants that have come in contact with this rain. It is a problem that we must all face together and try to get rid of. However acid rain, on it's own, isnt the biggest problem. It causes a larger problem such as aluminum poisoning, however, acid rain is very deadly, and the problems of it continuously surround us...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ph of 5, acid, acid rain, back to life, birth defects
  • Acid Rain Sulfur Dioxide
    566 words
    "Acid rain" is a broad term used to describe several ways that acids fall out of the atmosphere. A more precise term is acid deposition, which has two parts: wet and dry. Wet deposition refers to acidic rain, fog, and snow. As this acidic water flows over and through the ground, it affects a variety of plants and animals. The strength of the effects depend on many factors, including how acidic the water is, the chemistry and buffering capacity of the soils involved, and the types of fish, trees,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sulfur dioxide, acid, acid deposition, acid rain, living things
  • 2 O 2 Bodies Of Water
    1,333 words
    Acid rain pollution comes in various forms. Whether its toxic waste, CFCs, or sewage, they are all hazardous to the earth. These can deplete the earth and its inhabitants of resources, causing a harmful change. A product of pollution is acid rain. We shall see that acidification is harmful to all forms of life. Acid rain is any form of precipitation that is polluted by sulphur dioxide (SO 2), and nitrogen oxides (NOX). This acid precipitation can be in the form of rain, snow, sleet, fog, or clou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: acid rain, bodies of water, nitrogen oxides, 2 o 2, sulphur dioxide
  • Clean Air Act H 2 O
    1,801 words
    Acid rain is exactly what it suggests- rain that is acidic. The definition of 'acid rain' is rain with a pH of below 5. 6. Rain becomes acidic because of gases that dissolve in the rain. Approximately 70 % of acid rain is a result of dissolved sulfur dioxide (SO 2) which forms Sulfuric Acid. The remaining 30 % or so comes from various Nitrogen Oxides (mostly NO 2 and NO 3 which has collectedly adopted the mane Nox). There is also a small percentage of hydrochloric acid that makes up hydrochloric...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clean air act, sulfur dioxide, h 2 o, nitrogen oxide, iron and steel
  • Western United States Sulfur Dioxide And Nitrogen
    1,519 words
    Acid rain is polluted rain. The pollutants go up to the atmosphere and when it rains it brings the pollution down with it. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are the gases that form the acid rain. When these gases mix with moisture it can make rain, snow, hail, or even fog. The scientific term for acid rain is acid deposition which means when the acid is taken from the air and is deposited on the earth. Major industries, coal burning factories, power plants and automobile engines are the main sou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: organic matter, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen, acid rain, nitrogen oxide, western united states
  • United States And Canada Ph Of 5
    903 words
    How Acid Rain Develops, Spreads, and Destroys Acid rain is environmentally damaging rainfall that occurs after fossil fuels burn, releasing nitrogen and sulphur oxides into the atmosphere. Acid rain, simply stated, increases the acidity level of waterways because these nitrogen and sulphur oxides combine with the air? s normal rainfall. Acid rain is a silent threat because its effects, although slow, are cumulative. This analysis explains the cause, the distribution cycle, and the effects of aci...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ph of 5, united states and canada, fossil fuels, nitrogen oxide, acid rain
  • Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Act
    1,937 words
    In the past century, one of the greatest threats to North Americas aquatic ecosystem has been the widespread acidification of hundreds of thousands of waterways. Acid rain has effected plant and animal life within aquatic ecosystems, as well as microbiology activity by affecting the rates of decomposition and the accumulation of organic matter. What causes this poisonous rain, and what can be done to improve North Americas water quality and prevent future catastrophes? To answer these questions,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clean air act, environmental protection agency, nitrogen oxides, acid rain, sulfur dioxide
  • Clean Air Act Effects Of Acid Rain
    2,231 words
    Acid Rain is a serious problem with disastrous effects. Every day this problem increases. Many believe that this issue is too small to deal with, but if the acid rain problem is not met with head on, the effects on people, plants, animals, and the economy will only worsen. In the following paragraphs you will learn what acid rain is, the effects it has on human life, animals, the economy, the economic costs, and what is being done to help to stop this problem. This topic is very important becaus...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nitrogen oxide, clean air act, effects of acid rain, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen, united states and canada
  • Acid Rain Sulfur Dioxide
    1,127 words
    Acid rain is precipitation of higher than normal acidity. Manmade increases in the acidity of precipitation are traced mainly to the burning of coal, oil, and gas by heavy industry and electrical utilities. Burning these fuels releases sulfur and nitrogen oxides (Sox and Nox) to the atmosphere where they combine with water vapor to produce sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4) and nitric acid (HNO 3). The acids in the atmosphere are carried and deposited on the earth s surface in the forms of rain, snow, and...
    Free research essays on topics related to: acid deposition, sulfuric acid, eastern canada, sulfur dioxide, acid rain
  • Acid Rain Sulfur Dioxide
    609 words
    Acid RainA Contemporary World Problem Acid rain is one of the most dangerous and widespread forms of pollution. Sometimes called the unseen plague, acid rain can go undetected in an area for years. Technically, acid rain is rain that has a larger amount of acid in it than what is normal. The acidity of rain in parts of Europe and North America has dramatically increased over the past few decades. It is now common in many places for rain to be ten to seventy times more acid than unpolluted rain. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sulfur dioxide, rain, nitrogen oxide, acid, acid rain

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