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  • Summers Day Young Woman
    583 words
    William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 is addressed to a young woman of great beauty and promise. Like in all other of his sonnets, he uses AB-AB rhyming style, with the rhyming couplet at the end as a conclusion. In this sonnet, the speaker warns her about the destructive power of time and age. Also, an important theme of the sonnet is the power of the speaker's poem to defy time and last forever, carrying the beauty of the beloved down to future generations. Sonnet 18 focuses on the beauty of the you...
    Free research essays on topics related to: young woman, sonnet 18, speaker, summers day, summers
  • Trials Were Performed Highest Value Was Recorded Spirometer
    798 words
    The purpose of the lab that was completed was to determine the validity and reliability of an electronic spirometer, using a water spirometer as a reference. Calibration is an important tool in determining whether or not an instrument is valid and reliable. The validity of an instrument is the extent to which a procedure accomplishes what it seeks out to accomplish. Validity can be determined by checking an instrument against another similar instrument. From the tests run between the two instrum...
    Free research essays on topics related to: variance, electronic, reliability, coefficient, shared
  • Inflation And The Australian Economy
    980 words
    Inflation is one of the most important features of the Australian Economy. It is basically the measure of how much prices rise each year. The most common and widely acceptable unit for measuring inflation is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). During 2000 - 2002, there have been many factors contributing to inflation, especially in the March Quarter of 2002. Generally in most cases, governments try to maintain low inflation levels to stabilise the economy. Inflation is the loss in purchasing power o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: australian economy, high inflation, inflation rate, factors contributing, consumer price index
  • Symptoms Of Gas Gangrene Symptoms Of Gas Oxygen
    811 words
    Gas gangrene is a form of gangrene (tissue death) usually caused by a bacterium known as clostridium porringers, but many other bacteria can cause the same effects. It is caused by an infection of clostridium bacteria that, under low oxygen conditions, produce toxins that cause the tissue death and associated symptoms. Gas gangrene is rare, with only 1, 000 to 3, 000 cases occurring in the United States annually. Gas gangrene usually occurs at the site of trauma or a recent surgical wound. About...
    Free research essays on topics related to: heart rate, tissue, infection, oxygen, bacteria
  • Letter From Birmingham Jail
    1,096 words
    In King's essay, "Letter From Birmingham Jail", King brilliantly employs the use of several rhetorical strategies that are pivotal in successfully influencing critics of his philosophical views on civil disobedience. King's eloquent appeal to the logical, emotional, and most notably, moral and spiritual side of his audience, serves to make "Letter From Birmingham Jail" one of the most moving and persuasive literary pieces of the 20 th century. In Birmingham, Ala. , in the spring of 1963, King's ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: letter from birmingham jail, martin luther king jr, religious leaders, civil disobedience, african americans
  • Balance The Budget Democrats And Republicans
    604 words
    To pass Budget THE BUDGET To pass a budget deal takes a lot of time and work. There are many factors involved in this long process. The President first has to propose a plan to balance the budget. He has to look at the Federal deficit and talk with Congress. Congress then will negotiate or compromise a plan of their own with the President. In early March, President Bill Clinton began to put together a plan to balance the budget. He then gave Congress the plan to look over. At this time, congress...
    Free research essays on topics related to: president clinton, democrats and republicans, balance the budget, low income, tax cuts
  • Ways Of Thinking Operational Stage
    629 words
    Chapter 9: Developmental Psychology I Teratogens are any medication, chemical, infectious disease or environmental factors that interfere with the normal development of a fetus that can result in a loss of pregnancy, birth defect, or a pregnancy complication. A wide variety of factors include: drugs, alcohol, and viruses. Through techniques of ultra sound and amniocentesis, one can determine the health of the fetus and determine whether teratogens have had any effect. Ultra sound involves direct...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ways of thinking, fetus, ultra sound, child learns, operational stage
  • Shakespeare Wrote Young Man
    591 words
    William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 is part of a group of 126 sonnets Shakespeare wrote that are addressed to a young man of great beauty and promise. In this group of sonnets, the speaker urges the young man to marry and perpetuate his virtues through children, and warns him about the destructive power of time, age, and moral weakness. Sonnet 18 focuses on the beauty of the young man, and how beauty fades, but his beauty will not because it will be remembered by everyone who reads this poem. Shakes...
    Free research essays on topics related to: shakespeare wrote, summers day, sonnet 18, young man, speaker
  • Talipes Equino Varus Medial Tendons Are Lengthened Foot
    927 words
    Clubfoot is Clubfoot CLUBFOOT Clubfoot is defined as a congenital foot deformity characterized by a kidney shaped foot that turns inward and points down. The forefoot is curved inward, the heel is bent inward, and the ankle is fixed in planter flexion with the toes pointing down. Shortened tendons on the inside of the lower leg, together with abnormally shaped bones that restrict movement outwards cause the foot to turn inwards. A tightened achilles tendon causes the foot to point downwards. The...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stretching, correction, casting, foot, tendons
  • Servings Per Day Im Pretty Close Eat
    622 words
    The 1995 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Eat a variety of foods. Im really bad in this area. I usually eat the same things every day. I eat sandwiches for lunch and pizza for dinner. I need to implement a variety of foods into my diet. Balance the food you eat with physical activity maintain or improve your weight. Im even worse in this area. Ever since I came to school, my physical activity has been limited to Fit/Well class. I really need to start doing some exercise. My weight right now isnt...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fat, diet, averaged, servings, physical activity
  • State Of The Union Income Families
    470 words
    Economic Policies of Gerald Ford In 1974, there was a large rise in oil prices which gave a large amount of purchasing power to the oil-producing companies. Inflation, strong demands for credit, and the unwillingness of the monetary authorities to underwrite a continued acceleration of inflation drove interest rates upward, causing a slump in housing. (The Economic Report of the President 1975) Another weakening effect of the higher and variable rate of inflation was how uncertain the nation was...
    Free research essays on topics related to: unemployment rate, income families, percentage point, income tax, state of the union
  • Rocking Horse Winner D H Lawrence
    1,272 words
    Gambling With a Life Poor Devil, poor devil, he s best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking horse to find a winner (Lawrence 803). D. H. Lawrence ends The Rocking Horse Winner, with such a profound statement. One has to ask the question, why such a profound statement? This story is about an unlucky family that substitutes their lust of money for love. The pressure for more money (793) is constant, intense and consumes the entire house. The children can feel the house calling out to them...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lawrence, thousand pounds, d h lawrence, rocking horse winner, gambling
  • Gun Control Laws Law Abiding Citizens
    1,347 words
    GUN CONTROL Gun Control can be called the acid test of liberalism. All true liberals must favor stricter gun controls. After all, doesnt the United States have the most heavily armed population on the earth? Are we not the worlds most violent people? Surely these facts must be at least casually connected. Therefore the apparently desperate need to do something about the vast quantity of firearms and firearms abuse is obvious. Guns are employed in an enormous number of crimes in this country. In ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: law abiding citizens, concealed weapons, stricter gun, 100 000 population, gun control laws
  • Blood Clotting Clotting Factor
    773 words
    Severe bleeding. Thats Hemophilia Hemophilia Severe bleeding. Thats what happens when a person has Hemophilia. More than 25, 000 people in the United States have Hemophilia (Description of Hemophilia 1). Hemophilia is an inherited deficiency of a blood-clotting factor that results in episodes of dangerous bleeding (Hemophilia 1). As you read through this essay, you will learn more about the disease. Some characteristics should be. First you will learn about the diagnosis and prognosis of Hemophi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blood clotting, clotting factor, daily life, march 2000, family history
  • One By One Accept In Order Story
    1,096 words
    To accurately discern what does and does not happen in fictional stories, one must develop a kind of story competence, which Livingston describes in Whats the Story? Story competence relies on making judgements based on reasoning about characters motives and authors intentions. Only the latter is of concern here, which Livingston refers to as the intentional heuristic: a moderate form of internationalism. The intentional heuristic is an aid used to determine which beliefs an author intended his ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: livingston, stars, intentions, saint, one by one
  • Supreme Court Justice John Paul
    511 words
    JOHN PAUL STEVENS Bio John Paul Stevens, the 101 st Justice to serve on the supreme court of the United States, and the first appointed by President Gerald R. Ford. John Paul Stevens became a member of the high court in December of 1975. Stevens, a middle aged man, with a reputation as a sharp-minded, hardworking lawyer, and first rate judge was given the highest evaluation from the American Bar Association committee that examined his record. |A superb judicial craftsman X and a Judge+s judge, X...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john paul, committee, supreme court justice, d c, stevens
  • Plato Believed Bad Decisions
    538 words
    ? The many of whom none is individually an excellent man, nevertheless can when joined together be better-not as individuals but all together-than those [who are the best], just as dinners contributed [by many] can be better than those equipped from a single expenditure. ? (Page 101) When it came to ruling the city, Plato believed that the best ruler would be the philosopher. That person who know what would be best for the citizens and the city as a whole. He did not trust the masses. He did not...
    Free research essays on topics related to: plato, isn t, plato believed, bad decisions, educated
  • Civil Rights Leaders Presidential Candidate
    1,265 words
    Mondale's sly question drew a roar of approval from an audience of black ministers, small-town mayors and businessmen. Officially, they were meeting to discuss issues such as education, jobs, black voting rights and voter registration. But the gathering turned into a pep rally for a black presidential candidate, with Jackson, 41, at the top of the ticket. His speeches were interrupted by chants of Run, Jesse, run. Delegates sported buttons with Jacksons face and the I AM SOMEBODY tag line he coi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: urban league, democratic party, voter registration, civil rights leaders, presidential candidate
  • Radical Republicans Civil War
    324 words
    Presidential and Radical Republican reconstruction did not ultimately heal the wounds of the Civil War. The efforts of the moderate Congress and special interest agencies also helped to put the Union back together. In 1864, the Radical Republicans were characterized by vindictiveness towards the ex-Confederates. Their Wade-Davis Bill included harsh restrictions, including the repudiation of state debts by nullifying Confederate bonds and barring former secessionist official from voting. Similarl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civil war, radical, fortunately, radical republicans, reconstruction
  • Twentieth Century Political Opinions
    1,691 words
    Stephen Spenders Political Writings and Views of the Twentieth Century Stephen Spender was truly an influential writer of the twentieth century. The greatest part of Spenders life was spent voicing his political opinions through his literary works. Stephen Spenders political views have changed through out his life. During the time he was a young adult, Spenders political opinions were radically liberal, however he gradually migrated his viewpoint to become more moderate in nature. Stephen Spende...
    Free research essays on topics related to: political writings, twentieth century, political theories, political views, political opinions

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