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  • A Biography Of Ralph Waldo Emerson
    369 words
    One of Americas most influential thinkers and authors was Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston on May 25, 1803. Emerson's dad died when he was only eight, which forced his mom to take in boarders to support the family's needs. When Emerson was only 14, he entered Harvard, where he ran became a sort of secretary for the president of the university. When he graduated Harvard, at age 18, he became a teacher. When he got tired or teaching, he enrolled in the Divinity School, i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: emerson's, minister, ralph waldo emerson, american scholar, emerson
  • Animals Are Equal Animal Farm
    737 words
    Power of Language in Animal Farm by George Orwell Animal Farm (1945) - satirical allegory of the Russian Revolution, particularly directed against Stalin's Russia. Led by the pigs, the Animals on Mr Jones's farm revolt against their human masters. Why by the pigs and not by any other more noble animals? By the power of their speeches pigs have convinced all the animals that they were the most intelligent, brilliant and that is why worth of being the leaders of the animal community. Pigs have man...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animals are equal, pigs, animal farm, orwell, george orwell
  • Apology Of Socrates Socrates Mentions Jury
    1,435 words
    The well-known Apology of Socrates is the stenography of philosophers defense at the final trial of 399 BC, which survived to our days in two different and independent copies, one of which was written and edited by his famous student and follower Plato, and another by his philosopher friend - Xenophon. Unfortunately these copies possess a certain portion of writers view points since there were no official court records made during the process. First of all, we must define the correct meaning of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: socrates, philosopher, jury, accusers, apology
  • Sylvia Plath Louise Erdrich
    773 words
    Compare and contrast the concept of grief and its implications in "The Red Convertible" by Louise Erdrich and "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath The two works I would like to discuss in this essay are "The Red Convertible" by Louise Erdrich and "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath. Grief is something that unites both pieces and is very strong emotional basis in them. Sylvia Path uses her poem Daddy to show her deep emotions towards here fathers life sufferings and death. She uses very passionate language to put all her...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grief, louise erdrich, lyman, red convertible, sylvia plath
  • William Shakespeare William Blake
    1,058 words
    Comparative analysis of poems by W. Blake and W. Shakespeare Someone has said that everything genial is very simple. However, some people would also argue that the more difficult the poem is, the more valuable it becomes to the reader. In their poems, both William Blake and William Shakespeare were able to unite simplicity of expressions and complication of symbols into two beautiful poems. These poems are rather different, if compared to each other, as are their composers. William Blake, an Eng...
    Free research essays on topics related to: second verse, william blake, william shakespeare, young man, winter
  • Apology Of Socrates Socrates Mentions Trial
    1,606 words
    Trail and Death of Socrates One of the most famous philosophers of our history Socrates had lived his last days in a pretty controversial way. He was accused for several faults that he was barely aware of. There was a trial, which raises a definite question of whether or not this trial, as well as its outcomes, was just. In order to answer this question in an appropriate way, we must turn our attention to the existing, probably the most reliable, information source that survived up till nowadays...
    Free research essays on topics related to: apology, accusers, socrates, philosopher, jury
  • Merriam Websters Collegiate Websters Collegiate Dictionary
    1,337 words
    There are not that many words in English that can, without any change in their grammar structure, be both a verb, a noun, several slang nouns, and a transitive verb (that is the one that derived from the noun). The verbal meaning of can came to our language from either Old High German kan (in modern German it is kann and has the same meaning as English can) or from Old English's cuban which meant to know more. If we think for a moment about the meaning of being able to do something as can prescr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: spoken language, point of view, usage, merriam websters collegiate, websters collegiate dictionary
  • Stopping By Woods Woods On A Snowy Evening
    859 words
    Robert Frost is a poet of genius because he could so often make his subtleties inextricable from an apparent availability. (Poirier p. x) Frost uses simple everyday subjects such as nature, man, and home to get his point across in his poetry. Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco California. His father, William Prescott Frost, was a journalist who worked for the Daily Evening Post in San Francisco. His mother, Isabelle Moodie Frost, came into the United State when she was 12 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: woods on a snowy evening, robert frost, bloom p, stopping by woods, lovely dark and deep
  • Poetic Devices True Meaning
    943 words
    Explication: Ballad of Birmingham In the poem Ballad of Birmingham, by Dudley Randall, many different things can be analyzed. The difference in the two translations; one being a literal translation, telling the true meaning of the poem, and the other being a thematic translation, which tells the authors theme and symbolism used in his / her work. Another thing that all poets have in common is the usage of poetic devices; such as similes, metaphors, and personification. Before translations and de...
    Free research essays on topics related to: translation, poetic devices, true meaning, rhyme, birmingham
  • Picture In Your Mind Temporary Insanity Poem
    319 words
    " Celebration of the lizard" by James Douglas Morrison is a helpless labyrinth of insanity. The poem is a murder that results in insanity. The speaker is the murderously insane madman. In this outrageous maze, the poet is running from his chaotic problems. In the first three stanzas, it starts out as a bad dream that eventually causes the speaker to drive himself to a temporary insanity. During his state of temporary insanity, he murders a man out of jealousy that he cannot control. Af...
    Free research essays on topics related to: morrison, mansion, insanity, temporary, temporary insanity
  • Duke Of Ferrara Daughter
    690 words
    Duke Of Ferrara: Characterization And Depiction (My Last Duke Of Ferrara: Characterization And Depiction (My Last Duchess) Sarah Conrad English 2413 14 February 2000 The Duke of Ferrara: Characterization and Depiction The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word officious during the 19 th century as eager to please; attentive, obliging. In the dramatic monologue, My Last Duchess by Robert Browning, this word describes a servant that is volunteering his service unnecessarily to the Duke of Ferr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: duke, daughter, duke of ferrara, ferrara, master
  • Iii Scene Iii Act Iii Scene
    848 words
    Task: ShowOthellos Language OTHELLO Task: Show how Othello's language reflects the change in the mood between the early part of the play (act I) and act III scene III (line 334, end, and the death scene). Intro: Othello is the story of an African general who falls in love with a rich Venetian nobleman? s Daughter, to wed her, but after a short while things aren? t all what they seem. When lieutenant Iago puts his foot in it and stirs up relationships to degenerate general Othello out of jealousy...
    Free research essays on topics related to: part of the play, iii scene iii, othello begins, iago , act iii scene
  • Eternal Life Main Character
    616 words
    Death has been portrayed in many ways in literature, from a dark mysterious stalker to a celebration of eternal life. Every person has their own view of death, which means that death has no boundaries as to what form it takes. Some of the more widely used views are as a feared being, a humorous clown, and as a continuance of life. In the short story Idiots First (1223) death is portrayed as an evil stalker, who tries to keep the main character Mendell from getting his son to a family member, to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: servant, main character, viewed, eternal life, eternal
  • Good Job First Glance
    492 words
    Jewish Art On many occasions art has the power to tell a story or even express how someone feels. The speaker on Jewish art was very interesting. She translates many Jewish stories and commandments while portraying it through art. Very few people can accomplish this but I thought she did a pretty good job of it. Her pieces once explained told great stories of Jewish history. One thing that I found very interesting was her idea of adding new rivals to the jewish religion through her art. Im glad ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first glance, pieces, reward, good job, odd
  • E E Cummings Feeling Is First
    483 words
    The uncountable love poems of e. e. cummings have reached the ears and hearts of many. ? since feeling is first, ? ? You and tired? and? somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond, ? all conclude that somewhere people really do love each other. The speaker in these poems loved the subject so much that he is ready to give up everything for her. A poem full of love, ? somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond, ? demonstrates the love a man has for a woman. The passage, ? (i do not know ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: feeling is first, cummings, understands, e e cummings, tired
  • Make Good Neighbors Back And Forth
    2,095 words
    My object in living is to unite My advocation and my vocation As my two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one, And the work is play for mortal stakes, Is the deed ever really done? Frost-? Two Tramps in Mud Time? For Robert Frost it seemed that the deed of writing and interpreting his poetry never ended. His technique included simple dialect and description, his imagery was physical yet hypothetical, and his method showed his opposing views of the universe. Frost said, ? The s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: make good neighbors, frost , back and forth, work, mending wall
  • Adam And Eve George Herbert
    942 words
    Faith can be interpreted in various ways. One may rely on fate to help them succeed in life and to help them find true love. Yet one may have faith in God and let that faith bring them success in life. In the Poems Bloody Men by Wendy Cope and Easter Wings by George Herbert, the difficulties as well as the rewards of faith are discussed. The poem Bloody Men by Wendy Cope speaks of faith through relationships. The poem is from a woman s point of view and discusses the difficulties and rewards of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bloody, haven t, george herbert, adam, adam and eve
  • Julius Caesar Fatal Flaw
    662 words
    A fatal flaw, is a trait of a character that is a weakness and leads the character to his downfall. The play Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, shows this concept of a fatal flaw. This play speaks about a militant general who gained power after winning many wars, and believed he could become emperor of the Roman republic. Roman Generals feared Caesar was becoming too popular among the Romans and Rome was bound to be his. They decided to take matters into their own hands, even if it m...
    Free research essays on topics related to: senate house, one example, didn t, julius caesar, fatal flaw
  • Bondage And My Freedom District Of Columbia
    1,069 words
    African-AmericanFrderick Douglass Kealan African-American History Mid-Term Paper Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in 1817, in Tuckahoe, Maryland. The exact date of his birth is not known, but he adopted February 14 th as his birthday. He knew very little about his mother because she worked as a field hand on a plantation a few miles away. Douglass did not know his father but it was rumored that he was the son of a white slave master. Douglass lived a difficult childhoo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frederick douglass, read and write, bondage and my freedom, district of columbia, douglass frederick
  • Read And Write Learned To Read
    1,653 words
    Frederick Douglass, an American Slave Many prominent figures have been directly linked to the issue of slavery, each contributing to it in one form or another. One name that stands out is Frederick Douglass, who became a very innovated leader for his people. Douglass was a leader to his people and knew the importance of freedom and the impact of an education, which can break all limits. Frederick Douglass was a fortunate individual who learned how to read which allowed him to become an inspiring...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wouldn t, learned to read, read and write, frederick douglass, ability to read

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