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Free research essays on topics related to: central europe

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  • Privatization - 2,101 words
    ... opriate techniques to use, whether in the wealthier countries of Latin America or the poorest countries of Africa. In this section our group briefly reviews recent privatization developments in each major region of the developing world, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America. International and International Privatization Group estimates. Latin America has led the developing world in terms of the pace of its privatization, although central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have recently begun to implement massive programs. In 1992, transactions in Latin America accounted for about one-third of the developing world's total, up from less than 10% in 1988. Latin A ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: privatization, eastern europe, land management, small businesses, purchase
  • Globalization Of Coke - 1,002 words
    Coca-Cola is a company that is known worldwide for its product. It is a drink that spans all ages, colors, races, and countries. The Coca-Cola Company is one that has been around for over 100 years, and has used this time to perfect its marketing strategy. The success of the company was built on many people with the great business knowledge and know-how to take a simply drink, and make it into a symbol that represents humanity. This paper will focus on not only the globalization of Coke, and Coke as a company, but also what advertising and media strategies have been used to help in the discourse of its globalization. The Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer, and di ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coke, globalization, houston texas, latin america, coca-cola
  • Yalta Conference - 1,438 words
    The Yalta Conference was one of the most important events in history, let alone, this century. It took place from February 4 to February 11, 1945, at Yalta, Crimea, a port/resort. The three main individuals at this meeting were Churchill of Great Britain, Roosevelt of the United States and Stalin of the U.S.S.R, known back then, and now known as Russia. Roosevelt had two primary goals at Yalta, and he secured them both, during the negotiations. One these key objectives was to involve Stalin in the war against Japan. The Americans had lost too many people since the battles fought with Australia against Japan were bloody ones. And, since it was not clear how to defeat the Japanese since they w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conference, yalta, yalta conference, american military, central europe
  • Rothschilds - 1,722 words
    The Vienna branch of the Rothschild banking consortium was established by Salomon Rothschild in 1815, after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. His brother Carl established the Naples branch only a few years after him. The biggest struggle that the Rothschilds faced during these early years was acceptance. Anti-Semitism kept them out of the elite social circles, necessary realms of connection making, and thus hindered business. This was especially felt in Vienna and Naples. Salomon wasnt even able to buy a home in Vienna until 1842, as there were laws forbidding Jews from owning property within the Imperial capital. Through his wealth alone was he able to receive an exemption from this rule. He ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: insurance company, european central, early years, surround, semitic
  • Conquerors - 1,867 words
    In this paper I am going to compare and contrast the lives of Hernando Cortes and Charlemagne. The common point I am going to prove in my paper is that they were both men who had other roles to play, besides conquering lands, but at the end of their time their most influential task was the expansion of their kingdoms for their respected regions, and they also defeated many strong empires to do so. Charlemagne or in Latin Carolus Magnus which means Charles the Great (Encarta, Charlemagne, 1) was king of the Franks and emperor of the Romans who led his Frankish armies to victory over many other peoples and nations. He mainly ruled most of western and central Europe. Charlemagne came from a ver ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: publishing company, central europe, king charles, marrying, conquest
  • Crusades - 938 words
    After the death of Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 814 and the following collapse of his empire, Christian Europe was under attack and on the defensive. The Magyars, nomadic people from Asia, ravaged eastern and central Europe until the 10th century. Around 800, several centuries of Viking raids disrupted life in northern Europe and even threatened Mediterranean cities. Nevertheless, the greatest threat came from the forces of Islam, very militant and victorious in the centuries following the death of their leader, Muhammad, in 632. By the eighth century Islamic forces had conquered North Africa, the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, and most of Spain. Islamic armies established bases ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crusades, first crusade, second crusade, central europe, different forms
  • Hitlers Rise To Power - 1,840 words
    Who or what was responsible for Hitlers rise to power? Many believe that there was only one factor for his rise to power. Some state that Hitler could not have risen to power in any other than Germany, implying that he was nothing more than a product of German culture. Others say that Hitler made himself dictator by means of his political genius. And yet still others claim that it was the weak democratic government of the Weimar Republic or Germanys social and economic scene in the 1930s that made the people restless and ready for a dictator to come to power. There was no sole cause for Hitlers rise to power. There were two. The political and economic chaos of the 1920s and the 1930s joined ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adolf hitler, weimar republic, internet sites, wilhelm friedrich hegel, inflation
  • How Napoleons Invasion Of Russia Led To His Downfall - 1,036 words
    How Napoleons Invasion of Russia Led To His Downfall Grayson Goldman European History Term Paper Napoleon Bonapartes invasion of Russia was a major factor in his downfall. In 1812, Napoleon, whose alliance with Alexander I had disintegrated, launched an invasion into Russia that ended in a disastrous retreat from Moscow. Thereafter, all of Europe, including his own allies, Austria and Prussia, united against him. Although he continued to fight, the odds he faced were impossible. In April 1814, Napoleons own marshals refused to continue the struggle and stepped down from their positions. During the actual Russian campaign, there were many key factors that greatly impacted his downfall. The la ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: downfall, invasion, russia, european history, term paper
  • The Middle Ages - 1,053 words
    ... began to experiment with Monasticism in the fourth, fifth and sixth centuries but not until 529, when Saint Benedict wrote a document called The Rule of the Master, were there any guidelines for monastic life. Benedict's "Rule" allowed for the admission of people with a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Benedictine monasticism suited the social conditions of medieval life and also provided social services such as medicine and education for the young. Monasticism gained favor from Gregory the Great[2], and later popes, and still later, the encouragement of Charlemagne. Benedictine monasticism was important because it became the principal preserver and teacher of classical and Christian ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle ages, middle eastern, european civilization, lecture notes, gregory
  • Great Depression - 1,562 words
    The Great Depression took place from 1930 to 1939. During this time the prices of stock fell 40%. 9,000 banks went out of business and 9 million savings accounts were wiped out. 86,000 businesses failed, and wages were decreased by an average of 60%. The unemployment rate went from 9% all the way to 25%, about 15 million jobless Economic Indicators of the Great Depression Indicator 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 (in millions) 2.0 1.6 4.3 8.0 12.1 12.8 production workers (constant $) $27.00 $28.55 $25.84 $22.62 $17.05 $17.71 financial difficulties 499 659 1,352 2,294 1,456 4,004 (in billions of $'s) $2.9 $3.1 $3.3 $3.6 $4.7 $4.6 (in billions of $'s) $5.8 $5.4 $4.0 $2.9 $2.3 $2.1 The end of Wor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic depression, great britain, great depression, world economic, economic indicators
  • Finland - 1,107 words
    ... he Tlnlahti Bay. Next to it is the new National Opera of Finland. The Temppelinaukion kirkko Church in Tl is the most popular sight in Helsinki. Helsinki is a maritime town. The busy Market Square with its fruit and flower stalls and white seagulls is right at the seaside. The Suomenlinna Fortress is only a short trip away and so is the Pihlajasaari recreation area, the beaches of which are very popular in summer. You can go to Korkeasaari, the Helsinki Zoo, either in summer by ferry or by car all-year. Seurasaari contains a large recreation area and a unique open-air museum. All the motorways in Finland start in Helsinki. Along the western coast runs the road called Jorvaksentie and ano ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: finland, metropolitan area, speed limit, health care, fishing
  • Cuban Missile Crisis - 1,808 words
    Nuclear destruction, when those two devastating and frightening words are brought up one thought comes to mind, The Cuban Missile Crisis. This was the closest the world has ever come to being blown apart by the people living on it. In April 1962, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev conceived the idea of placing intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBM) in Cuba. Placing IRBM in Cuba would double the Soviet strategic arsenal and provide a real deterrent to a potential U.S. attack against the Soviet Union or Cuba (Smith). In mid-July of 1962 the Soviet Union began its buildup of offensive weapons in Cuba. The fate of millions literally hinged upon the ability of two men, President John F. Kenne ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cuban, cuban missile, cuban missile crisis, missile, missile crisis
  • Summary British History - 1,484 words
    Britain is an Island and its history has been closely connected to the sea. The seas saved Britain from danger. Strong national sense have been developed by the sea. Britain has not always been an island. The ice age wasnt one cold period. Our first evidence of human life is a few stone tools, dating from 250.000 BC. Britain was hardly habitable until another milder period around 50.000 BC. During this period, a new type of human seemed to have arrived. They look similar to normal people, but they were smaller and had a life span of only thirty years. Around 10.000 BC Britain was peopled by groups of hunters, gatherers and fishers. Around 5.000 BC, Britain has become an island. The first pe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: british history, british society, summary, king edward, life expectancy
  • Nintendo In Hungary - 1,637 words
    Hungary is located in central Europe and it covers about 93,000 square kilometers. It is bounded to the north by Slovakia, to the east by Ukraine and Romania, to the south by Yugoslavia and Croatia, and to the west by Slovenia and Austria. Most of the eastern part of the country is flat, but the northwestern area has rolling hills and low mountains. Almost 55% of the land is suitable for cultivation, allowing the country to be nearly self-sufficient in food. The capital city is Budapest which lies on both sides of the Danube River. One-fifth of Hungarys population resides in this city. The climate is continental, with cold winters and warm, pleasant summers. There are four distinct seasons. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hungary, nintendo, belief system, roman catholic, languages
  • Bismark - 461 words
    Otto Von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815. He was born at Schonhausenin in the Old Mark of Bradenburg. There were three in his family, no mention of brothers or sisters. Ottos father was a Junker and his mother was the daughter of an influential civil servant. He studied law at Gottingen University at Hanover. Otto had only few tragedies in life. The most significant was that his mother, Wilhelmine, would give encouragement but showed no outward signs of love. He was married and had two sons and a daughter. After studying law, he spent a brief time in the civil service. Otto returned to the family estate for eight years where he gained a reputation as a hard-drinking womanizer. But he also ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: catholic church, queen victoria, supreme power, sisters, persuade
  • Ecomic Advances - 2,307 words
    ... and resulted g) under the threat of the King appointing new peers, the House of Lords passed the bill in April 1832 5- The Reform Bill of 1832 a) a very "English" voting system resulted b) you enjoyed the franchise if you resided in a borough and paid L 10 a year in rent c) or resided in the country and paid L 10 for a 60 year lease; or L 50 for a short lease d) if you owned land that could be rented for L 2 a year you voted e) the electorate of 500,000 was increased to 813,000 12% of adult males voted f) seats were redistributed: 56 boroughs were abolished; 30 were diminished; and 143 were given to the new industrial towns 6- While not truly sweeping, it was considered so by the Whigs a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: liberal party, labor unions, free trade, capitalistic, rome
  • A History Of Marine Science - 1,074 words
    The early history of marine science started about 11,000 years ago. Nomads began voyaging into east and central Europe, and across the plains of central Asia. They journeyed to the shores of northeastern Asia and crossed the Bering Sea into North America and South America. Most traveled on foot except for those who were talented in raft building or navigation. Any coastal culture with these talents had big economical advantages and greater access to food or supplies. But when European explorers set out to find the world, they were met by islanders at almost every chunk of land they found. The first evidence of voyaging comes from records of trade in the Mediterranean Sea. The Greeks started ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: early history, marine, columbia university, mediterranean sea, vikings
  • Cuban Crisis - 1,602 words
    ... te goal being that of continuation as a nation and lastly a species. Tossed in with these more innate, Darwinistic survival-based national interests were the more political ones on the parts of Kennedy and his team of advisors who realized concretely the need for rational political decision making that took into account the public good and wherein a consensus of the American and European communities would agree. In this regard, Kennedy critically and carefully analyzed not just the immediate situation at hand but the true reasons behind the situation and the total present and future implications of the Crisis. In short, Kennedy took into account all three goal ranges (short-, middle-, an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cuban, cuban missile, cuban missile crisis, missile crisis, united states
  • Jfk - 655 words
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th, 1917 and died on November the 22nd, 1963. He was the thirty-fifth President of the United States, and was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald as his limousine drove by the Texas School Book Depository building and through Dealey Plaza. He was in office from 1961-1963, he was the youngest man elected President, and the youngest to die in the office. Of Irish descent, he was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard University in 1940 and he entered the navy. In 1943, he became commander of a PT boat in the Pacific in World War II. In action off the Solomon Islands, his boat was sheared in two and sunk, and Kennedy ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: free choice, berlin wall, dallas texas, quarantine
  • Ortientations Introduction Of Its Moroccan Internet Portal - 1,801 words
    Orientation is dedicated to developing and connecting Internet communities in the cyberworld beyond North America and Western Europe, its aim is to help people explore this world thoroughly and easily. As we move into the 21st century, the Internet is going to change. What was once a very American phenomenon is finally living up to its name, The World Wide Web. In Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, The Middle East, The South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, the Internet is gaining tremendous momentum, and very soon the US market, though large and always of significance, will be eclipsed by the rest of the world, both in size, and rate of growth. However, the portal services that ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: internet access, internet service, internet users, moroccan, portal, using internet

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