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  • Gun Control In The United States: Pros And Cons - 2,443 words
    Gun Control in the United States: Pros and Cons Introduction Gun Control Situation in U.S. Pros of Gun Control Cons of Gun Control Conclusion Bibliography Introduction Perhaps with the one exception of abortion, gun control is the most controversial issue in American politics, and it appeals strongly to the emotions of those who support as well as those who oppose further regulation of firearms. Although people take many different positions on the issue, supporting some proposals for control and rejecting others, the more uncompromising on both sides tend to collapse pro- and anti- gun control categories into two. The pro- gun forces see themselves as the supporters of a vital constitutional ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gun control, united state, united states, guns, firearm
  • Kyoto Protocol part 1 - 3,537 words
    Kyoto Protocol According to the basic theory of microeconomics, mutually beneficial trades are possible with the presence of marginal abatement costs differences. In terms of the trades of pollution permits, the level of pollution remains the same as when it is regulated by law; but the amount spent on pollution control is lower. Thus, we say that the practice of tradable pollution permits increases efficiency. With the aim to protect the global commons of the earths atmosphere, the obligations established in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992 were strengthened in the Kyoto Protocol (1997). The protocol sets out legally binding greenhouse emission targets for industrialize ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greenhouse gases, global warming, climate change, kyoto protocol, emission
  • Letters And Memos - 1,255 words
    Letters and Memos MBA Admissions Board, Clark Business School, Northern State University, Duluth, Minnesota 55811. Dear Sir/Madam (but it is much better if you know and put their names), My name is [put you name here] and I am writing this letter to express my strong interest in Clark Business School and the desire to become a part of the student body of this university. My particular interest is in the editorial and journalism domain, which after obtaining my MBA at Clark Business School, NSU, I am planning to use in my familys editorial business. My strong interest in editorial business/journalism appeared in college, when I was an editor of my college newspaper. At that time I understood ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business school, clark, customer, employee, technical
  • European History - 1,275 words
    European History 1 The period of national renaissance in Medieval Europe is closely connected with the discovery of individual. Long-term historical changes contributed to rise of new individuals the individuals who were well brought-up and well educated. 1) Plenty of well-educated people created numerous preconditions to blossom of medieval culture. For example, William Caxton (1422-1491) was the first English book printer. He was the first who printed the whole library of national writers and poets as well as several French and Latin translations. The development of book-printing caused not only increase of quantity of readers. 2) The new atmosphere was partially caused by constantly incre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: european countries, european history, middle ages, economic growth, cultural development
  • Kerry James Marshall "our Town" part 2 - 3,302 words
    ... the sun. Garden Party, a four-minute DVD and corresponding painting, which is considered to be a fresh interpretation of the works of Impressionists, for example, Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party. Marshall substitutes the original characters with Asians, African Americans, and Hispanics, by means of this creating new socio-political focus. The Ladder of Success, an installation of colorful Plexiglass boxes. Each of these boxes lists a traditional western virtue (for example, punctuality and honesty) and demonstrates the principles of celebration of Kwanzaa preformed by the African-Americans. These principles included creativity and faith. Africa Restored, a three-part work, which s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: our town, marshall, the girl, kerry, painting
  • Always Running: La Vida Lca: Gang Days In L.a - 355 words
    Always Running: La Vida Lca: Gang Days in L.A by Luis Rdriguez Petry is a means f fcusing n mments that are drawn frm extended experiences t frm a brief, cncise, immediately cmmunicable feeling. Few achieve this as well as Luis J. Rdriguez, an East Ls Angeles pet, nvelist, and Chican activist. Rdriguez has gained his pwerful language frm his childhd in the barris f Ls Angeles, a twenty-eight year prisn sentence fr three cunts f attempted murder, time spent in the inner city f Chicag, a Navaj Reservatin, and then back t East Ls Angeles. His life has been ne f gang banger, drug abuse, theft, stabbings, shtings, hmelessness, and near-death experiences frm drug verdse. He has earned his scars: h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gang, angeles, luis, drug
  • The Cold War: Was There A Soviet Plan To Dominate The World? - 700 words
    The Cold War: Was there a Soviet Plan to Dominate the World? (1) In order to be able to positively answer the question about whether Soviet Union strived to dominate and even to conquer the world, one only needs to look at Soviet coat of arms, in which hammer and the sickle are crossed over the globe. Since the time when Soviet Union was founded in 1922, to the time when it collapsed, Soviet Constitution openly stated that USSR only temporarily consists of 15 republics and that it is only the matter of time, before all the countries in the world will become part of workers paradise. In fact, the solemn purpose of USSRs existence was to liberate world from capitalists. Nowadays, we often ass ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: soviet union, cold war, soviet, european countries, communist
  • Juan Domingo Peron part 2 - 3,031 words
    ... wishes found themselves in prison or in exile. Impeachment proceedings removed opposition from the Supreme Court. A malleable Senate and Chamber of Deputies soon gagged the few members who dared to criticize the presidency. Intervention in the provinces removed governors or legislators opposed to Peron. The universities and schools quickly lost their independence; students and faculty either acquiesced or Left Argentina. Radio stations and newspapers became government propaganda outlets. Secret police, concentration camps, political arrests and repeated states of siege became accepted components of the increasing centralization of the political power. By 1949 Peron could make significant ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: peron, working class, social reform, labor movement, regime
  • Overcoming The Odds - 1,478 words
    Overcoming the Odds There are a lot of people that have had bad childhood experiences and had to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to become famous and popular. In this paper, we will discuss Thomas Stonewall Jackson and Oprah Winfrey, since they both had to struggle for fame and popularity. Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born on January 21, 1824, in Clarksburg, Virginia. His education was at the U.S. Military Academy where he learned most of his knowledge he used in the Civil War. After his graduation, which was in 1846 from West Point he was drafted in the Mexican War, until he was allowed to leave in 1848. After he was in the Mexican War, he was an instructor at the Virginia Military Inst ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: oprah, jackson, stonewall jackson, civil war, new york
  • Role Of Race And Ethnicity In Risk Assessment And Health Disparity - 567 words
    Role of race and ethnicity in risk assessment and health disparity Race and ethnicity do have a strong role in health disparities say researches and that has been the commonly held view for many decades. This has been most obvious in the unequal distribution of disease associated alleles, for certain recessive disorders such as sickle-cell disease or Tay-sach disease. [1]. Reports say that black smokers are ten times more likely to develop helicobactor pylori infection--a cause of duodenal ulcers--than white smokers. This treats skin color as a variable but it is also the result of a number of other factors say new researchers. Not only, do race and ethnicity matter, but it is also largely a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: race and ethnicity, risk assessment, ethnicity, african american, health care
  • Animal Rights part 1 - 3,713 words
    Animal Rights From the earliest times men have been co-existing with animals. Their relationships had several stages of development. At the beginning, animals were food and clothes for men. Later, animals guarded people and were their helpers. It is evident that these changes have been depended on mans perception of the surrounding world together with the development of his consciousness. Nowadays, people take a lot of animals at home. Animals have become mans pets. Recently, psychologists have introduced the theory that pets are very good for us. The basic meaning of pet is an animal people keep for emotional rather than economic reasons. A pet animal is kept as a companion, and people all ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal rights, consciousness, pets, social classes, animal welfare
  • Cultural Diversity And Psychology Counselling - 2,411 words
    Cultural Diversity and Psychology Counselling Cultural diversity is one of the most important issues that contemporary psychology counselors have to face, since it means that they have to ensure that the methods used for client with one cultural background would be alike suitable for the client with completely different cultural background. Cultural diversity poses a number of problems for professional counselors, however the theories and methods they use do reflect the notion of cultural diversity and take it into consideration. Within the course of this research, we will elaborate on how cultural diversity has changed counselors methods of evaluation as well as how the notion of cultural d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: client, cultural diversity, counseling, behavior therapy, cognitive
  • Comments: - 2,466 words
    Comments: My original essays goal is to highlight my current business successes and explain the fact that I understand that my current knowledge is not enough for me to grow my company to the next level, and subsequently, I have highlighted some of the skills I felt lacking and hence lead to my rationale behind seeking an MBA course. I have then proceed to explain and justified why I think an MBA course will benefit me and at the end lead to the conclusion that USCs MBA course is in fact my best choice based on what they offer and what I need. Please try your best to stick to the above logics. The tone is not as assertive compared to my original essay. I was it to make a strong case that I k ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: skill, mba program, hong kong, future career, professional life
  • [course Title] - 2,448 words
    [Course Title] The Christian Faith - Justification The classical Christian insight is captured (but also obscured, as is the fate with all slogans) in the doctrine of "justification by faith." When a slogan ceases to illuminate and itself becomes a cause of confusion and darkness, it has outlived its usefulness. Possibly that is the case with "justification by faith," as significant theologians like Paul Tillich have argued. (Tillich 227) The theological presupposition of the notion of justification, inherited from Israel, is that the Lord God, the Creator of all, alone has the right to judge the creation, either to justify or to condemn. The exercise of this right would be an act that at on ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: justification, doctrine, christ, holy spirit, revised standard version
  • American Security - 2,625 words
    American Security Throughout the history, the issue of American national security was rather of geographical than political nature. Since the founding of United States, it persuaded isolationist foreign policies, being separated from the rest of the world by the great oceans. In a way, we can say that such approach was a correct one, on the part of American government back than. What gives us the right to say that is the fact that isolationist view of America is the natural one. It emphasizes the notion of Americans being a special nation, consisting of people who had left their native countries, because they never wanted anything to do with the way old European politics worked. These people ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, united state, united states, american foreign, american national
  • Credentialing Assignment - 674 words
    Credentialing Assignment ANCC, the American Nurses Credentialing Center, is the leading nursing credential organization. ANCC proposes a certification that opens to you a world of opportunities. ANCC certifications are available for advanced practice nurse practitioners (acute care, adult, adult psych/mental health, adv. Diabeted Mgmt, family, family psych/mental health, gerontological, pediatric), Clinical Nurse Specialists (adv. Diabetes Mgmt, Adult health (medical-surgical), adult psych/mental health, child/adolescent psych/mental health, gerontological, pediatric, public/community health), other advanced-level exams (i.e. advanced diabetes management-dietician, advanced diabetes manageme ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: certification, nurse, nursing, national organization, national commission
  • Legal Alchemy: The Use And Misuse Of Science And The Law - 2,433 words
    Legal Alchemy: The Use and Misuse of Science and the Law Introduction The present paper provides analysis of the book Legal Alchemy: The Use & Misuse of Science in the Law written by David Faigman. The authors text is a fast-paced and entertaining introduction to critical thinking, covering interpreting texts, supporting arguments, and an engaging guide to the scientific and non-scientific information on which the law-making in our world is often stipulated and premised. The paper explores David Faigmans review of the history of law and science and answers the question how it relates to the legal environment of business. Legal Alchemy: The Use and Misuse of Science in the Law In his Legal Al ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: supreme court, misuse, alchemy, legal environment, yellowstone national park
  • The Perfect Day - 417 words
    The Perfect Day The good thing about my vision of perfect day is that it is easily attainable, for as long as weather cooperates. I would get up at about 9 am and have a good breakfast. Then, I would call some of my friends and tell them that their squads suck and that I challenge them to contest. This would result in all of us getting together in the gravel pit, where we would ride our ATVs, until we get bored of it or until some of us break neck. After this, I would marinate some steaks for an hour or two and head out to the nearest lake, where I will be having a picnic with my buddies. I would let my friends to gather some firewood and to take care of preparing a meal, while I will be fis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: physical activity, lake, ride, jump
  • Examine The Theatrical Imagery In The Theories Of Erving Goffman & George Herbert Mead part 2 - 4,727 words
    ... Teams hold together because they feel a mutual dependence for one another (Goffman E. 1959 p.88). Team members create group cohesion. What one performer wants the other can provide and vice versa. So this a rules for teams, which Goffman marks: team form membership with one another; it is avoid to any member of the team to have a long stranding relationships with other members of the time; members of the team can be accepted straight away, as with work colleagues. Protection of a reputation is a main aspect of being in the team. (As it is shown in impression management). So being part of a team mean circumspect planning. The members need to have airtight play. For this each actor has to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mead, george herbert, goffman, spectator, team member

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