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Free research essays on topics related to: food industry

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  • Kfc In China - 1,683 words
    In 1986, Tony Wang was Vice President of the Southeast Asia division of KFC. He had an opportunity of bringing the world's largest chicken restaurant company into the world's largest populated country. Wang was an experienced entrepreneur and had been working for KFC for seven years. No other fast food companies were currently operating in the People's Republic, so Wang did not have anything to go by and nothing to help him evaluate the attractiveness of the Chinese market. The main downsides of operating in China were huge demand on managerial resources and the low prospects of significant hard currency repatriation. The first decision that Wang was faced with was where to open the location ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: china, people's republic of china, central government, municipal government, yuan
  • Motivation In Business - 1,008 words
    The growth of franchising in America and Europe since the 1970s[1-4] has led to this business form assuming increasing impor-tance in a number of academic debates, including the fields of law, marketing, organi-zation theory, services growth, etc. One of the most interesting issues here is the potential of franchising to provide self-employment opportunities. After all, not only are most franchisees small businesses, but so are most franchisors. For instance, in Britain, half of the franchise systems in existence in 1995 were less than five years old and 43 per cent had ten outlets or less[5]. Franchises are based, ideally, on a proven and tried-and-tested recipe for business success. The im ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business administration, business journal, business success, motivation, small business
  • Lance Inc 1995 Analysis - 1,692 words
    There are some trouble spots for Lance Inc., which is the bad news. The good news is that all of them can be fixed with some time and effort. Lance, once referred to as the largest snack food manufacturer in the U.S. bye Forbes saw some decreases in many areas of the company in fiscal year 1994. The company has shown might in the past. The might that is speak of is seen when looking at the competition that Lance goes to war with everyday in the supermarket and convenience stores. Lance puts its products up against the mighty conglomerates such as Frito-Lay owned by PepsiCo, Borden, Nabisco, and Eagle. Lance has long been a family oriented business, and remains that today. Lance has presented ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lance, food industry, advertising campaign, peanut butter, generating
  • Pollution And The Advance Of Technology - 1,180 words
    Technology is a major part of everyone's life. Everyday we encounter technology at home, school and at work. We use this technology to better our lives. But do we really? With the advancing of technology also comes the issue of polluting the world we live in. We take the automobile for granted, but as we use it, we contribute to the growing pollution problem. Now in the year 2000, car companies have recognized the pollution problem, and have advanced their own technology to help make a difference. For example, Honda has already produced and offered a gas/electric car to the consumer. In this paper I want to address how the advance in technology has actually helped to limit the pollution bein ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advance, pollution, pollution problem, new york, home school
  • Michigan - 1,286 words
    During the industrial revolution in the United States, tremendous economic prosperity resulted in social and political unrest. It seemed the rich were getting richer while the poor remained poor. The middle class was forged out of the industrial revolution but would be challenged at this time. Large influxes of immigrants would also create tensions among the social classes. Furthermore, textile, steel, railroad, and automobile industries were growing exponentially, employing thousands. The class struggles was a direct result of the division between labor and capital. Peoples social lives are a reflection of their work lives. The success of ones career is directly correlated with their social ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: michigan, federal trade, government intervention, federal government, intervention
  • Natco - 1,594 words
    NATCO is an acronym for the initial's National Confectionery Co. It is a very popular brand name in England, which tries to satisfy the needs of the Asian community it is often mistaken that NATCO is the name of the company; but this is not true. NATCO is only a brand name for an international trading company, a specialist in Indian foods, -T. Choitram & Sons. T. Choitram & sons is the largest chain of supermarkets in the U.A.E., a confectionery manufacturer, a wholesaler, a cash &carry operator, and the manufacturer and packer of more than 250 products marketed and distributed in the UK under the NATCO brand. Some of the other brands of the company are Papa - lentil and spices, Leone - tea, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marketing department, division of labor, quality control, manufacturing, discounting
  • Hospitality Industry Is Disperate By Nature - 1,171 words
    By nature, the state of existence for the hospitality industry is different in any perspective you choose to approach it. Since humanities first existence we have sought oppurtunities to travel, lodge, recreate, and enduldge in diversified food services. Without hindrance, these four industries were forced to become different in any way you approach them. Either historically or economically these industries have undergone many changes from the beginning of the hospitality industry to the present. The hospitality industry is made up of four subcomponent industries. The larger segment is travel and toursim, and the other two are lodging and food service operations. Today the authoritive World ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: food industry, hospitality, hospitality industry, hotel industry, service industry
  • Sensroy Evaluation - 1,542 words
    Sensory analysis is the measurement of consumer responses to sensory stimuli. It is used in grading, consumer preferences, quality assurance, shelf life testing, product development and research. The food industry probably has the greatest number of sensory analysts ranging from specialist wine, beer, and tea tasters to researchers investigating how consumers perceive flavors and textures. Sensory analysts also work in the cosmetics, toiletries and household care products industries. To understand why sensory evaluation is so important, it is vital to understand the role taste and smell play in the consumers' perception of a product. Taste (flavor) and smell (odor) can evoke complex psycholo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: evaluation, microsoft encarta, food technology, product launch, application
  • The Cambell Soup Company - 1,205 words
    The Campbell Soup Company has evolved into one of the strongest food companies on the market today. For the past two decades, the company has employed three different CEOs with three different strategies. In my analysis, I will show with each CEO and each new strategy, how Campbell has managed to turn its obstacles into opportunities and remain ahead of its competitors. George McGovern brought a corporate strategy that focused on satisfying the consumers' expectations, developing new products, maintaining high standards of quality, and expanding the business with an acquisition strategy. The main focus was to deliver what the consumer wanted in convenience food. The main desires were identif ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: campbell soup, food company, soup, changing times, financial objectives
  • Management Plan - 688 words
    Anah smith is leading Home Cookin with over 9 years of leadership and managerial experience in all different aspects of business. She has received her BS at the University of Evansville with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. She is currently involved with the Professional businesswomen of America. The General Manager is responsible for strategic issues, external relations, and overall corporate governance. They form the companys cash flows, balance sheets, and income statements. These figures show the companies profits and losses, and forecast the growth and success of the business. They will also ensure that the corporation continues to meet both the employees and the customers needs. When t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business & management, management, management plan, marketing plan, chinese restaurant
  • Urban Poverty - 1,695 words
    Poverty is defined as the deprivation with reference to socially accepted norms. Historically poverty has been a rural phenomenon. In the past cities for the most part housed societys elite whereas the poor were secluded to the rural areas. The industrial revolution saw a shift in this trend. People began to migrate to the great cities of the world in large numbers. Poverty that was once considered a rural phenomenon increasingly became an urban reality. Recent estimates reveal that by 2015, the poorest cities will house three-quarters of the world population. The poorest cities of the world lie in the developing world, in third world countries. African and Asian cities will continue to grow ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: poverty rate, urban, urban life, urban poverty, urban problems
  • Peanut Butter Allergies - 2,097 words
    One does not need to look far to witness a variety of contributions to our everyday lives from the talented scientists and researchers, past and present, at Proctor & Gamble (P&G). At least one P&G product can be found in virtually every home in the United States, and the Company's products are in 140 countries worldwide. P&G credits its success in product innovation to deeply understanding consumer needs and desires then bringing these to life through cutting-edge science and technology. Every day consumers purchase P&G products - from deodorants, shampoos, laundry detergents, cake mixes, coffee, and other food products. They take for granted that these products will be safe when used as in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: butter, peanut, peanut butter, development company, senior management
  • Hericlatuis - 943 words
    JUST as 130 nations were meeting in Montreal recently to forge the first global treaty regulating genetically modified crops, Frito-Lay Inc. was telling its farmers in the United States not to grow genetically engineered corn for use in Doritos chips and other snacks. The problem, the company said, was not a risk to health from the corn but a risk that consumers wouldn't want it. These two events reflect the unease with which genetically engineered foods have been received. Science has reached what might be the takeoff stage for a new green revolution. But it may instead go the way of nuclear power -- a once-promising technology largely rejected by society. The potential benefits of genetic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: developed countries, drug administration, food and drug administration, shareholders, dioxin
  • New Music - 1,111 words
    The music industry ripping off the kids! There was a time when music had integrity. Back when the gangsters and racketeers ruled the music business, the music had a real sense of integrity to it. That was back when gangsters knew of "this hot new band/artist" they had noticed in their buddy's club. Then, if they owned their own club, they book that band for gigs. Or maybe a relative of theirs was in a band, and that band had street credibility; all they needed was a break. The bands took pride in making a full album, a collection of songs reflecting their current state of affairs. Back then the people who ran the record companies were music fans. In the last ten years, however, a disturbing ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: music, music business, music industry, music video, entertainment industry
  • An Epic Future In Cold Pasteurization - 1,647 words
    An Epic Future in Cold Pasteurization The preservation of food is essential to maintain life and growth. Its daily intakes nourish our bodies, providing enzymes, in turn giving us energy. The ability of matter exerts radiation in its domain by means of energy in selected foods. Such rationale debates whether a development of technology creates an effective way to reduce the incidence of foodborne diseases, while treating a variety of potential problems in our food supply. An effective method of research in food irradiation illustrates substantial evidence in its safety, nutritional adequacy, and social-economic global effects. Irradiation is capable of improving the safety and quality of man ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: epic, future research, pasteurization, canadian medical association journal, food safety
  • Mcdonaldized Nation - 815 words
    McDonaldization is becoming the new wave of job types where workers are being deskilled, dehumanized and exploited. Machines are taking over tasks which the employees used to do such as bank machines (interact). The McDonaldized jobs now instead of making the employee do all the work they have the customer working too, for example when the customer cleans up after eating. These jobs are becoming less interactive and personal because workers are becoming dehumanized and only allowed to follow a script, there is also the fact that fast food Companys use drive through, where limited interaction occurs and are many restrictions. These types of jobs which the author George Ritzer labeled McJobs a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: food industry, social situations, main argument, relied, interaction
  • Pros And Cons Of Mcdonalds - 695 words
    ter> McDonalds: Welcome sign in the high street or a place to avoid? In this essay I will be discussing the pros and cons of fast foods. Now a day every body will recognize the golden arches of McDonalds, it is hard not to. McDonalds has restaurants everywhere, beside major roads and in almost every high street. Their commercials are on television at least once a day. They became popular within a couple of years. Teenagers especially like McDonalds because of the relaxed atmosphere, cheap prizes and the fact that all over the world you know what you are buying. In restaurants I find that the waiter there look at me and think that I might not be able to pay for the meal. With McDonalds I fin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cons, mcdonalds, pros, high street, golden arches
  • Significance Of Social And Economic Change In The Usa Between 1898-1921 - 2,647 words
    Sweeping social and economic reforms that occur in any country at any time are always very significant. In relation to the United States of America (USA) during the period of 1898-1921, it is even more so. This period of time saw remarkable changes occurring both inside the USA, and in relation to the USA and the outside world as it became a global force. After the Spanish-American War, led by President McKinley, American ideologies, basically ignorant, capitalist and isolationist at heart, seemed to shift and do a 180 degree turn. This can be said as being signified by the accession of the political dogma of Progressivism, advocated by the next President Theodore Roosevelt, who believed in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic change, social injustice, social justice, anti-trust laws, first world
  • Strategic Analysis Of Ben And Jerry's Homeade Inc. - 1,564 words
    ... stores, and restaurants nationwide and globally. Since retailers purchase ice cream products in large quantities, this gives buyers substantial leverage over price. In addition, there are many ice cream products to choose from, so the buyers cost of switching to competing brands is relatively low. In order to defend against this competitive force, a companys strategy must include strong product differentiation so that buyers are less able to switch over without incurring large costs. Suppliers The suppliers to the ice cream industry include dairy farmers, paper container manufacturers, and suppliers of various flavorings. Such suppliers are a moderate competitive force, given that the ic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: strategic, strategic analysis, strategic approach, swot analysis, jerry greenfield
  • The Fast Food Employee And Industry, Mcdonald's And Other Fast Food Giants Market Research - 1,719 words
    The fast food industry has always had one purpose in mind, to maximize profits. Similar to any other fast food restaurant, McDonalds takes this goal to heart and is doing quite well in attaining it. Essentially, any fast food restaurant uses the concept that food nourishes the society just as it sustains the individual to legitimize many of their practices. However, how do fast food restaurants succeed? How do they interact with the customers so that one chain out does its nearest competitor? The answer lies in the basic employee. He or she does the entire behind the scenes work in order to provide the customer with nourishment and establish a dining room away from home experience, while inc ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: employee, employee training, fast food, food chain, food industry, food restaurants, food supply

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