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  • D Germany Start The War
    427 words
    Germany has been looked upon as the initiators of WWI. However, if one looks at the facts leading up to the break-out of war, it is evident that Germany was not to blame. In any event, all the major countries helped start the war. They should share the blame. Germany was a rising nation, and by 1914, many countries were worried that it would become too powerful and start taking over Europe. Among these nations, Britain, a close country to Germany was becoming suspicious about their growing navy....
    Free research essays on topics related to: witness, austria hungary, cause of the war, holiday, austria
  • Was The War Of 1812 Pointless
    1,251 words
    The War of 1812 proved to be the most serious challenge to face the United States since the countrys birth. This Second war of Independence perhaps changed American history as we know it though. This essay will discuss the causes for this war assessing whether there actually were valid reasons for the United States and Britain going to war or whether the whole 1812 war was just born out of pointless aggression The war of 1812 was a very unnecessary war. It broke out just as one of its chief caus...
    Free research essays on topics related to: war of independence, war with britain, orders in council, war of 1812, cause of the war
  • Russia And Austria France And Russia
    1,889 words
    The importance of the alliance system that developed in Europe in the decades before World War I as a cause for it is still an important topic of debate and argument between modern historians. Some argue that the alliance system was a direct cause of the outbreak of war between all major countries in Europe while other historians prefer to state that the alliance configuration we observe before the war started was simply a symptom of the conflicts and disagreements, fears and envies that had bee...
    Free research essays on topics related to: france and russia, britain and germany, russia and austria, cause of the war, russia and france
  • Cause Of The War German Soldiers
    872 words
    Paul Baumer and his classmates had volunteered to enlist in the war or at least that what the story told. But that is not true, they were forced in to volunteer. Their school master Kantorek had filled their heads up with views of nationalism which glorified the war. Some students were even pressured by their parents to enlist. If they did not enlist it would be like turning their back on their country. The teachers and school masters thought going to war was the best thing a man could do for hi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: baumer, german soldiers, young soldiers, boot camp, cause of the war
  • School Of Thought Cause Of The War
    1,057 words
    What were the causes of the Civil War? Most people when asked this question would answer with single word slavery. While slavery was ultimately the cause of the war, many historians offer several different schools of thought regarding the causes of the war. The first school of thought is the Partisan school, which has slavery as the root cause of the war. This view when written by northerner s states that the South was wrong for seceding from the Union and that the North fought to preserve the U...
    Free research essays on topics related to: school of thought, civil war, institution of slavery, issue of slavery, cause of the war
  • North And South Cause Of The War
    721 words
    The Causes of the Civil War Boom! The sounds of cannons are roaring through the smoke filled sky. War has begun, the North and the South are clashing at each other and hundreds are being shot down by the minute. What has started all this commotion? The North are fighting to abolish slavery and to pass a law on high tariffs. The South on the other hand are fighting for slavery and to stop the high tariffs. Those were some amongst many causes of the war, the main reasons that caused them were econ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cause of the war, political factors, high tariffs, north and south, causes of the war
  • House Of Commons Cause Of The War
    921 words
    As Oliver Cromwell OLIVER CROMWELL As someone who stated watching the movie not knowing anything about the civil war the movie Oliver Cromwell came across as a good illustrator of the actual civil war. The movie made king Charles I come across as a king that was always committing unlawful acts, while looking out for himself and his people. Oliver Cromwell was portrayed as a strong leader not just for the common people but for England. After reading up on the facts of the civil war I realized the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cause of the war, oliver cromwell, watching the movie, civil war, house of commons

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