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Free research essays on topics related to: corpus callosum

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  • Hemisphere Of The Brain Area Of The Brain
    5,858 words
    ... s, we usually first remember by sight, then by sound, and last by the pronunciation of the word. There are many cell assembler in our body. Cell assemblers are basically many cells that are put together to preform a unified task, such as remembering. When cell assembly is developed, you can perceive an event, and you can also be able to perceive that really aren't there; such as when someone hallucinates something. When a child is growing up and maturing, the first three years or so are extr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hemisphere of the brain, rem sleep, corpus callosum, area of the brain, nerve cells
  • Hemisphere Of The Brain Homo Erectus
    1,433 words
    The ability of humans to learn and retain knowledge is an incredible power source and also a dominant characteristic of the human species. The intricate abilities of the mind allow for humans to learn skills and to have the power to control and dominate the world they live in by means of learned behavior. The two cerebral hemispheres of the left and right specialize in motor and sensory skills which specialize the social established beliefs and behaviors unique to humans. In writing The Social B...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corpus callosum, homo erectus, hemisphere of the brain, cerebral hemispheres, homo sapiens
  • Differences Between Men Boys And Girls
    1,408 words
    What are the differences between boys and girls? How different are they, and what causes the differences? How is gender identity developed and how does it affect childrens behavior and attitudes? Gender identity is the awareness of ones gender and all it implies (Human Development text , 286). Gender differences are explained as psychological or behavioral differences between both genders. There are many theories to how and why gender differences exist. Some people argue that circumcision at bir...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boys and girls, male and female, cerebral cortex, men and women, differences between men
  • Infantile Spasms Corpus Callosum Brain
    294 words
    Aicardi syndrome is a rare genetic disorder identified by the French Neurologist, Dr. Jean Aicardi in 1965. This syndrome is defined as a "rare disorder", meaning that there are less than 20, 000 cases worldwide. This syndrome is an X-linked dominant disorder that has been mainly observed in females and is presumed to be lethal in XY males. Aicardi syndrome is a congenital disorder characterized by infantile spasms (jerking), epileptic seizures, mental retardation, decreased muscle tone, and abn...
    Free research essays on topics related to: spasms, infantile, corpus callosum, callosum, syndrome
  • Corpus Callosum Split Brain
    1,354 words
    Our brains weigh about three pounds and are divided into two similar looking but functionally different hemisphere, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Both of which are connected by a large bundle of nerves called the corpus colloquy. In some people with severe seizure disorders such as epilepsy, it was found that if this bundle of nerves was severed their seizure would either cease or a the very least be better controlled. From this surgical procedure it was discovered that the two h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: left hemisphere, corpus callosum, procedure involves, surgical procedure, split brain
  • Side Of The Brain Corpus Callosum
    1,036 words
    ... e right ear, most visual-spatial functions are not exclusive to the right brain. A common one impaired by strokes is the ability to put things back together again -- to reassemble the parts of a disassembled flashlight or toaster. Right-side damage causes such "construction apraxias" only about twice as often as comparable left-brain damage. The chances are about the same that map-reading will be impaired. Dressing apraxias, a conceptual inability to match up sleeves with arms when getting d...
    Free research essays on topics related to: left brain, split brain, corpus callosum, left hand, side of the brain
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
    2,654 words
    ... s affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. The last number from South Africa is from recent work done by Phil May and colleagues. References England G, Perham-Hester KA, Gessner BD, Ingle D, Berner JE, Middaugh JP. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Alaska, 1977 through 1992: An administrative prevalence derived from multiple data sources. American Journal of Public Health. 1998. 88 (5): 781 - 786. Aberdeen IHS Area (1995) MMWR. vol 44 (#): 253 - 261. BDMP (1995): MMWR Vol. 44 (13): 249 - 253. Atlanta,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: physical features, corpus callosum, experimental research, prenatal alcohol exposure, fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Corpus Callosum Feminine Traits
    3,785 words
    Left and Right Brain The article in which I chose to examine is called Right Brain, Left Brain: Fact and Fiction, written by Jerry Levy. In the past fifteen years or so there has been a lot of talk of left brain and right brain people. Levy's reason for righting this article was clearly to stop the misconceptions and show the truth about how our brain hemispheres operate. Levy first explores the myth of the left brain and right brain theory. She states that generally people see the left hemisphe...
    Free research essays on topics related to: kate chopin, corpus callosum, left hemisphere, left brain, feminine traits
  • Side Of The Brain Corpus Callosum
    1,145 words
    Your brain has two sides. And each has a distinctly different way of looking at the world. Do you realize that in order for you to read this article, the two sides of your brain must do completely different things? The more we integrate those two sides, the more integrated we become as people. Integration not only increases our ability to solve problems more creatively, but to control physical maladies such as epilepsy and migrants, replace certain damaged brain functions and even learn to "...
    Free research essays on topics related to: side of the brain, left side, corpus callosum, left brain, brain activity
  • Part Of The Brain Parts Of The Brain
    1,891 words
    My research paper is about the anatomy of an optical illusion. Optical Illusions are relevant to aviation in that the main guidance system of most aircraft on most flights is the pilots eyes. Everyone, including pilots, is susceptible to an optical illusion. The hazards of optical illusions are many considering that at any time during the flight they can cause a healthy and experienced pilot to become confused, delusional and generally disoriented with obvious possible consequences. This is why ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corpus callosum, parts of the brain, brain stem, fully developed, part of the brain
  • Central Nervous System Corpus Callosum
    4,493 words
    Split-Brain Psychology A Paper by: David Norelid Imagine being asked to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb and not being able to remember the words but only being able to hum the tune, or knowing the full lyrics, but only being able to bellow out what most closely resembles the cry of an abandoned calf. You cannot sing and remember the words at the same time because your brain hemispheres have been severed from each other. Imagine trying to play the piano, while one hand wants to play Rachmaninov, and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corpus callosum, split brain, left hemisphere, spinal cord, central nervous system
  • Hemisphere Of The Brain Corpus Callosum
    383 words
    Chad Stein PS 101 Dr. Rom 1. Gazzaniga, M. S. One Brain or Two? Scientific American. 1967. Rpt. In Forty Studies That Changed Psychology. Ed. Roger R. Hock. Engewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1995. 2 - 11. 2. This article dealt with experiments that showed the different functions of the right and left hemisphere of the brain. It also described the functions of the left and right hemisphere. Your left brain is better at speaking, writing, mathematical calculations, and reading, and is the primary ce...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corpus callosum, hemisphere, hemisphere of the brain, functions, tasks

12 results found, view free essays on page:

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