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  • National Honors Society Ideal Of Leadership Team
    512 words
    This is the essay that got me into the National Honors Society and it was based on leadership skills. I took out some details and others can fill in the appropriate details "But of a good leader, who talks little: when his work is done, his arm fulfilled, they will say Our work is done. " -Lao Tse One of the standards of the National Honors Society is that of leadership. Members are expected not only to strive to improve their social environment, but act as a role model, and influence his or her...
    Free research essays on topics related to: editor, peers, teammates, season, newspaper
  • Group Of People Real War
    911 words
    In most wars, once a person is shot they are hurt, or even killed. These days people are experiencing war without getting hurt or killed. They do this by participating in the game of paintball. Anyone one young or old can wear armor, carry a gun, and fight a make believe war. The object of this game is to capture a flag from another group of people who are also armed with guns and armor. When the game begins there is no telling whats going to happen next. The players experience feelings of fear,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: flag, group of people, sniper, paintball, real war
  • One Of His Teammates Cow Manure Friend
    431 words
    I once knew a man who told me one of the funniest stories I had ever heard. He was a boy scout, and the troupe was on a camping trip when the incident happened. See, he was one of those guys who lacked common sense and this played a major role in this story. The episode all began when night fell on the camp. The guys were setting up to play a game called manhunt. This game was similar to hide and seek but was different in that there was a jail, and in order to capture someone, he or she had to b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jail, manure, hiding, teams, woods
  • Larry Bird Second Round
    1,378 words
    Jalen Rose is the starting forward for the Indiana Pacers and has a great chance of being named most improved player of the N. B. A. His coach and longtime legend Larry Bird said that he might just be the best player on his roster as of the 2000 season. Life was not always this great for Jalen and his childhood proves it. The first time I saw Jalen play was when I was watching a show on high school basketball players on ESPN. The way he played and involved his teammates made me like him ever sin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: larry bird, second round, michigan, season, high hopes
  • Reaction The Jackie Robinson Story
    963 words
    Upon viewing the film, The Jackie Robinson Story, one can only ask the question was it really like that? Was Jackie harassed and tormented by virtually everyone but a select few. This paper will discuss the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the film, and include ideas based on the whether or not the film accurately portrays Jackie's life story. I will not only discuss the events of his childhood but also his life as a grown individual. I should first start out by saying that in my opinion th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: great job, coach, black americans, jackie, jackie robinson
  • Israeli Prime Minister Moment Of Silence
    1,355 words
    As soon as Ilana Romana heard about the situation in Munich, she expected the worst: "I knew who he was. He would not sit quietly. He was not the type. I knew it would end badly. " She spoke of her husband, and, unfortunately, her prediction was correct. Earlier that day, her husband, Yossef, and his teammates were awoken by Arab terrorists beginning an episode that would result in the death of eleven Israeli athletes and forever scar the 1972 Olympics, leaving the games to be remembered for the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: police commissioner, moment of silence, olympic committee, olympic games, israeli prime minister
  • Major League Baseball Simon And Schuster
    1,135 words
    In 1947 Jackie Robinson was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers and was the first black to do so. Before that there were separate leagues. Segregation was a big issue and Jackie made it even bigger by calling for it to stop and letting every one have a chance to show their talent. He led the path for a less difficult life for blacks, but that path had hate, misery, and pain as obstacles and only a special person like Robinson could overcome those obstacles. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January...
    Free research essays on topics related to: major league baseball, jackie robinson, simon and schuster, brooklyn dodgers, black athletes
  • Amount Of Time Time Spent
    1,184 words
    Whether it occurs in the home, at work, or many other places, human beings maintain relationships everywhere they go. People have different types of relationships. A person keeps a relationship with their mother, pastor, friend, and boss, but those relationships are all different. There are many different elements to analyze when discussing a relationship. Many factors are involved, such as amount of time spent, amount of intimacy, types of activities participated in, and dependability of the re...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amount of time, intimacy, time spent, family relationship, one family
  • Part Of The Game Deviant Behavior
    950 words
    Nature always has a way of balancing itself out, and in my opinion, deviant behavior is no exception. For every report we read about how playing in a sports program has kept someone off the streets and out of a life of crime, we come across another about excessive violence or drug use by an athlete. Sports definitely discourage off the field problems, but they also bring about a whole new set of on the field problems. Playing sports brings out the competitive sides of many athletes. To most athl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: deviant behavior, violent behavior, peer pressure, performance enhancing, part of the game
  • Major League Baseball Jackie Robinson
    1,193 words
    Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Barrier It's April 15, 1947 opening day at Ebbets Field, Brooklyn. Many people have turned out to see one man, the first black person to ever play in major league baseball. He is setting new standards for all blacks now and those to come. His name is Jack Roosevelt Robinson. We all wish him well and hope he can surmount the racial differences. At this time it was unheard of to have a black person treated equally to a white person, more the less it was highly u...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jackie robinson, branch rickey, major league baseball, brooklyn dodgers, negro leagues
  • Points Every Time Game Is Called Team
    1,038 words
    ... e safe. When playing paintball, never take off your masks. If you take off your mask, you are automatically disqualified from the game. A paintball mask is made of soft foam padding, rubber and plastic. It covers from forehead all the way down to the neck. There is a goggle system built into the mask that will not break if you get hit in the face. Although, you should never shoot within 10 feet of someone. If someone yells, "hit", do not continue to shoot at him or her. If you are hit, be a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: spy, flag, player, eliminated, paintball
  • True Sport Of Men Sport Of Men Football
    615 words
    Rugby and Football The thick, broad-shouldered athlete breathes heavily and grunts with each step as he and his teammates push mightily against the opposition. His arms are locked over his teammates shoulders, all of their heads down. The two teams are pushing against each other like two moose fighting over territory. He looks down to see the ball, sitting just in front of his feet. If he could just hook it with his foot and heave it to his teammate behind him This is what every player in a scru...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ball, football, sport, wear, rugby
  • Eating Disorders Disordered Eating
    2,128 words
    I sit here writing, with my heart the heaviest that it? s been in a very long time. A million emotions plummet through my body, yet I know nothing of the struggle of a eating disorder. And it seems the more I try to understand, the less I know and the less I understand. I played college volleyball for two years for Florida A&# 038; M University. Those two years I lost and gain 45 pounds. I now sit and reminisce. I saw my teammates going thought rigorous diets and fads. I think about similar frie...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eating disorders, binge eating, athletic performance, disordered eating, female athletes
  • Searches And Seizures Anabolic Steroids
    1,667 words
    From workplace to school, from professional sports to the armed forces, the advent of drug-testing procedures has stirred debate and controversy. The issue of drug testing in athletics seems to be the most prevalent debate. An incident that really brought drug testing into the spotlight is the track and field event in the 1988 Summer World Olympic Games. The two competitors in the limelight were Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson, both excellent and very emulating runners who have beaten each other in p...
    Free research essays on topics related to: unfair advantage, illegal drugs, searches and seizures, anabolic steroids, drug testing
  • Join Gangs Watch Tv
    623 words
    Driving past a local high school, one can not help notice the hundreds of students participating in after school activities. From the football team practicing drills on the field to the cross country runners jogging around the school. All of these students have something in common. They have all volunteered their valuable time to participate in high school athletics. Students play sports for many different reasons. Some hope that their college education will be paid for by scholarships, while ot...
    Free research essays on topics related to: watch tv, play sports, join gangs, athletes, participate
  • Decision Making Group Dynamics
    898 words
    The Development and Sustainability of Group Cohesion It is important to realize that in all aspects of life, especially the workplace, a person needs to encompass the dualities of professionalism and emotionalism in order to be a successful leader and promote group cohesiveness. Due to the relative traditionalism associated with the application of professionalism, this essay will deal mostly with the recent addition of emotionalism as an important factor in determining the type of leadership sty...
    Free research essays on topics related to: inter group, group members, group dynamics, decision making, cohesiveness
  • Major League Baseball Jackie Robinson
    1,039 words
    Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Barrier April 15, 1946 was an important event in not only baseball history but also in the history of America. Thousands of baseball fans crowded into Ebbits Field to see one man, the first black ever to play in Major League Baseball, and one man who would eventually put an end to segregation in baseball. That one man s name is Jack Roosevelt Robinson, otherwise known as Jackie Robinson. His struggle to break the color barrier helped set the standards for futu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jackie robinson, major league baseball, negro leagues, racial slurs, brooklyn dodgers
  • Day To Day Mass Communication
    726 words
    Mass Communication, Propaganda, And Persuasionthe Controlling Of Mass Communication, Propaganda, And Persuasionthe Controlling Of America Mass Communication 1 Mass Communication, Propaganda, and Persuasion The Controlling of America Brian S Isaacs Social Psychology 271 Professor Sanchez April 24, 2000 Mass Communication 2 When we consider the advantage of technological advances that we currently have in our society. Cell phones, computers with Internet capability, thousands of channels of televi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: day to day, persuasion, one person, social psychology, mass communication
  • John Rocker Sports Illustrated
    785 words
    Racism and Rocker The controversy started when John Rocker, the relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves baseball team, told a reporter from Sports Illustrated magazine just how he felt about New York Mets fans. When asked if he would ever play for the New York Mets, Rocker told the reporter that he would retire first. He also added, Imagine having to take the number 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you re riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS rig...
    Free research essays on topics related to: comments, racist, john rocker, rocker, sports illustrated
  • Participating In Athletics Participation In Athletics World
    351 words
    PERSONAL ESSAY Participating in athletics gives me an edge. As an athlete, I have learned to interact with many different types of people, work together, and win. Striving for excellence teaches you about your capabilities and how, with practice they can expand. Athletics is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Participating in athletics has offered me many opportunities to make friends, assume a leadership role, and take on responsibilities. Playing sports with a variety of personalitie...
    Free research essays on topics related to: accomplish, participation, athletics, responsibilities, athlete

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