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  • Textile Mills In The South
    2,738 words
    Why did the textile workers union in the southern United States spread so rapidly? The textile industry was, at one time, one of the largest industries in the south. Starting in the late 1800 s with small local looms and spreading to become corporations controlling the south and whose influence stretched internationally. One of the souths first textile corporations originated in Gaston County, North Carolina, and its huge success led to the opening of mills across the Carolinas and Virginia. As ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: textile industry, mill owners, turn of the century, north carolina, one of the reasons
  • Textile Mills In The South
    2,754 words
    ... ted the TWUA was forced into submission by tricky lawmakers, the strike was ended with none of the original resolutions met (Hall 214). Soon afterward, another violent strike broke out in Gaston County North Carolina. Gaston County epitomized the phenomenal wartime growth of the southern textile industry, as well as its postwar instability (Hall 214). This was the most violent and well known strike in the history of the textile workers battle. The strike ended with the police chief dead, a l...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mill owners, university of north carolina, chapel hill, minimum wage, textile industry
  • Sir Henry North Carolina
    1,558 words
    ... pine woods. Out of approximately 3000 Americans engaged, only about 700 escaped. Immediately afterward Cornwallis sent his favorite cavalry officer, Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton, to deal with Thomas Sumter's little army of 1000. Tarleton dealt in spades; he caught Sumter literally napping on Fishing Creek, and destroyed or scattered his entire force. With all effective resistance crushed, Cornwallis began a rather leisurely invasion of North Carolina late in September, establishing a base of o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brigadier general, sir henry, american army, south carolina, north carolina
  • Sociological Perspective Lecture Notes
    1,645 words
    On October 27, 1994, Susan Smith watched her burgundy Mazda Protege roll into the watery depths of John D. Long Lake carrying her two sons, Michael, 3, and his 14 -month-old brother, Alexander Henderson and Fields 1995). One can only wonder what could have caused a mother to intentionally murder her two beautiful baby boys. The motive seemed to be that Susan Smiths wealthy boyfriend did not want the children. She also stated in her handwritten confession that she knew he would never love her (Sm...
    Free research essays on topics related to: psychoanalytic theory, susan smith, negative reinforcement, lecture notes, sociological perspective
  • Coastal Plains North Carolina
    860 words
    The coastal plains of North Carolina is characterized by flat land, wide rivers, beautiful and diverse ecology and rich agricultural soils, however many environmental pollutants are defiling this fragile ecosystem. There are several factors that are associated with the destruction of the coastal plains ecosystem, but there is one factor that stands out more than all the others. The major source of pollution that is threatening eastern North Carolina's ecosystems is industrial swine farming. Swin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: waste products, twenty four, north carolina, coastal plains, waste
  • North Carolina Head Start
    627 words
    In Georgia, there is a program going on that helps out the student immensely. The Georgia State Lottery is used as a device to send hard-working students to college for free. Since the start of the lottery, over 488, 00 kids have gone to college on the HOPE scholarship due to the lottery (Message from the President 1). Also, the lottery helps pay for pre-kindergarten facilities and programs, as well as computer and technology upgrades for their high schools through the HOPE foundation. North Car...
    Free research essays on topics related to: school performance, lottery, head start, georgia, north carolina
  • Mother Or Father Men And Women
    1,235 words
    "It is not a surprise to see that prisoners all have a low education level. I guess a more educated person has enough sense not to be involved with crime... the relationship between crime and education is easy to see when viewing these facts" (Cordes 1). This is the view of most people when asked why people are in prison. People simply say that criminals were ill educated. As hard as we may try, we cannot do a lot about what happens before they enter prison, but there are many programs inside pr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: educational programs, men and women, sing sing, mother or father, north carolina
  • Colonial Era Civil Liberties
    1,148 words
    Movie Review The colonial history of North Carolina is filled with numerous outbreaks of violence, due to independent spirit of people who lived in this part of America at the time. This is because it was much harder for colonial administration to maintain their authority there then anywhere else, since the area was scarcely populated, with lack of reliable means of communication and only a few roads. (1) The Battle of Alamance many consider as a prelude to American War for Independence, which b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civil liberties, chapel hill, colonial era, orange county, north carolina
  • Second Degree Murder Criminal Justice System
    4,294 words
    Whenever the word death penalty comes up, extremists from both sides of the spectrum begin to wildly express their opinions. One side says deterrence, the other side says theres a potential of executing an innocent man. One says justice, retribution, and punishment, the other side says execution is murder. However, all arguments aside, the best way and the only way to truly make a rational decision about capital punishment is to examine the purpose of our criminal justice system. Once the purpos...
    Free research essays on topics related to: criminal justice system, death penalty, supreme court ruled, second degree murder, first degree murder
  • American Civil War Confederate Army
    2,442 words
    Civil War END OF A TRAGEDY THE ROAD TO APPOMATTOX The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the events surrounding then of the American Civil War. This war was a war of epic proportion. Never before and not since have so many Americans died in battle. The American Civil War was truly tragic in terms of human life. In this document, I will speak mainly around those involved on the battlefield inthe closing days of the conflict. Also, reference will be made to the leading men behind the Union and...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american civil war, william t, confederate army, federal forces, president lincoln
  • World Health Organization Unwanted Pregnancies
    1,485 words
    Why Sex Education Should Be Taught In Schools Most America teenagers are sexually active and think nothing could ever happen to them. But, many of them are misinformed about the risks that are involved in sex. Teens also dont always know the best ways to protect themselves and their partners from becoming pregnant or getting STDs. Alan Harris said, the more educated someone is the more likely they are to make responsible and informed choice for their behaviors. Sex education given by teachers at...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sexually active, unwanted pregnancies, world health organization, sex education, sexual intercourse
  • Dale Earnhardt Enterprises Dale Earnhardt Daytona
    806 words
    Dale Earnhardt, Sr. died as he lived. Always known as a competitor who brought the best out in everyone around him, he died trying to bring the best out in one of his drivers, Michael Waltrip. Dale knew that several cars had the ability to win the Daytona 500, and he was determined to make sure that those cars had to get by him in order to reach Waltrip, the eventual winner. His final lap crash occurred as he was running interference for Waltrip and his son, Dale Junior, who finished second. Kno...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dale, north carolina, nascar, daytona, fans
  • Reading The Book North Carolina
    634 words
    On Saturday October 14, 2000, the North Carolina Shakespeare festival put on a performance of Hamlet. This show, which was performed at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina, was directed by, who also directed. did a really good job at playing Hamlet, which is a very hard role to act for any actor. Hamlet was produced by the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, which is a group of actors that travel around NC and the South, running productions of Shakespeare's many plays. The North Caro...
    Free research essays on topics related to: swear, carolina, north carolina, festival, reading the book
  • African American Community First African American
    700 words
    Hiram Revels Hiram Rhoades Revels was born a free man of African American and Indian descent in a slave state and became the first African American member of Congress. In the process, Revels ministered to the spiritual needs and expanded opportunities for education for the African American community. He began his life in North Carolina. Hiram Revels was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1822, but an exact birthplace has not been identified. He was born of mixed African and Croatian Indian ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: north carolina, first african american, african americans, african american community, civil war
  • Violent Criminals Prison Overcrowding
    948 words
    Every House Arrest House Arrest Every year, state and federal prisons are filled to capacity with nonviolent criminals. This puts pressure on parole boards to release criminals who under normal circumstances would not be released due to the nature of their crimes. Each States Department of Corrections has to spend more of taxpayers money each year for prison maintenance, correctional officers and prison healthcare. The problem of prison over population can easily be put under control with the im...
    Free research essays on topics related to: correctional officers, prison overcrowding, violent criminals, violent crime, house arrest
  • Bureau Of Indian Affairs North Carolina
    2,061 words
    Fight for Recognition It is hard to believe now that the plain and forthright flatland's of Robeson County could have hidden an entire people for generations. Most every part of North Carolina used to be tobacco country. But many, perhaps most, of the tobacco fields are abandoned now. The generation that has gone off to work the assembly lines in the Converse plant down at Lumberton, at Kelly-Springfield in Fayetteville, or at Campbell Soup over in Martin hardly even remembers the grueling work ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: north carolina, recognition, county, carolina, bureau of indian affairs
  • Gross Profit Brewing Industry
    3,522 words
    Micro-Brewery Business Plan Business Plan Table of Contents Company Description Industry Analysis Products &# 038; Related Services The Target Market Marketing Plan &# 038; Sales Strategy Operations Management &# 038; Organization Long-Term Development &# 038; Exit Plan Financial Data &# 038; Projections Company Description The B k Ale House and Brewery, an Atlantic Beach based pub and microbrewery (Brewpub) will operate as a single unit, medium-size alehouse, serving fine, hand crafted, high qu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: square foot, north carolina, gross profit, brewing industry, vice president
  • Points Per Game University Of North Carolina
    1,282 words
    A The Early Years of the Great One Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. When he was still very young, Michael and his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. Michael is the seconds youngest of five children. He has two older brothers, Ronnie and Larry, an older sister named Delores, and a younger sister, Roslyn. Michaels Dad, James, worked at an electric plant, and his mother, Deloris, worked at a bank. The Jordan family lived in a two-story house in W...
    Free research essays on topics related to: points per game, university of north carolina, rookie of the year, michael , chicago bulls
  • U S Steel Quot Quot
    2,685 words
    " Political Poet" An Essay On John Beecher By" Political Poet" An Essay On John Beecher By Frank Adams Frank Adams Reprinted from Southern Exposure (1981) His name was suggestive: even so a superficial reading of his poetry proves conclusive: John Beecher was a radical poet, perhaps Americas most persistent for 50 years, the heir of an Abolitionist tradition and proponent of the dispossessed seizing power. His most enduring lyrics are about the downtrodden's fight for economi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: quot quot, u s steel, tenant farmers, poet quot, land quot
  • North Carolina Population Increase
    592 words
    The colony of North Carolina faced problems unique to itself preceding the Revolution. The colony had a general low diversity in its population, with most citizens being farmers. It suffered from internal unrest just before the American Revolution as a result of the War of Regulation (1768 - 1771). Also contributing to civil dismay within the colony was the large population of Tories, which later led to an overwhelming sense of anti-federalism within the colony. These factors contribute to a col...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american revolution, population increase, carolina, colony, north carolina

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