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A SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP Organizational Culture has a significant impact in the endeavor of all companies and from the implementation of the strategy to the acceptance of new processes. (Miller, 2003) It has an influence in the ability of risk managers in forming partnerships with businesses and their participation in the enhancement of business strategy. It is essential that a company assess the culture of their organization. Organizational culture usually refers to the things done inside a company. It is made up of the values, basic assumptions, beliefs and modes of working that each member of the organization shares. (Miller, 2003: 3) Culture usually tends to be felt inside the organization yet it remains invisible. Though it is obvious that it differs in their look and feel, the nature of these differences always remains elusive and difficult to define.

An example of a company that had a successful partnership is that of Nextel, based in Reston, Virginia. It is to a degree, a rags-to-riches story. Initially it started as a small regional communications company in a time that was dominated by larger more established companies. Its biggest advantage at the time was having a direct connect technology; a feature that large companies were either unable or unwilling to offer. This company continues to grow in popularity as it increases its cell phone coverage. It offers a variety of options with its unlimited connection technology.

Nextel Communications provides a suite of advanced wireless services that includes digital wireless mobile telephone service, walkie-talkie features, including its Nextel Direct Connect, Nextel Nationwide Direct Connect, and Nextel International Direct Connect walkie-talkie features; and wireless data transmission services. The mobile telephone services consist of advanced digital features, such as speakerphones, additional line service, conference calling, voice-activated dialing for hands-free operation, a voice recorder for calls and memos, advanced phonebook, and date book tools. Its data services include email, mobile messaging, location-based, Nextel Online, and Multimedia Messaging services that enable its subscribers to exchange images and audio memos. As of December 31, 2004, the company provided service to approximately 16. 2 million subscribers. The company was founded in 1987 under the name Fleet Call, Inc. and changed its name to Nextel Communications, Inc.

in 1993. {NEXTEL web To maximize the exposure of advertising and promotions and eventually increase the per capital spending from its customers, NEXTEL pursues a fully integrated marketing strategy that includes sponsorships, advertising, promotion, licensing and individual consumer initiatives. Utilization of a centralized corporate marketing structure complemented by strong facility resources is believed to enhance the marketing value as well as its marketing partners. As such, it will develop and execute consumer-marketing programs. In 2003, over 100 of their corporate marketing partners capitalized on multi-track positions, and executed a series of promotions targeting customers in multiple markets through e-mail offers, consumer sweepstakes, retail sales programs and other direct marketing campaigns.

NEXTEL considered the vitality of building a strong, long-lasting relationships with their corporate marketing partners, and of working closely with their sponsors to understand their needs and to help them achieve their goals, whether it is increased business with consumers or with other corporate partners. For them, sponsor satisfaction allows them to expand relationships and this results in high retention rates with their corporate partners. (Business Strengths). To support its overall marketing strategy, Nextel Communications Inc (NASDAQ: NXTL) has selected SAS (R) Marketing Automation and SAS (R) Marketing Optimization to enable Nextel to better address the needs of its customers by providing them with timely, targeted information about Nextel's products. They plan to do this by the use of SAS software solutions. SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence. SAS is the only vendor that completely integrates leading data warehousing, analytics and traditional BI applications to create intelligence from massive amounts of data.

For nearly three decades, SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know (R). {Business Wire, April 19, 2005 As part of its marketing strategy, Air Link and Nextel form Strategic joint Marketing and Technology Partnership. The Air Link Raven and PinPoint modems are the first products available as part of a larger partnership agreement between the companies to co-market wireless data solutions for various fixed and mobile applications. These solutions will be targeted across industry segments including transportation, distribution, public safety, utilities, infrastructure and telecommunications. {Business Wire June 6, 2005). Nextel 2004 Record Results show that Nextel had strong financial results for 2004, including a 24 percent increase in revenue over last year to $ 13. 4 billion and a 22 percent increase over the prior year in operating income before depreciation and amortization to $ 5. 1 billion. Nextel added 2. 9 million total subscribers, including 2. 2 million Nextel subscribers, and 755, 000 subscribers of Boost Mobile branded service during 2004 and the company reported churn to be 1. 6 percent for year-end. (Nextel Quarterly Update 2 / 17 / 05). According to news from CFO: Nextel will meet or beat 2005 forecast.

Nextel Communications Inc. is said to expect to meet or exceed its financial forecast for 2005 When (NASDAQ: NXTL) company reported its 2004 earnings on Feb. 17, its forecast for 2005 included: Capital expenditures of $ 2. 6 billion; Free cash flow of $ 2 billion; Subscriber additions of 2. 9 million; Adjusted earnings per share of $ 1. 75. Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call reported a consensus estimate for 2005 earnings of $ 1. 76 a share. The Business Journal reported June 1 that Overland Park-based Sprint Corp. (NYSE: FON) shareholders will vote on the proposed $ 35 billion merger with Nextel later this month or in early July. Sprint ranks No. 1 on The Business Journal's list of area public companies (CFO: Nextel will meet or beat 2005 forecast). The major plan of merging the two companies: Sprint and Nextel is forecasted to be the most profitable wireless carrier according to Standard & Poor's Equity Research. "We believe Sprint-Nextel will be one of the fastest-growing and most profitable wireless carriers in the U.

S. market, " the research firm reasoned. The merger is expected to be finalized later this year. S&P Equity Research added that "the post-merger spin-off of Sprint's local telephone business should be favorable for shareholders. " {Sprint-Nextel To Be 'Most-Profitable' Wireless Carrier} Nextel is widely recognized for its commitment to its customers. Its overall finance marketing strategy has proven to strengthen its customer service and product value. Its management initiatives can be linked to target segmentation, campaign planning and execution, result tracking and analysis.

Offering a different package of wireless services, focusing on business customers, building robust wireless systems and operating in mid -size and smaller markets are just few of Nextel proven lifestyle finance marketing. There are a number of approaches being studied and evaluated in the development of a mechanistic model to management. Managing workers or labor at the factories to managing managers, professionals, and clerical personnel were treated in business organizations as partnerships and so such business organizations, through their top management, gained their loyalty from the workers or laborers. When the computer era came about, the concept of management science became a popular approach of modern science and technology. It viewed white collar workers as cogs in the machine, no longer as part of the family (Wallace, 1998).

Business ran on the basis of impersonal, objective, rational, and, above all, quantified measures using wrong and downright dysfunctional assumptions such as the false assumption that viewed the world as mathematically linear and hence predictable not discounting the fact that the social, economic, and political environment of business, government, and the whole economy is turbulent (Wallace, 1998). It is, therefore, mathematically non-linear, and the world has the tendency to react to change, no matter how big or small the change is nor how certain or uncertain outcomes of situations could be. Upon realizing that the world, indeed, had the tendency to operate in turbulent conditions, businesses were exposed to a number of shocking situations. More often than not, this hurt their financial standing and disrupted their business operations. Hence, in 1980 s, businesses that invested time and resources for planning using sophisticated computer models wanted to operate such models to predict the future.

But when major shocks came about in 1974, when oil price increased at 600 percent, or in 1979 when oil prices doubled again, these triggered the realization that no business could predict what the future may bring. As new technologies emerged, competition among and between industries became stiffer. More shocking sights and situations were experienced. The surge in the Internet after 1992 became a focal point for businesses to come up with modern econometric methods of planning and forecasting costs and investments carefully. The computers became the vehicle to come up with a system of planning out for the eventualities that may affect the businesses. The management tended to build gigantic planning bureaucracies based on forecasting, planning, command, and control (Wallace, 1998), thus, forecasting, so as to plan the future, planning to meet that future by putting plans into effect and monitoring compliance to those commands with an elaborate management hierarchy armed with an array of controls (Wallace, 1998).

Business partnerships came about after management science was unable to address the sudden surprises or shifts in direction that are normal to life, business, and economics (Wallace, 1998). It is expected that as management of businesses continues to evolve, there would emerge more organic postmodern business developments. Like for instance, the command and control in business management can be deployed not in a top-down command model but by increasingly giving away to self managed teams (Wallace, 1998). Operations management emerges to be a dynamic concept that seeks to improve businesses approaches in copping up with the changing demands of time, be they surprising, shocking or business threatening situations. Creative approaches, scientific and technology-based studies continue to evolve that constantly watch out for what the future developments they would bring. The concepts of interdisciplinary ability to multi-task across functions to demonstrate "band width" and the development of a more holistic focus on businesses that manage flexible approaches in managing the businesses may be the trend today.

As for what the future may bring, only time can tell what is up next (Wallace, 1998). REFERENCES Business Strengths Accessed on July 28, 2008 web Business Wire, Accessed on July 28, 2008 web Business Wire June 6, 2005 Accessed on July 28, 2008 web CFO: Nextel will meet or beat 2005 forecast Accessed on July 28, 2008 web Miller, Kathleen (2003) Assessing Your Institutions Culture. Accessed on July 28, 2008 web NXTL Company Profile Accessed on July 28, 2008 {NEXTEL web NEXTEL Quarterly Update 2 / 17 / 05 Accessed on July 28, 2008 web Sprint-Nextel To Be 'Most-Profitable' Wireless Carrier Accessed on July 28, 2008 web s/ 2005 / 06 / 13 / 0613 automarketscan 12. html Wallace, William McDonald. Postmodern Management: The Emerging Partnership between Employees and Stockholders. Quorum Books, Westport, CT. , 1998

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Research essay sample on Marketing Strategy Organizational Culture

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