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... th, preferring the game of seduction to the actual seduction itself. Robert Lebrun is a most complex individual. He spends summers on Grande Island with his mother and brother.

Robert is infatuated with the married women at the cottages. Robert... had constituted himself the devoted attendant of some fair dame or damsel. Sometimes it was a young girl, again a widow; but often as not it was some interesting married woman. (185) Robert is a good friend to these women. Robert is never taken seriously by the married women though.

It was understood that he had often spoke words of love and devotion to Madame Ratignolle, without any thought of being taken seriously. (186) Robert wants to be taken seriously, knowing what it would mean to the woman. Robert is trying to fulfill a secret desire, what to become in this life. Robert knows his intentions go on deaf ears, until the day that Madame Ratignolle talks with him about Edna. His faced flushed with annoyance and taking off his soft hat he began to beat it impatiently against his leg as he walked [Why shouldnt she take me seriously? he demanded sharply. Am I a comedian, a clown, a jack-in-the-box?

Why shouldnt she? You Creoles! I have no patience with you! Am I always to be regarded as a feature of an amusing programme? I hope Mrs.

Pontillier does take me seriously. I hope she has discernment enough to find in me something besides the blogger. If I thought there was any doubt-] (200) Robert is awakened to the idea that Edna may take him seriously. Why would Edna's friend tell him this if something had not been said? Robert is starting to think about what if. Roberts infatuations are stirring in him a desire to find the right path and, now there are two paths to follow.

Roberts intentions were quite never real to him, until that day when Madame Ratignolle had spoken of Edna. Robert laughs about it at first, and even assures Madame Ratignolle, that there is no earthly way of Mrs. Pontillier ever taking me seriously (201) Robert does the proper thing at first, then he cannot help but being near the object of his desire. Robert would stay away from Edna sometimes an entire day, then redouble his devotions as if to make up for lost time. (211) Robert can not stay away from Edna, he has become to infatuated with the idea that Edna has taken him seriously.

Robert was more a friend to Edna than Alcee, for Edna's children adored Robert (199). Robert was a kind soul, and yet, there is nothing kind in his motivations toward Edna. Robert is stuck, he continues his friendship with Edna, but things start to change for him. He realizes that he is in love with Edna, a married woman.

This realization leads Robert to go to Mexico. Robert knows that nothing will ever come of the relationship so he leaves. Robert has chosen to do the right thing and get away from the desire of his heart. Robert cannot be near his desire and he thinks that by leaving to go to anther country that will help him. Robert is quite mistaken though. Roberts desire for Edna brings him back to the city.

Robert cannot bear to be away from Edna, and he cannot bear to be near her. Robert is confused by his feelings; he seeks out a friend, someone whom he can talk with. Robert is quite taken back when the object of his desire is at the same place he has gone for refuge. Robert wants so much to tell Edna of his feelings for her but cannot permit himself to do so.

Roberts feeling betray him and he finds himself getting anxious and wanting to leave the company of his beloved Edna. Robert uses an excuse to keep from staying with her (325), then sees the hurt look and changes his mind. Robert cannot bear to hurt Edna. Robert has elevated Edna on a pedestal of total morality, and feels that he has no right to be with her.

Robert is truly a gentleman, yet when he realizes that Edna has changed toward her ideas and has become friends with Alcee, Robert feelings suddenly start to change, even unknown to him. Robert proclaims his love for Edna, his desire to marry her, thinking that this is what Edna would want. [You have been a very, very foolish boy, wasting your time dreaming of impossible things when you speak of Mr. Pontillier setting me free! I am no longer one of Mr.

Pontillier possessions to dispose of or not. I give myself where I choose. If he were to say, here Robert, take her and be happy, she is yours, I should laugh at you both. His face grew a little white. What do you mean? he asked. (339) ] Robert is on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Edna has proclaimed her love for him, as he has for her, yet, this new idea that has come out of Edna is making Robert wonder. He is still deeply moved by this acceptance of mutual love. Roberts desire is like a storm that cannot be quenched. Robert does not care what Edna is saying Robert wants her. The knock on the door brings Robert back to his senses, slowly at first, and then Robert knows what he must do. Robert believes that Edna and Alcee have become lovers.

Alcee's picture was there, Alcee comes there while Robert is there, and the evidence is overwhelming. Robert sees a change in Edna, yet he cannot escape the passion that he feels for her. Robert begs Edna to stay with him, she does not. It is here that Robert reevaluates what he wants and what he is doing. Robert has finally chosen the right path for himself. Being the devoted friend that he was Robert leaves a two-line note to Edna, and goes back to Mexico.

Robert made the right choice; he is a true 1800 s man. Kate Chopin shows the men of that time era in which she lived. She has given glimpses of what life would be like which each type of man. These are only Three of the characters in The Awakening, Chopin has created many men in her short stories as well.

Mr. Pontieller, Alcee Arabia, and Robert Lebrun, were all men of that time period, but just as now were all unique and different. This story has a tragic ending for more than the heroine, but as for the men as well. Mr. Pontieller is the least effected emotionally by his wives death, although sympathy for him is overwhelming in the way of having had so tragic a loss, suicide or not. Mr.

Pontieller will certainly find the way to profit from Edna's indiscretion, as he has in the past. Mr Pontieller will remarry as soon as the proper mourning period has passed. Leonce has his two sons to think about, they will need a mother. Meanwhile Leonce's mother will keep the boys with her so Leonce can conduct business as usual.

Alcee will truly miss his friend in only a way that he can. Alcee will mourn her loss for a while, then his attentions will be drawn to some other woman, and Edna will be long forgotten. Robert will take it the hardest, as he truly loved her. Robert will not blame himself totally, but will harbor some guilt. Robert will mourn Edna's loss and not listen to gossip of mental instability from others as they talk about her. Robert will take a long time to find another love, but eventually and without understanding why, he will find the love of his life, thinking on occasion of Edna.

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