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Example research essay topic: Pain Or Suffering Child Molesters - 1,218 words

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Title / topic : develop a treatment program. Introduction: Both preferential child molesters and sadistic rapists oftentimes engage children in sexual activity by "seducing" them-courting them with attention, affection, and gifts. Just as one adult courts another, the pedophile seduces children over a period of time by gradually lowering their sexual inhibitions. Frequently his victims arrive at the point where they are willing to trade sex for the attention, affection, and other benefits they receive from the offender. Many of these offenders are simultaneously involved with multiple victims, even marry a woman and have children, very likely molesting them from the time they are infants. In the following paper I will present the treatment programs aimed at reducing the harmful impact of offenders on children. 1) Preferential child molestation The Preferential Child Molesters have a definite sexual preference for children.

Their sexual fantasies and erotic imagery focus on children. They have sex with children not because of some situational stress or insecurity but because they are sexually attracted to and prefer children. They can possess a wide variety of character traits but engage in highly predictable sexual behavior. These highly predictable sexual behavior patterns are called sexual ritual and are frequently engaged in even when they are counterproductive to getting away with the criminal activity.

Although they may be smaller in number than the Situational Child Molesters, they have the potential to molest large numbers of victims. For many of them, their problem is not only the nature of the sex drive (attraction to children) but also the quantity (need for frequent and repeated sex with children). They usually have age and gender preferences for their victims. Members of higher socioeconomic groups tend to be overrepresented among Preferential Child Molesters.

The treatment program with children should not be targeted for establishing the idea that sexual encounters are bad, because unlike the sadistic rape that damages the child physically and mentally, child molestation does not make any visibly harmful damage to the child, but rather creates a sense of instability and insecurity in children after their offender leaves them or mocks them. After all, in the middle ages the girls would marry at the age of 13, while the famous holy Mary that gave birth to Jesus got married at the age of 12. Most of the famous Greek philosophers had sexual relationships with young boys, and according to the Roman/Greek morale it was perfectly acceptable. One has to remember that child molesters do not use their strength, intimidation but rather seduction as mentioned above to put a child to bed. The only thing a child has to remember is that if he / she wants to avoid heartbreak and disappointment, she / he must choose a partner properly. 2) Sadistic rape This pattern of behavior characterizes the offender who has a sexual preference for children but who, in order to be aroused or gratified, must inflict psychological or physical pain or suffering on the child victim.

He is aroused by his victim's response to the infliction of pain or suffering. They typically use lures or force to gain access to their victims. They are more likely than other Preferential Child Molesters to abduct and even murder their victims. The treatment program for children is to instill the idea in their minds that close encounter with people is not bad, and just like people become good and bad, so is the general notion of sexual relations and close relationship with other people. The treatment program for children should speak about the choice they have to make about their partner. One has to remember that rape is an act of violence that should be apprehended.

Also, children should be counseled to have sexual relationships with people of their age after making a choice and accepting that after sex there is no guarantee that a person will not harm them. Children should be counseled to avoid encounters with people who are under influence, use drugs or possess other features applicable to sadistic rapists (certain anarchist or Satanist religion sects, tattoos expressing violence, expressive chauvinism). Children should undergo group therapy that should focus on personal development and establishment of the idea that most people are friendly, while only some of them are unfriendly. The childs role is to stick to the friendly people and avoid harmful individuals that oftentimes exhibit traits shown above. The child should undergo classical conditioning that would establish positive impact on their future relationship: motivate communication and resistance to violence. Speaking about treatment program for rapists and sexual molesters I would like to note that the sexual molesters should undergo psychological treatment where they should be explained the nature of sex and its impact on the developing psychology of children.

Furthermore, sexual molestation is a violation of human inalienable rights and offenders should be put in prison. Speaking about the Finkelhors model of pedophilia treatment I would like to note its logical necessity and justification. The sadistic rapist is believed to follow four steps prior to actually damaging the child victim and apprehension on each of the steps in a treatment program will certainly reduce the number of this heinous acts in the US and world society. One should remember that the importance of the steps decreases with the order presented below. Please refer to these steps below: Desire to abuse the child sexually. This step arises when the person has fantasies about raping a child and they lay deep in the rapists sub-consciousness (Trout, 44).

In order for the rapist not stop desiring children, proper psychological treatment must be implemented (hypnosis, etc. ) Internal inhibitors in the rapist must be removed. If the rapist removes the fear that it is immoral or improper to rape children, he does not feel any guilt and thus will proceed to the rape (Trout, 45). The internal inhibitors can be implemented with religion, or personal understanding, thus, it is recommended that the rapists are obliged to take religious classes as an alternative. Social inhibitors in the rapist must be removed.

If the rapist feels that he cannot be caught, or is not seen (e. g. he and a child are alone in the forest) he is more likely to engage in unwanted sex internal inhibitors and desire to abuse permitting (Trout, 46). Therefore, the treatment program should also aim at explaining the rapist about the social structure and the severity of the punishment for such acts against children.

Some of the rapists will discontinue their advances if the severity is understood. The rapists ability to overpower the victim must be understood. If the rapist is confident that a child is not likely to kick him in the testicles or shoot a gun, the rapist in this case is more likely to attack a child. The treatment therapy must therefore concentrate on the childs power, i. e. their ability to remember the aggressor, their willingness to mutilate the rapists genitals and their ability to kill the victim and still stay unpunished for doing so (Trout, 46).

Together with the previous three stages of therapy the rapists ability and desire to engage in sadistic rape will be surely diminished if not halted altogether. Bibliography: Trout, Peter, Finkelhors model in prevention of sadistic rape, UCLA Sociology Department Press, 2002. vol 23 - 42 a.

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Research essay sample on Pain Or Suffering Child Molesters

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