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Advertising Effect Advertising can be called effective only if it takes proper account of peculiarities of human psychology and physiology. AID (M) A model is considered the commonly used model of advertising perception. AIDA implies the following chain: Attention- Interest-Desire- (Motive) -Action. First of all, advertising should attract attention of potential buyer, which can be both voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary attention takes place when the potential buyer notices the object of advertising accidentally.

The second model supposes something we expect to see. Further, advertising should arouse the buyers interest, influencing his intellect or emotions. We need to take into account that a text, for example, can be perceived in different ways. Some readers perceive both content and elements of advertising as a single whole, whereas other readers have emotional comprehension based on subjective variations. If advertising will be able to attract attention by its emotional part, it is able to interest a potential buyer with the content and stimulate definite emotional condition. For example, a good advertising is able to make glad, rouse the curiosity of product, to surprise or cheer up.

Good advertising not only gives an idea of product, but also creates advertising image, arousing desire to use this product. Actually, this is the main aim of advertising. A potential buyer should remember advertising. Advertising retention depends only on value and complete information about product.

It is very difficult to predict effectiveness of advertising because all people are individuals. However, there are several principles of effective advertising. Advertising can be effective only when it satisfies the following conditions: It clearly formulates and reflects market positioning of the product. It should contain information about specifics of usage and sharp distinctions from analogical products made by competitors; It should promise considerable profits. It should describe advantages and create positive image of product; Advertising should contain successful advertising idea. The idea should be original and easy to understand; It should create well thought-out and clear image of product the stereotype, which increases value of product; Advertising should lay stress on high quality of product.

At the same time it should be associated with the high quality itself; Advertising should be original and shouldnt be boring. It shouldnt repeat annoying and bothersome decisions; Advertising should have clear trend, reflecting different demands, desires and interests of definite consumers. It should inform consumers in peculiar way to take into account differences in consumer demand; Advertising should attract attention. It can be reached by successful artistic and textual solutions; Advertising should place the emphasis on new unique features and peculiarities of product, creating the necessary prerequisites for success; Advertising should concentrate attention on the main things.

It shouldnt be too complicated. The effective advertising proposes the things interesting and important for consumers and appeals directly to him. Lets examine the advertising of insurance company Norwich Union (web). Insurance company Norwich Union offers to the elderly people wide variety of insurance contracts regarding additional medical insurance, hospitalizing, and loss of independence (i.

e. necessity to pay for a nurse of staying in an old people's home), payment for funeral, care of the grave, etc. Till the present moment insurance company made approx. 500 thousand insurance contracts with more then 400 thousand people. The experience of company formulated five basic principles of senior-marketing, which helped them to be successful. 1.

Principle of determination of aim groups. In such a way company has spent 44 thousand franks in 1998 to pay publicity in newspapers and magazines foe elderly people. TV programs, elderly people like to see, also were examined thoroughly to place special advertising's and offers. Besides, during 1998 company has spread more then 13 mln of leaflets via mail and in the shops, coffee-shops, etc. Before they spread the leaflets, they made researches in field of geo marketing, which allowed the company to determine necessary city areas. (Barnes, James G. , 189) 2. Traditional methods of sale.

Elderly people are not interested in such modern communication technologies like internet, etc. But situation is going to be changed, and some specialists consider that in 15 years a real revolution in sphere of spread and sale of finance and insurance products will take place. Nowadays they prefer personal contacts and use distance service only in case it is supported by telephone consultation. 3. Products proposed to elderly people should be simple for understanding, cheap and should include at least minimum of guarantees.

Besides, they should be maximum human it means they shouldnt be limited by only finance service, but include personal contacts, consultations, etc. 4. Advertising for elderly people should not be only informative, but clear and easy to understand as well. As a table can show, elderly people have peculiar demands for targeting advertising. What are you expecting from the advertising? (in %) (source - Banque magazine. P. , 2000. 611... 29. ) Age category 18 - 24 years 50 - 64 years Should be creative 43 20 Should be informative 28 33 Should be clear and easy to understand 32 47 Should be funny 38 25 Company Norwich Union makes its advertising for elderly people, using the SAVEURS rule (this abbreviation is made of first letters of French words): Calmness (serenity) the human face at advertising's should radiate internal world and calmness; Authenticity (authenticity) no caricature pictures; Viability (vitality) to show motion and life; Experience (experience) to appeal to life experience; Profit (utility) to help the elderly person to overcome his fear to be out of society; Respect (respect) no irony; Sociability (sociability) to appeal to young generation as well. 5. High quality of services.

Such requirements concerning services for elderly people are very important. The most important factor of confidence is to show friendly attitude to the elderly. Cadillac Escalade Talking about USA, we should note that American businessmen opened a new kind of business products and services for elderly people. There are more then 35 million of Americans at age 65 and over. 1 / 5 of American population will be more then 65 years old till year 2020 and this is approximately 50 million of people. Psychologists recognize more and more often that this population group gains more influence and is able to have great impact on the modern society. Each third pensioner lived under the poverty line in 1960 -s.

Nowadays only 1 of 10 pensioners lives under poverty line. In accordance with strategic researches, person at the age of 70 spends more money than average American citizen at the age of 30. American pensioners buy 41 % of new cars. According to opinion of major car manufacturers the average age of buyer is 41 years old (Volkswagen and Mitsubishi) and 64 years old (Buick). The car rushes over the crossroads, leaving the flying pieces of paper far behind. Passers-by (usually 30 -year-old people) follow the car with their eyes.

Light rock music creates a background noise. This is advertising of Cadillac Escalade. This advertising finishes before you can see the driver of this car. But in case you were lucky to see him, the driver is much older than admiring passers-by. Although the car is oriented to the young, average age of potential clients is 46 years old. Youll never see old people driving in advertising's, - tells Charles Brawer, editor-in-chief of auto-portal web There is one rule, people from automobile industry repeat like mantra: You can sell car for youth to the elderly, but the car for elderly you can sell to nobody.

The idea is to make elderly buyers think that they buy a car for young. For example, for the last two years Cadillac used in their advertising's composition of Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll. They want to express the sensation of youth, - explains M-r Brawer, and adds that this song is already 32 years old. They hope that music, which baby-boomers listened to when they were young, will make them to feel young again and to buy a young extra-modern car.

The elderly people are less independent in their shopping. The process is controlled by the seller, so maybe this is one of the reasons why elderly buy more cars. (Robert Strauss, NY Times, p. 4) In conclusion I would like to add that many advertising effects use so-called subliminal messages, - the things that are stored inside of our subconscious. The most common types of subliminal messages represent power, appeal to youth and emotions, sex, etc. For example, Cadillac tries to make elderly people to feel young again. On the one hand, subliminal messages arent always bad. They are very powerful tools widely used in advertising.

At the same time, legality and morality of advertising methods in creating and responding to the needs of society is very doubtful. Website of Insurance Company Norwich Union. web Barnes, James G. (2003). Establishing Meaningful Customer Relationships: Why Some Companies and Brands Mean More to Their Customers. Managing Service Quality. Banque magazine.

P. , 2000. 611... 29. Robert Strauss, NY Times Bibliography Dean, J. (1996). European Readings of American Popular Culture. Jean-Paul Gabilliet. Greenwood Press Inge, Th. (1989). Handbook of American Popular Culture Vol. 2.

Greenwood Press Inge, Th. (1989). Handbook of American Popular Culture: Propaganda-Women Vol. 3. Greenwood Press

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Research essay sample on American Popular Culture Attract Attention

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