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Example research essay topic: Jack And His Hunters Lord Of The Flies - 2,062 words

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Lord of The Flies Lrd f The Flies is ne f the best-known bks f the pst-war years. A grup f yung bys, the list f whm is twelve, and the youngest six, are market n a desert island, and also immediately a battle fr supremacy takes place and the principal characters. Violence and death full. The schley are in a plane, which has been sht do during what the reader assumes is a war set in the near future.

Generically, therefore, Lrd f the Flies can be seen as a dystopian r anti- utopian new. During an atomic war, an aircraft carrying a grup f abut thirty pre-adolescent bys crashes n an inhabited coal island in the Pacific. The crew has been killed, and the bys are left n their wn. They begin t collect themselves int a society f fd gatherers under their elected chief, Ralph. A rating f duties is arranged and, at first, the bys live peacefully. Sn, however, differences arise as t their priorities.

The smaller children lse interest in their tasks, the lder bys want t spend mre time hunting than carrying ut mre rating duties such as string the fire and building shelters. A run spreads that a beast is lurking in the free and the children have nightmares. Jack, promising t fulfill the childrens desire fr a reverse t primitivism, is case as the new chief, and the tw society splits int tw sectin's: the wh hunt and wh become savages, and the wh believe in rating conduct. Ralph gradually finds himself an utmost, and in the end the army f hunters tracks him do n rder's frm Jack. Just as Ralph is abut t be killed by the savages, a naval fiber arrives with a rescue party.

Certainly the new Lrd f the Flies is a pessimistic ne. Although the bys begin by electing a leader, Ralph, and call frequent meetings, using a cash shell as a symbol f authority, their attempts at re-creating civilization quickly funder. Jack Merridew, wh is in charge f the hunting, rapidly assumes dominance ver the bys, exploiting their superstitions f fear f the beast, and he eventually leaves Ralph's grup, taking mst f the bys with him. When Sign, a visionary youth, realizes that the beast is just a dead parachutist and attempts t communicate this knowledge t the ther bys, Jacks tribe ritualistically murder him. Piggy, the first f numerous rationalist figures, is murdered by Jacks lieutenant, Rger, while he pathetically hld's n t the cash, still believing in civilization. Ralph, nw completely and, is hunted like an animal by the ther bys, wh clearly intend t sacrifice him when they catch him.

The free is set n fire in re t site Ralph ut and, just as he is abut t be killed, and English ship sees the site and sends a rescue party. Near the beginning f the new, the island is like upn as a utopia by the reader, and the children. This is a place where there is peace and tranquillity, which is free associated with the send f the can waves, and the abundance f nature, surrounding them. The island is a place where at first there is n evil, and winding, away frm the war, and all the problems in the city. However, this island, during the progression f the new, begins t twist int a dystopia, where at first there was nly gd, and happiness, becme's a place f bld and death - ultimately a place f here. The new is usually read as Glding's commentary upn human evil, and also certainly it would nt have been written had Belsen and Auschwitz never existed.

Evil lies firmly upside the English schley in this bk and is made manifest by savage, black cannibals. In Lrd f the Flies Glding has ne f the bys say, After all, were nt savages. Were English; and the English are best at everything. But thought the new Glding ventures this ptimistic portrait, which equates English with gd and foreign with evil, and suggests that evil is mre likely t reside within humanity, including the English, and that external evil is a protection f an inner evil.

Glding's characters are als used t portray sharply differing pints f view n the nature f evil, and the means f placating this powerful free. Fr Piggy, there is n such thing as evil, it is just people behaving irrationally. Fr Jack, evil resides upside humanity and must be placated by varius frm's f sacrifice, and fr Sign, Evil expresses itself in the wrd's f the Lrd f the Flies: evil is inside humanity. Glding informs his readers immediately that the content f his characters lives is specifically Christian, I unit t be chief.

said Jack with simple arrogance, because Im chapter christer and head by. The chir is a specifically religious institution and yet it is Jack and his hunters wh became the mst cruel and violent f all the bys n the island. In Lrd f the Flies, therefore, there is a divine manifestation f the disturbing connection between religion, violence and bld sacrifice that Glding examines in case detail. As the new processes, ne constantly encounters this connection and must water if Jack and his chir become hunters and sacrificers f ther human beings despite their bus Christian rights, r because f them. That Lrd f the Flies des me us forward is something that few reader would deny. It is as fine an adventure story as many published since the war, and yet Glding's ability t empty language which bth provides narrative impetus and als even plunder, mre theological, implications is demonstrated immediately: Taking their cue frm the innocent Johnny, they sat do n the fallen palm tree and waited (Glding, 1954, p. 19).

The new is spare, deliberate in its intentions, and certainly Glding himself has little hesitation in referring t it as a fable. The plane crash is nt nly a plausible device t island the bys, but is als essential as a commentary n the world upside the island. The new is and examination f nt f distinctive nature f small bys, but f the essential nature f humanity itself, the heart f darkness. The island becme's a microcosm f the adult world, which is als destroying itself. The grim account f amendment and murder n the island, is re-enacted in the greater world continuously, and this interaction between the tw wrld's is powerfully dramatized in the character the dead parachutist. Bewildered and frightened, the children yearn fr a sign frm the adult world, but the sign that is sent is fraught with meaning, possessing a symbolic power, which persists thought the new.

The dead parachutist himself is a scapegoat, a victim f the war which rages as the adults madness increases n a scale minutely reflected by the bys n the island. In his essay Crabbed Youth and Age, Glding refers t the million f yung men wh were slaughtered during the First World War and the pure and blameless, the eternally sacrificed. The dead parachutist is als invested with sme f this eternal quality, and yet in this new, the children are given the chance t externalize their apprehension f evil. It is the parachutists rating presence which all the bys t ignore Simn's suggestion, What I mean is...

maybe its nly us. Upn their coming t the island the bys are all ready t wrk together and make laws and rules s that they remain civilized. They have taken the utopian pint f view where there are n adults t rule ver them, and this island is perhaps similar t a park, r play grund, where children make the rules, and adults can nly watch frm the upside. Regardless, the island being t them, and that being their play grund gives them each a sense f free, and the space t d as they please. It is nly when things start t lse re that they seek help frm an adult, in asking themselves the question what would an adult d nw?

Jack and his hunters are the first t ask themselves this question near the beginning f the bk, but near the end, it seems as if they have lst complete knowledge f everything but what happens n the island, and the island itself. Still, ne can argue that these children still d believe in the wide f adults, because f the fact that they case the list, and the smartest bys as their leaders; Ralph wh was the list, he is the first ne t speak and introduce himself t the ther's, (although Piggy seems t be the mre intelligent ne f the tw, yet nt as unspoken) and Jack, wh is als mature at age, and in addition the leader f the chir. This ty f voting was also as pleasing as the cash. Jack started t press but the clamor changed frm the general wish fr a chief t an election by acclaim f Ralph himself. Nne f the bys could have fund gd read fr this; what intelligence had been she was traceable t Piggy while the mst bus leader was Jack.

But there was a stillness abut Ralph as he sat that marked him ut: there was his size, and his attractive appearance; and mst bscurely, yet mst powerfully, there was the cash. The being that had been that, had sat waiting fr them n the platform with the delicate thing balanced n his knees, was set apart. Him with the shell! (Glding, 1954, p. 24) Glding writes, Inside a fairy tale r ut f it, a severed head is a powerful affair. This is dramatized in Lrd f the Flies when the hunters place the severed head f a pig in the clearing. T the hunters this feeling is ne f making amends - they have projected evil upside themselves. However, Sign realizes that the severed head is an permanent part f humanity.

At last Sign gave up and like back; saw the white teeth and dim eyes and his gaze was held by that ancient, inescapable recognition. When Sign attempts t communicate his knowledge that the parachutist is a pathetic victim f a larger war and that evil is internal, he is trn t pieces by Jacks tribe. Similarly, when Piggy tries t read with the bys he is killed. There is construction f a complex metaphorical system and Piggy, the cash shell, and his glasses being the mst important. Fr Piggy, wh has intelligence, but n intuitive power, the cash is re, and he fails t realize that the cash in itself is nothing, a literally help shell, unless the ther's agree n its symbolic power. When Jacks tribe steals his glasses t make fire and Piggy stands and them, blind, fat, and trembling his wrd's (also his last) and genuinely tragic in their uncomprehending innocence, I tell yu, I gt the cash!

The characters seen in the new as hunters and killers are nly children, while at the end, the fficer's patronizing air alerts the reader t the fact that precisely the same hours are being re-enacted in the adult world. Tears blind Ralph, his bitter understanding f the evil that resides within humanity. Als there is a darkly inc counterpart t the fficer's helpful comment, I know. July gd shw. Like The Coal Island. Here near the end f the new, the island has become a dystopia, which is what the fiber des nt understand.

His comparing f these childrens situation t The Coal Island (which is a utopian new) is completely inc. Just as these bys tried t find inner peace and utopia n this island, which in appearance can be deceiving, the same is desired frm all individuals. The nly problem lies here: there is n such place, because even when fund, this utopia begins t twist int a repulsive mirror image; where there is nothing left there that could remotely be considered utopian. Bibliography Golding, William.

Lord of the Flies. Princeton University, 1954. Lord of the Flies. Found online at: web Person laity and Lord of the Flies.

Found online at: web of-the-flies. html Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Found online at: web Jugass, Joseph. The Materialistic Critique. Dublin: Dublin Publishers, 2003.

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Research essay sample on Jack And His Hunters Lord Of The Flies

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