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Example research essay topic: Group Of Boys Lord Of The Flies - 627 words

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Lord of the Flies, is well-known as the story of a group of boys that are stranded on an island to fend for themselves during a world war. What if Lord of the Flies was about a group of young girls instead? The story would still be interesting, but things would definitely be different. If the island had been inhabited by a group of girls not a group of boys, everything would have been done differently, the would stay as a group and they would have no war.

If girls had landed on the island, they would have done things differently from the start. The girls would have been more mature and taken the whole situation more seriously. When Ralph realized they were alone, he stripped, went swimming and did cartwheels. Also, when he blew the conch it was a game to him, not something to call all the boys with. If girls were on the island they definitely would not have gone skinny dipping or do cartwheels.

They would have organized a meeting quicker and starting brainstorming rescue, shelter and survival ideas. Everyone's name would have been taken down and each girl would be checked in, like attendance, at each meeting. The shelters would start to go up as the boy's shelters did, but because it would be with the help of all the girls, the shelters would be up quicker and they would be more sturdy and safe. The fire, same as the boy's fire, would have been lit right away. Unlike the boy's fire, the girl's fire would be watched at all times and not let out. The fire would be a top priority to all the girls, and wouldn't get put under something else, like hunting.

Another thing that would be different if girls were on the island, the girls would probably stay together as a group. They probably would not go hunting for pigs, so that would keep them from separating into a hunting group and a non-hunting group. If two girls had an argument it would be likely that it would be talked out and resolved, to avoid separation into small groups. That way a fight would not be one to separate them. Unlike the girls, when Jack and Ralph would have an argument, they would go all out screaming at each other, which eventually helped cause Jack's tribe separation from the group. The girls would also want to stay together as a group, so that if they were to be rescued, nobody would get left behind on the island and someone would always know where they were.

Finally if girls were on the island there would be no war or killing of people. If the girls did separate, as the boys did, they wouldn't go around the island looking for the people they hated most and try to kill them. They would stay sane and civilized, but just probably not associate with the other group. Jack's tribe hunted people, because the boys were savage, girls would not do that. Girls have a more level head when it comes to sanity, it would take them much longer than the boys to become savage, and even longer than that to go off on killing sprees. The girls would be and stay more focused on getting rescued as soon as possible.

If girls were on the island, they would have things done more thoroughly, they wouldn't break up into smaller groups and they would have no war. Girls on the island would definitely make for a different story, maybe even less interesting than the boys and their savage ways. It would be a totally different experience for the girls and have a totally different effect on them than it did on the boys.

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Research essay sample on Group Of Boys Lord Of The Flies

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