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Example research essay topic: Competition Among Processor Makers Amd And Intel - 1,260 words

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... c. AMD describes 3 d-NOW as "The AMD Athlon processor's enhanced 3 Dnow! Technology takes 3 D multimedia performance to incredible heights and builds on the 21 instructions of AMD's original 3 Dnow!

Technology the first x 86 instruction set to use superscalar SIMD floating point techniques. Enhanced 3 Dnow! Adds 24 new instructions- 19 to improve MMX integer math calculations and enhance data movement for Internet streaming applications and 5 DSP extensions for soft modem, soft ADSL, Dolby Digital, and MP 3 applications. " This is out-standing for the newest technology, high graphics, processor intensive games. This is a feat that Intel would not dream of attempting. Lately, motherboard manufacturers have proven themselves to be more willing to step out of the shadows, and offer Athlon motherboards. Hailing from a new generation of such boards, the EPoX EP- 7 KXA makes use of the KX- 133 chipset from VIA - a set that was specifically developed for the Athlon platform.

The EP- 7 KXA is an ATX form-factor board that supports PC 133 memory, 4 X AGP, ATA 66 drives, and an entire range of other interesting features. As you may expect, the KX- 133 set is a fitting replacement for AMD's Irongate 750 chipset, which was developed by AMD only due to necessity for an Athlon-compatible chipset. The advanced chipset provides the most advanced gaming the world has ever seen. A chipset supplies a platform for a processor to work and is connected to the processor through the bus. The quality of the chipset can have a great effect on how programs install and perform. A chipset allows special features that help the system, for example, like programmable BIOS features, high speed PC 133 memory, increased bus speed, 4 X AGP, and ATA 66 drive support, all to help a system run faster.

A BIOS is what configures your hardware and special plug-n-play devices. 4 X AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) is a special feature for video cards, it increases speed to the AGP slot, for higher graphics and better system achievement. The ATA 66 is another hardware feature for the hard drive (Where all system information is stored such as programs) and CD-ROM's (Reads Optical Disks) that can double ATA 33 technology. This combined with a 72000 -RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) drive can yield a very high performance system. PC 133 is extremely fast memory (currently the fastest). It runs at 133 MHz, which is about 67 MHz slower than that of the bus speed.

However, this is still better than the older style PC 100 memory. The games that the gaming industry rely on is Quake I, II, Wheel of time, Unreal tournament, and in the future, Drama and Quake III. Most of the games will not run well if you do not have an AMD processor with a super video card. Like its ally Voodoo when put together make a super system with the KX- 133 chipset. This combination is unstoppable in the computer industry. AMD is a good system for numeric processing to break down the programming language in a game.

Cache is an important feature when talking about computer systems. It stores information used often or recently. It is very important when dealing with large amounts of information, and a high speed bus. The AMD Athlon includes the largest L 1 cache (128 K total) for x 86 platforms. AMD says "The AMD Athlon also features a high-speed, 64 -bit backside L 2 cache controller that supports L 2 cache sizes ranging from 512 K to a massive 8 MB. This high-performance cache design takes advantage of the processor's high-speed system bus and minimizes bandwidth bottlenecks. " The 8 MB is awesome, unsurpassed by Intel and any other brand that might even think of being successful.

The hardest thing to do is notice the values and how they add up. Systems all need a motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive and floppy, video card, and CD-ROM. The faster each part is the more your processor can increase in strength. Such as adding more memory or faster memory the bus can carry more information. Hard drive can improve the speed of your system also. This all makes Intel even more behind in the CPU race because all the motherboard parts are slower or should I say substantially slower than the AMD's.

This means if you gave an Intel and an AMD the same amount of memory than the Intel would be slower. If you spent two to three times more on the Intel for memory then in reality the Intel could run as fast as the AMD. This is an unethical thing to do when you could just go out and buy an AMD Athlon. Networking is a complicated job with older slower computers; the Athlon is the key to the networking stability.

Using the fastest networking components with the fastest PC (Personal Computer) in the world. This makes a network with minimal problems and high-end data pass through possible. There is a bottleneck theory that is related to memory and networking. In memory it is caused by having to slow of memory on to fast of a bus.

This will not happen if the AMD Athlon System has PC 133 memory. Intel had programs made by the monopolization of Microsoft Windows 3. 1 x, 95 x, 98 x this made it hard for AMD to compete in the past. Microsoft Windows 2000 will now incorporate programming made to run windows faster more reliable and be compiled to run better on the Athlon systems. With Intel out of the way, on top end networking AMD can pull into the lead in one more area. Listen to what AMD has to say about this project. "Microsoft and AMD worked together throughout the design process to help ensure the combination of floating-point performance of the AMD Athlon processor and Microsoft's Windows 2000 Professional will provide a reliable and high-performance business platform that meets the needs of business customers today and well into the future. " The AMD Athlon processor and AMD Athlon processor-based systems have received 35 awards from eight different countries spanning four continents.

This is one good reason you should buy an AMD K 7 Athlon, of-course there are many other reasons for buying an Athlon. One reason is that you can over-clock the Athlon and still come out with a stable running system without a huge heat sink. The Intel being over clocked is horrible on their Pentium processors. The problem is the amount of heat generated can make a system crash or melt system components. Intel has no company to make a cool case like Kryotech technology. AMD, the quality is unbeatable, the price is right!

Compare the price of the two processors, this gives an idea why AMD is ranked the best. Intel's CPU Pentium III 550 MHz should cost about $ 270 this is an outstanding defeat by AMD's CPU K 7 550 MHz that would cost around $ 220. If you do the math correctly the difference is about $ 50. AMD's processor is better than the Pentium III but comparable to the Xeon Pentium Industrial strength 550 MHz that cost about $ 1, 200. The Athlon is a processor with the power to be a super computer all in a PC.

Can there be a better PC than this? The answer is no. Even Macintosh was left in the dust compared to the Athlon. AMD K 7 Athlon x 86 makes it all work, the power has been felt.

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Research essay sample on Competition Among Processor Makers Amd And Intel

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