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Example research essay topic: Baseball Player Future Business - 968 words

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There were ten minutes remaining until the bell would ring and free my other classmates and I from the torturous questions being hailed on us like a Georgia thunderstorm in the heat of battle. I was prepared for my question though, being well rehearsed and completely confident: I watched as one by one my peers were torn apart by the sagacious, ruthless counselor who had been sacking students for years. " John Smith, what are your plans for the future?" Smiling as she said this, knowing that in a few short seconds it would all be over for this innocent one. " I want to be a professional baseball player!" The student would affirm. "Well John, you do know that it is very unlikely that you will become a baseball player, so what will you do if plan A doesn't come true?" John would then realize that it was futile to keep on with the conversation and would give right up and accepted her practical opinion. Then her roving eyes rested upon me and a quiet settled in the room as if I were about to shoot the final free throw in a championship game, and somehow the crowd felt like silence was a way of helping. "Well Zachary, what are your plans for the future?" Unlike the other poor saps I was smiling back and counselor. " Well, I want to join the Farmer's Insurance group, particularly advertisement and communication. That is of course after majoring in business at the University of Missouri. " She was speechless, and all she could do was nod and move on. My father's advice of deciding early on my future had defiantly paid off. My obsession with planning for the future had always been with me.

Since early childhood, I have worked out the upcoming week in order to work in my favorite television shows and still keep up with playing with Legos. Naturally, I grew up a little and was informed I would one day be thrust into the world of work and be made to sit down and be responsible. I knew I would have to carefully plan my future occupation in order to avoid the confusion that would certainly be involved later in life. I began to ask questions from my Dad and my Grandpa, who both happen to work for Farmer's Insurance Agency. I researched my future, and for this paper, at Farmersinsuance. com, I also talked to Clay Hearst, my Dad's supervisor.

Through my research, I have discovered that Farmers is an excellent competitor in the insurance world, holds promise for future business people, and is a very practical occupation for myself. Farmers Insurance is an excellent competitor in the insurance world, according to their home web site, farmers insurance. com, they are currently positioned number three in insurance agencies in the United States. This is quite the feat considering the many other accomplished businesses, and farmers is very proud of their track record. The advertisement branch, which is the area I am interested in, has greatly stepped up the effort to advertise to a national audience. Farmers is also upgrading technology and providing each individual agent with a new computer along with new software to hopefully connect the growing business.

All of these upgrades connect with my interests because they add to the promise for future business people. Farmers hold in promise for future business people in many ways, Clay Hearst, the Assistant district manager for the Southeast Missouri area, says that, " There is always a need for someone willing to work hard with honesty and integrity. " Stuart Garrison, a local agent for Farmers, says that, " Our company does everything possible to provide the tools necessary to succeed. When you first start out, Farmers has an income / subsidy program, to help you make it when you have zero policies. " Farmers do suggest that people interested in Farmers have a college degree, along with financial stability for future agents as there are start up expenses and ongoing obligations to grow and agency. All of these positives to becoming an employee show to me that Farmers is a practical occupation for myself. I consider farmers to be a practical future occupation for myself because of several reasons, an important reason to me is that my father and Grandfather, both were successful agents for Farmers, and being around them all my life has molded me into the business. Stuart Garrison says that, " Farmers has been a fantastic opportunity for me.

The harder I work the more I accomplish and earn. " According the Farmers web site, the area of advertisement is a, " Practical and promising occupation. " This is the section of Farmers that I am most interested in. I am interested in this particular job because I believe I have a good imagination and could connect with the audience on terms of insurance. I also feel I have acquired a great knowledge, mainly from my father and grandfather, of how to understand and help people. Hopefully this will carry over and assist me in my future. Like my Dad has taught me, it is always a good idea to plan for the future. I believe I have chosen a good path to start on with Farmers Insurance group.

Farmers has proven to be a class act in the business world and seems to be constantly evolving. Farmers to have a sincere interest in their future workers and provides a way for up and coming employees to succeed through hard work and determination. Farmers seems to connect with me and offers a great occupational future. I have discovered Farmers to be an excellent competitor in the insurance world, holds promise for future business people, and is a practical occupation for myself.

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Research essay sample on Baseball Player Future Business

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