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... ing group discussions. Interested in serving others, and probably place the needs of others over their own needs. ENTP They are creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things.

Enjoy debating issues, and may be into "one-up-man ship." They get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. They are generally outspoken and assertive. They enjoy people and stimulating company. They have an excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. ENTJ They are assertive and outspoken - they are driven to lead. They have an excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions.

They are intelligent and well informed. They usually excel at public speaking. They value knowledge and competence, and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization. 12 Different personality types (The Myersonian MR. Types) MR. Uptight MR. Daredevil MR.

Helpful MR. Peaceful MR. Quite MR. Bookworm MR. Thinker MR.

Life-liver MR. Captain MR. Center of attention MR. Jack of all trades MR. Party animal MR.

UPTIGHT If you sit back and think, think long and hard you can think of this person. They are the ones that know all the answers in class. They are the ones that get their work done before you ever start to think about doing your work. But the thing about these kinds of people that have to be perfect. They have to have everything to a tee.

They will be the ones with the little pocket notebooks and will always have a schedule. MR. DAREDEVIL You can think of this person. You know the one that is doing the 900 s on a skateboard or the ones that are jumping out of planes. These are the people that are the risk takers. The ones that go out and have a good time with high-risk things.

These are the people that will live life to the fullest. The kind of person that will take that chance that most people wont. MR. HELPFUL This is the type of person that would give you the shirt of there back. That person that would go out of their way just to make you happy. You can think of this person.

Have you ever had a time when you feel down in the dumps and that person comes up to you and just makes you feel so good. They will take time out of there life just to make you feel good. The kind of person that you can trust and the kind of person that you know will be there for you. MR PEACEFUL Now I know you know this person. The one that will be like, love not war. You know the kind of person that doesnt like to fight.

They are the one that will stay away from the physical violence and try to work things out. These kinds of people will be quite and peaceful and will just want to be friends with everyone. MR QUITE This is the kind of person that is not to into other peoples things. They will tend to keep to themselves and try to get things done. They will keep on something and wont stop until the project that they are working on is done. You can all think of that person that was the quite kid that didnt say much of anything and just keep to themselves working on something.

When you would approach them and ask them what they were doing they would say something like, leave me alone I have to finish this. MR. BOOKWORM You all know this person. They would commonly called a nerd. They would be the one that would sit back and just read. They wouldnt like to do much of anything except read.

When you would try to get this person to come out and play they would just want to stay inside and read. They wouldnt like to do normal stuff that young kids would like to do so they would be thought to be un-normal. MR. THINKER You know this kind of person. The one that comes up with all the ideas of stuff to do. You know when you are all sitting around you no one can think of anything to do, this will be the person that comes up with the ideas.

This person not only comes up with ideas but also is able to think of things in a quick fashion. If you ask this person something they will know it right of the top of there head. This type of person would commonly be under the category of The brain. MR. LIFE-LIVER You can think of this one quite easily. This is the person that lives life to the fullest.

The one that doesnt let little things bother them, they just go out and live everyday like it is there last. They will be the life of the party. They would give a shit what another person thinks about them because they will just say, life is to short to worry about such little things. MR. CAPTAIN You will all know this one. Just look at the name.

You know that person that always has to be in charge. The kid that will have to be the leader when you are out on the playground or when playing sports. Remember when you were young and you had that one kid that was always in charge, the one telling you what to do. He was the one that would be the quarterback while playing football, or the one that would always be picking the teams. MR CENTER OF ATTENTION This is the person that loves the attention.

The one that will go to a party and just not stop talking to everyone. They will not care who they talk to and will just talk to everyone. They will be dancing on tables, or just making friends left and right. This kind of person will be very unselfconscious.

They wont care what people around them think they only care about what they think. This will be the kind of person that you want to be your friend. They will be the person that can introduce you to everyone because well, they know everyone. MR JACK OF ALL TRADES A Jack-of-all-trades is that person that can do anything. You know that person that can go out and play baseball, hockey, football, tennis, golf, horseback riding, skiing, ect, ect. The will be able to do anything.

They are those people that just like to go out and try anything and when they do they will be pretty good at it. You can think of that person in school that just made you so mad because when ever they did anything, anything at all they were good at it. And you thought to yourself, Im not good at anything and there good at everything, what the hell is up with that. MR.

PARTY ANIMAL Now I know being in college you know this kind of person. This is the person that just doesnt know when to say when. The one that drinks them self away, and does it constantly, without any thoughts of the consequences. This person might be your roommate or your best friend, or maybe just a friend. But here in Plymouth you dont have to look very far to find this person. This is the person that just parties and then is trying to realize why they have a. 5 GPA and are getting kicked out of school.

A final commentary To say that a person can fit into 12 different types or 16 different ones or 1000 different types is just wrong. I dont disagree with any of the psychologist I agree with them all. I dont think that there is any one number of different kinds of personalities. I think that there is such a wide range of people in this world that you cant fit them into categories. I would have to say that everyone has there own unique kind of personality.

I am a shy person. I dont like to go to a party and talk to people right off, I like to sit back and just let people come to me. But I also like to take charge of situations and be a leader. So what category of my theory would I fit under? Would I be Mr. Quite or would I be Mr.

Captain, who knows. All I know is that everyone is different and everyone has there own personality. I want to leave you with this. What personality do you have? What kind of person are you? And where do you fit in with my theory.

Ask yourself this and picture how you friends view you, would they put you in the same category as you put yourself in? Everyone in the world has a different personality. That is what makes the world so great!

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Research essay sample on Kind Of Person Center Of Attention

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