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Example research essay topic: Important Information On Cervical Cancer - 1,250 words

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The following guide is organized to help you find all the information you need on cervical cancer. This folder contains a fact sheet full of information regarding this disease including definitions, symptoms, causes, treatments, prognosis, etc. After reading this fact sheet you may want to use the footnotes to find further information on each subject. I have also included a guide to internet sites in this packet. On this guide you will find nine internet sites that will help you as you surf the net for more information. These websites are overflowing with interactive pages and helpful resources.

Next, you will find a list of several local and online support groups. These will be helpful to you as you learn to cope with having cervical cancer. It is very important to surround yourself with loved ones and people to share your pain and feelings with during these hard times. I also added three magazine articles that I believe you will find interesting and helpful to read. They all deal with cervical cancer in one way or another and are a good source of information. Finally, I have included a medical journal that I found to be extremely helpful in learning what to expect after treatment is over.

This article gives detail about what you may experience when you finish treatment. Being diagnosed with cervical cancer is not an easy thing to deal with. It is my hope that after you finish reading through this guide you will better understand your disease, what has happened, what is happening and what lies ahead for you. I encourage you to use any and all of the information that I have provided. It is there for you to use as much as you need to. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You May His Grace Shine Upon You.

Cervical cancer is an uncommon, slow growing cancer that usually takes several years to fully develop. If caught in its pre-cancer stage, the abnormal cells (cervical dysplasia) are almost always easily treated and cancer doesnt develop. This helps to make cervical cancer the most preventable cancer in the United States. Approximately 12, 900 women in the United States and 400, 000 women worldwide are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. In some parts of the world it is the most common type of cancer among women.

With regular screening most cases can be prevented. ; Precancerous changes of the cervix rarely cause pain. They generally do not cause any symptoms and are not detected unless a woman has a pelvic exam and a Pap test. If the abnormal cells become cancerous and invade nearby tissue then there may be some abnormal bleeding. Bleeding after menopause and increased vaginal discharge may be other symptoms.

Some causes of Cervical cancer are thought to be Smoking, having sexual intercourse at an early age, having multiple sex partners, or having intercourse with someone that has had multiple sex partners or started having sex at an early age, and taking oral contraceptives for an extended amount of time. Women having HPV (Human papillomavirus) are at a much greater risk of developing cervical cancer. HPV is present in about 90 % of all cervical cancer cases. Surgery is the first recommended treatment for cervical cancer in its early stages. Radiotherapy may be used after surgery if there is a high risk that the cancer may come back. Chemotherapy is sometimes used before surgery to shrink the cancer.

Staging is done to see if the cancer has spread. The doctor may do a cystoscope, proctosimoidoscopy, intravenous pyeloram, barium enema, CAT scan, ultrasonography or MRI to check for cancer in the rectum, large intestine, bladder, lymph nodes, or lungs. Clinical examinations, x-rays, and pathology reports all help the physicians to decide what the progress of an individual patient may be. Then, the appropriate treatment will be given. If detected early enough the chance of cure is about 100 %. 1. web is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

On this site you can learn facts about cervical cancer, read about or talk to other cancer survivors, research the disease further, learn more about ACS activities in your area, share your thoughts or ideas on the message boards, or read about the newest developments in treatment and studies. There is also an online bookstore where you can purchase books on cervical cancer. You can even donate to the cause on the site if youd like. 2. web is sponsored by The Center for Cervical Health. You will find chat rooms and forums on this site to interact with others, press releases on current events involving cervical cancer, profiles and testaments, research resources and information, and plenty of factual information. This site even includes information on your rights. 3.

web is sponsored by cancer facts. com. This site provides you with a cervical cancer treatment profiler. Here you can find out the right treatments for you and find out questions you should ask you physician. It also gives you personalized reports using published medical research papers. You can also find out several facts about cervical cancer on this site. 4.

web is sponsored by CancerBACUP. This site provides you with access to a lot of well organized facts, a huge resource list, as well as access to support groups, press releases, and a donation section. 5. web is sponsored by Womens College Hospital Foundation. On this site you can locate health centers, find out prevention, treatment and diagnosis information, as well as much more information on cervical cancer. There is also a listing of book, video, and website research tools.

Soon you will be able to take informative quizzes on this site. 6. web is sponsored by About, Inc. Once you search for cervical cancer on this site you will find many links to different areas concerning cervical cancer within the site. You can also read articles, chat, or join a forum. There are links to related sites and pictures. You can sign up to receive newsletters or join support groups on this site as well. 7.

web is sponsored by the U. S. National Library of Medicine. This site offers the latest news, facts, tips on coping, management, treatment and prevention, a dictionary and glossary, laws and policies, organizations associated with cervical cancer, statistics and a Spanish option. There is also drug information available on this site. 8. web is sponsored by The National Cancer Institute.

This site contains cancer information, clinical trials, statistics, research programs and research funding. It has a library and a dictionary for those medical terms. There is a contact number for the cancer information service and a link to live help instantly. You can find out news and all the facts you want to know here. There is a publications locator and links to other informative sites. 9. web is sponsored by MediceneNet, Inc.

This site gives you 10 pages of facts that you may need to know. It has a link to research any medications that you may be prescribed. There is a pop up window that includes cervical cancer related topics. You will find a place to give your feedback and to read or comment on a message board.

You can look for support groups here too. It includes a service and tools section, as well as a procedures and tests section. If youd like you can fill out the survey provided. For those hard to understand medical terms feel free to look in this sites dictionary.

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Research essay sample on Important Information On Cervical Cancer

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