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... tus were also unique, as he realized the environment could be controlled for personal improvement (Gazzaniga, 149). This was evident in the new nomadic behavior of hunters and gathers as populations behavior become more nomadic As a hominid continued to evolve the Neanderthal played an important role in the changes of brain activity and behavior. The Neanderthals dominant influence of the Wenickes and Broca areas of the brain allowed for the specialization of skill in tool making, shelter, and hunting ability. Neanderthals lived in larger groups thrived off competition and social relations evident in their self adornment with clothing and tools. Neanderthals lived in caves and buried their dead, They took care of their own (Lowenstein, 34).

The Neanderthals is an unique evolutionary subject that exemplifies the power of the left hemisphere to dominate human behavior and decision. Neanderthal learned to use water and began to navigate (Gazzaniga, 151) which made them a mobile society. The brains capacity from this point on began to radical develop at a quick rate. The human ability of use and understand language and speech made it easier to communicate, learn skill, and developed more specified tools such as sharps spear tips or cave shelters. From early a hominid the importance of the dominant life cerebral brain is evident in our social behavior as we evolve we think and reflect on decision.

The left hemisphere of the brain is not only distinct and unique to humans because of the special skills learned but the cognitive ability of the modules behind the behavior. Beliefs emerges as a very specific feature of our species (Gazzaniga, 141). Behaviors are changed and easily influenced by environmental pressures and biological affects upon the human species. Beliefs of that species are harder to change.

Many social beliefs are learned and society reflects a system of beliefs or a code of conduct that makes it difficult for an individual to dismiss or reject such a belief. The ability of the left brain to reason, and infer and experience is the cognitive ability to form beliefs. The beliefs are held and preserved in evolution longer than human behaviors. Human behavior is easily influenced and shaped by the environmental affects and social structures and institutions. Through this experience prejudices have developed against others passed on by simple difference, so that dominant traits will carry, and the behavior system goes unchanged.

As the behavior of humans usually remains the same, beliefs change continuously. Western civilization that personal consciousness is a product of a unified cognitive system and human action the product of a monolithic brain system (Gazzaniga, 144). Gazzaniga refutes this belief and holds that a complex form of modularity control the right and left hemispheres that create individuality and differences in human preference. The beliefs of the early humans developed in to more complex societies and ultimately in to the present globalization of the world. These early societies were centered around early religion and beliefs about their existence. The foundation of psychological thought it cognitive thought which is unique to human perception.

With different belief systems humans evolved expanded their Brains knowledge with a variety of information and important skills. This developed into the creation of institutions and the important features of modern society like school, religion, and government over the influence of individual lives. The ability of a human to continually increase their knowledge is their unique ability to reason and control their own lives and environment. the two distinctive hemispheres of the brain still control a humans physical and psychological perception of them selves in society. As an individual in the species I experience the dominate control of my brain over my senses. Recently a man stopped me as I was writing and commented on my ability to write left handed.

He explained that most left handed people are hooked left handers that turn their hand to the right imitating how a right handed person compose. He said I wrote unequally and did not color to the right way to write. I took this as a compliment, but began questioning my habit of writing. The more I thought of being a true left handed dominant writer I thought maybe this correlates with the power and strength of my right brain hemisphere. According to Geschwind, Left- handed people also make better progress than right-handers (189). I think being left handed allows for the continued important role of the Left hemisphere, but the influence in the conceptional thought is largely influenced by the right hemisphere's artistic influence.

Since I learned to write I have been very curious to why I am left handed. The dominate trait in my family is a long history of right-handed people, I didnt see from where I had evolved. For much of my life in various situations I felt at a disadvantage to the dominant norm of right-handed people. Everything in modern society is designed with the over riding assumption that humans are naturally right handed.

The reality is that the right-handedness is dominant in the population of human. However the choice of left or right hand does not mean that individual has a greater dominant left brain or large spatial dominance. What could be inferred is that the right hemispheres ability to infer information is more greatly receive in those people who demonstrate left handiness. As I researched this paper I found two opposing beliefs of the dominant choice of a particular hand. According to professor Zihlman, All human groups studied are mostly right-handed, by a ratio of a least three to one, whereas chimpanzees and other primate groups have equal numbers of right and left handers. I found this evidence interesting and can understand how the dominance of the right developed along with the specialization of the left hemisphere, creating a greater communication.

The Left hemisphere is dominant source of vocalization and communication and I understand how this is observed also in critical use of and development of tool use. I was therefore confuse by the information gathered by Geschwind who claims, left-handed individuals are equally common. In human population no more than 9 percent are left-handed (194). I believe more in the results found by Zihlman, because of the evolutionary evidence in the dominant role of the Left hemisphere and its sensory abilities. I read this book in search of more information about the control of the right hemisphere of the brain and the submissive trait of being left handed. I found little information, and I am still unclear as to why the traits present in the right hemisphere do not become more dominant in an evolutionary sense.

I think often about they way I process information and relative characteristic of my brains activity as I preform my daily task. Personally I feel as though my life in my beliefs, and the behaviors I act out are usually controlled by some aspect of the right hemisphere. I consider myself more artistic yet I also see the left hemisphere playing a key role in the fine tuning and detailed activities in the work I preform. I am definitely more educated about my own brain activity after reading this book.

I feel as the knowledge of how I collect information and knowledge from my environment and is explained by the intricate systems of the human brain. The Social brain operates as a collective cognitive system that relying on both the individual modules of the right and left hemispheres. This cognitive theory of brain activity is present in a humans conscious and unconscious neurological level of modules. The two hemisphere's of the brain creates a dual system of action, behavior and belief which is displayed by a human emotional response. The subjective reflection of these behaviors and the change of belief is the key to future human evolution. The evolution of the human brain is related to the social atmosphere and environment where the individual learns daily.

Bibliography: The Social Brain: Giuliani 10 Bibliography: Bower, Bruce. The Great Brain Drain. Science News, Vol. 138, Oct. 13 th, 1990 Gazzaniga, Michael. The Social Brian: Discovering the Networks of the Mind. New York: Basic Books Inc. , 1985 Geschwind, Norman. Specializations of the Human Brain.

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A Passion for the Quirks of the Brain. San Francisco Chronicle, July 14 th, 1996 Zihlman, Adrienne L. The Human Evolution Coloring Book. Oakville: Coloring Concepts Inc. , 1982

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Research essay sample on Hemisphere Of The Brain Left Handed

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