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I've never been one for "Love Stories, " but this one touched me in a BIG way. It happened to a friend of mine and I'll never forget the way that it changed him. For as long as I knew Sebastian he had always liked the women folk. He never, ever went through the cootie stage. I remember when he turned five years old that he bawled his eye's out because he couldn't marry a girl whom at the time was probably twelve. That was all he wanted.

He changed though somehow he changed. I will try to tell you his story the best that I can. Actually the story is about me, for I am that friend, Billy. The day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. Just the kind of day that I had been waiting for. I walked across the courtyard trying to find her.

My heart was racing about a hundred miles an hour. I kept on asking myself, "Do I have the guts?" Finally I saw her. The sunlight made her beautiful blonde hair look angelic. Her face was glowing and her lips as red as apples. I just wanted to go up to her and plant this big, wet, sloppy kiss on her that would make her forget her name. "I've got to do it, " I said to myself. I walked up to her, almost in slow motion.

When I was about two feet away she turned around and look deep in to my eyes. It was like we were looking in past our eyes down to our soul. Finally, we stood face to face. We stared at each other for at least a good five minutes when we both went for each other's lips. I closed my eyes.

When I was a centimeter away from her luscious lips, I heard a voice scream. When I opened my eyes I found myself about to kiss my history teacher Mrs. Jenkins. I jumped up and took my seat. The class was laughing hysterically loud.

My face was as red as the apple on Mrs. Jenkins desk. I felt myself sinking down into my chair like I would never crawl out of it. I thought to myself "I've got to quit day dreaming!" I was so relieved when the bell rang for lunch. I rushed outside as quick as I could. I ran to my locker and tried to crawl in it.

Just then my best friend Chris ran up to me laughing his head off. "Hey Billy! I heard what you tried to do with Mrs. Jenkins. KISS, KISS, KISS. " If it was anyone else, anyone, I would have hit him in that pretty little face of his, but since it was Chris I decided not to.

Chris is a nice guy. I've known him since we were little. He is like a brother to me. Besides he is a lot stronger than I am and probably worked me over pretty good. "Man Chris how did you find out so quick?" It was kind of a stupid question.

I mean when you go to school in a town called Cornville everything gets around. Most of us though, who went to school at Cornville High, didn't live in Cornville, it was just a good school. Chris was about to say something when his jaw dropped to the floor. It was like he saw an angel or something. "I can't believe that it's true. It's impossible. "I heard there was a new girl on campus that was prettier than anything that you had ever seen in your life, and she's coming this way. "Excuse me. I'm new here can you tell me where Mr.

Cole's class is?" I turned around and there she was! She was tall and drop dead gorgeous. She had long brown hair and beautiful big brown eyes. Her smile was unlike anything that I had ever seen. She was so beautiful that I can't describe her, it would do her injustice. My whole body went totally numb.

I was so afraid to say anything because I would just drool all over her. Was I sweating? It took everything with in me to say anything. "I I I think you " re hot! I I I mean. I think you " re not in the right hall. Actually, I know you " re not in the right hall.

I have a class right next to his next. So why don't I take you there? Huh, my names Billy, Billy Wilkins. What's yours?"My names Cindy Mc Nat. My family just moved here from Japan. " Cool a foreign girl. Billy you dog!

I started walking her to class. I turn around to look at Chris and he was still speechless. He was right though; she was the prettiest thing that I've ever seen. We finally arrived at Mr. Cole's class. Absolutely every guy in our school was just looking at her and myself.

The guy's were doing those little hand motions signaling how hot she was. I loved every minute of it! I don't think that Cindy liked it though. So I got her in class as quick as I could. "Why was everyone staring at me?" she asked. I so much wanted to say, 'cause you " re heck fine', but my judgement was a little better than that. I said, "Well, youre the new girl in town.

Everyone is just trying to get used to you I guess. Besides, no one here in town is as pretty as you. " Did I just say that? What was I thinking? I looked at her and she was taken back a little bit.

I guess by that comment. Then she just looked at me and smiled. Yes, it worked! I knew that it would work. Even her attitude is attractive. I've got to ask her out.

Check this out. "What are you doing this Saturday?"Well I thought that, maybe you would like a tour of the town by someone who knows it pretty well. "Pick you up at eight on Saturday?"Great! Well I've got to get to class. Huh see you tomorrow?" I turned around and started to walk away. I had to turn around and look at her one more time. We both turned around and just smiled at each other and then I walked away. When I was out of her sight I let out this huge scream and just started jumpin.

I went to my next two classes and all I could think about was Cindy. When I got home the first thing I did was call Chris. "Yo Chris, you " ll never guess what happened to me at school today. You remember Cindy, the new girl from school? We " re going out this Saturday!"I bet you were just dreaming again. "I thought that too. It feels like a dream but it 's not. It was real man.

She is like a dream though. Man I can't explain it. "I understand. That's kind of how I meet Charity. "Yeah, she's another new girl that I meet today. Hey not b...

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