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Example research essay topic: Men And Women Communication Skills - 664 words

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The fact that men and women are different is well known. Some of these differences are constant and some are not; some have changed in the past and some are about to change in the future. While some physical differences are obvious, some of them are controversial; in addition, psychological and cognitive differences are always divisive. Men are considered to be physically stronger than women. First, the physical duties of a household always seem to be a job for the man of the house. For example, in Punch and Judy by Dave Barry he mentions that From the dawn of human civilization, the task of inflating the inflatable pool toy has always fallen to the male.

Second, for now, men are most of the army fighting force of any country. While in Israel everyone has to go to the army, only men have to fight; women are able to do so if they like to and found physically capable. Another example is a quote of Mary Armstrong, director of Womens Studies at California Polytechnic from The Draft: Debating War and Gender Equality by Jana Larsen Currently, the (American) military assigns women a limited or adjusted role, that is, women in the military do not do all the same things as men in the military. Third, occupations that require physical effort are occupied by men. For example, most of the construction and moving workers are men and there are only men in all of the sports team that participate in to face no public important world championships. All of these duties that fall to men are due to the common assumption that men are stronger.

Men and women are also different psychologically. For Example, women have better communication skills than men. Even as young kids it is common that girls talk more and use richer vocabulary then boys. In More Statistics about Boys and Boyhood by the Supporting our sons organization it stated that Preschool girls have a greater range of emotion words (sad, love, angry) than boys and use them more often. Another case of psychological difference is reaction to stress. While men tend to react violently, women react by communicating in a friendly way.

As mentioned in Punch and Judy by Dave Barry The studies show that when males are under stress, they respond by either fighting or running away (); whereas females respond by nurturing others and making friends. Also, in the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray the author discussed a very common communication problem between men and women While Martians (men) tend to pull away and silently think about whats bothering them, Venusians (women) feel an instinctive need to talk about whats bothering them. In conclusion to that, women and men think differently end therefore demonstrate different patterns of behavior. Cognitively men and women are also different.

Currently, statistics states that boys are behind girls in school. The ad Are Boys in Trouble? by the Supporting Our Sons organization states that the typical boy is falling behind he is three and a half behind the typical girl in reading and writing. Also, mathematic related professions are occupied buy more men than women. A prove to that is the computer industry that employs more men. In addition, communication skills related jobs are occupied mostly by women.

An example to such a profession is teaching; most of the educational institutions are teaching positions are taken by women. Men and women are different in their cognitive skill and that shows up from young age, as a student, to maturity, as an adult choosing a profession. In conclusion, men and women are different in many ways, some of them are changeable. Differences such us communication skills and cognitive skills can be changed by learning. However, some differences, such us body structure and strength are not changeable and will always remain. After all, the world will be a very boring place if both genders will be exactly the same.

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Research essay sample on Men And Women Communication Skills

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