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Example research essay topic: King And Duke Lack Of Money - 1,002 words

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... with the tears running down, and bust out sobbing just to give the next woman a show Huck has never seen anything so disgusting. When he sees one of the daughters crying beside the coffin, it makes a deep impact on him (Twain 213). Not only did he experience his first bout with puppy love, he also feels compassion for an innocent victim. All right then, Ill go to hell! represents the highest point in Huck's moral development.

He has decided to go against his conscience by freeing Jim, and in doing so, reject society. While the society he has grown up in teaches that freeing slaves is wrong, Huck has evolved to a point where he can realize that what he feels is right, and that his own beliefs are superior to those of Southern civilization (Englewood 47). Jim has taught him what it is like to feel free while gliding down the Mississippi. When Huck would need safety from the dry land, Jim has always been his haven. However, the next situation Jim and Huck go through will bring another turning point -- for the worst. When Tom Sawyers relatives catch Jim, Huck decides he will get his friend back.

He sees Uncle Silas as such a good man, but fails to see that he owns slaves like all the rest. Also, just as Jim looks up to Huck, Huck looks up to Tom Sawyer, and lets his useless rescue attempts jeopardize Jims freedom. Jim does show compassion yet again when he attempts to save the Duke and King from being tarred and feathered, but there is an apparent stagnant period in Huck's development during the rescue attempt. Huck lets Tom Sawyer take the controls and sits quietly while Tom puts Jim through ordeal after ordeal (Twain 296). When it is made certain that Jim is a free man, Huck learns the truth about his fathers death and who was in the floating house at the beginning of the journey.

It is made evident to the reader that Huck thanks Jim for protecting him from the gruesome nature, and does not regret the adventures he and Jim had together. Huckleberry Finn was able to rise above the rest of society. As a young boy, he learned many things about the cruel world, and what freedom really means. Huck will never accept civilization and he will always go back to the safety net of the Mississippi River. Though there were times when he made the wrong decision, the reader must realize that growing up is a trial-and-error. Society has come a long way since the Civil War, and it is important to realize that people like the characters, Jim and Huckleberry Finn, have made freedom accessible to all that need a harbor from the dry limits of society soil (Englewood 53).

Although Huckleberry Finn seems to get into a lot of trouble, as he is dishonest at many times throughout the novel, his character seems to melt in the readers hand once his fine moral nature begins to unfold. The game Huck plays drifts him into an occasion of rare moral crisis, where he must choose between violating the entire code of social, religious, conventional behavior which the world has taught him, and betraying the person who needs and loves him most and whom he loves most. He writes a letter which tells Miss Watson that her slave, Jim, is in Mr. Phelps possession.

I felt good and all washed clean of sin for the first time I had ever so in my life, and I know I could pray now. But I didnt do it straight off but laid the paper down and set there thinking how good it was all this happened so, and how near I come to being lost and going to hell. After studying the letter he then said, All right, then, Ill go to hell and tore it up (Twain 216). Another thing that affected Huck and may have contributed to his unhappiness that brought him over the edge to run away was lack of money. Early on Huck and his father sold his fortune to Judge Thatched for a dollar. This lack of money may have put an even bigger strain on the father, causing him drink his sorrows away and act irrationally towards Huck.

This brought on the constant beatings that Huck was forced to endure until he gained the courage to fake his death, and leave his pitiful life back at the mouth of the river. Money also played a part concerning those two swindling crooks, the King and Duke. The king and Duke tried to pass themselves off as being distant relatives. Their new identity would put them at hand with a large amount of cash. Ultimately their cover was revealed. Huck is able to escape unscathed, but the King and Duke werent as fortunate as tar and feathers awaited them (Twain 318).

Drinking also plays a part in Huck's dilemmas as the story unravels drinking led Huck's father to beat him. Living in an unhappy situation such as this gave Huck reason to start out on his own adventure. Drinking also led to the Dukes easy admittance of hiding the money. In this situation, the drunkenness exhibited by both characters helped to put a hole in their cover up. While they were questioned and served a heavy punishment, it was really Huck who stole the money before all of their eyes (Master Plots). Throughout the novel Huck overcomes numerous obstacles and endures various negative repercussions to attain both emotional and physical freedom.

Twain's implied lessons were expressed within Huckleberry's moral dilemmas. The novel ends with a frustrated Huck stating; Aunt Sally shes gonna adopt me and civilize me and I cant stand it. I been there before. Although the novel ends leaving the reader with a sense that Huck is truly free, he will forever be followed by his moral dilemmas. Bibliography: Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Research essay sample on King And Duke Lack Of Money

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