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... attack, though?" said Snake. " You liar! You killed him. You must have, there was none else to, " said Meryl. " I did not.

I swear, " said Snake. " I'm sorry, Snake. I did mean to accuse you of that. I have a bad temper, " said Meryl. " That's okay, Meryl. I can relate to that. Do you know where Mega Rex is?" said Snake. " Yes, " said Meryl. " Good. Give me directions by codec, " said Snake. " No.

I want to come too, " said Meryl. " You can't. It's much too dangerous and this is will be the first time you shot anyone before, " said Snake. " But I want to. It is my lifelong dream to be like... you and my uncle. I just need to help. I will feel terrible if I don't.

Anyway, I know this base better than you, " said Meryl. " No. It's too dangerous, 's aid Snake. " I'll stop Mega Rex myself then, " said Meryl. " No, it's not worth dying. The Pentagon will make sure none of this gets out. You will be just another person who died for nothing, " said Snake. " No. I'm going to help. I'll open the door that leads to the door to the nuclear warhead storage building.

It is guarded by sensors that include lasers and sound sensitive tiles, " said Meryl. Snake closed the connection to codec. Snake went in the door that led to the storage building. He light up a cigarette. After the room started to fill up with smoke Snake could see the lasers. He carefully moved through without touching the lasers.

There was a minefield through the door. Master called Snake by codec. " Snake, the terrorists know where you are. They are sending a tank toward you driven by Raven from Fox Hound, " said Master. " Oh, joy, " said Snake. Snake closed the connection to codec. The door to the storage building opened. A tank came through the door. " Hello, Solid Snake.

The raven always kills the snake, you know, " said Raven. " Not if I can help it, " said Snake. Snake threw a chaff. grenade. His plan worked, the tank was not functioning properly. Snake jumped on the tank and shot the gunner.

He took a C 4 explosive and threw it in the cockpit. Raven jumped out of the tank just before it exploded. " We will meet again Solid Snake, yes, we will, " said Raven. Raven went through the door to the storage building. Snake hesitated to think about this and followed Raven into the storage building. Master called Snake by codec. " Snake don't use your weapons in the nuclear warhead storage building, if you do the whole base could explode or the guards will fill the room up with poison gas, " said Master. " Thanks, " said Snake. Meryl called Snake by codec. " There's one person left who can shutdown Mega Rex that's on this base, " said Meryl. " Who?" said Snake. " His name is Otacon.

He designed Mega Rex for Arms Tech. His lab is in the first basement. Find him and call me, " said Meryl. Snake went up a set of stairs and went down an elevator to the second floor. The hallway lead to a catwalk with a live electric current. Snake said to himself, " I need a remote controlled missile to shut down the electric current.

Ah, what does that box say? Nikita remote controlled missiles. " Snake took a few missiles and tried one out. He guided it through a door, around a corner, and right to the fuse box to turn off the electric current. Snake went down the hall and turned right. There was the door that led to Otacon's lab.

Snake found Otacon typing on his computer. " Are you Otacon?" said Snake. " Oh, you startled me. Yes, I'm Otacon. Who are you?" said Otacon. " Solid Snake, " said Snake. " Wow! Your Solid Snake, " said Otacon. An electronic ninja came in the room. " Oh, no, " said Otacon. Otacon hid under his computer table. " Hello, Solid Snake.

Do you remember me from Zanzibar? This time only one of us will live, " said the ninja. Snake threw a chaff. grenade.

to disable the ninja's electronic system. Then he shot the ninja with his pistol. He did this repeatedly and eventually the ninja fell to his knees and put both hands on his head while screaming. " Ah, we will meet again Snake, " said the ninja. The ninja left the room. " Otacon, you can come out now, " said Snake.

Otacon came out but Snake didn't see him. " Where are you Otacon?" said Snake. " Over here, " said Otacon. Otacon suddenly appeared. " How did you do that?" said Snake. " I used stealth camelflauge, " said Otacon. " What's that?" said Snake. " My invention. It reflects the light to make you invisible. Here, take one, " said Otacon. " Thanks, " said Snake. " Take this level 10 card key. Find Meryl, then go to the control towers, " said Otacon. Snake went to the second basement and found Meryl.

She showed Snake a secret passageway towards the control towers. They came to a room that looked like someone's office. Psycho Mantis appeared in the room. " So, I have waited for this day many years, the day you die, " said Psycho Mantis. Psycho Mantis hypnotized Meryl so she attacked Snake. Snake knocked out Meryl.

Psycho Mantis tried to hypnotize Snake but couldn't. " Ah, you are not afraid of anything because you are a true warrior. I can't control you!" said Psycho Mantis. Snake snuck up behind Psycho Mantis and put a C 4 on his back. Snake said, " By Mantis. " Then Snake pushed the button to explode the C 4.

Before Mantis died he moved a bookcase that led to the control towers. " I wanted to be known all over the world for my psychic abilities, that's why I joined Fox Hound. I wanted to use my powers for evil. I made my father jump off a cliff when I was 3. The only good thing I ever used my powers for was to that bookcase for you. So go through and kill Liquid Snake for me, " said Psycho Mantis. Snake and Meryl went through the door to the control towers. " Wait this passage is a minefield.

I know the path, " said Meryl. Meryl went around all of the mines without getting blown up. " How did you know where all the mines were?" said Snake. " When Psycho Mantis read my mind I saw where all the mines where placed, " said Meryl. Snake followed Meryl's path. " Ahhh, " yelled Meryl. Meryl was shot. " Sniper Wolf shot me. Take my sniper rifle and shoot her, " said Meryl. Snake aimed and shot Sniper Wolf.

She was onto the control tower. Some guards came and took Meryl and Snake away. Snake was in a torturing device that ran an electric current through his body. Snake was put in a cell after the torturing. Snake hid under the bed in his cell when the guard was asleep. When the guard woke up he opened the cell to try and find Snake.

Snake came out from under the bed and shot the guard to death. He then went to the control towers. At the top Liquid was waiting for him in his H 4 helicopter. Snake shot him with some stinger missiles. Liquid's helicopter blew up and he ejected. Snake went towards the building Mega Rex was being stored at.

All of a sudden he was shot. He looked around and saw Sniper Wolf. Snake then shot Sniper Wolf to death with his sniper rifle. Snake then went through a door that led to the blast furnace. Snake went across a ledge to get to a catwalk. He went down two flights of stairs to another door.

He went down two elevators. Master called Snake by codec. " Snake, I think Naomi is working for the Pentagon, " said Master. " It can't be. If the Pentagon finds out about our mission they " ll blow up the whole base, " said Snake. Snake closed the connection to codec. Snake saw ravens flying overhead. Snake go " So Snake, we meet again, " said Raven.

Snake hid behind a box and shot Nikita remote controlled missiles at Raven repeatedly. Raven finally was about to die. " Snake, I will open that door for you. Think of it as a natural gift from me to someone unnatural, " said Raven. Snake went through the door.

It was the room with Mega Rex. Snake climbed to the top of Mega Rex. He looked in a door Liquid and Ocelot were talking. " Once we get launch Mega Rex we " ll be able to take over the world and make Russia a superpower once again, " said Liquid. Ocelot saw Snake and shot his hand and he dropped the pal key. Snake went down where he dropped it. He saw a giant rat eat it.

He used his sniper rifle to shoot the rat. He went back to Mega Rex and put the pal key in. A mechanical voice said, " Activation code entered. " Oh, no what have I done?" said Snake. " Thank you Snake, " said Liquid. " You are a fool Snake, following orders blindly. The only reason You " re here is to poison all of us so the Pentagon can get Mega Rex.

You have been injected with Fox Die. It is a disease that simulates a heart attack. You killed Decoy Octopus and the Arms Tech president with it. So brother, are you sorry you killed your own father? Yes, Big Boss, the one you killed in Zanzibar. We are exact clones of him, " said Liquid.

Liquid jumped in Mega Rex. Snake shot the power conductor with stinger missiles. The ninja came and cut Mega Rex inhale. Liquid died. Snake got Meryl and a jeep and left. Liquid got behind them and tried to ram them.

Snake shot Liquid and he almost crashed. There was a cliff ahead. Meryl swerved and the jeep fell on Meryl and Snake crushing their legs. Liquid got up and was about to die but. " Ahhhhhhh, Fox Die, " yelled Liquid. Meryl and Snake drove in to the sunset on a snowmobile.

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Research essay sample on Nuclear Warhead Electric Current

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