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  • Commerce - 683 words
    A video case study titled Opportunities for investing online; Secrets to success in Chapter # 3, page 144 of the textbook talks about the future of e-commerce. Through the use of my existing knowledge and recent articles in various publications, I have made an attempt to update the above mentioned article. Electronic commerce, or e-commerce as it is widely known, is a brand new phenomenon in sales and marketing. As per a recent article in the Wall Street Journal dated June 18,1999 titled overall revenues on the net, e-commerce generated about $ 5.9 billion in sales in 1998. This is about 0.2 % of the total retail sales. Further, the same article stated that it is expected that this number w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commerce, electronic commerce, customer service, online trading, trend
  • Electronic Commerce - 1,346 words
    Introduction2 History of E-commerce..4 Economic Impact5 Advantages of E-commerce5 Disadvantages of E-commerce...7 The Future of E-commerce.9 Summary...11 References.12 Electronic commerce, or e-commerce has developed very rapidly in the last few years and has left some people wondering what it is all about. "Most people think e-commerce is just about buying and selling things over the Internet" (Wareham, 2000). E-commerce is a broad term describing the electronic exchange of business data between two or more organizations' computers. Some examples might be the electronic filing of your income tax return, on-line services like Prodigy, on-line banking and on-line billing for services or produ ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commerce, electronic commerce, business information, business activities, on-line
  • Electroinc Commerce - 900 words
    One of the fastest growing industries today is electronic commerce. Almost anything can be purchased, traded, or sold all via the Internet. A person sitting in their living room dressed in pajamas on a rainy Saturday morning in mid December can hookup to the internet and place their bid on a new chess set for the holidays without ever setting foot in the department stores. They can pay for it with their credit card through a secure transaction and have it delivered right to their door in a couple of days for less than they could get it retail. An article by Jan Thomas said that the electronic commerce industry is booming and that it has grown at an alarming rate of over 2000 percent since la ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commerce, electronic commerce, internet commerce, store manager, computer system
  • Commerce - 973 words
    Should the study of religion be left to religious people? Write an essay of not more than 1200 words. Assuming that religion here has the same meaning as one of the definitions referred to in O U Block 4 Unit 14 (and in particular is an activity caught by Ninian Smarts The Nature of Religion, A5 Resource Book 3) we still need to know what is meant by religious people before we can properly answer the question posed for this essay. By religious people, presumably the question is not referring to theologians but ordinary people who follow a particular religion. If that is the case then it is felt that the study of religion should be left to religious people. However, this is not without its pr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commerce, good and evil, ordinary people, university press, strive
  • Commerce One - 1,041 words
    Commerce One Inc. (Nasdaq: CMRC) and SAPMarkets, Inc., the SAP AG (NYSE:SAP) subsidiary, today announced they will deliver their joint e-marketplace solution for the Integrated Business Exchange (IBX), throughout the Nordic region. The independently owned open exchange, founded by Ericsson, SEB and b-business partners will link buyers and sellers of goods and services across all industries and countries in the Nordic region. IBX will run on MarketSet(TM), the joint solution recently developed by Commerce One and SAPMarkets. As Commerce One and SAPMarkets' first joint Nordic customer, IBX will become a leading B2B e-marketplace in the Nordic region and join the Commerce One Global Trading Web ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business commerce, commerce, product strategy, northern europe, hans
  • Ctronic Commerce - 1,390 words
    Initially, the Internet was designed to be used by government and academic users, but now it is rapidly becoming commercialized. It has on-line "shops", even electronic "shopping malls". Customers, browsing at their computers, can view products, read descriptions, and sometimes even try samples. What they lack is the means to buy from their keyboard, on impulse. They could pay by credit card, transmitting the necessary data by modem; but intercepting messages on the Internet is trivially easy for a smart hacker, so sending a credit-card number in an unscrambled message is inviting trouble. It would be relatively safe to send a credit card number encrypted with a hard-to-break code. That woul ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commerce, electronic commerce, serial number, private network, browsing
  • Nergy And Commerce Committee: Lighting The Way Of The Future - 1,543 words
    America beings her trek into the 21st Century with a very rocky start, for the prices of gasoline and crude oil are continually increasing, the stock market perpetually slowing down, a shortage of power supply for the entire state of California and several other states nation wide, plus the threat of a recession lurking around the corner; these are among the many obstacles that are blocking Americas road to success. Congress will attempt to emend these issues, plus numerous others, in order to keep American and her citizens on the fast track to victory and individual glory. In lieu of all of the energy and technological problems the 107th Congress will be forced to combat over the next eight ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commerce, lighting, consumer protection, technological advances, continual
  • Nergy And Commerce Committee: Lighting The Way Of The Future - 1,472 words
    ... aw to enhance the privacy of online shoppers. Energy: He wants to be the Houses principle figure now that the debate over federal fuel and electricity policies are climbing national agendas. Environment: He wants to rewrite the superfund statute (PL 96-510) to increase business flexibility for dealing with hazardous waste and to limit their responsibility for the waste problems they inherit from others (Ota). Among the topics not fully listed are the ever increasing gasoline and crude oil prices, as well as the energy crisis in California. During the last year and a half the price of crude oil and petroleum products have drastically increased from twelve dollars a barrel in February 20 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commerce, lighting, natural resources, wildlife refuge, jimmy
  • E-commerce - 1,060 words
    H2>You Hold the E The technology of today is vastly innovative and beneficial to those who know how to manipulate it. The Internet era is unfolding, anybody can now log on to their computers and take care of their financial business, online in the comfort of their own homes. This is called e-commerce, within the past few years; companies have been excited with the idea of online shopping and connecting with customers worldwide. This is mainly because of over exaggerated headlines, outrageous market appraisals and so-called instant billionaires. The hype began in 1994, when the Internet and the World Wide Web gained popularity; companies competed to be the first ones out with convenient onli ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: e-commerce, real world, security measures, world wide web, streams
  • Analysis Of E-commerce And Keys For Succesful Companies - 1,228 words
    The number of American households shopping on the Internet is increasing every month. In the month of February, 13.5 million households shopped online compared to 13.3 million in January. Per person spending increased from $228 in January to $308 in February (Enos, 2001). Old Economy companies have taken notice and are moving quickly to embrace this new sales channel. These companies realize that the use of the Web will help to cut costs, find new customers and keep the ones they have (Schoen, 2001). A recent survey by InformationWeek Research found that 65% of respondents say the percentage of their companies total revenue being generated by E-business grew in the past twelve months (Murphy ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: e-commerce, keys, succesful, export control, privacy issues
  • Analysis Of E-commerce And Keys For Succesful Companies - 1,153 words
    ... E-MAIL MARKETING E-mail is a strategic tool for driving web site traffic, facilitating transactions, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones (, 2001). Digital River helps with the development and execution of the e-mail marketing campaign. They help analyze buyer information, and help develop specific offers to those buyers. They handle the deployment of the e-mail campaigns and then analyze the response rates to these offers via their Enterprise Campaign Management (ECM) system. ENTERPRISE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT (ECM) With ECM, Digital River helps a company target the best performing segments of their market. A Web based interface allows the client to define, c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: e-commerce, keys, succesful, marketing services, high performance
  • Industry Analysis Report On E-commerce - 641 words
    Just about everyone in America has at least heard the term E-commerce. However, many people are not familiar with the history of it or the many forms in which it occurs. E-Commerce is defined as the exchange of goods and services over the Internet. According to the 2000 Government Census 1 out of 5 people have purchased something online. However, the U.S. Department of commerce says that only 1% of all retail trade in the U.S. was made over the Internet. There are many different reports available about the growth of E-Commerce, however they pretty much all stick to the same general idea: there has been incredible growth in the past, but it is now starting to slow. E-commerce has been around ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: e-commerce, industry analysis, government agencies, online trading, census
  • Multilateral Responses To E-commerce - 1,764 words
    The advent of the new economy has already produced a sizable body of literature. This paper does not attempt to discuss all the issues involved in the new economy, but aims to extract the implications for the international regulatory framework and to provide guidelines for necessary changes. It will thereby focus on the establishment of standards, on policy co-ordination and on taxation. The new economy is sometimes seen as the herald for a truly borderless world. However, since the internet requires substantial prerequisites concerning technical infrastructure and human capital, some worry that the developing countries will be left behind. The paper addresses this fear of a growing 'technol ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: e-commerce, multilateral, world wide, gross national, output
  • E-commerce - 1,096 words
    Through e-commerce, auctioning giant eBay, which started out with monthly revenue of $1,000, has experienced an explosion of growth after its shares took off from $18 to $47. This e-commerce success is also reflected by the popularity of retail giant, which ranks among the worlds most visited sites. This site allows consumers to choose a book they like, enter their credit card number and receive it a few days later. The popularity of both and eBay stretches past North American markets and represent household names all over the world. Even though the success of large corporations attains to the global opportunities presented by e-commerce, small businesses also reflect t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: e-commerce, business model, small business, global marketplace, delivering
  • Madison - 499 words
    Madison's demand was interpreted as a prelude to war. The embargo was passed promptly by Congress, and it expired on June 1. On that date, no satisfactory solution having been offered, Madison addressed his war message to Congress. He told Congress that "our commerce has been plundered in every sea," that Britain was intent on destroying American commerce "not as supplying the wants of her enemies, which she herself supplies; but as interfering with the monopoly which she covets for her own commerce and navigation." Madison also made an allusion to British participation in recent Native American uprisings and to other "injuries and indignities ... heaped on our country." He also condemned th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: madison, declaration of war, new england, separate peace, american
  • Cival Rights Act 1964 - 1,990 words
    When the Government Stood Up For Civil Rights "All my life I've been sick and tired, and now I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired. No one can honestly say Negroes are satisfied. We've only been patient, but how much more patience can we have?" Mrs. Hamer said these words in 1964, a month and a day before the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 would be signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. She speaks for the mood of a race, a race that for centuries has built the nation of America, literally, with blood, sweat, and passive acceptance. She speaks for black Americans who have been second class citizens in their own home too long. She speaks for the race that would be patient ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: black civil rights, civil rights, civil rights act, civil rights acts, civil rights bill, civil rights legislation, civil rights movement
  • Fdrs Influence As President - 2,006 words
    Some have called him the best president yet. Others have even claimed that he was the world's most influential and successful leader of the twentieth century. Those claims can be backed up by the overwhelming support that he received from his citizens throughout his four terms in office. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt began a new era in American history by ending the Great Depression that the country had fallen into in 1929. His social reforms gave people a new perspective on government. Government was not only expected to protect the people from foreign invaders, but to protect against poverty and joblessness. Roosevelt had shown his military and diplomatic skill as the Commander in Ch ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fdrs, president franklin, president franklin delano roosevelt, president harry, president harry truman, president hoover, president john
  • Wwi - 1,104 words
    War solves problems, but the wastefulness of war can only be felt by the peoples families, friends, and of course, the person in the trenches. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, dying at the hands of other war soldiers whose only purpose is to kill. Bloodshed all over the world because of greed and the human lust for power and fame. The World Wars were fought over cruelty and punishment toward Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Throughout the years there have been many wars fought over many different disputes or different reasons. This report will touch upon some of the many effects that the World Wars led to. The human loss from the war was mainly from the USSR. At the time, Germa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: different types, first year, human life, fame
  • Farmer Dbq - 854 words
    During the span of 1880-1900 farmers began to feel as if their ways of life were being threatened. Farmers felt that a competition with railroads in monopolies and trusts, currency circulation shortage, and the powerful forces of Mother Nature seemed to be putting them in debt or even out of business. However, not all of the currency circulation shortage complaints could be brought up against the government, monopolies, and trusts. Over production, and bad weather accounted for these problems, which made the farmers complaint's not completely valid. Competition was a major contributing factor to farmer discontent. Farmers were constantly competing with monopolies and trusts. Railroads were p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: farmer, foreign market, mother nature, interstate commerce, america
  • The Transatlantic Slave - 2,910 words
    From the 1520s to the 1860s an estimated 11 to 12 million African men, women, and children were forcibly embarked on European vessels for a life of slavery in the Western Hemisphere. Many more Africans were captured or purchased in the interior of the continent but a large number died before reaching the coast. About 9 to 10 million Africans survived the Atlantic crossing to be purchased by planters and traders in the New World, where they worked principally as slave laborers in plantation economies requiring a large workforce. African peoples were transported from numerous coastal outlets from the Senegal River in West Africa and hundreds of trading sites along the coast as far south as Ben ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african slave, slave labor, slave ship, slave trade, transatlantic

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