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  • Ho Chi Minh Second World War
    1,387 words
    The 1950 s was not a particularly good decade for France. The Fourth Republic, which had been established in the aftermath of the Second World War, remained unstable and lurched from crisis to crisis. Between 1946 and 1954, there had been a war in French Indo-China, between a nationalist force under Ho Chi Minh and the French. The war was long and bitter and towards the end, the French suffered the ignominy of losing the major fortress of Dien Bien Phu to the guerrillas on 7 May 1954. An armisti...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civil war, de gaulle, second world war, ho chi minh, communist party
  • Leon Trotsky Karl Marx
    1,112 words
    George Orwell grew up a devout and dedicated socialist in the British colonies of India and even when he eventually studied and lived in England. He was loyal to the beliefs and followings of socialism's fathers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the authors of The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. However, when Orwell saw the ideals of Socialism turned into vicious Communism, taking advantage of and abusing the lower classes that it was intended to help, he could not turn a blind eye to the cr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: karl marx, animal farm, leon trotsky, joseph stalin, seven commandments
  • A Marxist Reading Of Romeo And Juliet
    1,120 words
    A) Write a critical commentary on key aspects of either Act 2 Scene 2 or Act 3 Scene 5. B) Indicate briefly how you would read this extract using one of the approaches studied so far in Peter Barry's Beginning Theory other than the liberal humanist approach. ACT 2 SCENE 2 Part A Act Two, Scene Two of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a romantic and poetically lavish scene. This emotionally abundant section of the play contains the love passages and fanciful imaginings of the young lovers. But wh...
    Free research essays on topics related to: part of the play, romeo and juliet, act two scene, beginning of the play, act 2 scene 2
  • Similarities And Differences Life Expectancy
    497 words
    In the early seventeen hundreds, after the establishment of both New England and the Chesapeake, many similarities and differences arose between the two settlements. Some of the similarities and differences included such things as family life, economy, life expectancy, and society. In the Chesapeake area, the life expectancy and general healthiness of the settlers was dangerously low. Diseases like malaria, typhoid, and dysentery had a deadly effect on the inhabitants of the area, cutting 10 yea...
    Free research essays on topics related to: similarities and differences, life expectancy, chesapeake, family life, class distinctions
  • Animals On The Farm Animal Farm
    592 words
    H 2 style = "align: center">Describe the part Old Major and Benjamin play and the impression they had on you. Which of the two seems to you more important in the events of the story? Old Major was a stout-looking boar of twelve years of age. He was wise and benevolent. He was highly regarded by the other animals on the farm. It was Old Major who, one night, dreamt of a world where all animals were equal and Man was no more. He told his dream and visions to the animals. If Man were remove...
    Free research essays on topics related to: benjamin, animal farm, animals on the farm, h 2, pigs
  • Stamp Act American Revolution
    722 words
    Many factors influences the American rebellion known as the American Revolution. Though political influences existed, the American Revolution was primarily an economic rebellion, because of conflict over taxation and representation in Parliament. The colonists had strong beliefs that the English government was unfair and often tyrannical. The conflicts over trade, taxes, and government representation brought about the revolution that began shaping the United States as it is today. Although there...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american revolution, british troops, representation, stamp act, colonists
  • Orwell Message In Animal Farm
    1,455 words
    ... class consciousness, which is expressed by John Newsinger, There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Orwell's sympathies are with the working class (the farm animals) in their revolutionary overthrow of Farmer Jones and establishment of a workers's tate (Animal Farm). What follows is the story of the betrayal of the Russian Revolution and rise of Stalinism, of a new privileged class, told as fable. The chosen form of the novel inevitably involves simplification but the extent to which thi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal farm, george orwell, desire for power, nineteen eighty four, leo tolstoy
  • The Battle Of Algiers Terrorism Torture Ethics
    1,524 words
    The Battle of Algiers The Battle of Algiers, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo, produced in 1966 depicts the 1950 s Algerian war of independence with chilling authenticity. Cast almost entirely with nonprofessional actors, and filmed in documentary neo realist style in the serpentine alleys, stairways and archways of Algiers Muslim Kasbah. Pontecorvo used newsreel film stock, telephoto close-ups, and a percussive, hard-driving musical score to create a swiftly moving political thriller (Hornaday). It...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rights violations, law and order, relevant information, innocent people, torture
  • Working Class Thought Police
    1,007 words
    ... him. In The Immorality Of Capitalism, Marx describes the inevitable collapse of capitalism and the united revolution of the working class proletariat. The proletariat working class in Marx's philosophy are represented by the proles of 1984. Although the proles make up 80 % of the population, they are barely mentioned in the novel. The question remains, why did Orwell's proles not rise up as they should have according to Marx? The reader gets the impression that the proles are really seen as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: big brother, winston, working class, thought police, proles
  • Declaration Of Independence Continental Congress
    965 words
    The American Revolutionary War was a conflict between the 13 British colonies and Great Britain that lasted from 1775 - 1783. The revolution had many causes. Long-term political, economic and social changes in the colonies prior to 1750 contributed to the United States forming an independent nation with its own political institutions. The French and Indian War (1754 - 1763) also changed the relationship between the colonies and Britain. The Stamp Act crisis in 1765 and subsequent conflicts led t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: common sense, american revolution, continental congress, declaration of independence, independent nation
  • East India Company British East India
    1,644 words
    ... left hanging from trees along their line of march. At Back-ke-Serai, five miles from Delhi, they met the main army of the mutineers and though the British won the field they failed to destroy the sepoy army which fled back to the protection of the walls of Delhi. The British established themselves on Delhi ridge, a thin spur of high ground to the north of the city. There, two months after they had been forced out of the city, the British once again looked down on the massive ramparts of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: secretary of state, east india company, hindus and muslims, women and children, british east india
  • Blade Runner Ridley Scott
    1,507 words
    The Eyes Of An Owl Future has interested people since the early days of civilization until present time. The technological progress of the nineteenth century gave birth to such literary term as science fiction. Herbert Wells, one of the fathers of science fiction created the term robot. The rapid development of science in the twentieth century made possible the creation of robots and brought humankind close for the creation of the artificial intelligence. Contemporary science fiction literature ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: artificial intelligence, slave owners, twentieth century, ridley scott, blade runner
  • Relationship Between God Adam And Eve
    1,428 words
    Gods Covenants With Humanity Bible history reveals the Jews were not always faithful to God. Church history confirms the same is true of Christians. Human beings within any religious system are capable of adjusting or distorting their understanding of God will for expedient social purposes. But, deviant theology has no effect on Gods truth. Gods truth is everlasting. Civilizations come and go, but God and His truth remain forever. So, what was nailed to the cross? In a sentence, two covenants we...
    Free research essays on topics related to: relationship between god, covenant, roman army, adam and eve, god and man
  • Member Of The Greasers Ponyboy Curtis Johnny
    972 words
    Book Report On The Outsiders Author: S. E. Hinton Character Analysis: Ponyboy Curtis Ponyboy is a fourteen-year-old member of a gang called the Greasers. His parents died in a car accident, so he lives alone with his two older brothers, Darry and Soda. He is a good student and athlete, but most people at school consider him a vagrant like his Greaser friends. Sodapop Curtis Soda is Pony's handsome, charming older brother. He dropped out of school to work at a gas station, and does not share his ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: johnny, pony, ponyboy, socs, greasers
  • Today World Seek Revenge
    641 words
    Boredom and Its Victims in Arthur Miller? s The Crucible When bored, people tend to portray or act differently to either attract attention or change society. The girls in The Crucible are bored of Puritan life and want to do more to get more fun out of Salem life. Boredom led the girls to perform sins that the Puritan society disagrees with entirely. In The Crucible By Arthur Miller, boredom proves to be a catalyst for murder. The girls in Salem wanted more attention and more out of Puritan life...
    Free research essays on topics related to: seek revenge, today world, act differently, arthur miller, puritan society
  • Animal Farm Karl Marx
    911 words
    George Orwell once said the Animal Farm, an anti-Soviet satire, was the first in which I tried, with full consciousness of what I was doing, to fuse political purpose, and artistic purpose into one whole. Animal Farm has masked as a manuals guide for many governments around the world. Orwell wrote Animal Farm as an attempt to make people notice the cruelty of Stalin's way of governing, Russias new government and his opinions of revolutions. The goal of Animal Farm was to get people to open their...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal farm, seven commandments, karl marx, russian revolution, joseph stalin
  • Husband And Children Love
    793 words
    In Kate Chopin's The Awakening Edna Pontellier awakens to the realization that she is a person and not the possession of her husband. When she awakens she realizes she is in an oppressive society and that she is no longer one of the mindless member of the majority but an individual whos passion conflicts the responsibility that society feels she should be dedicated to. She finds true love but realizes that to follow it would mean defying the majority and losing her family and everything she had....
    Free research essays on topics related to: duty, selfish, awakening, edna, edna's
  • Plantation Owners Current Situation
    1,061 words
    Kenneth Stammp writes of A Troublesome Property, that is bondsman in a peculiar institution. Stammp makes all the right assertions as to why the plantation owners and overseers were not wise to the tricks that slaves would use to get out of work, or to even escape. Most slaves would use yes man tactics in order to fool their masters into believing they were content in their current situation. Most masters believed they understood their slaves, and most slaves apparently made no attempt to discou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: runaways, plantation owners, masters, fake, current situation
  • Cuckoo Nest One Flew Over The Cuckoo
    591 words
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo? s Nest In our study of this novel of rebellion, and protest. The ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoo? s Nest is microcosm of a much larger world, where power is too often misused and individuality is stifled for the sake of conformity. By using Chief Broken as the Narrator Kesey pulls the reader right in to the middle of this by taking the only character that can shed light on all of the dominant themes present in the novel. Which are Kesey? s views on the feminist movemen...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nurse ratched, cuckoo nest, one flew over the cuckoo, big nurse, mc murphy
  • King Hundred Years
    1,546 words
    Coromantien was a part of Africa, which in the seventeenth century was one of the chief resorts of the slave traders. Its king was a man of more than a hundred years old. Thirteen of his sons died in battle, and he had left for a successor one grandchild, called Oroonoko. He was sent into the field to be trained to war as soon as he could bear a bow. At the age of seventeen he became one of the bravest and most expert of captains. The old General, a father-like figure, who had trained Oroonoko i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hundred years, king , captain, oroonoko, white men

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