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  • United States Senate Foster Dulles
    799 words
    The question of whether The United States was right to enter into the Korean war is not a geo military question, but rather an ethical one. Was the US just in their decision? To respond to this dilemma, we look to Just War Theory as our guide. Just War Theory denotes the inevitability of war, distinguishing between a moral and immoral war. The basic qualifications for a Just war involve a defensive or Punitive war. An offensive war is usually the immoral one. Aristotle helps to justify Just War ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: korean war, public opinion, united states senate, foster dulles, war theory
  • The Central Valley Agricultural Coalition
    1,422 words
    The Central Valley (also known as the Great Valley) is one of the most developed farming communities in the United States, and possibly the world. It is over four hundred and thirty miles long, and an average of fifty miles wide (about the size of England). It is totally enclosed by mountains including the Sierra Nevada. It is about one of the worlds largest valleys stretching from Redding to Bakersfield. It has two main water supplies, which are the Sacramento (from the north) River, and the Sa...
    Free research essays on topics related to: drinking water, valley, farm workers, parts of the world, solutions
  • The Central Valley Agricultural Coalition
    1,309 words
    ... to the houses) would be about $ 6500 -$ 9000 for a half an acre property, and $ 5000 -$ 7500 for one quarter of an acre. This is just an estimate according to Tom Kelley, (see bibliography). Our second proposal involves desalinization. Desalinization is the process of making salt water into good drinking water. Renewing U. S. leadership on desalinization technology will yield untold benefits, a quote from Paul Simeon says that we are running out of water, but look, 80 % of the world is cover...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cost effective, saudi arabia, drinking water, gallons of water, university of california
  • Second Stanza Human Spirit
    964 words
    O Goddess! hear these tuneless numbers, wrung By sweet enforcement and remembrance dear, And pardon that thy secrets should be sung Even into thine own soft-couched ear: Surely I dreamt to-day, or did I see The winged Psyche with awaken'd eyes? I wander'd in a forest thoughtlessly, And, on the sudden, fainting with surprise, Saw two fair creatures, couched side by side In deepest grass, beneath the which " ring roof Of leaves and trembled blossoms, where there ran Mid hush'd, cool-rooted flowers...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human spirit, thy, stanza, second stanza, psyche
  • Lot Of Really Expensive Pipe Wrench Louie
    1,168 words
    It all happened so fast; it felt like a dream. I wish I could tell everybody my story but no one is listening now. Yeah, that was the best: the dreams we had. Nothing mattered except for those otherworldly dreams. Every day, Louie and I would wake up, whether it be in a high school boiler room or a urine-soaked alley, and talk about what we dreamt. He used to always have dreams with that Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters in them. We talked about it for a while and came to the conclusion that Lou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: detroit, backpack, expensive, louie, mattered
  • Massive Amounts Hard Drives
    1,492 words
    ... pick up a bag of Pizza Rolls and a bottle of Mountain Dew. Internet advertising during the. com mania - and even now - expects people to click on the damned banners. Which smart people don't do. But the banners still can be worthwhile. I am increasingly encouraged by correctly targeted advertisements (like Seagate ads on hard drive sites) and "general interest" ads like ones for McDonald's that don't expect us to click on the things when we see them. Alas, we cannot order cheeseburgers over ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: search engine, massive amounts, video card, hard drives, mp 3
  • Make The Reader Full Moon
    1,201 words
    Both the stories we were asked to read contain elements of mystery. They both are designed to make the reader think and make their own conclusions about what is going to happen at the end. The stories make you want to read on to find out what is going to happen. The stories are designed to trick you in to believing what you think is going happen but in fact it doesnt. They do this by placing Red Herrings in to the story to confuse the reader. There is also often a twist at the end of mystery sto...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stranger, mystery, full moon, hardy, make the reader
  • Long Time Ago Bilbo Baggins
    903 words
    The hobbit, a story of adventure and danger is a prime example of a romantic plot, and fantasy genre. What makes this story such a great example of a romantic plot? One, the unlikely hero, Mr. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit that is dragged on an adventure he doesnt wish to take. Second, there is a great quest with a reward at its end. Third the great teacher figure, Gandalf is a wizard that helps Bilbo to become the great hero he is destined to be. And lastly the dragon figure, in this story the drag...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bilbo, long time ago, bilbo baggins, lonely mountain, lake town
  • Psychological Factors Social Factors
    1,086 words
    ... in order to enhance an already-existing feeling of well-being. Some people also use cigarettes in order to stimulate them (Thompkins, 1966). Since the start of writing this essay, instead of smoking in my break, I made the conscious effort to eat something instead and realised that I subconsciously would usually have a cigarette, when working, to help me concentrate. Thompkins (1966) also noted that some people use smoking for the pleasure of handling the cigarette. This is much more typical...
    Free research essays on topics related to: psychological factors, behaviour, young people, social factors, al 1998
  • Stone And Mortar Pile Of Bones Fortunato
    1,065 words
    "The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge" (77). The short stories main character, Montresor, gave this quote to an unknown person about his adversary, Fortunato. Montresor swears to himself that he will take revenge on Fortunato. The Cask of Amontillado, written by Edgar Allen Poe, tells the story how Montresor lures Fortunato to the catacombs to implement his plan. Montresor's revenge is premeditated, in hopes of successfu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: montresor, fortunato, amontillado, vaults, wine
  • Crabbe Tries To Solve Silent Sam Problems
    598 words
    Crabbe Essay In Crabbe, the author tries to prove that a that running away is not a solution tools problems, and there are many problems that come with a solution like that. He shows the reader, how a young adult is withdrawn, and not only runs away physically, but also socially. In the physical aspect, he runs away from everyone. He wants to hide in the woods, to stay away from society. He thinks that they are the main aspect of his unhappiness. On the social aspects, he smokes, drinks, and sta...
    Free research essays on topics related to: withdrawn, silent, smart, brings, socially
  • Courageous Black Stallion Miz Liz Alec
    211 words
    The Courageous Black Stallion! Here is a tale of an incredibly courageous black stallion. Down on Hopeful farm there is a guy named Alec Ramsay. One night he couldnt sleep because he knew something was wrong. He got up and went to the barn where on a desk there was a paper about the insurance on the barn, it said it was canceled! There was a horse, Miz Liz, that Snappy, the foaling guy, was supposed to foal. Instead he was cooling bacon and smoking his pipe in the top of the barn which was the t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bacon, barn, liz, pipe, alec
  • Four Stroke Engine Piston Moves Gasoline
    302 words
    The four stroke engine is divided into three basic parts the intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion stroke and the exhaust stroke which all lead to the ability of the engine to get the car into motion and allow humans the ability to drive automobiles. The factors, which affect the automobiles ability to move fluently, are the concentrations, temperature, surface area and a catalyst, which are all present in order to have a smoothly running car. Cars are used everyday by billions of people...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stroke, exhaust, four stroke, piston, gasoline
  • Twin Sequential Turbochargers 3 Rd Generation Turbo
    624 words
    I am deciding whether to get a 3 rd generation or 2 nd generation Mazda RX- 7. The 3 rd generation was made from 1993 - 1995 and is known as the RX- 7 Twin turbo or FD 3 S. The 2 nd generation that I am considering was made from 1989 - 1991 and is known as the RX- 7 Turbo II or the FC 3 S. The FD has a more modern rounded look, kind of like a Dodge Viper or the Chevy Corvette C 5. The FC is a little less rounded but more sharp or square, like a Porsche 944. To begin, the power is a little differ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: isn t, upgrade, turbo, seconds, cheaper
  • Coronary Artery Disease 20 Th Century
    952 words
    There are many things today which cause us harm. One can spend virtually an entire day listing the hazards faced by modern society. However, none of these hazards are as deadly as a habit millions of Americans bring on themselves twenty to thirty times a day. Smoking is the cause of a multitude of medical problems that plague not only the individual smoker, but everyone else as well. Smoking is defined as the inhaling and exhaling of the fumes of burning plant material, especially tobacco, from ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carbon monoxide, 20 th century, lung cancer, risk of developing, coronary artery disease
  • Heroin Reaches Heroin Users
    653 words
    HEROIN Heroin is a highly addictive drug derived from morphine, which is obtained from the opium poppy. It is a downer that affects the brains pleasure systems and interferes with the brains ability to perceive pain. Heroin can be used in a variety of ways, depending on user preference and the purity of the drug Heroin can be: Injected into a vein (mainlining). Injected into a muscle Smoked in a water pipe or standard pipe, mixed in a marijuana joint or regular cigarette Inhaled as smoke through...
    Free research essays on topics related to: high doses, heroin users, heroin, injected, heroin reaches
  • Withdrawal Symptoms Drug Free
    1,134 words
    What do fatal Heroin Heroin What do fatal overdose, spontaneous abortion, collapsed veins, and infectious diseases all have in common? They are all serious health conditions that might occur if someone is abusing opiates. This includes heroin, also known as di acetyl morphine or dia morphine. Its abuse is more widespread than any other opiates. In this paper, opiates and heroin will be deeply discussed and their major effect on society. What does it mean to be drugged? It means losing your healt...
    Free research essays on topics related to: morphine, withdrawal symptoms, heroin, drug free, opiates
  • 19 Th Century Smoke Detector One
    1,204 words
    The Toilet Thomas Crapper SanitationYesthose tales youve heard are true. The toilet was first patented in England in 1775, invented by one Thomas Crapper, but the extraordinary automatic device called the flush toilet has been around for a long time. Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1400 s designed one that worked, at least on paper, and Queen Elizabeth I reputably had one in her palace in Richmond in 1556, complete with flushing and overflow pipes, a bowl valve and a drain trap. In all versions, ancien...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rod, smoke, ink, ball, 19 th century
  • Pipe Dream Main Theme Reader
    483 words
    Andrew English AP English Essay All My Sons By: Arthur Miller Arthur Millers All My Sons is a perfect example of a literary work that builds up to, and then reaches, an ending that simultaneously satisfies the readers expectations and brings all the plays themes to a dramatic conclusion. As the past slowly bubbles up into the present, the reader begins to need certain confrontations and certain judgments to occur. The finale that Miller deftly crafted for this play is filled with a dramatic iron...
    Free research essays on topics related to: circle, chris, keller, miller, main theme
  • John D Rockefeller Standard Oil
    775 words
    John D. Rockefeller is one of the most famous names in American business, finance, and philanthropy. Rockefeller is known for making his fortune in the oil business. He was actually the world? s richest man at one time. This paper will discuss his background, how he accumulated his wealth and his generosity to society. Rockefeller was born in Richard, New York in 1839, the son of a peddler. At the age of 14, Rockefeller? s parents moved to Ohio. While living in Cleveland, Rockefeller went to sch...
    Free research essays on topics related to: standard oil, oil business, john d rockefeller, rockefeller, oil industry

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