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  • Korean Mobile Phone Industry - 499 words
    Although the Korean economy has grown rapidly in recent years, while appearing to maintain sound macroeconomic fundamentals, it experienced a foreign exchange crisis at the end of 1997 in the wake of severe financial turbulence in several South-East Asian economies. Faced with the threat of a default on its external debt, Korea received a $57 billion rescue package led by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the beginning of December 2001. Despite this package, the exchange rate continued to decline, while interest rates doubled to 30 per cent by the end of the year. Although financial markets have stabilized somewhat since the beginning of the year and some of the exchange-rate overshoo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: korean, mobile, mobile phone, phone, phone industry
  • Electronic Revolution - 996 words
    ... n) A new revolution called computers is taking the world by storm. Many companies, such as Apple Computer and Tandy, introduced very successful personal computers in the 1970s. Augmented in part by a fad in computer, or video, games, development of these small computers expanded rapidly.(Carlton, p. 358) The direct or indirect influence of computers is now nearly universal. Computers are used in applications as diverse as running a farm, diagnosing a disease, and designing, constructing, and launching a space vehicle. Science is a field in which computers have been widely applied from the start. Because the development of computers has been largely the work of scientists, it is natural t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer revolution, electronic devices, revolution, personal interview, communications services
  • Cell Phone Phreaking - 877 words
    Cellular Phreaking The cellular/mobile phone system is one that is perfectly set up to be exploited by phreaks with the proper knowledge and equipment. Thanks to deregulation, the regional BOC's (Bell Operating Companies) are scattered and do not communicate much with each other. Phreaks can take advantage of this by pretending to be mobile phone customers whose "home base" is a city served by a different BOC, known as a "roamer". Since it is impractical for each BOC to keep track of the customers of all the other BOC's, they will usually allow the customer to make the calls he wishes, often with a surcharge of some sort. The bill is then forwarded to the roamer's home BOC for collection. Ho ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cell, cell phone, cellular phone, mobile phone, phone, phone number
  • Personal System - 1,269 words
    Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Personal Systems based on the style of living in Dubai. Identifying all Inputs and Outputs of daily living and tracing all sources of supply and charting the movement of demands. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is enjoying strong economic growth as a result of the rise in oil prices which began with OPEC production cuts in March 1999. While the UAE has a relatively diversified economy for a Persian Gulf oil exporter, the collapse in oil prices from late 1997 to early 1999 resulted in a decline in real gross domestic product (GDP) of 5.0%. Real GDP growth for 1999 was 9.5%, and it is projected at 10.5% for 2000. The UAE is a federation of seven emirates - ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mobile phone, running water, growing demand, federation, africa
  • Developmental Psychology - 1,830 words
    ... her will not condone this giving the child a fear of castration. Secondly it is at this stage the boys first love is his mother who belongs to his father. Therefore the child learns to hide his desire for his mother in turn avoiding castration. The girls fall in love with their fathers but because of envy, the father has a penis and she does not this is known as, Penis Envy. Believing that the mother has castrated her the girl will feel inadequate subsequently wanting a baby instead and therefore directed her love to her father. Whereas boys fear the father who they deem to be the more powerful because he has what the child wants and the threat of castration Freud believed that although ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: developmental, developmental psychology, psychology, ideal self, human nature
  • Wire Wars - 1,552 words
    The war over the health hazards of cellular phones is beginning to mount. The idea that cellular phones possibly cause cancer became an issue in 1993 when a gentleman sued a cell phone manufacturer saying that the phone caused his wifes brain tumor and eventual death (Greenwald, 67). Both sides of the issue continue to blur into one gray area. The battle lines, no longer clearly defined. Research is being undertaken through every organization from The American Cancer Society to the FDA. Although there is no definite answer, more and more evidence is rolling in about the dangerous, possibly cancerous, affects of radiation emitted from the antenna on the cellular phone, into the brain. America ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wire, scientific community, united states, brain cancer, definite
  • Community Development - 1,333 words
    ... ween Hazel Stutley, Philip Trenoweth, (Health Visitors), local police, education officials and representatives from Carrick Council. 2. Coffee mornings were set up and attended by council officials and police to encourage enemies to confront each other in a civilised manner and sort out their differences. 3. The Penwerris Tenants and Residents Association was formed. 4. A successful bid for 2.2 million of government funding was put in for central heating and energy efficiency measures throughout the estate. 5. The Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership was set up, a multi-agency group fronted by residents on the estate. As a result of the efforts of tenants and with the assistance and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: community action, community development, long term effects, hard facts, exam
  • The Ubiquitous Mobile - 734 words
    Snap!Snap!Snap! Your privacy has just been invaded by someone who has taken a photo of you in the dressing room, with their new camera mobile phone! Is this what the latest technology intended to provide for us? I dont think so, and this is why I think mobile phones can be a really distracting, and in this case, an offensive tool, despite being a powerful form of telecommunication. These always, new-up-and-coming devices can cause financial hardships, by people changing life style habits just to accommodate the purchase of them. Most people are aware of this, however their immutable minds doesnt stop reminding them to send that extra SMS- message or dial that extra number. Mobile phones take ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mobile, mobile phone, ubiquitous, dressing room, good life
  • How Safe Are Mobile Phones? - 1,019 words
    Millions of people own a mobile phone these days, and ever since they have been around scientists question the fact of they are safe or not. Do they cause tumors, earaches, mercury poisoning? All these health risks are mentioned in every article I found. But nowhere could I find anything that was sure if mobiles did cause all of the above. This is where science fails us. The problem is that mobile phones are still too new to know the long-term effects on human. Mobile phones give of a radiation of radio frequency round 10MHz to 300Ghz. But so do other appliances. Why does mobiles especially get put in the picture of being hazardous? Soon it will be clear whether the radio frequency emissions ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mobile, mobile phone, multiple sclerosis, side effects, yahoo
  • Mobile Phones In Business - 1,815 words
    Introduction to Mobile Phone Mobile Phone is a wireless device that emits RFR (radio-frequency radiation) to transmit data and allows people to communicate anywhere. It can be carried anywhere as long as there is a signal transmission. There are three types of Mobile coverage, which are: AMPS, GSM and CDMA AMPS (Analogue Mobile Phone System) It is an analogue signal and system for transmit data and be used for mobile communication. The strength of this system is it has a better network coverage than GSM. However it is the most insecure mobile phone. This system is also going to be closed in Australia until end of 2000 as the government states that analogue signal make the frequency too crowd ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business people, mobile, mobile communication, mobile phone, phone number
  • Advertisers Sell Images Not Products - 1,201 words
    The definition of advertising is outdated. It was previously, to endorse a product and praise goodness to induce the public to buy. They are now brainwashing consumers to buy their products using images to sell the product. The advertisers aim is to make the product look as good as it can through an attractive image. There are statistics, which I obtained from a Dolly Magazine, 16th May 2000, which proves that one out of four people in Australia buy a product because of the image shown in the advertisment. The images are eye catching and mention something important about the product. Ultimately it is true that, Advertisers sell images, not products. The environment plays a very important rol ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: body language, natural environment, important role, logo, dennis
  • The Hitchhiker - 1,423 words
    Id watch out dear. Warned the frail old woman. Her eyes were slanted with concern. Her creased forehead frowned at her young granddaughter, Jennys, response. Grandma, you know I make the trip back to Summer Ville by myself every Thursday evening. I can look after myself just as well as a man. Its just its only Dont fret grandma. Said Jenny, in a soothing tone. She slipped her manicured hands around her grandmother in a reassuring cuddle, relishing the moment. She was aware of how much her grandmother meant to her, especially after her own mother had been brutally murdered three years before. She carefully withdrew her arms and peered directly into the old womans eyes. She noticed the gleam o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hitchhiker, rock music, on the road, paying attention, knocking
  • The Conspiracy Against Thought - 1,764 words
    We only need to switch the T.V on. News bulletins, headlines, 'Breaking News' alerts keep flashing periodically on the screen throughout the day. We get news updates on our mobile phone, we get them in our mail, it's there on the coffee-table, and it's there flashing on billboards. Nerves under strain and being jarred by an overdose of information inflow is the hallmark of living in this century. We are living through the information explosion. Ask any youngster born, bred and baptized in the spirit of the age, and you will be astounded by the lack of information, interest and concern they have for bigger things in life beyond narrowly personal trivia. It is clearly an absurdity. This widesp ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conspiracy, economic conditions, black hole, electronic media, churning
  • Overview Of The Advertising Industry In The Uk - 1,157 words
    I. Introduction The UK advertising industry has been at the forefront of the global market for several years now and is set to stay that way. The reason the advertising industry in the U.K has become world leader is due to a number of factors, primarily due to the strong economic structure in the U.K at present, but also a result of a number of political, economic and commercial events that have required active promotion. British advertising has gained a reputation over the past years as being the worlds most creative and effective, with adverts such as the Tango campaign, Hello Boys and Levis pushing the industry to the forefront. II. Market Analysis 2.1 Market Size The UK advertising marke ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, advertising industry, overview, purchasing power, purchasing power parity
  • Shifting Technology From Pagers To Cellular Phones - 1,116 words
    ... difference between analog and digital cellular? Commercials about a 100% digital network scream from the TV. Print advertisements' black ink blare the magic of "digital" wireless services. More and more wireless services are touting the benefits of an all digital network. So what exactly is the big deal with digital and how does it compare to analog cellular technology? Here's a look at where digital and its predecessor cellular technology came from and where's it going so you can decide if your wireless phone should talk digital or not. In the 1990 North America started going digital because they need to increase capacity. In March of 1990 they picked digital cellular which cut down the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cell phones, cellular, cellular phone, digital technology, mobile phone, shifting
  • Marketing Mix Of Nokia 7210: Why It Reaches The Young Demographic - 1,344 words
    The product, which I have chosen for this assignment, is the mobile phone Nokia 7210. The Nokia 7210 phone has a new keypad layout and a versatile four-way scroll that makes it easy to navigate the high-resolution colour display. (Http1) Polyphonic sounds played through a speaker give improved sound quality for ringing tones and message alerts. The Nokia 7210 tri-band phone operates in three networks - EGSM 900 and GSM 1800/1900 - providing coverage on five continents. The Nokia 7210 phone is one of the first to have a Pop-Port interface connector. It supports advanced functionalities, such as digital enhancement identification, stereo audio, and fast data connectivity. Target Market: Teenag ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: demographic, marketing, nokia, young people, product life
  • Marketing Mix Of Nokia 7210: Why It Reaches The Young Demographic - 1,374 words
    ... of upgrading their phone by exchanging their old phone. Shopping: While for some people this might be classified as shopping. They are more likely to buy the phone when they need it and will be looking at its quality and whether it will suit them. The price is usually quite high but most customers are willing to pay this price (http2). The distribution of this phone is usually in specific mobile phone shops and websites that sell mobile phones. Although the Nokia 7210 can now also be found at Hyper Markets or large stores such as Tesco. The promotion of this phone is more carefully targeted at the teenagers/ young adults. This is done by a range of advertisements targeted at this market. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: demographic, marketing, nokia, nokia phones, human side
  • Marketing Mix Of Nokia 7210: Why It Reaches The Young Demographic - 1,354 words
    ... f pricing for the Nokia 7210 is :- * Customers: When pricing the Nokia 7210 it is very important that the company look at the target market in this case it is teenagers and young adults. Therefore the price o the Nokia 7210 cannot be extremely expensive as the target market will no be able to afford it. The Nokia 7210 price ranges from 299.95 - 2 19.99. This can be considered as quite expensive, Nokia have tried to put the price as low as possible considering all the faculties it has with it. The Samsung T100, which also includes similar features as the Nokia 7210, has a price range from 329. The phone was also put out in the Market in late October this was intended so that it would be a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: demographic, marketing, nokia, nokia phones, young people
  • Marketing Mix Of Nokia 7210: Why It Reaches The Young Demographic - 1,351 words
    ... one efficiently and get technical advice from Nokia own experienced staff. Distributor Characteristics. Many customers are buying a technical product such as mobile telephone, they want to know as much as possible about the phone and how it will benefit them, this is why Nokia mainly distribute their phones to mobile shops. As staff are trained so that so that they can give customers advice and information about the mobile phones. Nokia have two forms of distribution channel structure this is the direct supply via the Internet as Nokia sell directly to their customers through the Internet. Also Nokia have the short channel as the phones go from producer to retailer. Strategy Nokia distri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: demographic, direct marketing, marketing, nokia, nokia phones
  • Analysis Of Mexico's New Tax System - 1,201 words
    ... ption. Beverage Companies: Bottlers that make syrups for soft drink dispensers will have to pay a 20 percent production tax if they use corn sweeteners. The 10 percent tax on soft drinks would apply mainly to drinks made with high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener imported from the United States and which competes with Mexico's struggling sugar industry. Only drinks made with sugar cane would be exempt from the new tax. The tax on using corn sweeteners may encourage beverage producers to use Mexican-grown sugar cane as their main raw material. I (we) know that sugar cane, besides being subsidized, is more expensive than higher fructose, so even if bottlers decide not to use corn sweetener ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: judicial branch, income tax, world trade, beverage, adequate

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