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  • Women And Pilgrimages - 749 words
    Women and Pilgrimages I want to start discussing the question about the way authority and hierarchy were reinforced with the fraise that I found in one book source: usurpation of the Catholic church's monopoly to Biblical interpretation. In this case we should look into the Bible to find the place for a woman in the society, especially in the times that were guided by the strict commandments and rules. If we go one thousand years ago, we cannot ignore how important social frames were as a cornerstone for building civilization. A woman could not be treated as a prophet based on the historical record of the Bible. Through pilgrimages, only men gained their honor and places in church hierarchy. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: the bible, pilgrimage, divine, hierarchy, obey
  • Women In Buddhism And Hinduism - 731 words
    Women in Buddhism and Hinduism In Buddhism the place of women is an inferior one, which stems from traditional, cultural, and social values of Asia. Although females can accumulate good karma, they can rarely attain Nirvana and therefore must wait until they are born as men. In Hinduism the role of women is downgraded as well and no act is to be done according to her will. A woman must always be cheerful and clever in the household business and keep the furniture well cleaned. She must always have a free hand. She must have only one husband, even if he dies. If a woman commits adultery, she must be burned to death and all property a couple may acquire belongs to the male. In Hinduism, a woma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hinduism, buddha, buddhism, hindu, serving
  • Women In Southeast Asia - 2,390 words
    Women in Southeast Asia An Indonesian activist writing in 1996 claimed the male-dominated regimes and masculine political cultures encouraged by these men created a politics that is competitive, heavily dependent on military force and infused with aggressive macho political habits. Feminine political culture, in contrast, reflects the legitimacy of the people. It is a political culture of calm, radiating, listening tolerance. He goes on to ponder why Cory, Suu Kyi and Megawati, managed to become important opposition leaders (Peletz 89). His explanation or answer is two-pronged. On the one hand, a spirit of resistance slowly arose as a result of living under the siege of a political culture w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: southeast asia, gender, regime, political culture, southeast
  • Women Of Afghanistan part 1 - 3,446 words
    Women of Afghanistan For many women all over the world discrimination is a serious problem. The US has shown some progress when it comes to this issue by allowing women to file lawsuits against discrimination. Although the US has shown some improvement, that is not the case in all countries, especially in Afghanistan. For the women of Afghanistan being discriminated against is a way of life. Women are seen as second-class citizens under the rule of men and these men are the cause virtually all of the problems that the women of this country face today. It would probably be best to start of with a little history of Afghanistan so that way the events that lead up to the Taliban taking over are ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: afghanistan, united states, united state, soviet union, taliban
  • Women Of Afghanistan part 2 - 3,446 words
    ... lot to say is not seen as informative; instead she is seen as opinionated and obnoxious. To go along with that when a woman feels passionate about something she is talking about and is expressing this passion, she then is categorized as bitchy, pushy or as it being that time of the month because she is so hostile about what she is saying. A woman is never seen as devoted or right about a topic she speaks. Why is that? I do have a lot to say and for once I want to be taken seriously. I want people to judge me on what I am saying and debate with me about the topic at hand. I do not want people to judge and debate what I say just because I am a woman that does have an opinion and that is ri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: afghanistan, united states, united state, taliban, family member
  • World Literature Culminating Essay - 975 words
    World Literature Culminating Essay Human rights issues are taking on new focus in the new millennium. Economic and social rights are a paramount concern as the link between adequate and inadequate living standards. Governmental and non-governmental organizations are realizing that some countries take precedent over other countries when it comes to human rights. In the new millennium, cases that violate human rights are being taken more serious than ever before. However, there are still many people who claim that still it is not easy to be human, since your rights are not respected, which unfortunately happens in the world nowadays. I believe that the situation with human rights is better tha ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human rights, world literature, sinclair, emil, ease
  • World Order: Theoretical Interrogations part 1 - 3,457 words
    World Order: Theoretical Interrogations It is not a secret that today America is the most influential country in the world. Americas rise to world power is a consequence of the nations geographical position, natural resources, and dynamic energy. (Carpenter 1992, 74) For relatively short period, America became so strong that today it is a single superpower in the world. After the First World War, the European nations assumed that the United States would continue to involve itself in international matters, particularly in helping to reconstruct Europe and help maintain the balance of power. However, America showed no inclination to become involved. On the one hand, this was seen in Europe as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: united states, united state, world order, world government, foreign policy
  • World Order: Theoretical Interrogations part 2 - 3,457 words
    ... terms about the long-range future of the security system. Nitze succeeded Kennan at the PPS and it was his NSC68 written in 1949, which became the blueprint for American grand strategy in the cold war. Its analysis of Soviet intentions and capabilities set the tone and framework, at the highest levels, for US relations with the Soviet Union. The US reaction to the perceived Soviet threat was to be one of containment. The notion of rolling back the gains of communism however, was never actually pursued. NSC-68 argued for a massive military build-up in order to contain the Soviet Union and maintain American credibility. Now into the Twentieth Century the United States is a power of imperia ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: united states, united state, cold war, foreign policy, soviet union
  • World Situation - 677 words
    World Situation Where is this world going? As we start the new century, many are looking back over the last 100 years. What do we see? More wars than can be counted. Only in the 2nd World War one hundred million people died. Right now, there are 30 serious wars in progress. AIDS is sweeping many parts of the world. 10 million children are involved in the sex industry around the world! One million children enter child prostitution every year. 40,000 of the 100,000 prostitutes in Bangkok are 14 or younger. In Sri Lanka there are at least 10,000 boy-prostitutes, who receive one dollar per day. Although some illnesses have been beaten, others have found new resistance. Malaria kills 3 million ch ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ukraine, prostitute, realistic, organization's, malaria
  • Women And Equality - 2,260 words
    Women and Equality Equality of man has been one of the most pursued activities throughout human history. Mankind has made several mistakes during this long quest for a prejudice-free society. However, in order for humans to continue evolving in the making of ourselves as better, we must look back at these mistakes and learn from them. Women's suffrage is an applicable topic when discussing this. If we look back upon the injustices that women faced, then perhaps we can look ahead and spare ourselves from serving injustices like these to anyone again. Society has always placed a second-class rank upon women. However, this issue is not nearly as severe as it always has been. During the late 19t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: feminist, women's, feminists, civil right, civil rights

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