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  • William Wallace The True Story - 1,802 words
    For generations, William Wallace has been a hero to Scotland and a patron of freedom. After Mel Gibsons portrayal of Wallace in the award winning movie, Braveheart, there was a dramatic rise in the popularity and recognition of the Scottish hero. The story of William Wallace has been passed down through many different generations. These generations include people of English, Scottish, and Irish decent, a few among many. All of these different cultures have passed down different versions of stories and records about William Wallace. Since there are many different stories about the same man, historians and scholars find it difficult to determine the actual truth about William Wallace and his p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: true story, wallace, william wallace, king edward, english army
  • William Wallace Scotlands Braveheart - 1,053 words
    in January of 1272 and died Aug. 23 1305. William Wallace led his people in battles to defeat the English. He was the second of three son's. Was born and raised in a town called Elerslie. His Father Malcolm Wallace owned a certain amount of land under his title(a knight) and lived a relatively peaceful life. Wallace stood at 6 foot 7 inches. Which was a giant in the 13th Century. He had incredible strength. He was very well educated by a monk and was to be one himself someday because traditionally the second son had a career in the church. He did not and became a warrior instead. A very brave and noble warrior. Where he became the countries "braveheart" The story of Wallace really doesn't st ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: braveheart, wallace, william wallace, work cited, colour
  • William Wallace - 1,461 words
    William Wallace was born in a little town called Elerslie, in Scotland, around January 1272. "He was the second of three sons to Sir Malcolm Wallace" (Waters). His mother taught him his basic education, until he was six to seven years of age (Chung). At this time and age, the second male son of a family was obligated, by tradition, to obtain education by a clergy member of a monastery, and eventually become a clergy member himself. It is unknown, by historians, how William averted this tradition (Ewart). During this time the English king, Edward Plantagenet I, also called Edward de Longshanks (McHale), was taking over Scotland. The king of England issued all the people of Scotland to pay hom ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wallace, william wallace, basic information, french king, liberty
  • The Tower Of London - 1,596 words
    The Tower of London has been many things over the years such as a fortress, a state prison, a zoo, an armory, repository for the crown jewels, a home for Tudor monarchs, and today a museum. Inside the tower walls has been the last sight for many of its prisoners. Although there were some prisoners that have escaped the tower walls and fled to neighboring countries. William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066 defeating Harold II. Duke William of Normandy built on to the existing castle in 1078. He then ordered the construction of what is now called the White Tower. It is said to have been completed in 1097. It is called the White tower ever since Henry VIII had it whitewashed. The Tower is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: london, tower, english army, holy cross, stroke
  • Summary British History - 1,497 words
    ... o invade England and closed every church in England. Finally in 1214 John gave in. In 1215 John hoped to recapture Normandy, but his nobles lost their trust in him and did not want to fight. Magna Carta and the decline of feudalism John was forced to sign a new agreement called magna carta. This promised protection for all freemen. It was not for the entire population, because the nobles only thought for themselves. Magna Carta was recognized by every king after John and was used until the sixteenth century. Chapter 5 The power of the kings of England Johns reign marked the end of the struggle between Church and state. This struggle was for both power and money. The Church wanted the kin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: british history, illustrated history, summary, the bible, magna carta
  • Societal Commentsand Historical Inaccuracy In Braveheart - 1,755 words
    William Wallace, Joan of Arc, George Armstrong Custer, and the list goes on of the people or groups of people who have had historical films made about them and their accomplishments or blunders. Many of these films have different areas in which they indirectly comment on every aspect of life from the roles of women to a particular look at social class. The idea that film is a medium in which a director can comment on the ills of society has been around since the first motion picture was made. The problem with this fact is that directors and producers often change the historical facts and even the attitudes of the characters in order stimulate public interest through the striking of some comm ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: braveheart, historical facts, historical figures, historical significance, societal
  • Societal Commentsand Historical Inaccuracy In Braveheart - 1,713 words
    ... rrey, was the English commander and he regarded Scotland as a whole nation not to be associated with in any way25. The day before the battle he outlined his plan. Warenne ordered the English army across the Stirling bridge over the river Forth and onto a piece of land that was surrounded on three sides by water. Soldiers fighting for the English king would then conduct a full frontal assault on the Scots who held the high ground26. The Earl of Surrey was so confident of the superiority of his troops that he spent no real amount of time planning for the battle. On the morning of the battle the crossing was begun and reversed several times as Wallace pursued diplomatic options in an effort ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: braveheart, societal, university press, military history, ambition
  • The Tale Of A Martyr - 496 words
    The Tale of a Martyr The majestic Scottish countryside is a truly beautiful setting for an inspiring movie. Braveheart is a great epic about courage, betrayal, bravery, and most of all, freedom. Many epic films have a great, almost unattainable quest. This epic, much like Bravehearts predecessors, has a purpose. Scotlands quest for freedom from the tyranny of Englands rule had been a dream that the main character, William Wallace, made a reality for his countrymen. This breath-taking movie perfectly depicts this struggle of Braveheart is based on the actual life of the great Scottish patriot, Sir William Wallace. The fact that this man had died for his country in one of the most painful, hum ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tale, main character, epic hero, william wallace, fascination
  • Tyrannys - 1,188 words
    Throughout time, there have been many forms of governments who have successfully and unsuccessfully ruled it's people. One type of government that has been tried and still is in use in many parts of the world involves the oppressive and tyrannical rule of it's citizens. Many people today do not know and appreciate the value of our Republic government and the freedoms we wield. I intend to further expand your knowledge and exemplify why the effects and high costs of an aristocratic, oppressive, tyrannical government are both unjustified and immoral. History has proven that aristocratic, oppressive governments have failed to successfully rule, provide for the common welfare of it's people, and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: living conditions, supreme power, military action, raising, ensuring
  • Freedom - 959 words
    Freedom is something not what a lot of people can have. Sometimes people have to fight for it and some die in the process. Freedom is the reason of why a lot of wars start. People have been fighting for freedom for a long time. The word freedom means: being free; independence; honorary citizenship. There are many different types of freedom, but they all mean the same thing in one way or another. Some of the different types of freedom are freedom of information act, freedom from slavery, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. Sometimes you have freedom without knowing that you have and sometimes you think you have it but in reality you don't have it because some bod ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: freedom of expression, freedom of information act, freedom of speech, famous people, luther king
  • The Devolution In The Uk - 329 words
    Devolution is a process of taking power from a central authority or government and giving it to smaller and more local religions. In our situation, the central authority in the UK is England; smaller religions are Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scotland = Caledonia Scotland fought with England until the beginning of the17th century, when Scottish king James VI became James I, king of England. He united England and Scotland in a personal union. In 1707 Queen Anne established formal union of England and Scotland. The United Kingdom of Great Britain originated. The best known Scottish heroes were William Wallace and Rob Roy. In 1997 there was a referendum in Scotland and the nation decid ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: devolution, northern ireland, united kingdom, second language, anne
  • The World Has Been Intelligently Controlled - War On Terror - 2,229 words
    August the 2nd 1990 Saddam Hussains forces crashed the defenses of oil rich Kuwait in fear of an Iraqi invasion into Saudi Arabia. The United States and her coalition allies poured into the Arabian Peninsula to form a deterrent that would be known as Desert Shield. The result was a series of diplomatic talks, negotiations and count negotiations that rapidly declined into a no hope situation. On August the 17th 1991 the Desert Shield became Desert Storm. The conflict was witnessed by millions through the eye of CNN and the BBC showing propaganda of the systematic eradication of Saddam's forces by a coalition far superior in technological, political and economic power. However what was little ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first world, intelligently, new world order, terror, world order
  • Irish Bagpipes (brian Boru Pipe) - 1,520 words
    Irish Bagpipes (Brian Boru pipe) The bagpipes have been a huge part of Irish music for many years. Today the bagpipe is synonymous with Scotland, but the pipes really came from Ireland. The earliest bag pipes date back to 4000 B.C. in the Middle East, where a bagpipe is found in Chaldean sculptures. This evidence shows it is ancient, certainly as old as the harp and nearly as old as the drum. Greeks, Egyptians and Romans all marched to the sound of the pipes to battle. As for Ireland, a seventh-century account at the palace of Da Derg in Bohernabreena, County Dublin, lists people who came to pay homage to King Conaire the Great in 35 B.C., tells of nine pipers who came from the fairy hills o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: great irish, irish, william wallace, henry iii, barbados

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