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Welcome! This essay ghostwriting service is for you if:

  • you already are a student or just applying to be a student
  • you do not feel confident you can do the assignment on your own
  • you are busy with some other stuff like your job, hobby, family or sports
  • you are short of time and the deadline is pressing

Did you know that even Hillary Clinton has hired a ghostwriter for her memoirs? Sometimes the most talented, bright and famous people might need assistance. There is nothing wrong with that. If you hire us, you can be sure that even if you become a President in the future, we will keep our mouth shut, so nobody is going to find out you ever used our services. We guarantee, we pledge, we swear. Word of honor.

We do not disclose customers’ names, do not publish materials written for them, and we do not need to know the destinations of papers written. We silently establish a nondisclosure contract with you that strictly prohibits us from any mention of our participation in your project. is online since 2002. Impressive, ha?

Yes, it is. We are not some green fellas wanting to earn several bucks here and there. We are real monsters of custom writing!

We know every tiny bit there is about essays, reports, research papers, presentations, and other things that students deal with on their way to graduation.

You give us your instructions and requirements, set the deadline, make the payment and we start off. If you are not sure about a thing, just drop us a line. Any time of the day, any day of the week. We will figure out how to help you, be sure of that!

Over the years, we managed to gather a team of qualified and trustworthy guys, called freelance ghostwriters, who do the research and the writing. These guys are waiting for your orders this very moment you are reading it! They have different backgrounds, they are motivated and driven. We disrespect losers who cannot meet deadlines and do not employ them.

Please realize one simple thing: we want you to come back and use our services over and over again. This is why we better make sure our writers are good at what they do. There are thousands of people with great skills and knowledge - we hire the best of the best, we keep track records, and do valuations based on customers’ feedback.

Concerned about plagiarism? Plagiarism is bad. We all know it. It is bad just because it is not right to steal (a text or a wallet – does not matter). It is also very bad because a student can get into some serious trouble if suspected of plagiarism. We do not plagiarize for both reasons. We think that there is no point for you to pay us for some stolen piece (you can cut/paste yourself, right?) and we refuse to pay lazy cheaters as well.

Thank God it is very easy to verify originality of any paper. All schools do it and we do it too. We scan for plagiarism everything that we send to our customers. You can even request a copy of the plagiarism report – just to be sure!

Just FYI, the free essays on our website are not essays written for our customers. These are job application essays written by our potential writers to demonstrate their writing skills. Not all of them were good and not all of the applicants were hired, but the essays are still on the website so that you know the difference between quality job and just an essay.

You are probably wondering whether you will get an A grade if you order from us.

Well, we actually do not promise you any grades. We guarantee you a quality research, quality writing, proper referencing, following your individual instructions and free revisions. We believe it is your job, however, to make sure you are turning in a paper that satisfies your personal standards, and, more importantly, your instructor’s requirements. It means that you will need to read the paper carefully and see if it requires any corrections or adjustments. We provide numerous prompt revisions until you are completely happy with the result.

When you are a student, deadlines seem to be stalking you. They are pressing and stressing you out. With, they are NOT passing!

We can save your situation and do a paper in as fast as 12, 6 and even 3 hours. These orders cost more because they have priority over longer-term projects. So, if you are on a budget, it is best if you place your order in advance. When you are setting us a deadline, please always remember to leave sufficient time before your actual school deadline for any possible revisions.

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  • $29.95 - within 12 hours
  • $33.95 - within 6 hours
  • $39.95 - within 3 hours
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