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  • Sharp Corporation - 798 words
    SHARP CORPORATION: Technology Strategy Sharp Corporation was established in 1912 by Tokuji Hayakawa as a small workshop. The Company was a small, second-tier assembler of TV sets and home appliances which competed mainly on price. However in the early 1970s Sharp Corporation focused on technologies which competitors ignore , developed expertise in certain electronic devices, such as integrated circuits and liquid crystal displays (LCD) and used them to develop innovative end products. As a result, Sharp Corporation consistently improved its performance so that, by 1992, it was regarded as a world leader in opto-electronics and a premier comprehensive electronics company. Sharp Corporation is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, sharp, bell labs, competitive advantage, innovation
  • Target Corporation - 2,007 words
    ... rice to revenue ratio more than doubled since 1995 when it was only .23. Target Corporation has been very efficient, which reflects a return on equity of 20.2% in 1999 compared to 9.9% in 1996. Inventory turnover was relatively low at 6.3 in 1999. It is one of Targets main areas of concentration. Profitability can be seen by comparing net profit after taxes to net sales resulting in a net profit margin of 3.5%. In 1999 Target Corporation also displayed a gross profit margin of 31.7%. The liquidity is displayed using the current ratio and the quick ratio. The current ratio of 1.1 has decreased since 1996 when it was more favorable at 1.4. The quick ratio also decreased by only one tenth o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, target corporation, target stores, team building, gross profit
  • Mcdonalds Corporation - 1,108 words
    1. Why has McDonalds sustained its prosperity for so long? McDonalds has built its success on a legendary operating system. McDonalds designed its operating system to ensure consistency and uniformity across all outlets. Operating procedures guaranteed customers the same quality of food and service. I analyze the key factors of McDonalds operation system as a five Ps of operation management. McDonalds was more concerned with getting quality. To ensure the quality and taste, they controlled suppliers products beyond the price and standardize detailed of processing. 2. Planning & control system- Developing outstanding supplier relationships The working definition of TQM that was developed for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, mcdonalds, advertising campaign, quality control, brochures
  • Hummer Corporation Analysis - 958 words
    I am writing to you in regards to the Hummer's target market. According to AM General's market research , Hummer's market is divided into four categories: the realist, the discerner, the conqueror, and the adventurer. The realist considers Hummer for its practical purposes, and will therefore make use of the vehicle's off-road prowess. The discerner is a connoisseur for the finer things in life, who appreciates Hummer's status, but is unlikely to go off-roading. The conqueror is a successful person who wants people to know it, who appreciates Hummer for its exclusivity and attention grabbing looks. The fourth type of buyer is the adventurer, who wants to take the Hummer off-road. By analyzin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, hummer, baby boom, market research, trends
  • Corporation - 735 words
    CORPORATION. The three main forms of business ownership are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. In terms of size, influence, and visibility, the corporation has become the dominant business form existing in the United States, Canada, Japan, the nations of Western Europe, and in most other free-market economies. Origins. The first corporations were towns, universities, and monastic orders in the Middle Ages. They differed from partnerships in that they existed independently of any particular membership, and all assets and holdings belonged to the corporation itself. A unique feature of corporate ownership was spelled out by the English courts during the 15th century in a legal ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chrysler corporation, corporation, modern corporation, economic growth, santa clara
  • William Roy And Contemporary Corporation - 1,327 words
    William Roy's conception of the contemporary corporation focuses on the merger wave of the 1890's during which which many large firms turned to public capital markets to facilitate mergers. The change that occurred in corporations was when they went from a public sphere to a private sphere. Two sectors, manufacturing and financial, came together at this time. In this book Roy criticizes the efficiency theory and relies heavily on the power theory. He felt that with the efficiency theory, anything that was done was done to maximize profits at that given time in history. The power theory looks back on history and relies heavily upon it. The main transformation that has occurred in corporate Am ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: contemporary, corporation, consumer goods, economic development, compete
  • Bill Gates And The Microsoft Corporation - 1,456 words
    Bill Gates - you love him, you hate him, maybe you should get to know him. The founder of the Microsoft has a lot of admirers and we can tell that for sure just by looking at his fortune. There are however people who not only despise him, but dedicate entire web-sites to criticizing him and his company; if you are one of those people you can check out (access will not be granted if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer). Some have even gone as far as throwing pies in his face... Its an irony that one of the worlds smartest people didnt even finish college. In 1975 he dropped out of Harvard to form an informal partnership with Paul Allen, Micro-soft; they invested all their time ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bill gates, corporation, microsoft, microsoft corporation, microsoft internet explorer
  • The Demise Of Polaroid Corporation - 1,311 words
    All good things must eventually come to an end. Polaroid was founded by a brilliant Harvard University dropout in 1937, Polaroid Corp., which filed for bankruptcy protection on October 12th 2001, went from making 3-D glasses, desk lamps and filters for gunsights to become the number 1 maker of instant cameras in the world. Polaroid has proven to be an influential force throughout the decades. Polaroid developed a heat-seeking missile equipped with miniature computers, during the Second World War. Polaroid remained busy with military tasks, making filters for aerial reconnaissance, binoculars and gunsights, as well as inventing infrared filters, dark-adaptation goggles and target finders. The ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, demise, polaroid, polaroid corporation, toronto star
  • 3com To Fix Cultural Communication Within The Corporation - 555 words
    In this paper I will be making proposal/suggestions to the 3COM Corporation as if this was a new company. I will try to alleviate the cultural communication differences. This proposal hopefully will furnish the company with ways to communicate with their employees from different region of the world effectively. I also will be using the four elements of effective business communication; audience, content, delivery and comprehension. The section will cover the audience portion of effective communication proposal/suggestions. 3COM has shown in their plans that they plan on hiring employees from 65 nationalities. Of their 1200 employees majority of them will be immigrants. My first suggestion fo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business communication, communication differences, corporation, cultural communication, effective communication
  • Proposed Capital Structure For Du Pont Corporation - 1,227 words
    The Du Pont Corporation was founded in 1802 to manufacture gunpowder. After nearly two centuries of operations, the company has greatly diversified its product base through acquisitions and research and development,, and is one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world. In 1995, Du Pont had revenues of $42.2 billion and net income of $3.3 billion. In this same period, 50 percent of the company's sales were outside the United States. Du Pont operates in approximately 70 countries worldwide, with about 175 manufacturing and processing facilities that include 150 chemicals and specialties plants, five petroleum refineries, and 20 natural gas processing plants. The company has more than ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capital structure, corporation, equity capital, pont, working capital
  • Uniqueness And Strength In Dell Computer Corporation Supply - 1,129 words
    THE SUPPLY CHAIN OF DELL COMPUTER INTRODUCTION Appealing to exactly what the customer wants would ultimately be an ideal organisational objective for a business entity if it is aiming for profits. And being able to do it without an additional cost to the customer, would be too good to be true! This however, is actually the edge for Dell Computer when it took the computer industry by storm with its direct model distribution and build-to-order manufacturing. And amazingly, Dell's prices are very competitive, in fact, cheaper than most of its competitiors' off-the shelf models! Not surprisingly in 2001, Dell emerged as the number 1 computer systems company in the world and earned the number 7 s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer, computer company, computer corporation, computer industry, computer system, computer systems, corporation
  • Uniqueness And Strength In Dell Computer Corporation Supply - 975 words
    ... o the massive computer applications, most of the business processes are indeed measurable and readily made 'visible'. This is vindicated by the achievement of global visibility, reduced operations and action time, accurate and timely forecasting, and reduced inventory at the factories. These capabilities have in turn reduced waste, improved efficiency, eliminate multiple handling and offer the ability for immediate response. Backed by a huge and reliable database, Dell's i2 supply chain system, and the various subsidiary systems had leveraged Dell's overall performance to be in the lead over a short period of time. CONCLUSION Dell's supply chain management had shorten ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer, computer applications, computer corporation, corporation, dell, dell computer, supply chain
  • Case Analysis For Starbucks Corporation - 1,220 words
    I. Case Profile/ Company History Three Seattle entrepreneurs started the Starbucks Corporation in 1971. Their prime product was the selling of whole bean coffee in one Seattle store. By 1982, this business had grown tremendously into five stores selling the coffee beans, a roasting facility, and a wholesale business for local restaurants. Howard Schultz, a marketer, was recruited to be the manager of retail and marketing. He brought new ideas to the owners, but was turned down. Schultz in turn opened his own coffee bar in 1986 based on Italian coffee cafes, selling brewed Starbucks coffee. By 1987, Schultz had expanded to three coffee bars and bought Starbucks from the original owners for $4 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: case analysis, corporation, situational analysis, starbucks, starbucks coffee, starbucks corporation, strategic analysis
  • Case Analysis For Starbucks Corporation - 1,115 words
    ... ks sells coffee drinks and beans, pastries, and other food items and beverages, as well as mugs, coffeemakers, coffee grinders, and storage containers. The company also sells its beans to restaurants, businesses, airlines, and hotels, and it offers mail-order and online catalogs. Starbucks has expanded into coffee ice cream (with Dreyer's) and makes Frappuccino, a bottled coffee drink (with PepsiCo). Starbucks Corporation NASD : SBUX Sector: Consumer/Non-Cyclical Industry: Food Processing STARBUCKS BUSINESS SUMMARY Starbucks Corporation purchases and roasts high quality whole bean coffees and sells them, along with fresh, rich-brewed coffees, Italian-style espresso beverages, cold blende ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: case analysis, corporation, establish starbucks, starbucks, starbucks coffee, starbucks corporation
  • Financial Report Analysis Of Hershey Foods Corporation, Hershey Foods History - 1,034 words
    INTRODUCTION Hershey Foods Corporation is engaged, with its subsidiaries, in the manufacture, distribution and sale of confectionery and grocery products. The Company's principal product groups include confectionery products sold in the form of bar goods, bagged items and boxed items, as well as grocery products in the form of baking ingredients, chocolate drink mixes, peanut butter, dessert toppings and beverages. Hershey Foods manufactures confectionery products in a variety of packaged forms and markets them under more than 50 brands. The different packaged forms include various arrangements of the same bar products, such as boxes, trays and bags, as well as a variety of different sizes a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: financial report, foods corporation, hershey, peanut butter, pension plan
  • Financial Report Analysis Of Hershey Foods Corporation, Hershey Foods History - 999 words
    ... rands, including new products and line extensions, and selected confectionery selling price increases, as well as incremental sales from the Visagis acquisition, the Brazilian chocolate and confectionery business acquired in July, 2001. In December 2002, the Corporation announced an increase of 11% in the price of standard-size candy bars effective January 1, 2003, representing an average increase of approximately 3% over the entire domestic product line. A buy-in prior to the January 1, 2003 price increase resulted in an approximate 1% to 2% increase in fourth quarter, 2002 sales. Net sales rose $316.8 million, or 8%, from 2000 to 2001. The increase in 2001 was primarily due to incremen ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: financial report, foods corporation, hershey, raw materials, product line
  • Financial Report Analysis Of Hershey Foods Corporation, Hershey Foods History - 1,048 words
    ... capital, earnings is defined as net income adjusted to reflect the impact of the elimination of the amortization of intangibles for all years and excluding the after-tax effect of incremental expenses to explore the possible sale of the Corporation in 2002, the after-tax effect of the business realignment initiatives in 2002 and 2001, the after-tax gains on the sale of the Luden's throat drops business in 2001, the sale of corporate aircraft in 2000, and the sale of the pasta business in 1999, and the after-tax effect of interest on long-term debt. FINANCIAL CONDITION The Corporation's financial condition remained strong during 2002. The capitalization ratio (total short-term and long-t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: financial report, foods corporation, hershey, market price, long term goals
  • Overview Of Swedish Corporation Nokia - 1,218 words
    1. INTRODUCTION In a global economy, the success of a business goes beyond just fulfilling the needs of its customers. To survive in this internet age, a company must be able to provide a product or service that is in-tune with the ever-changing consumer taste. Innovation is no longer just a catch word but a necessity. In this essay, we will do a case study on Nokia Corporation (Nokia), the world leading mobile phone maker known for its high quality and versatile mobile phone products. We hope that through a detailed study of Nokias design of product and service, much insight could be gained on how Nokia managed to turn itself from a small Finnish company to a mobile phone giant. The finding ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, nokia, overview, swedish, corporate identity
  • Overview Of Swedish Corporation Nokia - 1,156 words
    ... Nokia uses Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of products to understand their environmental impact. LCA is based on identifying and quantifying the energy and materials used, and the emissions and waste released to the environment. The environmental design is an integrated part of the whole design process. A special area of interest is the possibility to replace relevant substances in Nokia's products with more environmental friendly alternatives. Nokea has already studied the options of using lead in the soldering process, and halogen-free flame retardants in components like cables and printed circuit boards. Todate, research continues to explore the possibilities to replace chrome as the sur ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, nokia, overview, swedish, cellular phone
  • Fiscal Update And Analysis For Starbucks Corporation - 677 words
    Starbucks Corporation continued its impressive growth after the close of the case, recording fiscal 1999 revenues and earnings of $1.7 billion and $101.7 million, respectively. The company's 1999 revenues represented a 28% increase over fiscal 1998 revenues, while the earnings increase represented a 25% increase over 1998's earnings before expenses related to the 1998 acquisition of the Seattle Coffee Company. The chain's same store sales increased 6% during 1999. During its first 30 weeks of 2000, revenues increased 33% over the same period in 1999 to $1.2 billion. Same store sales increased 9% over the comparable 30-week period in 1999. Starbucks income statements for fiscal 1998 and 1999 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporation, fiscal, starbucks, starbucks coffee, starbucks corporation, update

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