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  • Louis Isadore Kahn And The Salk Institute - 749 words
    Standing alone against the endless blue sea, the Salk Institute by Louis I. Kahn is one of a kind. "Louis Kahn's Salk Institute for Biological Studies on the Pacific coast near La Jolla aspires within its own spirit to an order achieved through clarity, definition, and consistency of application"(Heyer 195). To many, this magnificent structure may seem out of place, but it works well with the surrounding environment because of the spatial continuity that it possesses. The relation to the site, the tectonic characteristics, and the ideas of servant versus served, combine to achieve a great sense of order in the Salk Institute. Many of the ideas that went into the construction of this design a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: institute, kahn, louis, salk, pacific ocean
  • Louis Xiv - 419 words
    The epitome of absolute monarchy was Louis XIV. This was clearly evident throughout France for sixty-one years during which time he brought a degree of centralized control never before seen. His total control over all aspects of government and culture was a result of highly competent ministers. He reorganized industry and commerce by implementing mercantilist policies and through these policies he was able to increase revenue all without any influence from the government. The policies of Louis XIV were directed at self-glorification and the glory of France, but he largely ignored the people of France. His death marked a changing point in society that eventually led to the French Revolution L ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, louis xiv, quality of life, french revolution, advise
  • Louis Riel Hero Or Traitor - 360 words
    Louis Riel was an interesting character. He was Metis, educated in Montreal. When Canada bought land between Ontario and British Columbia from The Hudson Bay Company, Riel urged them to stand up to the government. For they were moving in and just giving away land that the Metis had been living on for years. Riel wanted to take action right away and made prisoners of the first settlers to come. This, I think was a bad move, first I think he should have voiced the opinion of the Metis people living on the land at the time, then if the government didn't act on it, they could retaliate. But I do believe they were standing up for a good cause. How would we feel if the USA just passed an Act sayin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, riel, white people, life story, newton
  • Louis Xiv - 527 words
    16381715, king of France (16431715), son and successor of King Louis XIII. After his fathers death his mother, Anne of Austria, was regent for Louis, but the real power was wielded by Annes adviser, Cardinal Mazarin. Louis did not take over the government until Mazarins death (1661). By then France was economically exhausted by the Thirty Years War, by the Fronde, and by fiscal abuses. But the centralizing policies of Richelieu and Mazarin had prepared the ground for Louis, under whom absolute monarchy, based on the theory of divine right, reached its height. Louiss reign can be characterized by the remark attributed to him, Ltat, cest moi [I am the state]. Louis continued the nobilitys exem ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king louis, louis, louis xiv, divine right, thirty years war
  • Ceasar Vs Louis 14th - 1,351 words
    Jim DIorio There have been many powerful leaders in history. Many of them share certain characteristics. Louis XIV was one of these leaders. He displayed characteristics like ambitious, arrogant, and oppressive. Many characters from the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar share these characteristics with Louis XIV. Some of the characters, from the play, that share these characteristics with Louis are Brutus, Caesar, Marullus, and Flavius. All of these characters have said something or acted a certain way to show their similarity with Louis XIV. Louis XIV was one of Frances most powerful leaders. He was born on September 5, 1638, at Saint Germain-en-Laye. His father, Louis XIII died when Louis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ceasar, king louis, louis, louis xiv, roman catholic
  • Louis 14 - 678 words
    The Age of Absolutism is the period of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Most states in Europe had monarchs who wished to create absolute authority, France had the best system of absolute monarchy because they were able to create a central royal political system. This paper analyzes the architecture of the palace at Versailles, how Louis XIV practiced philosophical justifications, and how his daily routines all reflected absolutism. The palace of Versailles resembled the capital of France more than a palace. The royal minister and secretaries were among the twenty thousand people who where housed in the palace. Their was the noble family, plus their were nine thousand soldiers in the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, louis xiv, european history, political system, fable
  • Louis Armstrong Timeline - 540 words
    LOUIS ARMSTRONG TIMELINE Louis Armstrong's was born Aug. 4, 1901. He grew up in New Orleans and received his first music instruction in 1913 in a children's home. By 1915 he was sitting in with local bands. He went to Chicago to join King Oliver in 1922 and made his first records with Oliver the the next April ("Chimes Blues"). Though Chicago would be his base for the next 12 years, he went to New York for the first time in September 1924 to join Fletcher Henderson's band and record with various blues singers, including Bessie Smith, Clarence Williams, and Sidney Bechet. In November 1925 he went back to Chicago, where he began recording under his own name and building the core work which his ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: armstrong, louis, louis armstrong, timeline, dizzy gillespie
  • The Bridge Over St Louis - 589 words
    You may have seen many other term paper sites and are thinking, "I've seen this already!" Well now, that's not true. You've seen inadequate, over-priced, bargain junk. We think you deserve better. We think you deserve high-quality, low-priced, easy access, A+ papers, which will help you on your own papers. We are the personal company. We offer rapid e-mail replies and services like no other on the web. No company in the WORLD can come close to offering what we do. We want you to be happy and successful. Or make that: We are here to give you help. These pre-written term papers will give you research material, ideas, and inspiration for your own work. If used correctly you will be on your way ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bridge, louis, st louis, term paper, inspiration
  • Meet Me In St. Louis - 470 words
    This film is about a well off family who has four beautiful daughters. One of the daughters who is the age of 17 years old is played by Judy Garland who falls in love with a boy next door, even though the boy next door barely notices that Judy Garland (Esther) exists. This story also tests that the family is on the verge of celebrating the arrival of a spectacular 1904 World Fail. However, the only real problem in this story occurs when the family finds out that they must move away because their father gets a new position in New York. The family realizes how much they love St. Louis, and the happy ending comes when the father decides not to move after all. The storyline is a typical picture ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, st louis, american family, new york, photography
  • Jean-louis David + Jean-jacques Rousseau - 1,373 words
    Question : In what ways and to what extent is an understanding of historical context important in approaching the works of (a) David and (b) Rousseau? "The Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons", is a painting by the French artist Jean-Louis David in 1789. Having led the fight which overthrew the monarchy and established the Roman Republic. Brutus tragically saw his sons participate in a plot to restore the monarchy. As a judge, he was called upon to render the verdict, and without hesitation condemned his two sons to death. The full title of this work is "Brutus Returning Home after having Sentenced his Sons for Plotting a Tarquinian Restoration and Conspiring against Roman Fre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jacques rousseau, jean jacques rousseau, jean-jacques, louis david, rousseau
  • Jaques Louis David - 1,856 words
    1. Introduction Set on a stage of revolution and Enlightenment, the Neo-Classical period presents a broad and interesting topic. Jacques Louis David was the first political painter, and a true revolutionary, but one cannot disengage his art work from the social and political systems of the period. Therefore, this essay will present an overview of the social context and systems of Pre Revolution France, Neoclassicism and how Davids work was influenced by it and how his work influenced it. Also important to note are the art work that influenced Neoclassicism. 2. Social and Artistic Climate in the 18th Century 2.1. Neoclassicism Neoclassicism refers to the style of painting, sculpture, decorati ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king louis, king louis xiv, louis, louis david, louis xiv, louis xvi
  • How Much Power Did Louis Xiv Really Have? - 641 words
    Absolute monarchy meant that the king had ultimate authority in the state. Louis XIV has often been called the best example of an absolute monarch. He was accepted by the nobility and people of France because of their belief in his divine right to rule (Spielvogel 417). How much power did Louis XIV really have? Louis was able to centralize more power within himself, but was limited by his dependence of local agents, his views on religion, and his expenditure on war and lavish lifestyle. Louis XIV gained a lot of power by attempting to centralize all power in himself. He completely reorganized his system of government and abolished his ministers and secretaries (Spielvogel 420). Louis kept th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king louis, louis, louis xiv, new york, western civilization
  • Louis Xiv - 972 words
    Louis XIV gained power for himself and his national government through absolutism. Absolutism is unlimited power in government and society. In government to be an absolutist the king would have unlimited power in all forms of the government such as the legislative, judicial, executive, and revenues. As an absolutist Louis would have unlimited power in the society by controlling the economy and church. To control the church he would follow the divine right of kings, which goes along with absolutism, and be a figure to the people that is spoken through by God. That way the people would follow the king, believe what he says, and consider him sacred. Thomas Hobbes worded best what would happen i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, louis xiv, french army, thomas hobbes, absolutely
  • Minister Louis Farakan - 329 words
    In today's society it does not take much to bring about a change in the way we as a people think. In the prompt, choosing a living man or woman who has influenced the way we think, Minister Louis Farakan comes to mind. In his efforts to unite the men of the African American community, there were a lot of negative and positive reactions. On one side, some of the African American women believed that the Million Man March was sexest because Minister Farakan excluded the women of the nation. On the other hand, others believed that it was a great movement to help the brothers rise up and unite. A few members of other races felt that it was a plot for the Black race to try and take over. Then agai ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, minister, million man march, african american, today's
  • Louis Sachar's Holes - As Good As I Expected - 424 words
    Holes was an excellent read. I have been a fan of Louis Sachar since I was little. The Wayside School books made me laugh so hard back then. It is encouraging to know that Sachar's wit and knack for creating unique characters and situations has not declined. I saw the movie before I read the book, which was unfortunate because the whole time I was reading I already had the characters pictured in my head. Luckily, the book differs from the movie in a few ways. Sachar forces his characters to deal with many issues that children face, namely not fitting in, obesity, bullying, and racial issues. This could be a recipe for disaster in the hands of a less-skilled author, but Sachar deals with each ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, writing style, stanley yelnats, racial issues, favorite
  • Robert Louis Stevenson - 544 words
    Stevenson was a well known Scottish essayist, poet and author of fiction and travel books, known especially for his novels of adventure. Characteristic for Stevenson's novels is power of invention, psychological depth, and skillful use of horror and supernatural elements. Arguing against realism, Stevenson underlined the "nameless longings of the reader", the desire for experience. Stevenson was born in Edinburgh as the son of Thomas Stevenson, joint-engineer to the Board of Northern Lighthouses. Since his childhood Stevenson suffered from tuberculosis and as an adult there were times when he could not wear a jacket for fear of bringing on a haemorrhage of the lung. In 1867 he entered Edinbu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louis, louis stevenson, robert louis, robert louis stevenson, stevenson
  • Louis Armstrong - 369 words
    about the discography -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ SIDEMAN 1923-25 HOT 5 & 7 1925-28 STARDOM 1929-32 THE 30'S 1932-42 WAR YEARS 1942-46 ALL-STARS 1942-56 PURE GOLD 1956-63 TWILIGHT 1963-71 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Evolution of the All-Stars feedback credit where it's due other links to louis (c) 1999 scott johnson The Louis Armstrong Discography Most historians agree; when it comes to influential musicians in this century, one name stands above the rest. Not Gershwin or Porter, Lennon or Presley. It is, indeed, Louis Armstrong who blasted the music of the world out of a tired tradi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: armstrong, louis, louis armstrong, pop music, admiring
  • And Inventions - 1,136 words
    ... drawings, especially of the human body. He studied anatomy by dissecting human corpses and the bodies of animals. Leonardo's drawings did not only clarify the appearance of bones, tendons, and other body parts but their function in addition. These drawings are considered to be the first accurate representations of human anatomy. Leonardo is also credited with the first use of the cross section, a popular technique for diagramming the human body. Leonardo wrote, "The painter who has acquired a knowledge of the nature of the sinews, muscles, and tendons will know exactly in the movement of any limb how many and which of the sinews are the cause of it, and which muscle by its swelling is t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: natural world, pope leo x, left hand, submarine, completing
  • Candide - 1,931 words
    Translated with an Introduction by John Butt In a world of bureaucrats, engineers, and producers, Voltaire is the necessary philosopher. While Candide is without a doubt a farcical, humorous, and far-fetched tale, a seriousness lies beneath its satirical veneer. Candide is the story of an innocent young man embarking on a series of adventures during which he discovers much evil in the world. Throughout his journey Candide believes in and adheres to the philosophy of his teacher, Pangloss, that "all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds." This philosophy was prevalent during Voltaire's day, and Candide is Voltaire's scathing response to what he saw as an absurd belief that for it ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: candide, lecture notes, grow rich, politics and religion, clarence
  • Politics In The Guilded Age - 762 words
    Discuss Politics in the Gilded Age. Include major political events and issues, and the roles of the "bloody shirt," corruption, patronage, and reform movements. The term Gilded Age was named for a Mark Twain book. It meant covered with gold, and was applied to this period as a whole. This was a period of corruption in sordid politics. The Republicans and Democrats didn't really have strong opposing beliefs during this period. The Republicans supported high tariffs and sound money. The Democrats supported lower tariffs and expanded currency. Both rural and urban classes supported each party. They worked with spoils and local issues. Both parties worked to please everyone, and to attract voter ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pacific railroad, construction company, political events, honest, administration

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