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  • Motivation In Business - 1,008 words
    The growth of franchising in America and Europe since the 1970s[1-4] has led to this business form assuming increasing impor-tance in a number of academic debates, including the fields of law, marketing, organi-zation theory, services growth, etc. One of the most interesting issues here is the potential of franchising to provide self-employment opportunities. After all, not only are most franchisees small businesses, but so are most franchisors. For instance, in Britain, half of the franchise systems in existence in 1995 were less than five years old and 43 per cent had ten outlets or less[5]. Franchises are based, ideally, on a proven and tried-and-tested recipe for business success. The im ...
    Related: business administration, business journal, business success, motivation, small business
  • Managing Diversity - 1,569 words
    ... (Rowe 79). A comprehensive 1993 study of U.S. workers' attitudes bears out Rowe's assertions. The first installment of a planned quadrennial survey, the privately funded National Study of the Changing Workforce found that perceptions of discrimination take a heavy toll on job performance. More than one-fifth of minority workers reported they had been discriminated against by their current employers. Those beliefs correlated with a higher tendency to feel "burned out," a reduced willingness to take initiative on the job and a greater likelihood of planning to change jobs. (NSCW 1993). From an external perspective, a diverse workforce can also provide a distinct competitive advantage for a ...
    Related: diversity, diversity in the workplace, diversity issues, diversity management, diversity training, manage diversity, managing
  • Shopping With A Social Conscience The Business Practices Of Nike - 1,328 words
    ... des these living quarters that often times are worse than the average Indonesian village. Double the maximum number of people live in these company dormitories. Around sixty to seventy percent of workers live in these housing projects: Each building consists of a row of rooms, and each room has a door opening out onto a pathway. Each room holds a dozen people and has six bunk beds.Water for washing and bathing is available from outdoor wells.Drinking water is scarce. Drinking water is provided by the company once in three days.If the water runs out before three days, the workers have to buy more themselves (as cited in Connor & Atkinson, 1996). The dormitories are not the only places to ...
    Related: business journal, conscience, harper business, international business, labor practices, nike, shopping
  • Human Behaviour In Business - 1,066 words
    ... it illustrates the point very clearly. Managers for the most part do not want to have to rehire a new staff every time they are required to upgrade their companies computer systems. This being said, if management can not get through to the workers on why and how to implement these changes, then rehiring staff will be their only option. Management has make sure that their staff is open to new ideas so that the company will be able to keep up with the world, and not fall behind while training staff on new system requirements. Matching personalities with jobs may be one of the most effective ways to allocate human resources. If a person is properly suited to their position in relation to th ...
    Related: behaviour, business journal, human behaviour, human resources, world today
  • National Cap On Foreign Hire Is Maxed Out - 699 words
    With unemployment at its lowest and the demand for skilled and unskilled workers at a high where do business owners turn to fill the empty positions. A large percentage of them hire foreigners; most of which have a H-1B visa. But to the surprise of some high-tech business owners the National cap on foreign hires is maxed out. 115,000 H-1B visas are accepted each year and that number has already been reached. 74,300 have been approved and 45,000 are still pending approval. Stephen Dahms, an SDSU professor and chairman of a work force committee for Biocom, said, if the companies havent had their requests in from the first part of the fiscal year (beginning October 1), theyre out of the running ...
    Related: hire, supply and demand, san diego, business journal, shortage
  • Motivation - 757 words
    Motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of effort toward organizational goals, conditioned by the effort's ability to satisfy some individual needs (Robbins, 168). For some business analysts, employee motivation is a good way to increase productivity in an organization. When people get motivated, they will have a reason to put more efforts on what they are doing. Motivation is a crucial management tool in lifting the organization's work force's ability. There are many different ways to motivate employees. Employers can motivate their workers as individuals, groups, teams, or the organization as a whole. Motivation takes forms like offering rewards, improving working conditions, or ...
    Related: employee motivation, motivation, motivate employees, workplace environment, individualistic
  • Sleep Deprivation - 1,015 words
    ... ing asleep at midnight, the young person dreads the next day when they must go through it all again. Many public figures have suggested a later school starting time at 9 or so. As this would definitely make a difference, the situation can never be completely mended because teenagers today are simply busy. And unfortunately, sleep does not fit into their schedule as they try to participate in everything possible and prepare for college or their career of choice. As they sleep five or six hours on weeknights and try to compensate with 12-hour sleep marathons on weekends, test scores drop and behavior changes. Teens become more irritable and depressed when their body is thrown out of whack ...
    Related: deprivation, sleep deprivation, work schedule, london england, costing
  • Motivation - 757 words
    Motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of effort toward organizational goals, conditioned by the effort's ability to satisfy some individual needs (Robbins, 168). For some business analysts, employee motivation is a good way to increase productivity in an organization. When people get motivated, they will have a reason to put more efforts on what they are doing. Motivation is a crucial management tool in lifting the organization's work force's ability. There are many different ways to motivate employees. Employers can motivate their workers as individuals, groups, teams, or the organization as a whole. Motivation takes forms like offering rewards, improving working conditions, or ...
    Related: employee motivation, motivation, best approach, san diego, retain
  • The Effects Of Lead Poison On Children - 1,218 words
    Throughout the world today one out of every six children under the age of six are suffering from health disorders due to a poisonous metal known as lead(Kiwanis, 1996). Lead is a natural occurring bluish-grey metal found in the earth's crust. It has no taste or smell. Lead can easily be found in all parts of our environment today. Most of it comes from mining, manufacturing, and last but not least the burning of fossil fuels(Xintaras, 1993). In the United States lead poison has increased because of the lack of knowledge in our society. (Background information on the effect's lead poison has on children) Lead is released into the environment by industries, the burning of fossil fuels or waste ...
    Related: lead poisoning, poison, young children, disease control, business journal
  • The Effects Of Lead Poison On Children - 1,071 words
    ... reventing program. Materials and requests are also found through the Alliance. Examples of this is: Guide to State Lead Screening Laws, Resource Guide for Financing, Lead-Based Paint Cleanup, and copies of fact-filled articles from news papers, magazines, and other organizations. Another governmental agency which seems to be on top of this subject is The Environmental Protection Agency. They make the law and requirements on lead in our environment today. The Lead Institute of San Francisco offers free pamphlet on lead poisoning and sells testing kits and books on lead poisoning. Another is the National Lead Information Center/Hotline located in Washington, D.C. has a variety of brochures ...
    Related: children play, lead poisoning, poison, food and drug administration, health care
  • Oil - 1,112 words
    ... ng the 1991 Gulf War and the crisis that led to it. Saddam Husseins attack against oil-rich Kuwait proved just how vital the region was to not only the United States, but to the entire world. Oil is one of the main reasons we are in the Persian Gulf indefinitely. According to Hoagland, Saddam's threat to Saudi oil fields triggered the significant escalation of stationed American troops in the Gulf that has apparently enraged Saddam, Saudi domestic extremists or whoever set off that truck bomb (Hoagland, 1996, p 5B). As recently as this year, President Clinton had to deal with the threat of Saddam Hussein. And, although he has retreated for the time being, he has not gone away. He still h ...
    Related: post cold, energy crisis, information administration, michael
  • Time And Stress Management - 1,105 words
    Do you feel a constant pressure to achieve? Do you feel you haven't done enough no matter how hard you try? Do you give up the simple pleasures in life in order to be the best in everything you do? Do you just feel like there is not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything? Im sure quite a few of you have experienced these feeling, whether it be at work, home, or school. Stress and worry can be dangerous and harmful. They can cause emotional and even physical problems that could very easily damage both your health and performance. Stress has become an epidemic in the workplace. Studies suggest that 90 percent of all doctors' visits are related in some way to stress. One of the main c ...
    Related: management, management skills, relieve stress, self management, stress management, time management
  • Child Neglect - 1,360 words
    The outcome of a ravaging issue called child neglect is a disturbed eleven year old girl, with the mind of a thirty year old woman, and an insecure future. It is a worldwide curse that will plague our children forever if it persists to take over our family values. Ellen Foster, by Kaye Gibbons, is an emotionally moving novel of child neglect in the South. Ellen tells her story of a dreadful life, leading to another of self-acceptance and solace. Shes born into a life of child neglect from her father. She experiences all types of child neglect, including abandonment, supervisional, physical, emotional, medical and educational. As we have observed through Ellens story, child neglect robs a chi ...
    Related: battered child, child abuse, child maltreatment, child neglect, neglect
  • The Internet - 2,110 words
    ... ave access through work, home, and school; others have multiple access through these same locations. Poorer Americans are denied access even though hardware costs have dropped dramatically. The same is true throughout the world. The Internet today remains the domain of those with the income to justify not only the initial investment, but also those who have the time to dedicate to maintaining an Internet presence. Long?term, this division may result in strong class distinctions which are reinforced by the Internet its access (Classe 43). As already noted, there are costs associated with having access to the Internet even when those costs are paid for by companies or government agencies. ...
    Related: internet access, internet addiction, voter turnout, american company, stoll
  • Industrial Pollution - 777 words
    There are all of types of pollution. Industrial pollution is the air, water, and chemical pollution caused by industries. There has always been pollution. Industrial pollution began when our country went through the Industrial Revolution. Most all parts of the world are affected in some way by industrial pollution. Big cities with steel mills, power plants, heating plants, or railroad stations feel the direct effects of industrial pollution. The smog, smell, and contamination of food or water are some direct effects. Remote areas of the world are affected indirectly by industrial pollution. Even though the people in these communities may not live near any factories, plants, etc. they still a ...
    Related: air pollution, industrial pollution, industrial revolution, pollution, pollution prevention
  • Why You Shouldnt Drink And Drive - 1,874 words
    Every person is accountable for his or her own right to drink. Failure to treat this or any right responsibly has consequences. The persons right can and should be taken away when the failure to act responsibly endangers other. Today I would like to talk to you about the problems of drinking and driving, and why it is a concern for all of us. Id like to start off by talking about the penalties of drinking and driving. Did you know that drunk driving is the nations most frequently committed violent crime? A chronic drunk driver is a person who has driven over 1,000 times before being caught. They do not respond to social pressures, law enforcement, and the messages that have been combined to ...
    Related: shouldnt, on the road, health care, law enforcement, believing
  • Affirmative Action - 782 words
    Affirmative action was orginally designed to help minorities, but women-especially white women-have made the greatest gains as a result of these programs"(Gross, 1996). Affirmative action is a growing argument among our society. It is multifaceted and very often defined vaguely. Many people define affirmative action as the ability to strive for equality and inclusiveness. Others might see it as a quote-based system for different minority groups. I agree and support affirmative actions in that individual's should be treated equally. I feel affirmative action as an assurance that the best qualified person will receive the job. Is affirmative action fair? In 1974, a woman named Rose was truned ...
    Related: affirmative, affirmative action, unemployment rate, competitive edge, african
  • Analysis Of E-commerce And Keys For Succesful Companies - 1,153 words
    ... E-MAIL MARKETING E-mail is a strategic tool for driving web site traffic, facilitating transactions, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones (, 2001). Digital River helps with the development and execution of the e-mail marketing campaign. They help analyze buyer information, and help develop specific offers to those buyers. They handle the deployment of the e-mail campaigns and then analyze the response rates to these offers via their Enterprise Campaign Management (ECM) system. ENTERPRISE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT (ECM) With ECM, Digital River helps a company target the best performing segments of their market. A Web based interface allows the client to define, c ...
    Related: e-commerce, keys, succesful, marketing services, high performance
  • The "glass Ceiling" In Modern Day Employment - 1,768 words
    "On March 24, 1986, the Wall Street Journal coined a phrase that has come to symbolize a variety of barriers faced by thousands of women and minorities as they seek to improve their employment status..." This phrase is "glass ceiling." It has come to represent a variety of biases that prevent qualified minorities and women from advancing in the work-place particularly into mid-and senior-level management positions. We will look at some statistics on places where the glass ceiling has reared its head and also see what things as far as awareness and prevention have been done to stop this from occurring in the workforce. The U.S. Congress acknowledged the glass ceiling issue by enacting the Gla ...
    Related: employment opportunity, employment status, equal employment, global economy, higher level
  • Potential Health Benefits Of The Human Genome Project - 1,222 words
    From World News Tonight to the cover of Science magazine, the Human Genome Project (HGP) has attracted much attention. For the past few years, the HGP has been at the forefront of science news and publicity. It has been built up to be the largest breakthrough in the history of modern science. This project will revolutionize the practice of medicine by drastically improving the treatment and/or prevention of numerous diseases and defects. The HGP is in the process of sequencing all the protein bases of DNA in a human, and although each persons DNA is unique, scientists agree that there is a certain sequence common to everyone. Finding this sequence and recognizing what parts of the DNA do wha ...
    Related: genome, genome project, health and medicine, health benefits, health care, human genetics, human genome
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