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  • Book Report On For Whom The Bell Tolls - 779 words
    The title For Whom the Bell Tolls symbolizes the uncertainty of life and destiny, where the main character in this story finds himself in a series of unpredictable situations that are beyond his control. The only certain event in life is death and knowing that this may happen to anyone at any time, renders the protagonist powerless against destiny, which he approaches with a fatalistic disposition. For Whom the Bell Tolls takes place in Spain, during the bloody civil war, between the years of 1938 and 1942. It unravels among people who live in the rural mountain areas of Spain. They were forced to kill others in order to survive and to defend their country from fascist. The environment where ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bell, bell tolls, book report, for whom the bell tolls, central theme
  • Book Report On The Stranger - 1,532 words
    An Exploration of The Stranger by Albert Camus The Stranger is a book of many facets and meanings most of which are not immediately apparent. In fact without in depth analysis the entire point of the book is easily missed. The manner of story telling in The Stranger is unique and at first hard to come to grips with. It is not the story which is especially complex but the manner in which it is told. It is done by a narrator. In his telling of his tale he neglects to mention several important aspects of his internal state, (which after a great deal of speculation seems to be what the book is really about). One soon learns that it is exactly that which is most important for complete understandi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, stranger, the narrator, young woman, speculation
  • Book Report On The Stranger - 1,504 words
    ... act that screams of the woman draw the tennants attention and the police are called. Mersault feels no guilt toward the part he played in having a woman severely beaten. Mersault and Raymond go for a night out to drink some booze and shoot some pool, as if nothing happened. Further evidence of Mersaults persistent nihilism and total lack of empathy for his fellow man. On the way home the two men run into Salamano who has lost his dog. He is sobbing and crying and really quite shaken. This seems odd to Mersault because he knew how much the old man hated his dog. The old mans crying makes Mersault think of Maman but he doesnt know why. Again he is so out of touch with anything emotional th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, stranger, happy family, first half, camus
  • The Hundred Secret Senses Book Report - 471 words
    In ?the hundred secret senses? by Amy Tan, it slowly shows how Olivia?s character portrays the sister she was cut out to be. Amy Tan makes the readers recognize how Olivia treated her half-sister, Kwan and also how she progressed with her relationship towards Kwan. Olivia somewhat treated Kwan with disrespect, for example, she would tell her stupid meanings of things that did not make sense because she felt irritated or annoyed by her company. Olivia basically only thought of her own needs and was deeply frustrated with Kwan living with the family but there would be times when Olivia would feel for her and treat her with respect. In the beginning of the story, Olivia was very young and confu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, make sense, olivia, china
  • Animal Farm Book Report - 871 words
    Many authors write about topics that they know and about historical events that are going on while they write their story. In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell this is definitely true. Orwell modeled many of his characters after Russian leaders. He ingeniously depicts the troubles of Russia in a book about farm animals. The story begins with a prize winning boar named Old Major, he gathers all of the farm animals around to tell them of a dream that he has. He tells them about a society of only farm animals, they would run everything with out humans. The farm animals like this idea and make a song called Beasts of England about their new freedom. Three days after announcing his dream, Old ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal farm, book report, farm, good book, eric arthur blair
  • Book Report On The Story Of B - 613 words
    The Story of B is the third book by Daniel Quinn that I have read. It is the story of Jared Osborne, a Laurentian Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, who discovers through his adventure that the world and church he believes in is not at all what he thinks it is. He is sent on a mission by the church to investigate a heretic who could turn out to be the anti-Christ. As he investigates and becomes part of the inner circle of a man called "B", his reality is tested and ultimately altered. He realizes that the Church is motivated by fear and greed rather then altruistic and divine intentions. The book is set up at Jared's diary that chronicles his journey from the beginning of the assignment, w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, good book, roman catholic, mysterious stranger, tutoring
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  • Tooth And Nail Book Report - 393 words
    Written By Charles Elster and Joseph Elliot 1. The main character is a young women named, Caitlin Ciccone, who is a typical American, girl next door type of little daddys girl. She departs for college as she enters the new world of life. 2.Caitlin is a very smart girl. She is the kind of student that every teacher would wish to have 20 in one class. She gets straight As, high SAT score, editor of the school newspaper, 2nd in her class, and more. 3.Caitlin is going to a very prestigous college on a scholarship which is located in the Middle East. The school name happens to be Holyfield College in the Middle East in Minnesota, home of the baseball team Twins. 4. Caitlins first encounter with a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, tooth, typical american, sherlock holmes, score
  • We Are Asked To Witness Book Report - 1,698 words
    You Are Asked To Witness is a very well written and laid out piece of collaborative literature. The style is free flowing and it has excellent continuity even though it was written by multiple authors. I like how the book starts with the first contact with Xweltem and then continues through time to the present day. It goes through St:lō life, history, and culture in a very easy to read and straight forward manner. It also examines the consequences of the Xweltem influence on St:lo culture in a non-emotional approach. This made me feel as thought the authors were being honest and sincere in there attempt to help me understand what their history has actually been like, not what I have bee ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, witness, west coast, aboriginal people, holy
  • Franklin Book Report - 589 words
    Benjamin Franklin lived a highly productive life as a printer (as well as becoming an honored statesman) and he practiced living modestly, honestly and diligently. In his autobiography, written as a letter to his son, Franklin describes how he lived his life with a strong work ethic and moral character. Benjamin Franklin's autobiography illustrates some of the ideal aspects of the national character that we think of when asked to explain what the character of America is. Franklin wrote his autobiography as a letter to his son to describe his life and how he went from a wick-dipper to a respected member of early American society. He began with a somewhat detailed account of his family from th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: benjamin franklin, book report, franklin, early american, american character
  • Book Report - 850 words
    For this assignment we are asked mainly to answer the questions given to use over the reading material, as a measure of accounting for each student completing the reading. In class we have briefly discussed these articles to the extent to figure out that most saw the article written by Walter Webb as being less than factual from a Historical context. On top of the use of unpoltically excepted terminology, Webbs use of out dated opinions and knowledge leads to reader to conclude that his particular piece should be taken with a grain of salt, and then compare to what factual knowledge the article by Licht has to say. Question number asks us to describe our definition of the region we consider ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, political boundaries, great american, great plains, midwest
  • Utah Blaine Book Report - 1,054 words
    In this book there were very few significant quotes. I struggled to find ten. One of them is, Lifes to important to lose it over this ........ ranch. This was said by Joe Neal. I agree with this because life it to important to risk over any material thing unless it is another life. Another quote is Good does not always win over evil. This was said by Utah Blaine when he was telling a story about a friend that had been killed and the killer got away with no consequences. I do not agree with this quote. The killer may have gotten away but his consequence will be burning in hell. One of my favorite quotes in this book is, Never go out and look for trouble, because if you wait long enough it wi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blaine, book report, utah, real life, strongly agree
  • The Monster Of A Book Report - 564 words
    The book Monster by Christopher Pike was an excellently written story of unimaginable terror and intrigue. He developed his main characters thoroughly and (although most of them died) put them to good use throughout the book. The book truly did consist of "monsters", and he proved it many times over. "It began with blood. It would end the same way." That is a direct quote taken from the first page of the book. The main character of Monster was a girl of about eighteen, named Angela Warner. She had moved to a town called Point from Chicago to live with her grandfather. Her best friend was Mary, whom played an excellent part in the plot. The descriptions in the first scene were excellent, and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, monster, the monster, best friend, police department
  • Book Report On The Road To Mekkah - 1,445 words
    In Road to Makkah, the reader is initially confronted with a protagonist who is on a journey through the deserts of Saudi Arabia. However, as one continues to read the book, the reader is aware that there are actually two parallel journeys going on: the journey through the deserts of Saudi Arabia, and also the journey through the life of Muhammad Asad on his way to Islam. At first I found the book rather hard to follow because of the constant cutting from desert scenes to the description of the life he left behind in Europe, but once I got past this initial hurdle, the two plots no longer posed a problem to my understanding of Muhammad Asad's life. Following the author's journey from Europe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, on the road, arabian culture, arab world, eleven
  • Dr. Jekyle And Mr. Hyde - Book Report - 611 words
    1. Name of Book? The name of the Book is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 2. Author of Book? The author is Robert Louis Stevenson. 3. Setting? The setting took place in London England in the year (1885 and 1886). 4. Identify the theme of your Book. According to the author every person has good and bad inside of him. There is a continuous battle between the two forces, when the bad force won Dr. Jekyll committed suicide which is a lesson for us to keep the good force always on the outside and inside of us to live in harmony and peacefully. 5. Story. This book is about a man called Dr. Henry Jekyll he is a rich man who lived in the city of London in 1885. He was a strange character, who was conducting ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, dr jekyll and mr hyde, dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, edward hyde, hyde
  • My Sister's Bones - Book Report - 453 words
    Dont tell Mom and Dad its me, okay? She Waits. Okay? she says, a little louder. Okay, I tell my sister. How are you? Hows college? Im surprised shes calling up here, and glad for the distraction. Billy Weinstein seems to be the only one whos noticed how her sister, Cassie, has changed since she left for college. She can tell how she seems withdrawn, obsessed with studying, and how she barely eats. Although Billie wants to talk to her parents about it, every time she brings it up, they just act as though its a phase and that shell grow out of it. Her father continuously says Shes under a lot of stress now, thats all. Freshman year is very hard at Cornell. Shell get her appetite back after exa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, freshman year, eating disorder, freshman, glad
  • The Hobbit Book Report - 1,692 words
    The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is set in a fantasy world that has differences, as well as similarities, to our own world. The story takes place in the imaginary world of Middle-earth in the Third Age of it's history. It's a land and time of Elves, Dwarves and Dragons Characters Hobbits are similar to people, though more shy and half the size of a man. Most have thick hair on their feet, round bellies, and a taste for a comfortable, peaceful life. The Hobbit chronicles the journey of these creatures. Bilbo Baggins: is the main character of the story. He is a hobbit who prefers domesticity to adventure, but he soon finds himself caught up in the escapades of Gandalf, the wizard, and a group of d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, hobbit, the hobbit, bilbo baggins, thorin oakenshield
  • The Hobbit Book Report - 1,600 words
    H2>Setting The story occurs in the imaginary worldMiddle-earthcreated by the author, it is appropriate since creatures that are found in the book (e.g., goblins and dwarves) do not exist in our world. Since the story happens in many places over Middle-earth the author gives a deep description only in places where important things to the plot happen but in other places he gives a more general description. Most places make the reader have a picture in his brain of them; the author uses the appropriate words and gives good descriptions. It takes the story about a year to occur. It starts at the spring and ends in about the same time the year after. Parts of the story take place in every time of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, hobbit, the hobbit, the narrator, general description
  • Journey To The Center Of The Earth Book Report - 558 words
    I. INTRODUCTION 1. Journey to the center of the earth 2. Jules Vernes 3. Mid 1800's 4. 1st Person II. BODY 1. It is obvious; The Characters in the story will go to the center of the earth. 2. Axel-This is the main character. He changes very much throughout the story. He is a student of his uncles in his early twenties, and narrates the story. Professor Otto Lidenbrock is Axel's uncle, and teaches Axel many things. He is the brain behind the Journey to the center of the earth. Hans is the muscle behind the journey to the center to the earth. He changes the least throughout the story, until he is happy they made it in the end. 3. External- The most obvious conflict in the entire story is betwe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, journey to the center of the earth, main character, turning point, nephew
  • The Hobbit Book Report -2005- - 1,014 words
    The Hobbit Book Report By Shaeydyh Setting: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien is in an arrangement of a world of imagination of the hobbits, elves, dwarves, men and dragons, however the world is very similar to ours which it has many differences. It takes place in fantastic the imaginary means ground of the world in one moment "a long time ago" where the use of the swords, the axes, and the amour still in an extravagant way of fighting and is still heard of. Characters: Characters in the story are the well developed and develop more and more as the story reveals itself. Bilbo Baggins, has the quiet, food-affectionate hobbit smokes soundly out of his pipe when Gandalf the wizard, subtly invites the h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book report, hobbit, the hobbit, bilbo baggins, food and drink

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