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  • Haven Yale University Sexual Dreams
    1,088 words
    ... to conclude that dreams are about every day life and present day and not instead of latent content of the dream, as Freud believed (Lavie 118). Other recent research suggests that it could be both everyday life and unexpressed content. Which would make all three dream theorists above partially correct (Lavie 118). My next bit of research was a little tougher to find. I wanted to know What do people dream about? To find out this answer I created by own survey. I did a survey of 200 different ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: haven yale university, sexual experience, sexual dreams, college students, los angeles
  • World War Ii Moral Judgement
    1,628 words
    Obeying authority in certain situations can place another individual's health or life at stake. World War II is an example of this. A member of the German officer's corps, when ordered to slaughter victims, had no remorse feelings about killing them due to the fact that within his mind he was acting rightly. This shows how people are not always going to feel guilt or remorse feelings for their actions. There are times when people are ordered to do something even when they don't want to. One mad ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war ii, yale university, social psychology, three hundred, moral judgement
  • Late Nineteenth Century Thames And Hudson
    1,715 words
    ... the others, it is a very 'real' expression, she looks tired, disinterested, possibly she has had a very hard day before she went out to socialise. Manet depicted other social activities of the people of Paris. Manet loved painting any fun activity where crowds of people gather. An early painting where horses rush straight at the viewer while crowds of people watch on both sides is Racing at Longchamp, showing a popular social activity at the time. He depicted people skating in the aptly name...
    Free research essays on topics related to: modern life, manet painting, late nineteenth century, thames and hudson, london uk
  • Nick Carraway Jay Gatsby
    1,348 words
    The Great Gatsby is a story told by Nick Carraway, who was once Gatsby's neighbor. Nick Carraway grew up in the Midwestern United States and went to school at Yale University. After this, he was stationed in France during World War I. Returning home after traveling a great deal, he is unhappy and decides to move to the East at the beginning of the summer of 1922, renting a broken down house in Long Island's West Egg section. He begins working in nearby New York City as a bondsman and it is here ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nick carraway, jay gatsby, tom buchanan, jordan baker, myrtle wilson
  • Haven Yale University York Vintage Books
    1,761 words
    ... russia lost to Germany, losing Poland and other lands. Russians could not believe that they lost and so blamed the loss on treason. The wife of the Tsar, a German, though fully devoted to Russia, took the blame. There were more suspicions of "treason in high places" (24) when a Russian with a German name was appointed Prime Minister in 1916: Boris Strmer. (25) While none of the beliefs of treason were true, they created much "animosity toward the Crown" (26), eventually leaving it "friendles...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york vintage books, haven yale university, prime minister, russian revolution, russian empire
  • Yale University York City
    485 words
    Gifford Pinchot was one of America's leading advocates of environmental conservation at the turn of the twentieth century. Born into wealth and endowed with imagination and a love of nature, he shared his money, possessions and intellect to further the causes of the common good. It was at Grey Grey Towers that James Pinchot first encouraged his son to explore the profession of forestry. But such training did not yet exist in the United States, so, after graduating from Yale University in 1889, G...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conservation, york city, yale university, gifford, roosevelt
  • Marilyn Monroe Feminist Movement
    687 words
    That does not at all seem like a very radical proposition, but it was at the time. This honorable statement still holds true, and, while not exactly radical, is often not observed. Through Jane Eyre set an example that was followed by many feminists in the future. The story was written by woman and it was very successful, which showed that women can create great things as well as men. This idea was more than inspiration to create something for modern feminist artists, such as Audrey Flack. Durin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: feminist movement, feminist, marilyn monroe, american artist, yale university
  • U S Constitution U S Citizens
    983 words
    Political Beliefs The political principles are based on political ideology; therefore it is very important to understand what political ideology the person belongs to. I think I am a Democrat. I was raised in a democratic family and was brought up in compliance with democratic principles. My family and I firmly believe that democracy is the best type of the U. S. state system. There is an opinion that every Democrat has his own interpretation of democracy. I believe it is not true, as democratic...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u s citizens, form of government, democratic principles, important to understand, u s constitution
  • Landscape Painting Yale University
    2,624 words
    ... this particular painting, the focal point of the golden mean is the sun on the horizon, and characteristically he uses the sun to give the painting depth. In around 1635 forgeries of Claude's work began to appear, so he began recording the pictures he sold in his Liber veritas, which contains sepia drawings and etchings of almost all his paintings, creating a record of his most beautiful draftsmanship. Claude did not construct these sketches as finished items. He always thought ahead, their ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: yale university, western art, national gallery, landscape painting, robert l
  • Counter Power In America
    1,469 words
    Counter Power in America. America created the harmonious system of the state management called power. Does power need to have any counters? The question is rather rhetorical. The very essence of democracy presupposes the counters to the power. Mass media, press are among them. What are the relations between the political system and the press? The main aim of mass media is to make the political system more transparent. This counter nature of the press is defined by its main objectives. Do they co...
    Free research essays on topics related to: public opinion, democratic society, mass media, political decisions, developed countries
  • Marilyn Monroe American Artist
    1,594 words
    ... art. It was called the Feminist Art Movement, a poignant path that would lead females to rediscover self-consciousness and voice through the expressions of art. Among those women was Audrey Flack, an artist dedicated in asserting the goddess in every woman. Using photorealistic paintings and mythological sculptures in her artwork, Audrey Flack restores the power of both femininity and feminism. Audrey Flack was born in 1931 in New York City, and as far back as she can remember, she had alway...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american artist, yale university, art movement, artwork, marilyn monroe
  • Blacks History In Education Part 2
    1,979 words
    ... white student, while only $ 17. 04 was spent on black students. The history of black education after the civil war has many different histories. The three main groups that make up this history are southern blacks, southern whites, and northern whites. Whose history it is to tell is a tough question, considering that all groups have a firm stake in the development of black education. All of their ideologies and attitudes toward black education shaped the place of education in the South. (Leve...
    Free research essays on topics related to: supreme court ruling, w e b, booker t washington, board of education, 20 th century
  • Princeton Princeton University Portrait Of A Lady
    1,512 words
    The Representation of Women in Fifteenth Century Italian Portraiture The Italian Renaissance was a time of rebirth, a burgeoning of interest in the classical arts and sciences. Portraiture as a genres on the increase, fuelled by a growing introspection through which man was becoming aware of the innate characteristics that made him an individual. Burckhardt, in The Civilisation of Renaissance Italy, devotes a chapter to tracing the representation of individual personalities in Renaissance litera...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ideals of beauty, fifteenth century, princeton princeton university, da vinci, portrait of a lady
  • Devil And Daniel Webster Stephen Vincent
    1,412 words
    Stephen Vincent Benet Only in a time when the pressure of the world amounts to angst and the fight for freedom can a world advance in its literary achievements. A writer, just like an artist, builds his creations from the mood and settings of the surrounding atmosphere. In the first half of the twentieth century, the atmosphere was filled with resources to stimulate literary creativity, such as the second World War and the Great Depression (Roache 102: 14). The social genre of the time gave way ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: short stories, twentieth century, pulitzer prize, stephen vincent, devil and daniel webster
  • Colleges And Universities Love
    1,401 words
    Dr. Grace Murray Hopper was born on December 9, 1906. As a child Grace Hopper enjoyed learning about machines, technology and other countries cultures. Following her mother? s love for mathematics and her father? s love for literature, Grace had high expectations for herself. Family life was large influence as she grew up, from the close relationship she had with her grandfather, a surveyor in New York City, she learned about real life at a young age. Her father, Walter Fletcher Murray, was a su...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colleges and universities, yale university, love, harvard university, grace
  • 20 Th Century Jackson Pollock
    2,056 words
    Jackson Pollack was a complex man who brought many things into the forefront of impressionism. Although he led a very short life of 44 years he was known as one of the pioneers of abstract impressionism. His abstract painting techniques and unhealthy psychological being made him very sought after, studied and critiqued. Within his complexity came out a brilliant artist that was widely considered the most influential painter of the 20 th century. Pollack? s first documented adventure into the art...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 20 th century, yale university, abstract expressionism, jackson pollock, subject matter
  • Oxford English Dictionary Haven Yale University
    2,162 words
    Fate Versus Free Will Fate, as described in the Oxford English Dictionary, is The principle, power, or agency by which, according to certain philosophical and popular systems of belief, all events, or some events in particular, are unalterably predetermined from eternity. To the western world, fate is perceived as a sentence or doom of the gods (Oxford). They often sought prophecies of the gods, especially from Apollo, the god of knowledge. The Greeks would seek prophecies usually when they had ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: haven yale university, sophocles oedipus, oxford english dictionary, york w w norton, oedipus rex
  • Harcourt Brace Jovanovich York Harcourt Brace
    1,011 words
    Subject: Critical Modern Philosophy? What are the main features and functions of the Superego according Freud? ? Words: 1000 Name: Samuel Johnstone Student Number: 99189860 Tutor: Dr Paul Alberts. Tutorial Time: Wednesday 12 - 1: 30. What is the Superego? According to Anne Neimark? Sigmund called the third area of the mind the Superego. Like a judge in a court trial, the superego announced its verdicts or decrees. ? (Neimark A, 1976, page 96) The superego is part of a trio that controls our urge...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york harcourt brace, harcourt brace jovanovich, freud , sigmund freud, death instinct
  • T S Eliot Quot And Quot
    2,704 words
    Elaine Oswald and Robert L. Gale She was born Marianne Craig Moore in Kirkland, Missouri, the daughter of John Milton Moore, a construction engineer and inventor, and Mary Warner. Moore had an older brother, John Warner Moore. She never met her father; before her birth his invention of a smokeless furnace failed, and he had a nervous and mental breakdown and was hospitalized in Massachusetts. Moores mother became a housekeeper for John Riddle Warner, her father, an, affectionate, well-read Presb...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ezra pound, quot quot, quot and quot, t s eliot, marianne moore
  • Haven Yale University Test Of Time
    883 words
    Throughout the history of the Roman Empire there have been countless buildings and monuments erected. Each emperor had their own structures built for a variety of reasons. The Emperor Publius Aelius Hadrian was no different, during his reign he commissioned the building of such structures as Hadrian's wall, his magnificent villa, the famous Hadrian's arch as well as many portraits and coins that have with stood the test of time. Hadrian's villa was constructed on a site twice the size of Pompeii...
    Free research essays on topics related to: test of time, hadrian, roman empire, haven yale university, villa

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