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  • Elie Wiesel - 445 words
    Eliezer Wiesel was born in 1928, a native of Sighet, Transylvania (Romania) which is near the Ukrainian border; He grew up experiencing first-hand the horrors of the Holocaust, this started when at fifteen years old Wiesel and his family were deported by the Nazis to Auschwitz. His mother and younger sister perished there, his two older sisters survived. Wiesel and his father were later transported to Buchenwald In 1945, at the end of the war, Elie moved to Paris, where he studied literature, philosophy, and psychology at the Sorbonne. With a strong desire to write, Elie worked as a journalist in Paris before coming to the United States in 1956. He became an American citizen almost by accide ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: elie, elie wiesel, wiesel, legion of honor, yale university
  • Ben Carson - 562 words
    In 1951, Benjamin Carson was born to Sonya and Robert Carson. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Six years later in 1959, Ben's parents divorced and he, his brother Curtis, and his mother moved to Boston, Massachusetts. They lived there for two years and moved back to Detroit in 1961. Ben Carson wasn't always the "smart guy". In fact for a long time he did poorly in school. It wasn't until after Ben failed his eye test in fifth grade that his grades changed. He had very poor eyesight, which was restricting his learning. After Ben began to wear glasses, he gradually began to do better in school. With his mother's help he became the smartest boy in his class. Even though Ben grew smarter, he had ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carson, university hospital, united states military, detroit michigan, benjamin
  • A Study Of Lyme Disease In New Jersey - 1,249 words
    Just by living in the world, human beings are susceptible to disease. Many diseases -- for example, influenza and tuberculosis -- are spread when bacteria or viruses pass from one person to another. Other diseases are acquired genetically from ones parents, such as cystic fibrosis. Some diseases, such as heart disease and osteoporosis, develop as humans age. Others humans get from the environment; examples are lead poisoning and skin cancer due to exposure to the sun. Finally, there are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Lyme disease is one such disease. Cases of Lyme disease, which is transmitted to humans and pets by the bite of a tick, are steadily increasing in area ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: heart disease, jersey, lyme, lyme disease, new jersey
  • Computer Fraud - 1,478 words
    As much as $40 billion are lost every year due to flourishing computer crimes. In 1993 alone, Internet, the world wide system of computer networks, was swindled out of approximately $2 billion, and about $50 million were stolen from various companies such as GTE Corp., AT&T, Bell Atlantic and MCI ( Meyer and Underwood 45). Ironically these same organizations have been collaborating with software manufacturers for an expanded software production ( Cook 53 ). Multinational corporations and international authorities are threatened by these innumerable white collar crimes since such crimes are most difficult to prevent, and/or detect and highly profitable to the offenders ( Stern and Stern 525 ) ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer, computer fraud, computer networks, computer software, computer technology, fraud
  • Human Behaviour In Business - 1,158 words
    Managers studying skills and techniques of determining human resources can apply them to individuals in business. By learning human behaviour, managers can acquire the skills and techniques necessary to properly allocate human resources. As a manager, first of all you must learn about how people learn personality dimensions. Then you can determine people's behaviour types, and apply them to different employee positions. Crucial to the grand scheme of things is that managers must learn that implementing particular behaviour sciences requires a good deal of patience, effort, and time. Suggestions for managers to be successful in management include examining the needs of jobs, and matching them ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: behaviour, human behaviour, human resources, personality type, external factors
  • Lady Of Shallot - 1,239 words
    The greatest social difficulty in England today is the relationship between men and women (NAEL, 1719). These words express awareness and the beginning of a change in the Victorian period. The role of the woman began its change throughout this period. Such changes seemed to only take place in the middle class. These changes caused many to question the role of the woman in society, thus the woman question evolved. The woman became less and less involved with the every day drudgeries and had more and more time on her hands. How women actually felt about this change is questionable, many took a middle ground that Walter Hougton said was entirely characteristic of the time in its mediation betwe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: university press, nineteenth century, victorian period, sing, unraveling
  • The Nature Of Lucy - 1,384 words
    William Wordsworth is a revered romantic poet who believed that the meaning of romanticism is best illustrated when using everyday life events and familiar speech. Wordsworths explicit love of nature and mastery of the language allowed him to bring such emotion and power into each poem without the use of sophisticated words, which he believes takes away the effect of what is trying to be said. His intentions were such that any man capable of reading, well educated or not, could feel these emotions and fully understand his projected messages. He drops to the earth, for once, all that matter-of-factness of which Coleridge complained (Internet Bartleby). (Coleridge did not look to nature the wa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lucy, everyday life, young girl, the narrator, yale
  • Asiatic Cholera - 2,323 words
    ... olera arrived, the most important actions and pursuits were those by the medical field. To a degree, they held the fate of the country in their ideals. Throughout the century, the medical profession advanced and with that advancement came changes in ideology and doctrine. With these changes came more correct answers and more improvements in peoples lives, in this case in improved sanitation. However, with these changes came jealousy and aggression. Each scientist seemed to be working for the good of the career and not the good of the country. With each new idea as to the cause of and the spread of disease, came a new test that proved the theory to be invalid. Not until Koch made his disc ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: asiatic, cholera, english language, first world countries, wigan
  • Colonel Daniel Morgan - 808 words
    Aruguably the most significant Colonel in the Battles of Saratoga. Flamboyant! Rowdy! Troublemaker! When you hear these words, does a colonial in the military come to mind? Well it should! Colonel Daniel Morgan is arguably one of the most significant and influential figures in American Military History. Morgan, an old Indian fighter, led a battalion of rowdy woodsmen dressed in long, Indian-style hunting shirts each carrying a tomahawk and scalping knife along with his long rifle. Morgan contributed greatly to the Saratoga Campaign because he and his men used partisan tactics to destroy the British morale as well as their offensive attacks. The American victory at Saratoga was so significant ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colonel, daniel, morgan, turning point, american revolution
  • Slavery In Greece Rome And Africa - 1,613 words
    ... were provisions made for the freedwoman. She could leave her patron and marry, but only with his consent. Islamic law provided a number of ways in which a slave could be set free. One was manumission, accomplished by a formal declaration on the part of the master and recorded in a certificate. This certificate was given to the liberated slave. The manumission of a slave included the offspring of that slave. If there was any uncertainty about an act of manumission, the slave has the benefit of the doubt. Another method is a written agreement by which the master grants liberty in return for a fixed sum. Once such an agreement had been reached, the master no longer held charge over the slav ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, african slavery, greece, greece and rome, roman slavery, rome
  • The Roman Army - 1,737 words
    The Roman Empire is considered by many as the basis of modern civilization. Today we use a form of government that was started by them long before people even knew that the Earth was round. Their reign of power began around 509 BC with the overthrow of the Etruscan dynasty till 1453 with the fall of Constantinople to the Turks. Their land, at its peak, contained such areas as Britain, Spain, Gaul, Mauretania, Egypt, Judea, Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Dacia, Illyria, Macedonia, Greece, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete, Cyprus and of course Italy. The government of Rome had to first conquer these lands then later they would have to protect them. So they formed what is considered the greatest ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: imperial army, roman army, roman empire, roman military, commissioned officer
  • Berlin Blockade - 1,588 words
    On June 26, 1948 the largest airlift began as the American and British forces began the Berlin Airlift. To understand how the airlift came to be, we have to look all the way back to the Yalta Conference. The Yalta Conference began in February 1945 in which the three superpowers, America, Russia and Britain, met to discuss the future of post war Europe. America and Russia were emerging as the two superpowers, and their deteriorating relationship would soon lead to many problems that would develop in post war Europe. Yalta saw the beginning of this deteriorating relationship. First, Stalin put a communist government in place in Poland. Poland had been the route that enemies had used to invade ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: berlin, berlin airlift, berlin blockade, blockade, soviet union
  • Hinkley And The Insanity Defense - 1,375 words
    The Effect of John Hinckley Jr. on the Insanity Defense The insanity defense has always been a very controversial issue in the United States. Many people do not believe that by being classified as insane is a viable excuse for committing a crime, especially one as heinous as murder. There are many opponents to the use of the insanity plea because they feel that those who are found not guilty by reason of insanity are not punished for their criminal actions. Over time there have been several changes made to the defense plea, but it was not until the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr. that the insanity defense came under high scrutiny in the United States an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hinkley, insanity, insanity defense, ronald reagan, house of representatives
  • Reform In The Age Of Jackson - 2,169 words
    From about 1825 until the outbreak of the civil war in 1861, the atmosphere in the nation was one of reform (Boardman, 122). There were five major reform movements present in 19th century America. There was the Utopianism/Communitarian Movement, which established an ideal society away from present politics. Educational reforms were important in the fact of creating taxes to support the public school system, higher education for adults, and mandatory education and attendance. The Temperance Movement preached of abstinence from alcohol and the Womans Rights Movement was to improve the life of women politically, socially, and economically. It also included the strive for womens suffrage rights. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: educational reform, jackson, reform, henry david, waldo emerson
  • The Real Possibilities Of Cloning - 1,215 words
    On February 22, 1999 news was announced that Dolly the lamb was the first successful animal cloned. Unlike the other cloning experiments done over the past 15 years, this was the first successful clone made with an adult cell. The cell was used to activate and program the egg from which Dolly grew. Past clones involved using the cell from a fertilized embryo in the early stages of development. As news of Ian Willmut's cloned lamb got out across the globe, many people feared what they thought could possibly never come true. With the technology to clone identical animals, can humans be cloned too? Since then topic of discussion throughout the scientific world has centered on the cloning of hum ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal cloning, cloning, human cloning, extinct animals, human organs
  • Creation Cloning As An Alternative - 1,085 words
    ... ng. This issue is to the point where President Bill Clinton banned human cloning. As mentioned in Silberner's article, President Clinton said on this: "we must ratify the ethical consensus of the scientific and religious communities, and ban the cloning of human being"(2). While government is trying to draw the line, single individuals keep focusing their efforts in clone human beings. For example, "Seed is a physicist by education who developed a no-longer-used technique for human embryo transfer" (Silberner 1). His statements at a conference show his interest on human cloning: "we are going to have almost as much knowledge and almost as much power as God," (Silberner 2). He seems to be ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cloning, human cloning, popular media, natural science, involve
  • Education Aided Or Replaced By Computers - 733 words
    Education: Aided or Replaced by Computers People said that the horseless carriage would never amount to a thing. New ideas always undergo severe scrutiny, but sometimes they survive the cynical blows and begin a new road of innovations. David Gelernter, of Yale University, writes in his essay "Unplugged" that people should weigh the value of technology because it is not always as advantageous as it seems. He claims, for example, that the misuse of computers deprive students of a complete education which is the formal training and development of an individual's knowledge. Computers have already proved themselves as forward moving and beneficial, but their place in the schoolroom should be rec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer technology, computers, computers and the internet, different meanings, educational system
  • Diagnosis Related Groups - 1,074 words
    The rising cost of medical care in the United States has been a concern for quite some time. Beginning in the 1960s with the advent of Medicare, a system has been needed that will balance cost with services provided within acceptable parameters. In 1982, the US Congress placed a cap on operating expenses for each Medicare case treated in a hospital, as a protective measure to insure adequate payment within reasonable limits. A prospective payment system (PPS) was initiated as a result of the cap, whereby hospitals receive a flat rate for each admission based on a calculation of rates determined by the diagnosis (Kahn, et al, 1990). A system whereby the diagnosis is grouped according to servi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: diagnosis, management group, operating expenses, intensive care, operating
  • Two Periods Of Buddhist Art In India - 1,481 words
    ... 40) has earned the title of the golden age of India as it was a period of great military strength, wealth and prosperity, and a period where the arts and sciences flourished. Historical background of a dynasty is always important in discussing art, however the historical background of the Gupta period will not be discussed in detail because it is not directly related to the thesis. My discussion of Gupta art deals mainly with the latter developments of the 5th and 6th centuries. However, it is important to note that the sculptural style of the Gupta period is not an isolated development, and was indeed influenced by the prior sculpture schools of Mathura and Gandhara. Nevertheless, the B ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient india, buddhism in india, buddhist, buddhist teachings, india
  • Peace Corps - 1,470 words
    The Peace Corps is a volunteer service, in which Americans are sent to help undeveloped and extremely poor countries. The volunteers stay in these host countries for two years. They live with the people, in many times poor conditions, and serve and work together with the people of the country. In doing this, the Peace Corps have three major goals: 1) To provide volunteers who give to the social and economic development of interested countries. 2) To promote a better understanding of Americans among the people who the volunteers serve. 3) To strengthen Americans understanding about the world and its people. Most of all, the organization promotes world peace, and understanding between America ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: peace corps, world peace, states government, public service, electricity

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