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Free research essays on topics related to: southwest airlines

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  • Southwest Airlines - 1,297 words
    ... ne. Shamu Three comes to the surface to fly its colors. Lone Star One takes to the sky as Southwest Airlines' 20th Anniversary flagship Boeing 737. 1992 Wins the first annual Triple Crown in 1992 - a feat no other airline has been able to match in a single month! 1993 Expand to the east coast and begins service to Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Captures the second annual Triple Crown in 1993. 1994 Introduces Ticketless Travel in four cities. Morris Air is merged with Southwest. Arizona One joins the fleet. Seven new cities open, including Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and Boise in the Pacific Northwest. Wins the third consecutive Triple Crown. 1995 Ticketless Travel is availab ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline industry, southwest, southwest airlines, growth rate, employee turnover
  • Southwest Airlines - 1,859 words
    Can you imagine if only one of those "doodles" that you have drawn while on the telephone had turned into a multi million-dollar business? Can you see your picture on the cover of Fortune magazine? Rollin King and Herb Kelleher, the creators of Southwest Airlines could. What began as a conversation between attorney Herb Kelleher and his client Rollin King, with a drawing on the back of a cocktail napkin, has become one of the worlds most successful business testimonials. Both men saw the need for an intrastate airline in Texas. Current airlines only offered service to the smaller metropolitan areas as an extension of a long flight from elsewhere in the country. These flights were scheduled a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline industry, international airlines, northwest airlines, southwest, southwest airlines
  • Analysis Of Strategic Structure Of Southwest Airlines - 994 words
    ... lation-adjusted average employee wages falling from $42,928 in 1978 to $37,985 in 1988. About 20,000 airline industry employees were laid off in the early 1980s, while productivity of the remaining employees rose 43% during the same period. In a variety of cases, bankruptcy filings were used to diminish the role of unions and reduce unionized wages. When Southwest began flying to three Texas cities, the firm had three aircraft and 25 employees. Initial flights were out of Dallas older Love Field airport and Houstons Hobby Airport, both of which were closer to downtown than the major international airports. Flight attendants in hot pants staffed flamboyant from the beginning, original fli ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline industry, southwest, southwest airlines, strategic, strategic management
  • Analysis Of Strategic Structure Of Southwest Airlines - 1,045 words
    ... s, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall, 1999) A. Oil Crisis. B. Government regulation about not using the Love Field C. Increase Airport fees. D. Cost of maintenance and spare parts increase. Step 2: Identify different possible features by factor A: rapid change C: High Measurable change Increasing B: Favourable D: High and increasing Unfavourable Favourable Step 3: Build scenarios of plausible configurations of factors. Scenario 1: A rapid change in Oil (a) along with a favourable government regulation (b) and a high and increasing Airport Fees (c) with a favourable increase in maintenance costs (d). Scenario 2: A high and increase cost of maintenance (d) with a measurable change in oil (a) alon ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: financial analysis, southwest, southwest airlines, strategic, market share
  • Analysis Of Strategic Structure Of Southwest Airlines - 1,014 words
    ... idwestern, Southwestern, and Western United States. The airline specializes in short-haul routes and targets business commuters. The company's most-traveled routes are intrastate flights in California and Texas. Its fleet consists of about 310 Boeing 737s. Passenger transportation generates almost all revenue, accounting for more than 96% of the total. In fiscal 1999, Southwest's average aircraft trip was 465 Southwest has managed to steer clear of nearly all the woes that afflict its competitors. Over the past few years, the Dallas-based carrier has done a much better job of protecting itself against high fuel costs and labor disputes than industry rivals. It has avoided being associate ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american airlines, southwest, southwest airlines, strategic, strategic management
  • Airline Industry: A History Of Southwest Airlines - 644 words
    In 1967 Southwest Airlines was a vision by and investment advisor Rollin Kind and his lawyer Herb Kelleher, they wanted to start a different kind of airline. Rollin King already had a small charter that ran between the smaller Texas cities. This new airline at first was to fly between the three largest cities in Texas, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The company was first names Air Southwest Company, it later received its name of Southwest Airlines. The next year in 1968 the Texas Aeronautical Commission approved their planed to fly between the three major cities. In the next couple of years the company went off to a flying start by the next couple of years it had acquired four planes and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline, airline industry, southwest, southwest airlines, san antonio
  • Southwest Airlines Case Study - 1,473 words
    Executive Summary Thousands of people travel by air; Southwest Airlines provides low-fare air transportation service among 58 cities in the United States. Although the industry suffered a major blow from the terrorist attack of September 11th, the company is still holding strong; while other airline companies are in debt. The information was majority gathered and analyzed from the internet; sources such as "News Week," and "Wall Street Journal." According to the acquired knowledge of Southwest, the company maintains steady sales. The major success to their continued success is due to their low-cost model and competitors are aware that they cannot match Southwest Airlines low prices therefore ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline industry, american airlines, case study, continental airlines, southwest, southwest airlines
  • Southwest Airlines Case Study - 1,506 words
    ... base their model on the motto, which states that "if they're happy, satisfied, dedicated, and energetic, they'll take real good care of the customers. When the customers are happy, they come back. And that makes the shareholders happy," Southwest has very good relations with all their employees. Employees are either of independent unions or have flexible contracts which allow employees to work longer hours. Southwest Airlines, however, is not without weaknesses. No matter how successful, Southwest Airlines serves only 29 states and cannot compete against the bigger companies that serve nationally or even internationally. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines does not utilize a hub system that ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline industry, case study, southwest, southwest airlines, stock prices
  • Creating A Statement Of Vision - 1,061 words
    Today's companies are faced with an exponential amount of change. Mission statements, goal setting, and planning methods of the past are no longer producing acceptable results. Successful companies are now achieving breakthrough objectives through utilizing a technique of discovering their core ideology, stimulating progress through an envisioned future, and seeking support by the alignment of intellectual capital. Mission statements are becoming more than a series of manipulative words arranged to have a soothing tone. They have become statements of vision, and the companies who adopt this technique are becoming visionary companies. Visionary companies depend on a core ideology, which consi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bill gates, goal setting, guiding principles, participation, attaining
  • Airline Analysis - 1,147 words
    ... ess efficiency. We are expecting Delta Airlines will have some strategies changes if Slugair decided to attack Delta Airlines territory, such as establish a hub in Dallas. Delta probably will change their flight schedules around and give some promotions to lower their price to dry Slugair out of the market. Since Delta Airlines is the 3rd largest carrier for the United States, they are in a very strong market position right now. For those reasons we think that Delta is not the best target for Slugair. Southwest Airlines started off as a company with 3 planes serving 3 Texas cities. Today, it has over 300 planes serving 55 plus cities and has grown to become the 4th largest U.S. airline i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline, airline industry, technological innovation, los angeles, incorrect
  • Changing Airline Industry - 1,320 words
    On December 17, 1903, two men changed the way of travel forever. No, I am not talking about cars or trains. I am talking about one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Wilbur and Orville Wright invented flight. (Grolier, 1999) This invention sparked a concept of traveling in the air. This kind of travel would allow people to get from one place to another quickly. It would save time and money. If a person could travel for Los Angles to New York in one day, it would be a something that was never heard of. A person could even travel across the ocean to other countries. During that age, flight was very exciting and important. It was a new concept for the world. It was an importan ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline, airline company, airline industry, southwest airlines, different cultures
  • Aviation Safety - 1,187 words
    In-flight aviation complications have a nine in ten chance of having been prevented by FAA (Federal Aviation Association) safety measures both in use today and being issued in the near future (Sagun, 99). Some accidents are on a grand scale killing hundreds of people, while some are so small that passengers are unaware that they even happened. Meanwhile, the FAA is busy turning out new regulations, little attention is actually being paid to the jobs, making sure they are done, and done correctly. Aviation complications are not only time-consuming and annoying, but they could potentially put your life in danger. If the FAA doesnt press for higher quality standards, conditions could impair the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aviation, aviation safety, federal aviation, safety systems, united airlines
  • Valujet - 1,608 words
    The airline industry has been subject of intense price competition since it was deregulated, and the result has been a number of new carriers which specialize in regional service and no-frills operations. These carriers typically purchase older aircraft and often operate outside the industry-wide computerized reservations system. In exchange for these inconveniences, passengers receive low fares relative to the industry as a whole. This research examines two low fare air carriers, ValuJet and Southwest Airlines. By investigating these air carriers, we can better understand the economic impacts of price versus service in the airline industry as a whole, as well as, the impacts on passenger an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: customer service, bottom line, united states, revenue, adding
  • Economics Today - 610 words
    The opening bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange September 17, 2001 was a ring that no one was sure about. The Stock Exchange had not been open since the tragedies that occurred on September 11, and many were skeptical about how the market would fare on its first day of trading. We lost not only our stability of our nation the day the planes hit the World Trade Centers, but the stability of our economy as well. The Dow Jones closed at 8,920.70 and suffered the worst point loss since December of 1998. Many other indexes dropped just as sharply after the opening bell and stayed down until the market closed for the day. The losses could have been far worse had the Federal Reserve no ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economics, trade center, airline industry, short term, strongest
  • Economic Integration Of The Baltic Sea Region - 1,298 words
    ... country's size. The graph on this page shows the current route map for Finnair domestic and its subsidiary, Golden Air, and breaks their destinations down by area. (Destinations in Finland) Geographically, the served destinations are limited to the areas with the greatest number of people, which also means that they are serving the economic hubs of Finland. Estonian owned airline, Estonian Air serves only 10 destinations, all of which are large cities outside of its own country. However, like Swedish carrier, SAS, and like Finnair, Estonian Air has a subsidised regional carrier, Elk Airways. Elk flies small and medium sized propeller and jet aircraft to areas of low density, shuttling p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: baltic, economic activity, economic growth, economic integration, integration
  • Airlines Industry - 728 words
    The overall trend toward lower fares since deregulation is largely due to increased competition, caused in many cases by the entry of new airlines. The average number of large airlines serving the medium-sized-community airports, for example, increased by over 50% between 1978 and 1994, while the average number of commuter carriers serving these airports increased by about 40%. Low-cost airlines, such as America West and Southwest Airlines have accounted for much of this new entry, resulting in substantially lower fares at airports in the West and Southwest, regardless of the size of the community served. In addition, the established airlines' transition to hub-and-spoke systems following de ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: continental airlines, southwest airlines, south carolina, north carolina, quantity

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