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Free research essays on topics related to: southern africa

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  • South Africa - 1,158 words
    South Africa is the southernmost part of the continent of Africa. It is one of the earth's oldest and stable landmasses. This is why there are no folded mountain ranges. The only mountain ranges that are similar to that kind of range, would be those in the southern tip. This is where the north-south ranges meet an east-west range in the Paarl area. The rest of the country has been slightly pitted so that interior lakes like the Okovango Delta have no outlet to the sea. Most of the country is at an elevation of 3,000 to 6,500 feet above sea level. South Africa lies north of 35 S latitude and is surrounded on three sides by the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Two large high-pressure areas control ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, south africa, southern africa, over time, water supply
  • Aids In Africa Misc 12 00 - 542 words
    Africa is a continent with many social issues and problems. These social issues range from overpopulation, racism, and a countless number of disease epidemics. One of the most deadly and uncontrollable of these diseases is the HIV virus, or AIDS. AIDS is an illness that involves several phases. It is caused by a virus that can be passed from person to person. AIDS impairs the human body's immune system the system responsible for warding off disease and leaves the victim susceptible to various infections. AIDS was first identified in the United States in 1981, when 189 cases were reported to the Centers for Disease Control. Within a decade the disease had spread to all populated areas of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, aids, aids epidemic, aids in africa, central africa, misc, south africa
  • Aids And Africa - 1,665 words
    The following are facts cited in Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome by Gerald J. Stine. Worldwide, about 9,000 persons a day become HIV-infected. The majority of all HIV infections worldwide occur in people ages 15-24. Over 1 million people die of AIDS each year. The number of HIV-infections worldwide has tripled since 1990! It is estimated that there will be a 20% decline in population in East Africa by the year 2001 due to AIDS (Stine, 360). AIDS is the leading cause of deaths among adult men and the second leading cause of deaths among adult women in Africa (Bethel, 135). The first for women is pregnancy and abortion related. It is extremely difficult to judge the exact extent of AIDS in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, aids, aids in africa, east africa, eastern africa, saharan africa, southern africa
  • Zimbabwe - 511 words
    ZIMBABWE It was over twenty years ago when Zimbabwe received its independence, and the country had likelihood to become an African success story: good soil, lots of mineral resources and a new government that spoke of modernization and reform. Although today Zimbabwe looks to be caught in a downward fall in economics and politics (TIME). In April 1980, the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia was internationally recognized as the independent state of Zimbabwe. The country's new government was headed by the Zimbabwe National African Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), a group of African nationalists that had fought for a different kind of independence from that declared by Ian Smith's whit ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: zimbabwe, work cited, british colony, southern africa, drought
  • Africa - 961 words
    Africa, until the middle to late nineteenth century was known as The Dark Continent. The reason for this reputation was that at the time no outsider was able to go in land of the big continent and see the diversity and the complexity of it. . The first impression the European got was what they saw that the coastal areas of Africa and took this impression back to their countries and labeled the continent as being dark, not only because the encounter they had with dark skinned people also because of their ignorance. Africa can be looked at in several different ways, such as climate, ethnicity, history, languages, vegetation, natural resources, physical feature, and religions. First, Africa has ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, central africa, colonial africa, northern africa, southern africa, western africa
  • The Zulu Wars - 1,487 words
    The people known today as Zulu are formed together about 165 years ago. Many independent clans combining, all of whom had lived in the eastern coastal parts of South Africa for centuries, formed them. The name "Zulu" itself was originally the name of one man whose descendants made up the Zulu clan. In 1816 this small clan gained a new ruler by the name of Shaka (Chaka). An expert militarist, he led the small Zulu clan in a conquest of his neighbors. The Zulus soon became a very powerful empire ruling over a vast amount of land and peoples. The first white settlers came to Southern Africa in 1488 when the famous Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias around the southernmost tip of the continent ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: zulu, military history, civil rights, military tactics, detached
  • History Of Privateering Pirates - 1,398 words
    I will explore the history of the first pirates, giving background needed to understand piracy in early Europe. I will take you on a journey through the life of Pirates and Privateers in early Europe. I will look at how the roles of Pirates and Privateers have changed over time and how opposing governments used them to help fight their wars. I will also look at the changes in the technology used by Pirates and Privateers. Recordings dating as far back as 4,000 years tell of the threat of pirate raids to merchant ships. These pirate raids occurred mainly in the Persian golf and Mediterranean Sea because substantial sea trade existed in this area. Pirates were credited with causing economic le ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pirates, code of hammurabi, atlantic ocean, southern africa, pirate
  • Human Evolution - 1,540 words
    Human evolution is the biological and cultural development of humans. A human is any member of the species Homo sapiens, meaning wise man. Since at least the Upper Paleolithic era, some 40,000 years ago, every human society has devised a creation myth to explain how humans came to be. Creation myths are based on cultural beliefs that have been adopted as a legitimate explanation by a society as to where we came from. The science of paleoanthropology, which also tries to create a narrative about how humans came to be, is deeply technical. Paleoantropology is the science of the evolution of humans, and it is the base of all research in that field. Humans have undergone many different changes d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: evolution, human brain, human evolution, human origins, human society
  • Madagascar - 573 words
    Great Red Island Background Information Government Formal Name: Republic of Madagascar DTA code: MA Government Type: Republic Legal System: based on French civil law system and traditional Malagasy law; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction. Foreign Relations: Good relations with many countries, especially France, and the western countries of Africa. Holidays: Jan. 1 - New Years Day May 1 - Workers Day May 24- OAU Day June 26- Independence Day Nov 1 - All Saints Day Dec 25- Christmas Dec 30- Republic Day History The Malagasy are of mixed Malayo-Indonesian and African-Arab ancestry. Indonesians are believed to have migrated to the island about B.C.E. 700. Archaeologists have found huma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: madagascar, background information, consumer goods, natural resources, coastal
  • Infectious Disease - 1,314 words
    What is the stake of the American People and the Government by International Agencies to control Infectious Disease in Developing Countries? More people are at risk of infectious diseases than at any other time on history. Infectious diseases are worldwide problem requiring worldwide attention. Infectious diseases can weaken the strength of a nation's resources. In developing nations this poses even a greater threat. Diseases are threatening the economic stability of many developing nations. 50,000 people die everyday from infectious disease. Rift Valley Fever infects both livestock and humans. Rift Valley Fever is most commonly found in regions of eastern and southern Africa. It also exists ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: disease control, disease prevention, infectious, infectious disease, water treatment
  • Sadc: Recent Developments And Achievements - 1,572 words
    Introduction Regional groupings such as SADC aims to bring neighbouring countries into a league or association or union where they will be able to work together in terms of matters concerning politics, economics and development, the ultimate being regional integration. The concept of regional integration is nothing new. During biblical times the Canaanites comprising of different countries formed a union to deal with the invading band of Israelites from Egypt. The intention of regional integration is to form a centre that will promote the interests of all the member countries - as the old adage says there is strength in numbers. In Africa, regional integration is necessary considering that t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: development plan, development strategies, human development, recent developments, strategic development
  • Global Warming: A Deadly Threat For Human Life - 1,458 words
    Global warming is one of the major environmental issues facing the world today. Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature, which in turn causes changes in climate. An increase in the temperature of the Earths surface may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. One cause for Global Warming is called the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Effect results from a four step process. First, sunlight radiates from the sun, through space, to Earth's atmosphere. Second, the sunlight enters the atmosphere and hits Earth. Some of it turns into heat energy in the form of infrared light. The heat i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: deadly, global environment, global warming, human health, human life
  • Human Evolution - 924 words
    Evolution is the complexity of processes by which living organisms established on earth and have been expanded and modified through theorized changes in form and function. Human evolution is the biological and cultural development of the species Homo sapiens sapiens, or human beings. Humans evolved from apes because of their similarities. This can be shown in the evidence that humans had a decrease in the size of the face and teeth that evolved. Early humans are classified in ten different types of families. Creationists believe that humans were always humans. Humans are classified in the mammalian family Primates. In this arrangement, humans, along with our extinct close ancestors, and our ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: evolution, human evolution, theory of evolution, humans evolved, different types
  • July's People - 1,082 words
    In Julys People, Nadine Gordimer gives a very detailed and knowledgeable explanation of the political turmoil within South Africa. By expressing the emotions of a family involved in the deteriorating situation and the misunderstandings between blacks and whites, she adds a very personal and emotional touch, which allows the reader to understand the true horror and terror these people experienced. Gordimer writes of how the Smales family reacts, survives, and adjusts to this life altering experience. She makes obvious throughout the book that prejudice plays a major role in uncovering the reactions of Bamford and Maureen Smales. The Smales were a suburban, upper middle class, white family liv ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: white race, different ways, black community, luxury, intent
  • David Livingstone - 609 words
    David Livingstone is a Scottish missionary and physician. He spent most of his life exploring Africa. He helped Europeans learn a lot about the continent of Africa. Livingstone was born in Scotland. His parents were really religious so David followed his dads footsteps. David is a really hard working person, the reason why he would want to go to Africa was because he knew that there werent a lot of Christians there; he also knew that not many people there knew about Christ. At age ten he began working in the local cotton mill, he had to work long hours and he got too little pay for what he was doing. When he didnt work, he would just stay at home to study, and in 1836 he entered Anderson's C ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: livingstone, western civilization, southern africa, westminster abbey, europeans
  • Boer War - The Causes - 489 words
    There were significant political conflicts between the two sides. The Boers treated all blacks very badly and did not give basic human rights even to the blacks working for them. They made them pay taxes but could not vote. It was said to be through religious reasons that the Boers treated blacks so badly. This awful treatment infuriated the British, who had abolished slavery in all its colonies as well as at home in 1834. The Dutch wanted to keep its slaves. Europeans working in the Boer territories were also mistreated. These Uitlanders as they were known were key to the Boers economic success, yet were still denied the vote. The war occurred also because of strategic reasons. The British ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boer, boer war, human rights, free state, accurately
  • The Scramble For Africa - 2,118 words
    ... , which meant establishing a colonial government and a river fleet, so in 1886, the National African Company was chartered as the Royal Niger Company, and charged with administering, in the name of the Queen, an area one-hundred times larger than Great Britain itself (Chamberlain 58). In West Africa, Britain had really been trying to keep France, and later Germany, out. The simplest explanation for the rampant European interest in West Africa was trade. In East Africa, which was considerably poorer than the west, the scramble was motivated more by strategic rivalry. East Africa had always had ties to India, and the British government found itself increasingly preoccupied by the threat of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, central africa, east africa, north africa, south africa, southern africa, west africa
  • Learning About Hiv And Aids And Valuable Help Resources - 1,982 words
    HIV and AIDS are one of the leading causes of death among 24 to 45 year olds and yet so many Americans seem to know nothing about it. So many people in the world believe HIV and AIDS are the same thing, but they are sadly mistaken. HIV is a virus. The letters stand for Human Immunodefiency Virus. HIV is a virus that attacks your immune system. What it attacks are important immune-system cells called T-cells. HIV is a retrovirus, which means it is slow moving. By attacking and killing the immune systems T-cells, HIV can cause AIDS. Although, HIV may move more rapidly in some people, on the average it takes ten years for HIV to cause AIDS, even with out treatment.(HIV Positive) AIDS stands for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aids, los angeles, united states, state university, coalition
  • Capitalism And African American History - 2,452 words
    ... ry. (Cell 6) It is here reasoned that because of the influence of the white proletariat given the development of the South African economy as characterized by agriculture and a slow progression towards industrialization, the white procreates, the primary constituency of the Nationalist government had great influence over the economic policies of said government. AS such capitalist policies would proceed in a manner that compromised economic growth in order to secure greater wealth for whites over blacks. Again, Onwuzurike writes that, the primary goal of apartheid is the enhancement of the white economic well-being and political stabilization through perpetual scapegoating of blacks and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african, african american, african american history, african economy, american, american capitalism, american history
  • African Traditional Religion - 1,313 words
    ... ame into the world. We shall now consider the woman as seen and depicted in African wisdom, in the proverbs of the ages. 2. WOMEN IN AFRICAN PROVERBS Proverbs are infinitely more numerous than myths. We find them by the hundreds and thousands in every African tribe. They address themselves to many themes and areas of life and knowledge. They are very concentrated in the sense that they put a lot of thoughts, ideas, reflections, experiences, observations, knowledge and even world views, into a few words. Here are quotes of only a few proverbs: a) Women are extremely valuable in the sight of society. Not only do they bear life, but they nurse, they cherish, they give warmth, they care for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african, african traditional, family ties, carried away, laugh

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