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Free research essays on topics related to: slave ship

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  • The Transatlantic Slave - 2,910 words
    From the 1520s to the 1860s an estimated 11 to 12 million African men, women, and children were forcibly embarked on European vessels for a life of slavery in the Western Hemisphere. Many more Africans were captured or purchased in the interior of the continent but a large number died before reaching the coast. About 9 to 10 million Africans survived the Atlantic crossing to be purchased by planters and traders in the New World, where they worked principally as slave laborers in plantation economies requiring a large workforce. African peoples were transported from numerous coastal outlets from the Senegal River in West Africa and hundreds of trading sites along the coast as far south as Ben ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african slave, slave labor, slave ship, slave trade, transatlantic
  • Slave Resistance - 1,156 words
    It could be considered almost ludicrous that most African-Americans were content with their station in life. Although that was how they were portrayed to the white people, it was a complete myth. Most slaves were dissatisfied with their stations in life, and longed to have the right of freedom. Their owners were acutely conscious of this fact and went to great lengths to prevent slave uprisings from occurring. An example of a drastic measure would be the prohibition of slaves receiving letters. They were also not allowed to converge outside church after services, in hopes of stopping conspiracy. Yet the slaves still managed to fight back. In 1800, the first major slave rebellion was conceive ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: resistance, slave ship, sierra leone, denmark vesey, organizing
  • Amistad Conflict - 1,838 words
    In January 1839, fifty-three African natives were kidnapped from eastern Africa and sold into the Spanish slave trade. They were then placed aboard a Spanish slave ship bound for Havana, Cuba. Once in Havana, the Africans were classified as native Cuban slaves and purchased at auction by two Spaniards, Don Jose Ruiz and Don Pedro Montez. The two planned to move the slaves to another part of Cuba. The slaves were shackled and loaded aboard the cargo ship Amistad (Spanish for "friendship") for the brief coastal voyage. However, three days into the journey, a 25-year-old slave named Sengbe Pieh (or "Cinque" to his Spanish captors) broke out of his shackles and released the other Africans. The s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amistad, martin van buren, immediate release, federal government, claimant
  • Calhouns Transformation - 438 words
    The Middle Passage, by Charles Johnson is a log of events form a slave ship authored by the main character, Rutherford Calhoun. Our narrator, Calhoun, recalls the tale of a voyage half way around the world, a six-month transitional period which thoroughly reconstructs his previous life-style. His life-style of survival, crime and ill-sincerity transforms him into a domesticated man who has discovered, and can now express, genuine feelings of love. Examining and comparing his initial and final states of thought, one can speculate what events or experiences contributed to the change of his character. As entry, Calhoun hadea "taste for the excessive, exotic fringes of life"(1). He constantly se ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: transformation, main character, middle passage, charles johnson, utilizing
  • S1 - 1,827 words
    African slavery began when Africans were torn from their homes and shipped across the ocean to America. Once in America, the slaves not only lost their liberty but also their past. They had no one to appeal to for help when they were starved, beaten or sold away from their families. Northerners began to notice the injustice against the slaves. Some northerners decided to proclaim justice for these slaves and to fight for their free will. The subject of slavery became a sectional issue as it divided northerners regarding their stance on slavery. This sectional issue inevitably caused a civil war as people held strong convictions regarding slavery. The military conflict between the United Stat ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: free will, baby suggs, white people, forgotten
  • Amistad - 691 words
    Set in 1839, Amistad is the true story of a revolt on the Spanish slave ship Amistad, whose cargo of 53 Africans rebelled against their captors. Captured off the coast of Connecticut when their desperate attempt to sail home failed, the Africans are forced to stand trial for the murders of the crew that had held them prisoner. To win their freedom, the Africans, with the help of the abolitionists, find themselves taking on not just the Spanish, but the entire American system of justice.(Internet) Stephen Spielbergs film The Amistad is an illustrative tale of historys inevitable course. On the surface, Spielberg relates the journey of Cinque and his people to America. In a larger sense, howev ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amistad, european society, american system, human rights, stephen
  • Abused - 1,258 words
    Amazing Grace: The Journey of an Unforgettable Hymn How does a hymn become so universal? Where does it gain its ability to be transformed into almost every style of music known to man? The hymn Amazing Grace is such a hymn. Its existence has been marked by evolutions upon evolution in its use, but has always remained the same in its meaning and effect. To trace the path of this hymns existence, one must begin in England. From there it has blossomed and spread out from the English way of life and grew up in the United States. From early American times to the present the hymn has become something extraordinary. What it has become is one of the most universal traditions that may be sung among m ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: early american, united states, native american, jean, fashion
  • Abused - 1,239 words
    ... ent melody. Its sounds like they are using the melody to the song House of the Rising Son, but with the lyrics of Amazing Grace. This helps to show how transferable this song is and its freedom. The hymn even appears in the realm of alternative rock (Selection 2), a style that is one of the most popular amongst the current generations. In this style, guitars mark the song again, but there is not the strict rock style. They are very free and upbeat with the rhythm. Also in the alternative style are drums, vocals and synthsizers. The vocals sing the lyrics with some of their own additions that make it not so antiquated and more of the modern style. Amazing Grace has also hit the world of B ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: slave ship, blues music, native american, rendition, precious
  • Collective Memory - 1,924 words
    Collective memory is a dynamic topic that can be discussed through a number of disciplines. In my paper I will attempt to dissect this subject of collective memory as clear and consisely as possible through the exploration of narratives, novels, music, poetry and history. Collective memory is defined as the breadth of procedural knowledge the community acquires through experience when interacting with each other and the world. Research in collective memory is a relatively new area capturing the interest of scholars in social psychology, memory, sociology, and anthropology -- that our own memories are not entirely personal. The core idea is that collective attitudes and behaviors are created ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: collective, collective memory, united states supreme, civil rights, acknowledge
  • Benito Cereno - 871 words
    In Herman Melvilles Benito Cereno ignorance appears to be an overwhelming theme. Although Benito Cereno holds a powerful message about slavery, this is not the major idea of the story. Ignorance is the fire that fuels slavery. During the entire story every main character displays signs of idiocy. Unfortunately, the most important decision-maker in the story, Captain Amasa Delano, falls into this category. Melvilles story is told through a narrator. He purposely tries to let the reader slowly learn more about the truth than Delano. By doing this, it is easy for the reader to become frustrated with the Captain. Over the years the word bachelor has been associated with inexperience, cockiness, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: benito, civil war, good intentions, slave ship, mistake
  • Booker T Washington - 1,106 words
    Booker T. Washington Up From Slavery inspired readers across the nation. People of this time had realized that they could no longer expect support from the federal government, in their struggle for dignity and opportunity in the south, so many blacks concluded that self-reliance, self-help, and racial solidarity were their last best hopes. So, people saw Booker T. Washington as their champion and adopted his autobiography, up from slavery. In Franklin County, Virginia Washington was given birth too. He was raised as a slave until after the civil war when he and his family were declared free. Washington does not no know much about his family history other than his ancestors, form his mothers ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: booker, booker t washington, booker t. washington, self reliance, american society
  • Slaves By Olaudah - 1,583 words
    The life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa, traces from African freedom, through European enslavement, to Anglican freedom. Olaudah was born in 1745 in a part of Africa called Guinea, here there are districts, he was born Essaka. The life here was agriculture, it was the main part of employment for everyone in the district, even the women and children.(p17) In this part of Africa if the Europeans want slaves they hire a chief, he then takes his tribe to capture slaves. The leader chief usually goes to other districts or states to start battle and get prisoners. As Olaudah remembers when he was little, his people were suddenly attacked, but they became victorious. The chief of the attack w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: olaudah, olaudah equiano, slave ship, queen mary, west indies
  • A Waif In The Wind Of Obsessive Corruption - 1,800 words
    A Waif in the Wind of Obsessive Corruption! A professor once asked me to write an essay on what I thought was the philosophy of life. Assuming money was no object, and society permitted it, what would I consider my garden? Not giving it much thought, I threw together what I thought would suffice. Later, upon giving it considerable thought, I realized I truly had no opinion on the subject. My mother once told me that the meaning of life was in fact, life itself. She said that the ability to live and make our own destinies come true was the real reason behind our existence. However, society plays a large part in what we consider an ideal life. As children, were taught to conform, strive for su ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corruption, government corruption, obsessive, wind, different ways
  • Understanding The Dialect Of Ebonics - 1,098 words
    What exactly is Ebonics? No one can tell you what exactly it is. It is part English, but at the same time there is a lot more to it than English. There are certain structures that dignify Ebonics, or AAVE (African American Vernacular English), as its own niche in the English language. It is considered a dialect of English and not a separate language. In this essay, I will try to explain and show examples of what Proper Ebonics are, history of Ebonics, and current issues of Ebonics. I have found in my research of Ebonics that there are many types of English. This is why Ebonics is thought to be slang when it is really a dialect. It works much like English language but with little differences. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dialect, ebonics, school system, teaching methods, basil
  • Use Of The Middle Passage In The Slave Trade - 373 words
    The Middle Passage was the journey of slave trading ships from the west coast of Africa, where the slaves were obtained, across the Atlantic, where they were sold or, in some cases, traded for goods such as molasses, which was used in the making of rum. However, this voyage has come to be remembered for much more than simply the transport and sale of slaves. The Middle Passage was the longest, hardest, most dangerous, and also most horrific part of the journey of the slave ships. With extremely tightly packed loads of human cargo that stank and carried both infectious disease and death, the ships would travel east to west across the Atlantic on a miserable voyage lasting at least five weeks, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle passage, slave ship, slave trade, total number, spanish colonies
  • Phyllis Wheatley - 1,382 words
    Televangelists like Jimmy Swaggert and Jim and Tammy Fay Bakker promise the Christian faith to millions everyday. For the right price, anybody can have something- a.k.a. Christianity, God, and faith- in their lives. On these shows, there is no need to have believed in religion before, as long as there is a need for it now. Religious telecasts asking for money in exchange for faith attract nearly five million people each year. Fifty-five percent of these people are elderly woman; Thirty-five percent are from the desperation pool, the poorest and neediest members of society; The remaining ten percent are those who might be classified as upper-middle class, who want spiritual justification for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: phyllis, wheatley, black people, west africa, poetic
  • Underground Railroad - 1,295 words
    One hot day in 1850, a man named Jeb staggered out of the woods, looked about him to get his bearings, and plunged down a lane toward the river. He only had a few moments of freedom before he heard the baying of hounds. He splashed up to his knees in the shallow stream and wade. The dogs tried desperately to pick up the scent but the water had destroyed it. He had no time to waste. All he could think of was the North Star. That was his hope. That was where his freedom lay. (Flight to Freedom, Henrietta Buckmaster.) The Underground Railroad was a desire for all slaves. They would use the Underground Railroad when they were fed up with working for their owners to escape for freedom. The Underg ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: railroad, underground, underground railroad, white people, slave name

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